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My husband and I are both christians, we both have a heart for GOD. I have to say that Our marriage is great!~ We have been married for 7 years now. There have been struggles, but we have always overcame. I feel like I am with my soulmate. Why am I doing the love dare? Bc I think there is a much deeper love than what I already have. When you seek GOd, and become closer to him, that is when you become closer to your spouse. I always want to do things for my husband to show him I care. So I am doing the challenge as a way to say I love you! To make sure I take time each day to let him know how I feel. That is so important. As I do this, it draws me closer to God as well. And that is something I long for everyday. To have a closer, deeper more personal relationship with my Father! We have 2 children in our home as well, and I want them to know how great marriage can be when God is in the center of it! Kingdom blessings on all those who have taken the challenge. To those having marital problems, I wish you the best of luck. Give your cares and concerns to GOd. he is always there to see you through.


My story is like so many others. My husband and I met 4 months ago and got married after 2 months. We had a beautiful wedding and we felt the love. Everyone said they could see and feel the love between us. After we got married, things changed. I felt my husband became selfish and inconsiderate of my feelings. He wanted to control everything and behave like he was single. He is 4 yrs younger than I am and educationally we are not on the same level. I feel at times he is irrational and immature. We disagree on what a marriage should be and his feelings have changed about having a family. This is not completely his fault. When he behaves in such a way that I find immature or irrational I get upset and do one of two things: I will ignore him the rest of the day to avoid saying something I will regret or I will blow up due to frustration. He does not deserve it and I feel I need to make the change in me to see better results with him.

I have not been patient, loving, or kind recently. However, this is it. He said one more fight and its over. So I have my work cut out for me. I will be relentless in my journey. I am going to stick in there for better OR for worse. My vows are sacred and I owe it not only to myself and my husband but to God. Today is day two. Yesterday I bit my tongue several times and showed nothing but compassion. Today I will continue to do the same and as my act of kindness I am going to clean out a room to set up my husbands drums that he has been wanting to play. Also I am hanging up all of his certificates above his desk to encourage him while he is in school. I will be the loving and supportive wife he deserves. If I continue to dislike his reactions to my actions, I will have to reevaluate my acitons till I get the response I like. I can change me and thats where I will start. Please pray for me. God Bless all of you men and women willing to do this love dare and give yourself completely to your spouse.


My husband and I had been together for a little over a year when we started fighting all the time and nothing made us happy. I was doing everything that I thought was right to save my marriage. I gave him everything that I could possibly think of that would make it work. After all this was my second marriage and I wanted to do everything I could to make it work this time. We decided that it was just best for the two of us if we divorced and walked away before we destroyed eachother.

Thats when a friend made us watch the movie FireProof. She said that it would work. I at first decided that nothing could possibly save what was already going down hill. We watched the movie and then she handed us the book. I looked at her and said "Nothing can fix whats already broken." My husband however decided to do the book. It was after about 3 weeks when I really started to notice a change in him. I thought that it was all for show and that he would just go back to who he was after he was finished. 3 months had gone by and he was still changing. He had removed everything from his life that was contaminating our marriage and promised to keep this change that he had made.

Thats when I knew that he was serious about making our marriage work. I decided to do the book as well. Since then we have changed our lives over to everything that deals with allowig God to show us where to go. Here we are today 21 days away from our 3 year anniversary and we are still going strong.

This book was amazing and everything else is as well that comes with it. Im so grateful that a friend decided to show us what can be done.


I am not married yet but I am ready. I have been with him for almost eight years and we have two amazing daughters together. I have done something in our relationship that i really wish i could take back but the only thing i can do is try to move past them.... I sometimes feel like there is no hope for us i love him with all my heart and soul but it just seems as if we are at a stand still...... So i am no wondering if this love dare will have an affect on out relationship....


My husband and I have been married for the past 3 yrs and have children together. We have had a rocky road from the beginning. It seems every time I turn around there was another issue in our marriage. Lies, betrayal, mistrust, financial issues, etc all piled up and I said I wanted a separation, a break. Not to lead to divorce, but hopefully we could spend sometime working on ourselves as we a still very young and then we could come back together and be, better (probably not the best decision). However, even though he resisted at first, a week into the separation he says he wants a divorce. And now 2 months in he tells me that he has been seeing his ex, who is supposed to be a woman of God. I'd like to see which scripture and biblical teaching she is operating under that allows carrying on with a married man. But regardless of how much this hurts I know that it is the devil who is attacking this marriage. I know God wants us to be together, so at my end, here I am. I will take the love dare, praying everyday for the restoration of my marriage.


My husband and I have been married for 9 years. I love him so much it physically hurts me when he is not with me. but he has as ex addiction. And he can not commit to the marriage or the family or even a day of trying to be sober.

