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My husband and I have been married for 18 years. Our first 6 years were rough. I had alot of emotional scars and issues that I dragged into the marriage and I let it affect how I treated my husband. He was always so good to me no matter how mean I was to him. Right about the time he was getting ready to leave me (which I was unaware about this) I got saved and accepted Jesus as my Savior. The Lord started to work in my heart and I became a better wife and mother to him and our children. Through the years we have had a good marriage (or so I thought). Oh we have had our up and downs, and we have had family issues, but we have always managed to make it through those issues and come out stronger together. But here lately I have felt myself pulling away from him in every aspect of a marriage. I find him fishing for love from me, him constantly asking me if I still love him. I have always blamed him for this absence, and he has his faults where he has in past taken me for granted. I became a lonely housewife and eventually got a job. My affair was with friends at work. I would take off and do things with my friends and spending time with them and not make any time with my husband because he was always too busy for me. If it wasnt with my friends, then I was spending time with our kids and leaving him to do what he was too busy to spend time with us. Even when we would go on vacation, all he did was complain about everything we were doing. I understand that men are to work but all work and no fun will make a man a bore. We ended up seeing the movie Fireproof togther a few weeks ago and we both liked it. Of course not one of us would admit that we have a problem in our marriage, I prayed and asked God to show me verses in the Bible to heal our marriage (not knowing there was an actual Love/Dare book) and I came across this website. I have ordered the book and wait anxiously to start it. I have told nobody in my family that I bought the book and I hope to help strenthen our marriage and begin to start loving my husband agian. Sometimes after being married for so long and you have teen kids, if you are not careful you can begin to take each other for granted. Truth be known I love my husband but I dont feel like I love him as a wife should love her husband. I have stopped doing things for him that a wife should do and I know that if we continue down the path that we have started for ourselves eventually it will be easy for one of us to stray in our marriage physically. I thank the Lord for this oppurtunity to grow in love with my husband<3


HI my husband and i have been married for 4 years on dec 13 and it hasnt been an easy road since we got marrie donly after 4 and half months. we have been threw a lot we have been on the verge of leaving more then we should have. we have watch the movie fireproof and it has halp our marriage out a lot. but last year we had began to go back the same way and i even try to get with his friend to hurt him and i told him about it but we still are growing strong.. see a marriage has to have people in it yea two is the man and the women but you have to have god in it also. we have just found out a couple months ago that we are going to have our 2nd baby and we couldnt be any more happer and i think god cause he saved our marrieg and he is still working with us two and i couldnt be any more happer then this cause shown me how to love my husband and the same goes to him with me.. let god take care of you and your life will be ok... just rember letting go is the easy part and fighting for your marriage is always the hard part.. god bless


Hello fellow love darers and observers,
I have been married to my wife for 4 years now. We have both been believers and active in our church. She lost her hope in God, took on some toxic friends, and was tempted by a movie star from 'Twilight' on whose character she developed a crush. Then Satan found a way to give her real access to the actor, and she got into an internet affair with him that almost turned into a physical one. I caught her by a miracle, and though she has repented and forsaken him, she has not given herself to me, (or she doesn't know it yet! I call thing that are not as though they were in faith just like Romans tells us to as God does.) I have the challenge of gently leading her back to the Lord. She does not often say she loves me, and is very clear to maintain a sense of separation. She spoken hurtful things about 'checking out' of our marriage, she hates church, and doesn't care about God. It was hard to hear how far she has fallen.
But Praise God! As I saught the Lord, he told me to take on this dare as a complement to His work in our marriage. Honestly, I'm up to day 19 and I've been doing everything in this dare all along. There have been some well timed experiences. I say this to encourage all of you. The Lord is real, and God hates divorce. So you know His will on this one. The key is to release yourself from working on them, and work on yourself. You'll be free and like a child as you pray in the Word (use it, His word does not return to Him void - Isaiah 55:11,) stand against the devil (Eph 6), receive what you prayed for in His will and word by faith (Hebrews 11:1) and cling to it so that nothing you see deters you.
Kenneth Copeland ministries has great teaching on this inthe 2011 Southwest believers conference (free on itunes) by Jerry Seville on July 6, 2011. I think it is the morning service.
I am here to sow encouragement to others, that I may be empowered in my encouragement in the Lord and in my marriage. Hey, you reap what you sow! Let's flip that and use it for the good! I have received a restored marriage by faith and love watching God do His masterful work. Watch for it, see it, praise Him, and get excited. Hold on, and do not grow weary in doing good.

