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Fireproof finally made it to our local theater. That is an awesome movie.
We have been telling everyone that we know they need to go and see it.
Never saw so many grown men cry. Let the authors know that is the kind of movies this world is in need of. Thank you.

My husband and I have been married less than a year. After being married for one month, I became pregnant. My pregnancy was a complicated one that has taken a toll on our whole house, including two other teenage boys, and marriage. My baby boy is only 2 months old and has had 2 major surgeries – heart and eye.

One day they discharged my son from the hospital and my husband and I drove to go pick him up 2 hours away and we had to wait a few hours for the nurses to do their shift change so my husband took me out to catch a movie. I wanted to see something funny cause I wanted to laugh, but when we got to the theater we couldn’t believe a Christian movie was showing and since we both liked Facing the Giants, we decided to see Fireproof. During the movie, I was so broken; I felt like I was watching myself on the screen just disrespecting my husband. We both were touched by it. Since then, my husband has been a different man and we realize how much we need each other during this time and everything that we are going through right now. I cant picture my life without him and my baby is getting better, too. I feel like it was all God setting us up to see that movie and he used the baby to do it...thank you Jesus!

On Nov. 13, my wife and I went to see the movie, Fireproof. We have been married for 2 months and together for four years, on Nov. 13. We had planned on going out to eat for our Anniversary, but during that day something hit me to take her to that movie. We both were off and she was sleeping that afternoon. I was looking to see what movies were playing that night. I came across Fireproof and something in my head said take her to that movie. So we went to the movie. We both cried, her more than me. After that movie we were talking about our first date four years ago. And she realized that we went to the exact same restaurant and also went to a firefighting type of movie. Our first day was to Ladder 49. But she didn't realize that until after. But this movie touched, Fireproof, us more than Ladder 49 did. After the movie i knew that i am with the love of my life and that God has provided me with my best friend for life. I plan on starting the Love Dare to keep my marriage FIREPROOF. Thanks for putting the Movie on and Thank You God for everything that you have done for everyone that has seen this movie.


I am a General Manager of a movie theatre in the Austin, TX area. I had heard a little about this movie, so on Friday night I decided to "pop in" before I left for the night. I really had no intention of staying for the whole feature. However, the longer I watched, the more it drew me in.

I happen to be a very fortunate person, as I have a very happy marriage. I consider my wife to be my best friend and feel as close to her as ever. This is after a little less than 10 years of marriage, and 15 years together. What I saw as I watched this movie, was all the pitfalls of all the marriages around us that have failed. In my opinion, selfishness is the root of failure in all marriages. If people could just realize to put the people in their life, Before themselves, ultimately their lives are happier.

Another thing I took away from this movie was, you can be a good person at work, with friends, in the community, and so on, but if you are not a good spouse and love your spouse, you will never know happiness. My parent's would be a perfect example of this. My father is one of the best people around. He is a Very religious person, does things for other people all the time, was a good father, and is very close to his family. All of them except his wife. As a result my mother is miserable, and my dad just accepts being basically without a wife. I cannot imagine the happiness the both of them would Have had if they had found love with one another. My parents are in their 60's, but I am going to buy this book and give it to my father with the hopes he will do it. Since it is a religious based book, there is hope.

Even though my marriage is strong, I intend to read this book for myself, and do the LoveDare. I would like to thank the author for creating such a tool to help so many people who struggle with the true meaning of love.

my husband and i have been married for 5 years and have a 2 year old son. this weekend we went and saw fireproof. wow what a great movie i was in tears most of the movie. we have had such a struggle to keep our marriage going. we have been seperated numerous times and this summer we were seperated for the longest we had ever been of 3 months. I seriously thought this is it were done for good but i would not give up. i learned forgiveness and now we are in marriage counseling we both want to renew our marriage vows. We started out in our marriage without having god in the center of it and we know that needs to change if god in not in the center of it than we have no hope. we are going to reccomend this movie to all of our friends to see. and also take the love dare. we never want to be without each other and realized we need each other than we think we do.

