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me and my wife have been married for 3 and a half years now and earlier this week she told me she wanted a divorce she says she is not in love with me any more we have a 2 year old son . my aunt told me about this love dares and i started them tuesday im on a emotional rollercoaster right now i will do anything to get my wife back i love her with all my heart and want to change to be perfect husband for her. need prayers they will be greatly appriciated


I was engaged to this man for two years, we moved into together & well being completely out of God's will raved havoc on our lives. We now live separately & I just order this book last night. I am hoping will it not only help out relationship but help- me find roots in my Saviour... Giving my all to Jesus...


Well here's my story. My husband and I have been married for 5yrs together for 6 we have 2 children that are ours together and one that is mine from a previous relationship. Just over a year ago I found out my husband was having an affair. Yeah I know it devistated me beyond belief. I kicked him out but still I love him dearly. I recently accepted Christ, I've always been a believer but never thought Christ loved me, I had done too many terrible things in my life for Him to possibly love ME. But my eyes were opened and I asked the Lord to show me what I needed to do to fix my marriage because I love my husband and am committed to my promises not only to my husband but to God as well. HE showed me I never listen. And I was selfish as well. So after changing the way I dealt with the situation after a year things were getting better and he was home not seeing this woman anymore then all of a sudden he's back there again. He's an alcoholic and former drug user. Which he kept a secret from me for years. He's always been a drinker but he had control of it but over the past year he's gotten worse and will stay at the bar all day, literally all day no joke. I believe he does love me and the children but this woman is close to his work and bar he frequents and he gets too drunk and can't drive and home is 45 min away where as she is 10 min if that Well long story short this was day one of the love dare its my last hope.. but guess what I failed miserably. Our conversation ended with me crying him screaming and he still isn't home. So I guess i'll try again tomorrow. Pray for us, our marriage and our family. Pray for his deliverance from his addictions and pray for my strength and guidance.


My fiance and I plan to be married in June. The way we began dating is a miracle that could only have been put together by God. Our relationship used to be seemingly perfect, and we never fought. Then, all of a sudden, we realized we were fighting every day. We've had problems recently with finding what we lack from each other in other people, and just can't seem to make each other happy. We are both saved, born-again Christians that love the Lord, but we need to recognize the love He's given us and hold onto it this time. I know we are supposed to be together, and I don't want to ruin this. I know 100% for a fact that God wants us to glorify Him through marriage; we just need something to help us get there. I pray that this 40 day Love Dare will make us focus on our relationship with God and with each other, and be what He wants us to be.


My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. We dated for 5 years before we married and we've been together for over half our lives. We have 2 teenage sons and we adore them. We've had our ups and downs over the years, but we've always been best friends and most of the time communicated very well. Until he had lap band. He's lost approx. 140 lbs. and this has had a drastic change to his pain level in his back (he's disabled due to missing disks in his back). He also has become a little cocky and enjoys the attention he is getting. Over the last 2 years I became menopausal after having a hysterectomy and this and lap band don't mix. These drastic changes in our marriage caused us to stop communicating and he met a person on line playing Poker Stars. He wouldn't talk to me and because I guess I wasn't as attentive as he expected me to be after his weight loss he turned to this woman over the Internet, that before I had any idea what was going on he was planning on leaving me and moving this woman out here from another state! I attend church fairly regular with our kids, but he rarely goes at all. After I found out and was shocked, angry, and devastated beyond words. I went to a hotel for 3 days and read Fireproof and a friend lended me The Love Dare which I have been doing since Jan. 1. Even though I got help for my menopause and am doing much better, he is still emotionally attached to this woman and says he would always wonder if he still should have left me for her. He is remorseful and says God has told him he's not being fair to either one of us. So this weekend he has gone to see her in person to make sure he is doing the right thing by staying with me and telling her it's over. I've told him that whatever happens while he's there he will be forgiven by be and we will move forward if he will let me show him the wife I can be. He admits he has not been himself and this has been killing him. Please pray that he gets this out of his system and will come home to stay with his family and not look back.