I have been with the love of my life for 7 yrs. But 4 years ago my life changed for the worst. I found out he had cheated on me more than onces but decided to tell me everything the day i told him we were going to have a baby. I was so heart broken, angery, sad, mad all these emotions came over me. I lost the baby and became very bitter. He tried to make me feel better but would not talk about the issues so i brought another man to our house so he could find him there and feel my pain first had. After this we were still being ugly to each other but keep sleeping with each other and 2months later i became preg. again. I was every emotional but he was there for me and the love was coming back but i was too scared to give it back. I pushed him away and we both moved with each others parents and have been living apart for the last two years. Thinks didn't get any better just got worse. well know i found out he was chatting with other females on line and started seeing one. My daughter has been having nightmares and trys to make us go on dates and tell him to love me. She called me cry that she didn't want to stay with him for me to pick her up. After talking to her she said her daddy was talking on the phone and i told her yes it was me. She said not mommy it was not you my daddy thinks i was asleep and i heard him. My jaw dropped i didn't know what to say. This pass weekend my heart was torn again. Our 4 year old daughter stayed with him and when she came home she told me that she went to the park and movies with daddy's friend and her son. I was in so much shock i felt so much pain in my heart as if he had died. I said so many ugly thing to him, i told him he was not going to see our daughter for causing her so much emotional stress. I told him the only way he would see her was under a supervise visit. He was very upset. Later i told him i was sorry and explained to him i was hurt becasue all i wanted was my family back and we had said that we were not going to introdue our daughter to anyone unless it was really over. And i know its not really over becasue he still calls me and reacted crazy when he saw me with my hair down thinking i was hiding something. I just so lost. And after talking to a married coworker who is doing the 40 day love dare I going to give it my all. Hope its not to late i just don't see my life with out him and our family together.

I would just like to encourage anyone reading this that feels that there is no hope for their marriage to keep working and have faith that it can be saved. About two years ago my husband and I where in family court seperating our property as we where getting a divorce. At first I didn't think there was anything I could do, seeing as he requested it because I was addicted to pain pills and had an emotional affair with another man. After he petitioned for divorce I immediatly entered myself in rehab and started attending a recover group at a local church. I started becoming more and more involved with church and decided to give my heart to jesus christ and became a born again christian. I then learned about the "love dare" and decided to see if it could work as I felt God was putting that in my heart. My husband still was very angry with me and continued to reject me throughout the month of the 40 day love dare but I just kept praying and trying. After the 40 days was up my husband still wanted the divorce but I felt that it benefited me anyway on how I treated everyone around me. I continued to do the love dare with my husband and didn't just stop after 40 days, agian rejection came and came but I kept praying and practiced the love dare. Im happy to say it paid off and my husband and I are not backtogether and stopped our divorce. I never take my husband for granted and thank God every day for that.


Facebook/online chatting-had bad could it be? Little did I know that it would begin to consume my time at work for days and weeks. It was fun connecting with old friends and getting to know new friends. It led to a negative situation especially when it is with a coworker. The jokes and small talk turned into deeper sharing; innocent flirting turned into fantasy until one evening in September 2009 my world was rocked.

My wife and I went out with two of her friends for some pool, dancing, and a "fun night" on the town. Throughout the night, I had been texting my friend from work. Texting turned into "sexting". In my drunken state that night, my wife was able to read some one these messages. The next morning being confronted by my wife, out of embarassment and being ashamed I lied numerous times. This when on for a few weeks. The more she asked, the more I told in bits and pieces. Eventually I came clean about my Facebook account, etc. but by then it was too late.

In the two years since this, we have had ups and downs but things are still not the same. I have severd all ties with this coworker and apologized. My wife has this one question of "why?" and I can't answer specifically. By myself, I have been to marriage counseling (about 8-10 monthly sessions) and completed the 40 day love dare book. She has done some things, that I rather not share.

Some highlights: We became memebers of the church we had been attending off and on since September 2009; we would read scripture together in the morning as we ate breakfast before going to gym/work; I have been attending a men's Bible study weekly; May 28, 2011 my wife and I were baptised together.

Recently she has turned church and reading scripture. I continue to go to church alone, but very discouraged. Numerous times I have apologized and asked for her forgiveness. Things seem to be getting worse and her time at home is less. When she is not working, she goes out with friends; she has expressed that I annoy her, ask too many questions, she doesn't look at me the same, and not in love with me any more. The love dare says to never give up....well, I want to. The only reason is that I can't seem to make her happy. She deserves to be happy. We have two daughers 18 and 12. My wife's only solution with all this is divorce. I can't live the rest of my life like this, but don't know what to do?


