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This is Day 1 for me. I decided to try the Love Dare to help myself and my marriage. Me and my husband have been married for 5 years, and last month I found out that he had been having an affair. This was devastating, but I am determined not to let it ruin my marriage. In my heart I know that he loves me, he made a mistake and is very remorseful about it. I know that the affair wasnt my fault, but I am a big part of what pushed him to look for someone else to confide in. We drifted apart and when he tried to fix things I wasnt ready, then when I was ready he wasnt in the right place. Now I think we are both in the right place, we just have alot of tough issues to work through, and alot of things to prove to each other. After seeing this movie a few months ago, I was determined, but just like him, in the first of the movie, I was easily discouraged. I bought the book and tried for a few days and then gave up. There's no giving up this time. I love my husband and I am going to fix my marriage. I havent told my husband that I am doing this, I dont want to push him, I want him in due time to want to do this for our marriage, not b/c I ask him to. Please pray for us.



I have been a firefighter for 29 yrs. yesterday I watched the movie fireproof and relized that the movie was about my life. My marriage has be declining for the past 10 yrs. I guess it took this movie for me to see just what I have been doing to my beautiful wife. I now will do all I can with the help of this program and God to win her back.


my story is identical to the movie "fireproof" except the roles are reversed. I am the one with a business and running the family while trying to save our marriage and my husband was the one who had an affair with a hospital nurse. When I spoke to my best friend she told me about the movie "fireproof" and said what I was telling her sounded exactly like the movie. She bought me the movie and the book and told me to watch it with my husband. We watched it together and I vowed right then and there to take the "love dare". I would like to save my marriage, and my heart would like to believe that it can work, so Im hoping for a miracle. This love dare and this movie just may have saved my marriage and my family!

My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years. We have 4 children 2 of them are mine from another relationship, and the other 2 are twins which we had together. We have known each other for 8 years and have been together for 6 years. We were married in august of 08. The problem is im unhappy and have never been able to forgive him for cheating. He has a bad relationship with my children my family. I feel like a child when Iím around him. And I donít seem to appreciate what he does do but in my mind he does everything wrong. The house is a mess and the yard work needs done. We both work full-time but I try to get it done on my days off...I yell and curse him and yell at my children and I feel it turns around on me. I'm a bad wife and mother and daughter and Christian. I pray but does He hear husband is not faithful to a church, either am I but I love God. I need his help and feel like I'm standing in a room screaming and know one hears. I want my husband to love and honor me and not be annoyed and threatened. I have been wanting to watch the movie for awhile now but he said I don't think so. So today was my day off and I sent the kids off to school and I sat down and watched the movie. With tears of guilt and sadness flowing down my face, I looked at my wedding ring and felt lost. I know with Godís help my marriage can be great so without my husband knowing, I am going to do the 40 days. I am going to dare him, dare myself.


I have just wantched the movie 2 days ago and have started dare one this morning! We read each chapter before the dare to prepare us and give us the tools to be sucessful with our dare! Both my boyfriend and I will discuss what we did and had to overcome with the dare. In the next 40 days we are going to perfect the things that are not only important for us, but what God expects of us. My boyfriend has never introduced a girl to his family and in 40 days we will be flying out there to meet them. I feel as though God gave him the ability to wait for the right one and it is my duty to respect that and call on God when we need it the most...I'm excited and can't wait to see everyone else transform, together!


My husband and i watched this movie last night, and wow i know God works in the most powerful and awesome ways and i know we can wait for results or God just works when he knows the time is right. WOW what awesome prayers answered.
I bought his DVD at a COLOUR Conference in Sydney 31st March 2009. So i suggested for my husband and i watch this last night being the 5th April 2009. We were both surprised with the movie and then we went to bed as usual night night to each other, and then roll over and go to sleep.
Well we have been together since 2005, moved into together 2006, then married in 2007, then 2 days after our wedding we started to have real issues and it has been hard ever since. We did Marriage Counselling etc. My husband wore his Wedding Ring only for 7 days after we got married and he then took it of and said he could not wear it due to irriation. So i believed this and left it at that i did mention over the past two years that i always wear my wedding ring and that it means alot to me and that it was blessed on the day of our wedding, but he just said no he was not wearing it. So we have just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary and still no ring.
WOW i woke this morning and the first thing i noticed was my husband was wearing his Wedding Ring and it nearly bought tears to my eyes in front of him but then he asked me not to make a big deal and i didn't i believe God whispered to me do not say anything but be blessed.
My husband said it was the movie last night we watched Fire Proof, and said this with a smile and laid down next to me and just held me for a couple minutes.