Hi, This is hard for me as I dont like to air my dirty laundry.. My husband and I have been married 12 years. Raised 3 and still raising 2 kids. 2 I had when we met, we raised my niece and we have 2 together.. My two older boys and youngest boy all have Entermitent Explosive Disorder.. So there has always been alot of stress and turmoil in the house.. And now our daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD.. I run a Daycare out of our home and he works 3rd shift and 3 weekends a month so we barely see each other. He told me this weekend that he feels totally disconnected to me and I am unloving and a workaholic.. He wants to go stay with his sister who has been through 3 divoreces in the past 10 years so she can help him to figure out what he wants, I say we cant work on things if hes gone even more then he already is.. He wants an immidiate fix and I feel it will take some time to mend whats been undone with us.. I just dont know what to do or whats next I do know that with my childrens disorders they dont need anymore turmoil especially coming from their "peacemakers" Its just ironic how we stumbled across the'Fireproof" movie this past weekend.. Iam willing to give it a shot at least I will know if it didnt work I tried!!!


I have been with my husband and best friend since I was 16 he was my highschool sweatheart. We will have been married for 20 yrs this April. I do love my husband, however with work, and the childrens sports activites we barely get to see one another. I work days and he works afternoons. We have gotten comforable or simply just do not take time for one another. It seems as though we are leading seperate lives. I do not like this feeling, Im lonely. I should not have the feelings of lonliness when I have this wonderful man by my side. I hope by doing the love dare I will find my way back! We are far from someone leaving, however I do not want to get to that point either... Please pray for me that I am able to find my way back to him and our Love.



My name is Ron, I've been with my wife for 19 years and married for 12 to my high school sweetheart. Married since 1999 and our marriage has been strong with the ups and downs of course. But the past one and a half years has been rocky, I found myself putting my friends first partying and drinking and leaving my beautiful wife at home. She has always been there for me for anything and I've haven't for her. She would sit and plead with me too stay and just cuddle and hold her. I never did and when I would it wouldn't be for very long, and that I caused her to resent me. I've been a very hard man to live with and find myself talking to her very mean and hurting her feelings. Three months ago I moved to my parents with only a few clothes, my wife was trying to get me to open up for her for a long time and i never did, i have never been able to and that kills her inside and my communication sucks also so
I have caused this break down between us. She told me she doesn't feel the same for me anymore and that has been ripping me apart for a month.
I have been going to a counselor for 4 sessions now and have vomited every feeling and thought to my wife since I started seeing the counselor. This has frustrated my wife as she has needed this from me for so long and says its too late. I bought the book 5 love languages and also the Fireproof movie and both have inspired me to change and repair my broken marriage no matter what the cost is, The husband in that movie is me and I can change and have my wife fall in Love with me again. I've cut my drinking down lots and really want to quit and changing my life style for her. I'm doing the 40 day love dare on her and am praying everyday, she is the love of my life and I won't let her go without a fight.


Today is Day One of my Love Dare. I need to give up my way of doing things and trust that there is a better way. My husband and I are drifting apart and I often have thoughts of leaving and wishing that I was no longer in this marriage. I have felt intense stress from our lack of harmony and now I find myself in a full health meltdown that has brought my life as I have always known it to a grinding halt. Now disabled, I can no longer define myself by the fast-paced career in corporate finance where I made substantially more money than my husband. I live a life of chronic pain, recovering from serious neck surgery, and struggling every day to find the motivation to simply live my life. My marriage is hopelessly caught up in this struggle and it is driving my husband away from me. I can no longer live up to the standard he has for a wife, and quite frankly, I'm more frustrated that I can't live up to my own standards. I am scared, lonely, and often feel humiliated by the criticism that I experience everyday. I know that God is the only one that can turn this situation around. I don't know if I have the physical strength to do this. God is going to have to help me to be sure.

I pray that patience will bring peace in my soul. I pray for patience with husband, but also for patience with myself so that calm and peace can fill our home and create a new starting point.