My girlfriend and I where told about this movie in Church. The pastor made a point to stop the service and make sure he let everyone know to go see the movie. We went and I am happy to say that we both cried. We are getting married on the 21st of Feb and this was a good movie to see to help us get ready for our future. I am sure that in the long run we will look back at this movie and use everything in it to help better our marriage. We are young and in love right now with hopes that nothing bad will happen. If there is a chance that something does we have the tools to make it right.

My Husband and I went to see the movie on our 11th. anniversary. This anniversary was very special to me this year, you see, my husband and I almost didn't make it to our 11th. anniversary. We have had a very rocky marriage for many years, both of us playing our rolls to destroy it. In April I found out my husband was having an affair. I thought under these circustances I would kick him out and rant and rave, but instead I suprisingly dropped to my knees and cried out to God for forgivness for driving my husband to this and to please help me make the changes I needed to make for myself, my marriage and my children. I immediatley sought counciling from our Pastor. My husband at first would not stop seeing this woman, and I had to kick him out. This happened 4 times. Each time he left he never made it for more than 24 hours with out coming back home. Those 4 nights were the darkest, most devestating moments I have ever had. I would cry all night long and feel hopeless desperation and beg God to please somehow save us and our marriage. Then the mircle started happening. My husband began going to church with our family. We began weekly marriage counciling with our pastor and my husband would tell me that he was not going to talk to the other woman again. Then I would find out that he was still lying to me and he was seeing her. This went on until August 27th. Which after 14 times of telling me it was over I kept believing him and forgave him and continued on with the counciling and jumping through hoops to save our marriage. When we reached our 11th. anniversary it was so special to me. We went to see fireproof and I cried and he teared up too. We had a great time together. I felt so blessed that we now were fireproof.
On Monday, November 3rd. I found out that my husband was lying to me for the 15th. time. The affair never ended. Ever....he even got a sales job with her at a company working out of town together. They commuted to work together for 3 days until the Lord intervened and my car broke down. I don't know which is worse, that or the fact that prior to us going to see fireproof on our 11th. anniversary, he went to a payphone and called her first. As I write this, I am at work filling our my divorce papers. Still hoping God can turn this around. My husband has 6 months to prove to me by his actions if we are fireproof. I gave him the love dare book on Saturday night. Please say a prayer for Karl and Kim tonight. It will take a miricle from God to save this marriage.

Me and my husband saw Fireproof on November 7th. It was a surprise date night for him and I arranged everything, it was a great movie. We both loved it and are telling everyone about it. I will be buying Love Dare so we can get started. We have been married a little over 5mths and together for over 2 yrs. He has a son and I have a daughter. It has been a very difficult relationship, the hardest I have ever have. Alot of issues from the start, lack of communication is his biggest issue. I was debating on leaving many times, whether staying was the best answer, whether it was a healthy choice or not. Through it all I just couldnt leave. I felt there was a reason I was here and being able to deal with it all. Not just anyone could of been able to handle this and I am very strong. I just love him and his son so much and something was preventing me from leaving. Things have gotten better, but there are still some major issues that are being worked on. I know that he loves me because he admits that he needs to be a better husband. We both have issues to work on. I think since things have been so hard we began to be sarcastic to one another, which also became an issue. I hope that things get better because we both have mentioned the D word, and I do not want that. Also, with all the divorces around, and knowing so many getting a divorce it seems like that is the only answer when you have problems. People seem not to work things out anymore. It is so difficult and we are willing to do what it takes to make this work.

I saw the movie for the second time today. I realized after reading some of these entries that the main person I strayed (emotionally) from other than my husband was God, Himself. I have been very angry with God for my husband's behavior. I felt trapped, and wanted to leave many times. Even thought of ending my life, I felt so worthless.