my ex-husband to be and i are filing for divorce and will be final in sept. i wish and pray for this not to happen. he works for emergency management and is a volunteer firefighter. he met an emt woman that he closely works with even now. she led him out of our house. he told me he had been having lunches with her and meeting her at night til 2 am but telling me that it was a fire call. i finally caught him in the lie and threw him out of the house. i still love him and still want him back. i cannot stand to see my sons hurt. we have triplet boys aged 11 yrs old and one is already talking suicide. i believe in my vows and everytime i try to "date" i cant and end up cancelling it. it feels like i am letting God down. when does the season of sin end with him and when will he wake up and realize what he is losing? the boys are bitter and have no respect for him. i am tired of trying to keep the communication going between them. the ex's excuse in all this is there was no communication between us and that he couldnt talk to me so he went out to "find someone" who will listen. Funny thing is, this woman steered him away from us but ended up dumping him when he was kicked out of the house. but they do see each other time to time and do things together with her boyfriend included. would this be a waste of my time in this marriage that is about to end or do i still try with him? i have prayed and prayed but i am beginning to think i am not praying right to God or i have turned a deaf ear to Him. i know if he was to come back i would take him back with the grace, mercy and understanding that God would give me. it would be hard even to let him back into my bed but i would do it for God. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FAMILY THAT WE WILL STAY TOGETHER IN ALL THIS AND HAVE HEALING UPON OUR HEARTS FOR WHAT THE EX HAS DONE. PRAY FOR MY EX TO BE IN THAT HE WILL SEE WHAT HE HAS DONE TO ME AND THE BOYS AND THE DAMAGE HE HAS CAUSED AND BE GUIDED BACK HOME TO THIS FAMILY IF IT IS GOD'S WILL. THE SEASON OF SIN HAS TO STOP NOW!!!! IT IS NOW TIME FOR HIM TO TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE.


Today I decided to take the 40 Day Love Dare. It is also my birthday, and my wish is for a
peaceful, happy home in which we can all thrive.
My husband and I have been married for 11 years and together for 16. We have 3 extraordinary children, who have become my life, and in the interim pushed my relationship with my spouse to the side. I have rated my marriage a 3, and that is after much improvement. At this time last year, I would not have rated my marriage at all, as there was no number on the scale low enough to accommodate it. I wasn't contemplating a divorce--it was inevitable, just a matter of how soon I could get out and still be able to take care of my kids. So I set out on a journey, a mission if you will, of self preservation. I got a good paying job, opened my own account and started hording money. This was no surprise to anybody, not even my husband. I have tried for years to hold my marriage together, but the volcano it has become erupted one to many times. While there was no physical abuse, sometimes the emotional neglect can be as torturous.
The turn-about came one day during an argument...Surprise!! After many idle threats over the years of leaving, something within him knew that this time it was for real. Maybe it was the steps I was taking toward dissolution, but something changed in him that made me drag my feet about leaving. He actually even surprised me on my birthday with a cake--which he has NEVER done. He doesn't even remember my birthday (or our anniversary). And I know it wasn't the Love Dare, because (1)he isn't much of a religious man and (2) he watched the movie with me, but made fun of it the whole time!!
So why start the Love Dare now?? Well, I miscarried five weeks ago, and I have been battling a form of postpartum depression. Since this tragic event, I see signs of the "old" man he was creeping back in. The lack of emotional support, and the innate ability he has to just dismiss my feelings, has left me beside myself once again. Our potentially peaceful home is almost back in shambles.
But it's not so easy to just pack up and leave this time. I saw the man I fell in love with all those years ago, if only briefly. And our kids have started to feel comfortable in their own home for the first time, possibly ever. I am determined to get us back on the high road, and fight for us, for our family.
The ease of walking away leaves me with a striking thought. I could be a statistic. How effortless is divorce?? I'm not sure, but it would be more difficult to stay and fight--not with each other this time, but FOR each other. And I've learned that nothing comes easy and you have to fight for what you believe.