But tonight we watched fireproof together and after 4 months of separation and years of turmoil tonight I have more faith that we can get through this than I ever felt possible.

I am already so sure in the long run we will be ok, I want to start a Love dare group in our church, and share this wonderful challenge with all couples facing hard times.

Thank you Jesus for answering prayers. for wanting us to be together and for being the way the truth and the light.


I was engaged once before, but i lost him in a car accident, I never thought Id love like that again, until i met mike, we hit it off right away and things were great btwn us, but the last month or so, he seems like something is bothering him, he doesnt seem as happy with me, i love him so much but even though he says its not true, i feel like im losing him, i was lucky enough to find real love again, and ill do anything to make it work, but im not sure what i need to do, please give me ideas and/or advice, i really need it


Guys i didnt realize love was so powerful and so emotional for months i tried to get what i was missing relationship from other female friends. I was in so deep to which i started having a emotional affair and didnt know it. She caught me and i lied about it not knowing that it was that serious but once i caught myself trying to hide it i realized it was that serious... i dont lose my family i am starting the 40 love dare today in hopes it can revive our marriage be in prayer for me i going to give everything up female friends and my cell phone.

i will completely submit there is nothing God cant fix


My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years. We have a long history going back to when I was in high school. I have always loved him and I know he loves me. Recently, I was informed by a "friend" that she and my husband were having an affair. I have text messages and phone records but to this day he is denying it. I do not believe that this "fling" went as far as she claims it did. This has put an enormous strain on our marriage. We used to be so close that everyone around us wanted a marriage like ours. Along with this recent bump, my husband is a firechief and has several obligations to his department. Along with this, he also has several friends and I feel like myself and our marriage has been put on the backburner. I have tried to turn everything over to God and put it all in His hands. My husband however has different views on how we should live our lives according to how God tells us we should live. I have struggled with this over the holidays for the sake of our children. I would so love to do the 40 day love dare challenge but I have a fear on how he will react to it. I know that I have to put all faith in God and let Him handle it even though that is easier said than done.



After flipping through countless TV channels I found a movie called FireProof I watched it not knowing what it was about but I grew up seeing Kirt Kameron on tv . Watching it i seen myself and my relationship in so many ways. By the end I was crying and waiting for my husband to get home. He doesnt know that I have seen this movie yet but I have read about the Dare and now I am committed to doing the dare and falling even deeper in love with my husband. Wish me luck..


In the past 6 years of my marriage..we have been through some trying times. I have cheated on him, only to find that he has forgiven me for this mishap. Although, things lead up to the cause of me cheating on him. Last December I was joking with him and called him a scrooge and he reached over and opened the Semi-truck door and told me to get out in the middle of Georgia. I had 40 dollars in my pocket and no jacket and I was wearing flip flops. I was really mad at him for putting me out on the side of the interstate. However, he didnt leave me, just made me walk half a mile before he decided to pick me up..I did everything for this man, his laundry, the kids, cook and carry his plate to him, and did all his paperwork for his business.His dispatcher got more Thank you's in one month than I did in a whole year. You could say I felt like I was being used and unappreciated. This made me very unhappy with him and myself and that is why I cheated. In my mind my marriage was over and I felt he didnt respect me at all. Now, his business has fell apart and he is in another job, although, we have to relocate to a new state. The stress and money thing has really taken its toll on our marriage and I still am not to sure he loves me like he used to. We had the first 3 amazing years in our marriage, never having a argument. (this is very true). But the last two years have been a total hell. I love my husband and this is why I have chosen to do the Love Dare on him without him knowing. My hope is that he will see the change in me and want to follow in my footsteps. I am handing myself over to God and this includes my marriage as well. I will be journaling my progress with the Love Dare starting January 1st, 2012!


Been married about a year and a half. Sunday morning walking out the door to go to church he says "I've never loved you....." What?!!! My heart just ripped right open how could he say this it cant be true "I was lying the entire time it was all a lie." He married me because of our son.... What about all those love letters, times of laughter,long walks sure we've had our issues but to "Never" have loved me dont know what to do right now need an encouraging word now we have two babies the newest isnt even 2 months old... I feel like I could just die........I need a miracle this Christmas God please help me...