I have always prayed for God to change him. What I did without realizing it was to distance myself from the one person that could make all things possible. I shut myself off from my husband and created this whole little world for me and built a wall that none could penetrate until.......this movie and these blogs.

I'm turning around back to my first love where it all begins in the first place.

Thank you all for sharing your hearts with me.


My husband and I went to see the movie on Friday night. I had heard about it and I saw the preview. Friday afternoon it was a must see for me. I did not know if my husband was going to agree but I was very much willing to get rid of the kids for a night to get started on a fireproof marriage. My husband and I are both ministers and have been married for over 8 years. We have been separated three times during this time. We have gone through a year's worth of marriage counseling and today, I feel our marriage is on the rocks. Not because we don't know what to do but maybe the willing part is the problem. I cried all night after looking at the movie, that was me in the movie. I have been seeking approval outside my marriage because I feel left out by my husband. He loves the kids but to me I seem to frustate him for some reason.
Now I am really tired and I want to give up, since the movie he has talked to me very little but he has cooked breakfast and dinner (his actions but no emotions are attached to it.) I want to be loved like I know I am supposed to be and I think he is scared because he as been hurt so much in his life like I.

My Boyfriend and I saw this movie this past weekend. We have been dating over a year now and marriage has been discussed for the future. My boyfriend is a firefigher so this movie really related to our relationship. We do have our disagreements but we talk about them and try to work out a solution. As I watched the movie I thought about how our lives maybe one day. I am glad we had the opportunity to see this movie now so we can work together to become a stronger couple before we decide to make the big commitment.


I saw this movie tonight with 4 other women who have went through a divorce or are going through a divorce. We all are Christians. I am presently going through a divorce. This divorce is the hardest thing I have ever went through in my life. I would give anything to be able to see this movie again "with" my husband. Throughout the movie I kept praying and thinking there must be a way. He is not a Christian and he really wants this divorce. I see my mistakes and his mistakes. I keep praying for reconcilation and a marriage that is "God centered." I know that God creates miracles. It will be a miracle if he sees this movie and wants to reconcile. I would recommend this movie to anyone who feels or knows their marriage is on the rocks.


My husband and I just saw your movie, "Fireproof" last night for the second time. We wanted to take another couple with us last night. We have been married 24 years, and it's been a strong marriage. We believe that the Lord being the center of our marriage has been our bonding strength! It's opportunities like this movie, marriage seminars we've attended and books read, which provides an opportunity for ongoing discussions between the two of us. We want our marriage to continue strong, but realize we need to feed it spiritually as well.

The other day, my husband had driven my car to take our daughter to school. I was starting to get a little impatient as he returned home a few minutes later that I had expected. I was loading up to walk out the door when cautioned me to be careful getting in because there was something in the cup holder. I got in, buckled up, and found a warm latte right next to me. Perfect for that cold morning. My impatience melted immediately, and I sheepishly phoned him and asked "what day he was on". His response was that he'd "lost track after all these years".

Yep, he's a winner! I love him tons, and want to continue finding unexpected ways to love on him (as he does me) so our marriage continues fresh throughout the years.

Thank you for providing us with such a fine movie to share with others. And one that we can use to strengthen our marriage as well.


My boyfriend and I have been to gether for two and a half years. We were planing on getting engaged this winter and getting married next winter, well there has been some red flags and struggles in our relationship but i didn't think they were that big, well basically he has been having a friendship with another woman for the last eight months, and being dishonest, it was devistating on us. He has been saying he would/had ended it for months but really only ended it last week. I am trying so hard to make this work, and we went to a couple from our church for guidence, they reccomended this movie and we went to it last night. It spoke so much to us, it was us. I am going to be honest i took him to this movie to show him what he needed to do to make this up to me, and we ended up getting in a huge fight after the movie, because i didn't feel he got what i wanted out of it, i wanted him to run out, buy the book and start it on me. He got a lot out of it and even cried and told me he was sorry and loved me, but being selfish that isn't what i wanted. This morning i spent a lot of time in prayer and with God struggling, because i want to start and do this book, but i also felt i shouldn't be the one trying to make things right, and then i realized this isn't about who is wrong and who made mistakes, it is about loving somone the way God wants us to. I am so excited to start this book, i printed the first chapter out today, so i can start first thing and later i am going to start the book. I am so excited to begin this journey with God and my significant other. It is amazing how i went into this with wrong expectations and wasn't planning on implementing this into my life how God can call you on it and end up changing your heart, when you think you aren't the one that needs fixed, but honestly a relationship is a two way street and it takes two not just one. I just thank the Lord and everyone who made this movie and are spreading the word, you have all blessed someone somehow. Thanks.