My husbands parents bought the movie and told us to watch it, and of course my husband doesnt want to watch it. I watched it about a week ago and was extremely touched by the movie. I haven't had the greatest relationship with God, but now I realize that we have to have a good relationship with him to have great marriages. I recently found out that my husband has cheated on me, that was the most hurt I have ever felt, but I love him and told him that I can forgive him for that if he is willing to do what it takes to keep our marriage alive. We have been married for almost a year, our one year anniversary is April 19th and I am afraid that we will not even spend the day together. He has been staying out, not coming home and doing just about anything he wants to, meanwhile I am doing everything in my power to save my marriage. Before watching the movie I had packed my things and I left, for a week, it was very very hard for me and I felt that I needed to go home so I did. We talked alot that week while I was gone. Now that I am back home I feel that we just don't talk that much other than money or our problems. When I watched the movie, I prayed for God to give me the strength to do the 40 day challenge to save my marriage. I am going to do this God, and to save my marriage. I never thought that I would be facing divorce, especially in the first year. Reading everyone elses stories, has given me even more strength and willingness not to give up. Please pray for me and my husband. I have no doubt that he loves me. I am putting my marriage in God's hands.


My name is Andrew, and i am 18 yrs old, and last year i meet this girl named annie, she is turning 16. Well were both christians and we both have a heart for the lord. I love her with all my heart. Well we started dating september of last year and well first two months were great. Then from there we started sliding down hill. I believe in my heart she is the girl for me. A couple of weeks ago we broke up and i was devasted like part of my life was gone. i want to try this love dare and i pray to god that it will work even though were a long road ahead i believe god can and will do anything just pray for Annie and i. Thank you alot and god bless <3

I have been married for 26 yrs and i watched the movie fireproof, and i felt a new love for my husband all over again. its usally me who starts an arguement with my husband. i dared to take the 40 day challenge. Thank You so much. i feel like a teenage in love............Nancy

I have been with my partner for almost 3 years. It has felt longer with all the arguments and fights. He and I both had seen the movie through a family member and I am starting to think the 40 Day Love Dare may help us too. We are tight right now so I am not able to buy the book. I am trying to find an online version of it so I can start, but I haven't found one yet. I am in need of a change because it is even taking a lot of energy to fight against each other. We are both too selfish to realize our faults and when we do, we don't know how to start to change them...I am praying something good manifests sooner or later.

My name is Greg Vasquez and I married my wife a little over 2 years ago. I have not been a good good husband by any stretch of the word. I have been unfaithful and allowed my flesh to win to many times. She says we are finished but I want my marriage more than ever. I have been asked why now...why not then. I cant really answer that, thereis no good excuse for my past behavior. I want to be the best husband ever. I will do what ever it takes... please pray for us...for me. today is day one.


My husband and I have been married for three years and our marriage is definitely improving with time. We have seen "Fireproof" twice and he recently got the movie for me for my birthday. Although we have a good marriage I decided to do the Love Dare and am currently 27 days in. My husband does not know that I am doing it but has made several comments along the lines of "What is the deal with you lately?" or "You are such a great wife." He has expressed appreciation for me taking the time to bless him and though our marriage was good before it is now at a whole new level. The Love Dare has changed our marriage and caused me to appreciate my husband so much more! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their marriage, whether on the brink of divorce or not.

My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years. We do not have a good marriage. I watched the movie and was very moved by it. I have not convinced him to watch it cause he is not religous and thinks it is all in my head the way things are. I decided on my own to do the 40 day love dare just to see where it leads me and maybe back to an us. I dont want to loose this marriage.