Hi, My husband and I have been together almost 6 years and married for 3 of those years. He has 2 daughters from his first marriage, who do not live with us, and we have none together (well a cat and a dog).

For the past year or so, our marriage has been in a downward spiral. Early this year, I lost my father and this past summer, my sister lost her home and I took her kids in until she got back on her feet. This caused me alot of stress and I mostly took it out on anyone who crossed my path including my husband. Here I was trying to do it full time, take care of kids that were not ours and still have time with my husband. I discussed this arrangement with my husband and he seemed to support me all the way or so I thought.

My husband always procrastinated on all things and always had a hard time communicating in general and I'm always one to want to talk things out. I would get mad about this and he would say "I'll get to it" or "I did nothing wrong!" I always felt that he meant our marriage meant just that...nothing. i would say things I didn't mean then we wouldn't speak to each other. Couple days would pass and we would say sorry and make up. This went on for a long time and each time the same issues would arise but it felt like it was gettting worse and the distance between us was getting wider.

A few days ago, we got in an argument then we didn't speak. This time I got a text the next day from my husband saying he left me something in the glovebox. It was his voice on a voice recorder basically saying that all that has gone wrong in our marriage is my fault and that he is afraid of me on all levels because of my rage. He goes on to say how he loves himself, loves our dog, and sounds confused as to whether he has love for his kids. One things for sure, there is no mention of having love for me anymore. My emotions are mixed(thinking this was cowardly of him to communicate this way and on the other having to realize my faults)

My friend introduced me to this site and the 40 Day Love Dare. I'd like to try it out but I think it may be too late for my husband and I. Only time will tell. All I know is that I have a lot of work to do on improving the relationship I have with myself and with God. Only then can I move on to a healthy relationship.


I have seen the movie before but it didn't really sink in for me back then. Our marriage got worse and worse as I blamed my wife for all of the wreckage. I blamed her and God for what was happening and never took responsibility for myself.

My wife moved out and took my two stepsons and our daughter with her while I was out of town for work. I have begged and pleaded with little response from her. I started my 40 day dare at the end of September. I have completed all but the last two days. I am giving her our vows for Christmas and hope to renew our marriage next year. She has not warmed up much. I have since restarted the 40 days to keep trying.

Nothing says that the 40 days will guarantee your marriage, but I understand far more about what love is now. I understand what God means to me and my life. I know that I have to be responsible for my own actions and that the dare may benefit my marriage, but it definitely helped me.

I encourage anyone to do this...for your spouse but especially for yourself!

Romans 12:12


Me and my wife have been married for just over a year but together for four years. We got together both at young ages 16 and 19 and had our first child when she was 17. That's when times started getting hard, at 19 we had our second child which was a miracle in its own. After our second child now 11 months was born life got harder and harder. Our marriage survived a foreclosure and repo of vehicles. But we made it through it or so I thought. Several days ago my wife told me she wanted a divorce, things weren't working out. Im not the same man she married. I begged for her to give me a second chance, finally after days of arguing and conversation she agreed. I have two weeks to make this marriage work or she is done and moving on with our two boys. I am starting the love dare in the morning and hoping this will help me to become a better husband, father, and lifelong partner. Im hoping for the best, I hope this helps my marriage as it has many others.


I was married for 21 years and have 2 beautiful children. My husband and I had the same fights and more. He would spend more time with himself and push himself away from the family. I would also argue back to him and try to avoid him. We tried marriage counselors but would end up walking away being more angry. The marriage was falling apart for the last 10 years. We were just living day by day with anger and bitterness.The fighting was affecting our relationship and affecting the children. I told him last year that I did not love him anymore and moved out. In March of this year the divorce was final.

After seeing the movie, I realized that may be our marriage could have been saved if we both worked on it. I wish I saw this movie before. The movie was very inspiring and very real to the same experiences I had in my marriage.

I would suggest this to movie to anyone who is thinking about divorce or just to improve a relationship you are currently in.


Hello, My husband and I we are currently separated, he decided after almost 16 years coming up Nov. 4 he wanted out. We are going on 11 years of marriage and 16 years together. I have two children from a previous marriage which he raced and both are now moved out of the home. We have two children together a girl 7 a boy 2.