I just went to go see the movie Fireproof tonight with my boyfriend. Im not married yet but hope to be married some day. We are both Christians and we have been talking about marriage and about our friends who are getting married as well. I am studying to be a Christian Marriage and Family Counselor and I think this was a great eye opener to myself and will be to many more couples in the future. It showed the frustrations and the real emotions that couples experience when they are in the valley times--not every day is spent on the mountaintops. One part in the movie that really struck a cord with me was simply the part where Caleb was talking to his fireman friend at the table and he was asked what his wedding ring meant--so many people--nowadays especially--give up at the first sign of smoke and don't let the fires of life refine them to burn away the dross in their lives and make them shine brighter than they ever did before. God is definitely going to use this in a powerful way and has already done so. :)


My husband and I saw Fireproof Sunday November 2, 2008. About a year and half ago my husband commited adultery and we almost got divorced but both us were willing to save our marriage and try to stay together but about two weeks ago I starting to think I made a mistake in taking him back and then we started talking to each other like we learned in counseling and we told each other how we felt and that helped so much. Yesterday with the movie that just soldified that we love each other and that we should fight for our marriage because that is why GOD put us together. My husband and I both felt like the couple in the movie both of us work and we hardly see each other but we make time and thanks to this movie we will start making more time for each other. I love my husband and he loves me and we want to grow old together. I want to thank the Sherwood Church for doing this movie I also want to thank KLOVE for telling me about it. The most important person I want to thank for saving my marriage is my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Thank you and MAY GOD BLESS all of the married couples.

Yesteryday, November 2, 2008, my fiancé and I went and saw FireProof, and found it extremely, and profoundly helpful. When we started dating 2 years ago (August 22, 2006 to be exact) her and I were in the "lovey-dovey" stage of our relationship. To be more precise, we never "fought," we always had plenty to talk about, we found ourselves in God's word constantly, and we spent almost every waking moment together since we were both attending East Texas Baptist University at the time. On new years day (2008), I proposed to Christy, and we have been engaged since. However, I would say around mid March of this year, our relationship started to get very shakey...we started arguing more, over stupid things, and yes, even things that were very important. We were verbally and emotionally abusive to each other, and later regretted the things we had done to each other. Over the course of this past summer, we were apart (I was here in Wylie, Texas and Christy was in Texas City, Texas) for most of the time. Our relationship started to dwindle as the time passed on...we didn't have much to talk about, there were days at a time when we wouldn't talk to each other, and our individual walks with Christ had rapidly dissolved into almost nothing. Once Christy made her way up to the Dallas area for Grad school at DTS, we were able to see each other more. We thought that it would get better being able to be with each other again, but things just got worse. Temptations came around almost all the time to do things that only married couples should be doing, we were basically at the point to which we desired so much from each other that God showed us our own idolatry towards one another.
With all this being said, this movie has shown us that "love" is so much more than just "lovey, dovey" all the time, it's a commitment. FireProof also pointed out to both of us that love is pouring all of yourself into a person and only that person, loving them like Christ loved us (to the point of death with grace and mercy), and not being ready to leave when the "warm fuzzy feelings" leave. The "warm fuzzies" are deceptive and temporary, but commitment is and should be lasting. It has motivated me to get the Love Dare book and cooporate it into my own daily way of showing the love of my life how much she means to me with the ultimate goal of doing the best that I can to love her in a way that pleases my heavenly Father.
This movie is one of the best that I have ever seen. Christy and I are have already tried and begun to incorporate the lessons learned from this movie into our own relationship, and have not only began to be in prayer for our relationship, but for all those others out there who are or who have gone through this/these painful relationship stage(s). In conclusion, the most profound thing that I took from the movie is the following: "I cannot even begin to love my fiancé (future wife) the way God would have me to WITHOUT God. I must work from the TOP to bottom and not from Bottom to top. Only Christ can bring us the sustaining, life-long, everlasting satisfaction that our souls desire." I try to remind myself of that everyday now, lest I try and depend on my future spouse's human, sinful, and fallable abilities to provide all my needs. Praise be to God that He is sovereign over all. Praise be to His name that He has brought Christy and I together, growing together in Him, and giving us both the courage and ability to come to one another in humility, where our darknesses have been exposed to the light, freeing us from selfish bondage, and helped save our relationship from what looked to be the end...not so long ago.