Today was the first day that I realized that the love of my life may no longer want to share a life with me. I am no longer sure if he wants to marry me, and I have not been able to stop crying for the past 12 hours. I do not know how I can express myself to him. He has become my best friend, but for the past few weeks I have not felt close to him. We are supposed to marry May 15, but as things stand today, I am not sure if we are going to make it another day. Being from a different city than where I currently live, I have no one that I can turn to. I am to afraid to tell myself that it may be over, and maybe I will not be able to go back to where m heart once was. I love this man with my entire heart, I think I loved him before I met him. But I do not think I know what it takes to completely love him. Tonight I am going to his house to eat dinner and talk, but I am not sure if we will solve anything. I am determined to show my love to him everyday until our wedding day. If May 15 comes and we cannot work it out, I will move on with my life without him. I think that there is now 43 days to go, before we might say "I do", and I promise to myself that I will do something everyday to make him know how much I love him and how much I need him in my life. I want this movie to be a wake up call to us both, but 40 days may not be enough. But my heart is truly in it and I know the lord will guide us through these trying times.


i have been married for almost 2 years now, i am in the United States Army, and i was very moved by this movie, my wife and i are now seperated, and choosing to go through with divorce, but I know deep down that it is not what I truly want, I am leaving for Iraq in early may, and she has no desire to spend time with me before I go, and she began stripping a month ago and its killing our marriage, and I want to commute to the 40 days, im just not sure if its enough, I do love her dearly and I have made many mistakes but I know that I can change, I just hope she is willing to change as well...I have already tried something similar to th 40 day love dare, but I was constantly rejected, over and over again, and it hurt, but after watching the movie I believe that you have to just buckle down and get past the rejection..I just hope there is enough love in her heart to accept cause its pretty far gone...


My husband and I have been together for 9 years, and deceided to get married on our 9 year dating anniversary. To say the least, it's been very hard and a month after the marriage I wanted to get it annulled. We watched the movie this past weekend and I really thought he got something out of it. Considering I am a believer and he is not, I was really grateful that he was listening as attentively as he was. We have 1 child together and I am currenlty pregnant. I'm so unhappy and recently was considering filing for divorce but since I'm pregnant my state won't allow it! Because I believe in the power of God, I am going to commit to the 40 day challenge! Please pray for us...

My husband and I have been married for 18 yrs. He has been battling addiction for the entire time. I have put up with being cheated on, stolen from and mental and emotional abuse and misuse. I watched the movie and I personally thought yeah ok this is "realistic" yeah right. He has a short time clean but he seems worse now then ever because he uses his clean time as an extra head sweller so to speak. I just feel used and unappreciated like Caleb. I have people at work and friends who ask me for advice but at home my choices of anything down to the color socks I chose to wear today is challenged. (no exaggeration) I was at the point literally, 3 days away from filing for divorce before I watched this movie. Of course, God did not let me get away with that thought and here I stand starting on day one. I am not sure where it will take me/us but I have committed to the 40 days. I will update you all as I take the journey. Sincerely - Last hope

I have been married to the most wonderful and most beautiful woman in the world for nearly 12 years. We had the perfect marriage we always got along we never fought and we were faithful to each other. We also have two wonderful daughters. A few months ago I messed everything up I let a co-worker get into my head and brainwash me. This led to me lying to my wife and cheating on my wife. Now my life along with my wives life my daughters life my family and her families lives have all been destroyed. I don't know if we will ever be able to get what we had back but I am willing to try anything. We have watched Fireproof a few times together and I have watched it several times by myself. It is a great movie and it has made me realize a lot of things. So I bought The Love Dare to see if it would help. I am on day 25 and have not had any problems with any of the dares so far. I really enjoy the book and I have taken it seriously from day 1. I know that I need God in my life and I believe that God is helping me on this journey. I also believe that God has given me unconditional love for my wife. I want to be with her all the time, and I always think about her when were apart. My love for my wife is stronger than it has ever been, but I still don't know if I will be able to get her back. I am doing The Love Dare to try to prove to her that I love her with all of my heart and that I do want to spend the rest of my life with her. I have never been more serious about anything in my life as I am now trying to get her back. I have my priorities straight now and I realize that I need God in my life. I enjoy going to church now and I enjoy reading the Bible every day. I know the things that are important to me now and I will never forget again. I hope and pray that I get one more chance to honor, respect, and cherish my wife for the rest of my life. Billy


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