Hi all,

My husband told me last week he was filing for a divorce which came as a shock since we was not having any problems here lately. My friend told me about this challenge and today is Day 1 for me. I love him with all my heart and never thought we would be in this point of my marriage to where I feel as if he hates me.


well where do i start? First of all my name is Ron and I have been married to a wonderful woman for 2 years now and we have been together for 6 years. We first met when I was in the Marine Corps and over the years of me deploying we seemed to get closer the further away we were from each other. Now that I am out of the military we got married and bought a house and are wanting to start a family. My wife has been going to school for years now for her nursing and has recently finished up. Now the time that she was in school I wasn't as supportive as I should have been, but I was working 3 different jobs to just stay ahead. We have had our fights and last year around this time we had a huge blowout and was considering a break up. It all started with a friends batcherlor party. I lied to her and told her that we went out when really we stayed at his house and somebody order dancers. I just didn't want to tell her because she would have gotten mad. But I told her and like I figured she was mad and wanting to leave but I begged and plead for another chance. She gave me another chance and I took it for granite. Now here we are again in the same boat but she is really considering a divorce. I did it again I lied to her about where I was going after my classes let out. She found out like always and got mad then told me she wanted a divorce. Now I am going to do the love dare and hopefully it will show me to be a better person and help my marriage and we can be together forever.

1/18/12 Wow i dont know were to begin my husband and i just recently married we went nto the marraige rocky terms see we have been together 6 years and we have 2 kids together he had started this new job and and after 3 months of working there he came and told me he dont woant to be with me anymore i did some research and found out he start having an emotional affair with this girl he works with and during that hour he has turned into a hurtful person and he stared treating me bad and although it takes to but she was helping him with that it something wrong with a woman who wants to tear a family apart. He has recently came back and he is a much better person i ask him how could u do that to me, he said he was going through some thing and was unhappy and and she was there to listen of coursed she was cause she had something to gain from it. I love my husband but i still think of the emotional affair he had with her im on the verge of giving up hope cus all i can do is think about the pain he has cause me. the fact that he told me she has tried to contact him and said that why would you go back to her and you will never be happy with her my story is deep. im so torn and i want to take the love dare because im desperate to save my marriage and family and he is slowly changing we are now seeking God in our marriage but im still hurt cus i cant believe him right now whaqt can i do.

Hi All

So here I am. Just over a year into a marriage, with a man that I love more than life itself. But I don't think he loves me anymore. He has asked me to start looking for a place of my own... We have 2 daughters. The eldest is biologically not mine. I don't know what went wrong the last few months. We fell pregnant before we were married. Then got married and we were still happy a few months after that. Now everything has gone wrong and I don't know what to do. I wasn't raised in a church going household. But still believe. I don't think I have ever done as much praying as I have the last few weeks. And especially this weekend.

A friend sugested Fireproof...
I hope it works. I really and truly do. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes.
Life and everything in it has taken control. Especially I think damn lucifer himself.

Today is day 1.


I'm Glenn First I want to say, I pray for everyone on Love Dare
Remember God is a Healer
Today is my first day doing Love dare
I love my wife We've been married for 3 months we dated for 5 years
Now we fight like cats and dogs
I'm talking about Jerry Springer lol fighting
I realize I love her and I would do what ever it takes to hold my marriage
Thank you all for sharing your stories

My husband has already left me. He is living with his brother in an appartment where the both of them can get high 24/7. My husband used to help with childrens ministries, coach children's flag football, say yes to anyone that asked him for help. He use to pray with me, for me, and we attended church together. His heart was so loving and giving. But now it is the total opposite. He wants nothing to do with God, the ministry, me, or our family. The desires of his heart right now are to be free living his own life, away from God, me, the kids, or responsibility and anything that he would consider having to grow up and deal with. He used to show me so much love. and now it is gone. I am in no way perfect, and I do take responsibility for things that I have done or not done that made him mad at me. but none of it was worthy of leaving our and abandoning me and our family. I am pushing every day to get closer to God and asking God to make me the wife HE would have me to be. I desire all areas of our life to healed and restored. I am going to follow this love dare to a tee. my husband and i are very simular to the charachters in the movie fireproof. i cried and cried. I am hoping that my husband will be willing to come over and watch it with me. please pray with me that the Lord would touch him and that my husband would agree to come by watch it with me.