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 years now. In that 9 years we have been through our share of "the good & the bad" times. I love him unconditionally as does he with me. We are more in love today then we were the day we met. He honestly is the best part of my life. I do not doubt that he feels the same for me as he shows me on a daily basis. The problem we has is a lack of commitment. He has no interest in getting married anytime soon, I on the other hand am ready for us to take that next step because we already live the life style of a married couple. I have tried to talk to him about the way that I feel about marriage and wanting us to go to that level, but he always says "one day". Kinda of worried that "One Day" will never come :( struggling to decide wether or not to hold on to a relationship that may never be anything more than what it is.a


i know that i love him.... that is for sure... and he loves me back...
but he is not ready to be completely faithful to a marriage life...
he still wants to go out without having to tell me where he is.... he wants to be able to talk to woman without telling me...
he basically wants freedoom... i give him freedom but then he lies about things....
and i do not appreciate being lied to, it hurts me because im trying my very best to change.... so here i am, tryna work this out if there is any left to be work for....

he loves me but he is not willing to give what it takes for happines together...
i dont care him going to bars i know he is faithfull , i care the time wasted there... he does not get enough with an hour... if possible he stays there 4 hours! while im home waiting.....
with out a ... im sorry... im late .. ill be there soon... =(
is this me being childish or im not being respected as i think???
LORD HELP ME!!! I acept this 40 days challenge.... =) I hope that you LORD overcome in any storm!!!!! i Love you Jesus!!!



I have only been married now for two months and we are both ready to walk away. Ever since we got married he has shut down totally. I've tried to talk to him and all it seems to do is go to arguements and accusations. I really want my marriage to work and I don't know if love dare will work for my marriage but I have to at least try it and see. My problems aren't like the ones in the movie so I hope this covers all problems.

I have been unfaithfull to my partner during our relationship of 5yrs. I have cheated on her 4times and each time, we still find ourselfs (us) together. Just a about a month ago, she had told me she is tired and no longer wants to be in this relationship. As a man, she had told me before she is getting tired and will move on if I don't change. Ofcourse, I didn't listen. I was to naive! A good friend of mine introduced me to a book called "FireProof". After reading this book, I now know what I have to do! It open my eye's about dealing with problems within a relationship. It also teaches you how to love someone unconditionally with God. I have asked her for forgiveness but it doesnt seem shes going to take me back at this moment. I do believe in this story that God can fix what has been broken. You have to believe in it and not give up hope. I haven't... Today I'm visiting my priest for confession to clean me of my sins so that I may start over fresh in this relationship. My therapist says to close one relationship before going into the next. For all those out there, do it for yourself to completely move on before starting another. The chance of infidelity is high because your trying to find in each person the one thing you lost from the past. Babe, I mess you, I messed up. I'm changing into a new person with God by my side. Please forgive me for all my mistakes and allow me to show you what God has given me.

yours unconditionally,


My Story,

I am not even sure where to begin. It seems that ever since my husband got back from his deployment that we have been falling apart. Most of this is from things I have found, emails that I have read. A lot of this has not been addressed, because to address it seems to admit that this is real. Though I thought things were better once we moved overseas, I came to realize it wasn't. We have an amazing son, and I feel so utterly broken.


My husband and I have been married for 3 1/2 years and together for six. We have had our share of problems and the road has always been rocky. He is an alcoholic and I am always overwhelmed with work and four teenagers that I had before we were together. I also have a huge problem with insecurity. Recently he was able to begin seeing his two teenage daughters. With six teenagers in one home things were not easy but we dealt with it ok, I thought. His children left about 5 days ago, and since then he has been acting different. Lastnight, he took me to dinner for my birthday. I was excited because we hardly ever spend time together. About five minutes after arriving at the restaurant he proceeds to tell me that he is done. He can't handle the stress of my children. He says he loves me but he can't do it anymore. I was crushed. I knew that things weren't great, but I didn't expect him to leave. I have tried the Love Dare before, but always quit because I haven't seen immediate results. I am determined to try one more time and go all the way this time. I do not want to lose my marriage, and I have really struggled this year trying to get where I need to be with God. Lord, I ask you to guide me on my journey and open my heart to all that I can learn. I am praising you for the life you have given me, and the opporitunity to be great in you. I know that you are the only one that can save my marriage. I praise you and thank you for all of your mercy and miracles Lord. Walk with me and keep me focussed. In your name Lord, Amen.


We live in a world where approximately 50% of marriages fail. Well mine is slowly failing and with it my whole world. My husband and I have been together for almost 5 years and married for 3. We have a beautiful son that means everything to both of us. I would hate for him to grow up in a broken home as my husband and I did. Like most of the people on this site, I've seen Fireproof. It is an excellent movie. When I first saw it, It was simply a a movie about overcoming marital issues and finding yourself and God. Well now, its taken on a whole new meaning. I feel so low in life. My marriage is falling apart before my eyes. Im in the military and stationed almost a thousand miles from my family and support system. My husband and son are all I have. I've waited around for things to get better or for my husband to try something like the love dare on me of course, he hasn't. Now I'm taking the initative to try to save our marriage since my husband won't... So today I will order the book and soon I will be taking steps to save my marriage.


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