I wanted to do the love dare but the couple of times that I did tried, he reacted very cruel to me. He hurts me every time I tell him how I feel. He's told me that I am wasting my time trying to get us back together. And to be honest I don't think I can take any more of his cruelty that he gives me. I am trying to keep it together dealing with my emotions and the children emotions and it's just not easy.

I don't know what to do any more. It seems to me he is enjoying his freedom, all he's been doing is going out partying meeting women. Before all this happen he was already reaching out to another woman through texting. When I found out about it, that he had been lying to me...we got into a big argument because he told me he was going to stop and he never did. He is in the Military so I had to treat them both to put a stop to it. Three months after we got into another argument and that's when he told me he wanted out and that he was no longer happy with me and he felt he would be happier without me.

He had to go to Texas for a couple of weeks and told me he would do some thinking about it all. Before he came home he said he wasn't going any where and that we would do counseling and it was all lies. When he was in Texas he went out and met some girl and was calling and texting. And he told me again he didn't want to be in the marriage so he moved out.

I've gone back to my church which I've gone on and off for years. My husband is a none believer so it makes everything hard. I have decided to give it all to god and do what is best for us. I have run out of ways to get my marriage back. And I hope that the love dare works for you good people out there. I do believe my marriage is over and I need to let go. But believe me it's not easy for me I want so much to scream and tell him you need to come home to your family. I am starting to have panic a tacks because I feel so desperate and this whole thing is out of my control. Please pray for us! Even though I am not going to do the love dare I need everyones prayers for strain, happiness, and love.



My wife an I got married Sept 3rd 2011 but I've known her for 2 years now, on sept 13th I got sent away for Afghan training. Well about a week ago my wife decided to say that she wanted an annulment because she doesn't love me the way she should (shortly after our arguement over that she had a miscarriage). Which destroyed me. I'm trying so hard to get this all to work and she just wants to cut ties and move on. I just don't know how this is going to work with me being stationed in San Diego and she is staying in Washington St. I've tried everything except the love dare.. I am praying to God this can all work out.. I love my wife very much so, and I have the Faith and Hope that this will all turn out.. But one can only pray.


My husband and I have been married 11 years. I would say he is a special man. I want to learn
how to give him the love he deserves. I feel he doesn't always care for me as much as he should. He often puts other things before me, the kids, and God. I was married before and he did not believe in god and was unfaithful. I don't want my marriage to end. I truely love my husband I currently sick I'm a waiting back surgery, so I feel useless to him he is working hard to pay the bills. I find myself putting him down. In Febuary we renewed our wedding vowels,
It was beautiful. I want become a better christian and become a good example for my kids,and husband. I'm taking the 40 day love dare to save my marriage and become closer to god.


Hello, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years this November and we have a five month old son together and I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Things have been rocky since during my pregnancy. I love him very much. However I had recently found out in Feb and Mar of this year the had been exchanging messages via Facebook with an ex-girlfriend of his during a very stressful and troubling time during our relationship. They were together off and on for 7 years before we met. He understands what he did was wrong. We had decided to get married and I was estatic about it. What is making things extremely difficult for me at this time, is that his sister, whom I had grown very close to, has moved his ex 650 miles to live with her. (We live in Tx.) Now she is just 10 miles away. He is very upset and feels betrayed by his sister for bringing her here. I'm trying to be supportive, but I find myself lashing out at him because of the insecurity and anger this situation has brought about. I keep blaming him for her being here. He assures me that he loves me and is not going anywhere but I'm still nervous since she is here. I had watched Fireproof with him some months ago and had remembered about the love challenge. I'm planning on getting the book to help me to hopefully gain some insight to myself as well as him. He is a good man but I'm afraid my insecurities and trust issues will ultimately end our relationship. My prayers go out to all who are earnestly trying to make their relationships work. Good luck to all will definitely post more later. God Bless....


My husband and i have been together for for 4yrs and married for only 1. I actually met him at the age of 17 and we began hanging out a lot. But he was not the type to settle with just one person at that time so i ended it. I ended up getting married at the age of 19 and we were together for 7yrs before we got divorced. At the time of my divorce my now husband found me on a social network site and we instantly reconnected. I feel madly in love with him. There was so much passion and love I knew i had found my soul mate. It wasnt long after we got together that i started finding things, emails, texts, calls, blah blah blah and was CRUSHED!!! However i stuck with him and told him what needed to happen. I have a daughter from my previous and she looks at my husband as her real daddy. After 3yrs we decided to get married, and a month after i found out i was pregnant. Those 9 months was the most hurtful 9 months of my life. Although he was so excited to be having a baby he looked at me as if i was an alien. He wouldnt touch me, wouldnt interact with me in any way. I began wondering was he really in love with me. After our son was born things somewhat got better, so i thought!!! I began finding stuff yet again. I began feeling so betrayed so just let down from everything he had promised me. I realized the other day when i found an email that no matter what i was going to put every bit of me into this marriage to hopefully make this work, hence i am willing to take on the LOVE DARE, I pray that GOD sees me through this.