Hello. My husband and I have been together for almost 21 years, married 13 this year. I would say our marriage has been hard for all of them, certainly a series of life trials that we have not weathered well together. He is an amazing father and family man but does not seem to have any interest in being my partner. I would say he has not been unfailthful, but I cannot be certain about that. We have resorted to parenthood and emerse ourselves in our children. I do everything in this relationship, everything, including work outside the home, all housework, bills and basically run this family and as you can expect it is impossible, he is angry and bitter at these failures and I am heartbroken. I feel like a failure in so many ways I dont know where to start. I am thinking about purchasing the book and doing the dare.

The love we share for one another is like none other. We both know our love is a true gift from God being blessed to have one another. Unfortunately, it seems as we have lost our path to each other, bickering and not understanding the other. A majority of our arguments stem from things out of our control, the ex (mother of his son), his family's co-dependence and like many, finances. We have talked and addressed our issues and know that if we don't find common ground we will be no more. Niether one of us want this and never imagined the idea of giving up on our sacred vows. I want to save my marriage as much as my husband and am willing to try anything. Now to get him passed his pride and try something different. It saddens us both that our marriage is so new and young and yet we are faced with difficulties that are breaking us. I have ordered Fireproof for date night and the book to guide us on out very own, "Love Dare." I pray it works, I truly believe my husband is my blessing from above and God will see us through these trying times.


I am new here to this site. My marriage is in trouble and I am looking for answers to be a better husband and have some understanding. Here is my story.
My wife and I met 6 years ago. We loved each other very much. A few months later we got pregnant with our first child. We got our own place and from nothing started our own family. Life was great I loved her and the idea of having a child with her. We had the baby and things where even better. We got married and I still consider it one of the happiest days of my life. A year went on and the economy crashed and money go tight and low and behold she got pregnant again. She had to quit her job to have the baby and we could afford to live in our house anymore so we had to move in with her mother. Going from your own house to someone elseís isnít easy. She had our second child and from the moment he was born I knew something was right. We had to stay at the hospital for days because of issues that he had. We finally made it out but I still new something wasnít right. Later we found out that our son had agenesis of the corpus collusom witch means the left and right side of his brain doesnít have as many connecters has ours. He is also blind and is epileptic. We had to and still have to go to many doctors and he get therapy 3 times a week. I canít tell you how it feels to learn this about your child. During the same time I got a new job working at a high school and also being paid for a real passion of mine which is football. I put a lot of my time into football as a sort of get away from the pain at home. I started to get angry at god and just angry in general. I started to shutdown and depression set in. I didnít put much effort into my marriage and my wife started going out a lot and drinking I didnít care because I wanted to be alone. We finally moved out of her motherís house into a place of our own and I thought things would start to look up but I still didnít care if she went out and I just wanted solitude. I focused hard on work and football and not enough on her and we started drifting apart. Then we started fighting more and more and we were like to roommates. I started hearing about a classmate of hers and she went to lunch with him twice and told me. She went to his house one night for a study group and didnít answer her phone all night until she got in the car. She would answer her phone when she went out. She started not wearing her rings. She deleted messages between him and her. We had a sit down and she told me she never has cheated on me and promised she would never do something like that. She said she didnít wear her rings because she was unhappy and she liked going out because it was a escape from her day which consisted of me working and her dealing with cleaning and getting or 2 kids where they needed to go. This was a wakeup call for me and every since then I have stepped up my game I have cut down my responsibilities at work so I can come home and help out more. I tell her I love her all the time and just compliment her every chance I get. I started writing loves letters to her everyday and I plan on doing it for 30 days. I have been focusing my time all on her. I have mad because she still goes out and a trust issue has come up because of my suspicious about her class mate and when I blow up she talks about separation or divorce. She says she isnít happy and she doesnít look at me the same way. After she told me this I sat down with her and asked her to put her rings on and work on this with me and she has but she avoids talking things. She has reached out and wanted to spend time with me but she sometimes says that I am smothering her. I reached out to the pastor that married us after feeling the lord tug at my heart. Before that I lost faith and was mad at him. I met with that pastor and I will each week. I feel so good and I like the idea of giving my life to god and including him in my life. My pastor would like to talk to my wife also but she says she doesnít want to talk for fear of being judged. I went to church after my first meeting with him and she wanted to stay at home in bed but I went anyway. She want to seek counseling outside of the church because she say she is depressed and she doesnít know who she is anymore and she always ask herself the what if questions. She says she loves me and couldnít imagine herself without me and the last thing she wants to do is hurt me. I still have trust issue and she has caught me going threw her phone and listing to her conversations. I want my life back and I want us to be happy. I love her with all of my heart and soul and my hell would be losing her and my family. I am trying to not get frustrated with her but the Marine in me has lots of pride and a fast temper. I need guidance. I canít sleep, eat or focus on anything besides this problem. I need help