A month ago I found out that I had driven my wife to find a friend. For years I had walls around me, I shut her out of my life, I pushed her to a breaking point. She still stuck by me. When I finally realized what I had done, I stepped back looked at what I have done. I opened up, I let her in, we began talking, we began to communicate, I began to realize that the love of my life was almost ready to leave. As I began to open up, I began to feel better, I began to see what life was really about when you love someone. My wife picked up a copy of the 40 Day Love Dare and we decided to see the movie Fireproof prior to starting the book. I knew the movie was about relationships, she did not. As we sat and watched the movie we both saw ourselves on the screen. There were so many similarities to our relationship including the "friend". We cried more that day then we ever have. Because of something that happened as a child I have had hatred in my heart. I was using that hatred to stay away from God. After the movie I realized that I had been a fool all of these years. Blaming him for something that he had nothing to do with. I finally found it in my heart to forgive those that I could not forgive in the past. Upon forgiving I felt the world lifted off of my shoulders. I am now ready to get back to God and to continue to work hard on our relationship. We started the 40 Day Love Dare today and we are both committed to completing it and continuing our relationship with each other and with God in our lives.

My husband and I saw the movie on 10/30/08. I saw my marriage in that except for the fact that I am already saved. At first I wanted to watch the moving hoping that my husband would change but honestly it helped me to be the wife GOD intended for me to be to win my husband over. One part in the movie that really touched my heart very much was when Caleb's father said: "You would never understand what love really is until you come to know CHRIST". It opened my eyes to understand why I continue to fight for my marriage after my husband cheated, lied, broke my heart, disrespected me etc. It's because I have the love of CHRIST flowing in and through me. That's the very thing CHRIST went through when HE died on the CROSS to reedeem us back to HIM so those are the things that we have to endure in order to win back our spouse. I continue to pray for my husband and sometimes it's an emotional battle but with GOD's help I can overcome the struggle. I know my husband will change because just like GOD didn't give up on me I know that GOD hasn't given up on my husband. I hold on to GOD's promises everyday. Even though with my natural eye I see no hope but with my supernatural eye I see all hope and HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST. I pray that GOD will touch each married couple that's going through the struggle and remember to keep your eyes on things above. Don't focus on the problem but on the problem solver!! :0)


My wife and I went and watched fireproof tonight and it was like watching our lives on the big screen. A family member told us we needed to go see this movie knowing that we are having a great deal of trouble in our marriage. All I can say is wow,
This was a great movie and couldn't have came at a better time in our lives. I was teary eyed the whole movie thinking about all the things I have done wrong.
I was thinking on the way home what I would do for a copy of that journal in the movie. I just ordered one and I hope it will let me show her how much I really do love her and want her to stay in my life forever.
Thank you so much for the movie and the love dare.

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