Today I start this Love Dare. I never though I really needed it I though my husband did. But today God said you do it first. So here I am doing things that I normally do in my life , my marriage. On Sunday this pass week my husband told me he didn't love me and to get out. I have not been able to pray for over a year and this opened not only the flood gates but the prayer gates. My heart is one big ache but I know I have to leave that area and turn it over to Christ. So after watching Fireproof, and I watched it when it first came out, now the meaning is different. The meaning is for me and not just a movie. The meaning is in accord to hearing the words I don't love you and get out. Dear Father if he will not move than move me. Move me to show him I can change and that your love is worth holding on to and so is his love.


I am on day 16. It has been a difficult journey but one I find very fulfilling and rewarding. I feel God's presence every step of the way. My husband and I started having major problems that probably were simmering beneath the surface for a few years. I suffer from clinically diagnosed anxiety and depression. He is not one to talk about feelings or expresses love easily. He has coped with our problems by throwing himself in working long hours, spending the majority of time with his friends, and sleeping in a chair. This is a complete opposite during the good times when we did a lot of things together as a family. He has told me he loves me but is not in love with my and was unsure if he wanted to continue with the marriage. We have 2 beautfil children (4 & 7). It came to a point a few weeks ago do to him lying and being gone a full 24 hours with friends and I asked him to leave. I prayed and even though I did not want him to leave I felt god calling me to have him move out temporarily so he can work on us both apart before working on us together. I asked him to stay at his mother's. He responded at first with bitterness and lots of anger towards me. I came across the movie fireproof (given to me by my mother a few months earlier but didn't watch it) while cleaning up the kids dvd's on the second day he was gone. I immediately watched it, and then a few days later purchased the book. Well the first few days were very difficult. For me, because I was dealing with a lot of anger on his recent behavior and how he was responding to my "dares." But I stayed on track, didn't say anything negative and slowly I have seen a change in both of us. Some days seem almost down right impossible at first because we are living separately and I feel very exposed doing some of the dares. But the reward has been so much greater than the risk and set backs. The middle is the hardest I assure you. But through the hard times, god gives me strength and unconditional love for my husband. Think of it as caring for an injured animal. At first they snap and bite as you try to help them unsure of your "real" intentions. But with gentle hands and constant trying you soon gain touch, then care, finally able to nurse them back to health and heal the wound.