My wife and I have been married 9 years now, and 43 days ago my world ended, or so I thought. I found out that she was having an "emotional affair" which I believe is more than that, with an ex-pastor from a church we used to attend. She told me that she loved me but wasn't in love with me anymore. The lies have gone on for so long under my nose, and with my absolute trust in her that I don't know what to believe anymore. I have been counseling with the pastor at our church which we began going to after this broke, and through prayer and faith in God I am taking the Love Dare.

My wife tells me that I have become distant and never listen to her and appreciate her ideas. She tells me that this man does and that while she still loves him that she knows it is wrong and will fade over time. I think she has cut ties with him, but I am never sure. She eats sleeps and lives on that phone. Each time she is on it the Devil invades my heart and makes me doubt her. She tells me I am a good man, and that she loves me, and that we will be alright. I want to believe in her as I have everyday since we met, but my trust in her was absolute and is now shattered.

She tried to get me to watch Fireproof years ago, I am guessing when she says I started to be unhappy at home and shut her out. I fell asleep of course and never did watch the entire thing until the day before yesterday. By the book marker in the book she may have started the dare with me, but only made it to day 10.

I realized after watching the movie and many nights in prayer with God, that I love my wife still with everything that I am. She is a good person, and my best friend. I am a classic work - a - holic, and I know it. I, for my part did not realize I was so unhappy at home and hard to talk to and live with. But I know that patience has never been my gift. I am starting the Love Dare tomorrow, please pray for us. God has told me that I will have all the answers I seek in time, but that by the time I get them I will no longer care. I am trusting in Him, because all else I have trusted is gone.


I love my husband, he is bi-polar/depressed he hasnt been on med's for years bc of the Christian school he went to would not allow him to, i think he is ok day to day, but his doctor said if he gets the depressed it could be bad...and when he's depressed that is when his bi-polar comes out and it is scary to say the least, but if he's on that they say the bi-polar wont come out as often, Anyways, my husband of a 1 year and 3 months asked for a divorce 3 weeks ago, and he is sticking to this, even though we have a 10 month old son, he has told people thee only reason he married me was because i was pregnant, and that cut like a knife, because i remembered when he proposed and the first thing that came out of his mouth, he put his hand on my tummy (i was 3 weeks) and he said "what im about to do is not bc of this" and he proposed to me on the 4th of july and shouted "i love this women" i sadly am in a different state now, my husband is in mississippi while i am in pennsylvania with our son, living with my parents, i am trying to get a job, save up money, get a car and move back down there as soon as possible. And it's been 3 weeks, i just started the love dare about a week ago, but have had to skip dares bc i can't do them (like the dinner, greet him with a kiss) and today i called him and apologized for disrespecting him this past year, and from now on will respect him with everything and all he was "oh, ok" Im really praying God touches his heart to miss me, I love him so much :(

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