my life has fallen apart. i was fired from my job a year and a half ago. it was a great job, good money, nice perks. all gone. at age 53 recruiters were telling i was "too seasoned", hiring managers told me i had too much experience, not the right experience, a myriad of answers. depression quickly set in. i was worthless and sad. the doctor prescribed some medication for anxiety.
a year in my wife secured a job. not making enough to pay the bills but i was getting unemployment. that was shameful in itself. i never tapped that before in my life and never thought i would. one day my wife calls and asks, "when does the unemployment run out?" i thought it was 99 weeks. in our state it was 72 weeks. she then told me she was done with me. we had two weeks left on unemployment, she wanted me out of the house.
that was a few weeks ago. she won't even look at me or pretend to be civil. i signed on with a couple of temp agencies and have gotten next to nothing out of those. i've taken a job selling advertising for a local weekly penny saver type publication. it's straight commission, no draw, and i made all of $22.00 this week.
she is going away this weekend, leaving me with our two kids. she won't tell me where she's going. i think she's got something with someone else. she kicked me out of the bedroom and i can hear her in there late at night having laughing and smooth talking cell phone conversations.
today was the 5th day of the love dare for me. her response was i was six months too late. and she's right. i moped around the house, mr. pitiful, nobody wants me. i brought nothing in. i did try a few things, but nothing worked out and i spent more money advertising my services than i made.
this really effects one's faith in God. i have for months, years asked The Father to bless my family, to help me to be a stronger man but my pleas seem to fall on deaf ears. i ask in the name of Jesus Christ, i pray constantly, read scripture and some times i just wonder why? is it all just a bunch of crap and lies?
i love my wife, even though she wishes i were dead. i can't imagine why God won't give me a hand. i have been trying so hard to find a better job. sending out resume, cold calling companies. i've made more calls in the last few weeks than i made in years as a corporate sales manager. she want me gone.
again, i love my wife. i took a vow to love and cherish her and as i look through her eyes i was a selfish son of a bitch who lost a job, lost all our money, is not a decent role model for our children and is basically a lazy, good for nothing bum.
i love my children and don't want them to have to live with this. i don't want to give the devil another divorce. he must relish them likes pelts on a tropy wall.
i have to sell my car and now i don't know how i'll do the ad sales gig. i have to sell most everything i own. i am officially worth more dead than alive as long as i keep up the payments on the life insurance policy. i was laying on the floor last night (remember i don't get to sleep in the bed anymore) thinking maybe God just wants me to kill myself. that i am a waste of a human being.
oh, and if you think i'm a wuss for sleeping on the floor, she has already been to an attorney (two nights ago) now i'll have to consult with one, we live in a state where the woman gets her way in divorce proceedings. we live in the house i owned for a number of years before i met her. she'll get that. she'll get the kids and everything else. she has turned into a viper.
and yet, i want to heal my marriage. i pray that she finds comfort, peace, confidence and joy each day. so far all she's finding is more hatred for me.
i'll do the love dare thing again tomorrow. not expecting much. a bit pessimistic i know and i'm trying to focus on what i want God to bless me with rather than what i expect to happen. it's a mind set thing.
please keep me in your prayers. save my marriage, save my family, keep us healthy and safe. keep us together as a family. i ask in the name of Jesus Christ that Father, you bring abundant blessing to my family and let us live in love for each other and to each other.
love to anyone who read this and to all who don't.


My husband and I have been together for 15 years, married for 7. I always had this intense love for him, always thinking this would be forever. I always felt like I loved him more but was still shocked when I found out he was cheating. We separated and not the much later came back together. In 2002 I got pregnant with my first daughter. Things were good, we bought our first home, and he had a good job. In 2004 I got pregnant with my second daughter. We got married shortly after finding this out. In 2007 My husband was layed off because his company was moving. Soon after that the problems started. He would go out with friend without us, made a trip out to see family on his own. And just generally making distance. Well I started check cell phone bills, and asking questions. Things were really bad emotionally for me. So before I could find out about another affair I asked him to move out. He made his best attempt to sugar coat things and made his way back home. Not long after this happen I found a love letter hidden in his car. Heart broken and devastated I kicked him out. We were then separated for a year and a half. And it was a year and a half later when I was finally ready to move on without him. We were going to get a divorce somthing we both agreed on. When one evening after have the kids he said he wanted to talk. I wanted nothing to do with that. I was just starting to seeing a nice guy from work and thing were becoming a new normal for me and my girls. I had never seen my husband cry like he did that night. Things were good between us for a long time and are now starting to take a turn for the worse. So I going to do THE LOVE DARE on my husband to save my marriage.

My boyfriend and I haven been together for six months. He has three grown children from a previous marriage, and I have one child from a previous relationship, whom the father is not involved.

My boyfriend is a wonderful Christian man, who teaches me many things. I've thought I was a faith-filled woman but I have had much to learn. So when he asked me to watch FIREPROOF with him I just bawled, mostly because of the salvation I have been seeking. What the hard part is God has placed on my heart to let him go and just be. Probably because of the sick control issues that I now see I have within (he's not perfect in that category either and aware) and the nice thing is we are open, communicative and work on things together. But I don't know why God said let him go. I'm not sure if that means permanently or not.

But I do know that I can see the work that needs to be done in me. I am on Day One of the Love Dare and let me tell you, I thought I got this one down ... boy, I don't know about this. I have much to learn. It really isn't about me, and I thought I wasn't selfish. Biting my tongue today - whew.

I'm not sure how this will help us because there is a whole host of things going on in his life, include an ex-wife and kids who he seems to jump when they say so. Not healthy for me, so in that regard, I feel like the Love Dare is giving me some space and a reprieve, as odd as that may sound.

I have been praying for him ... for his well-being, from a genuine place of love with no conditions.

Who knows where this will go ... I read the other message boards and hear how much they want the relationship saved. I guess I have been uncertain because of 1) my "stuff" getting in the way, which I'm now working with the Lord to remove and 2) his baggages and ex-stuff. I think if I knew I could really know he was there I'd be okay to feel safe to love again.

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