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I have always had an anger problem, but since I turned my life over to the Lord; I have become a better man. I have become a true believer and a communicator. I think communication is the key to a successful marriage. I love my wife, but I can't say she is my everything. God is my everything!!!! For long time my wife and I neglected church, we weren't tithers and now I can say we are. It feels so good to go to church with her every Sunday. She has already joined our church and I plan on joing next month. Our church's next membership class is in July so this is why I have to wait and join next month. My point is, find a good church and stay dedicated to God's word. In our house there are no bosses, my wife and I both are both adults that deserve respect. I want my wife to walk beside me, not behind me. Love and respect each other.

well, i watched the movie and bought the what? I am currently living separate from my husband and have been for about 11 months. Next month I planned to file for divorce. Lately, though my mind has been set on saving my marriage. I left due to infidelity that had ended but i couldn't forgive and other reasons. He did make an effort to regain my trust but my heart was hardened. We have 3 kids 11, 10, and a 1 year old. My husband was never really a great husband but was and is a great father. I have finally forgiven him, i think, for things that happened in the past. I feel guilty for leaving and giving up on our relationship. I really wish I would have given it more time. I think people give up on marriage too quickly and that marriage should not be taken lightly. All that said I was the one who gave up on us. Now I'm at a crossroads.. divorce or no divorce. I really don't even know if he would be willing to try again at this point. I don't want my family to be permanently broken. I've prayed about it and here i am. Now as far as the Love Dare i don't exactly know how to complete the dares being separated. So i'm trying to figure out where to start. So this is not exactly day one. I have to figure out when and how to start this first.

im young...just a teenager. but im in a relationship that i really want to work out. it started off great...all happy and smiles and everything...but like all relationships theres a "rough patch"/a test. we love each other, but were both so busy and feel guilty for not havin enough time for each other...then everytime we get a chance to have a conversation were arguin...and somehow im always the one in the wrong...but all i do is try my best. it takes 2 people to make or break a relationship right? the problem is i can admit when im wrong, he cant/wont. (many other problems but leavin them unspoken) so i started this 40 day love dare today - "Love is patient"...its been tough because honestly he aint easy to put up with all the time, especially today...but i havent argued with him, been as patient as i possibly can because when you love somebody you dont give up. it was only the first day...but im determined to complete these 40 days and in the end come out with a stronger and healthier Christian relationship. im praying God will give me strength and guide me through this and i know He will.
love, kayla


I've been married for about 10 years but have been in the relationship for 13 years. We had our first child out of wedlock and got married 35 months after. We have 4 children.
It's been tumultous because of the guilt and shame I was burdened with; you see, I was born again when I began the relationship. I know I've been forgiven but the marriage has been with a lot of pain.
He has become abusive and in denial of his issues. I used to blame myself for everything but now I know he has a responsibility to the success of this marriage as well.
I had reached a breaking point and was seriously planning an exit, I had promised to leave at the end of this month.
In the process of ensuring that my daughter, my 1st born, had not been adversely affected by his words and actions, I took her to the psychologist. While waiting, some young men were watching some movies and I began to talk with them, they offered to copy the movies for me and one of them was FIREPROOF! I had heard about the movie and had been looking for it for over 16 months and here it was. But you know, after I got it, I did not bother to watch it, my thoughts were 'is it really worth it?, can there ever be a change?'
On sunday night, a young unmarried christian lady came from my unit in church to see me at home and she spoke to me about my marriage, encouraging me not to give up; God had a hand in it, he was working things out. On the monday, another single young lady at my client's office asked me if I had watched the movie - FIREPROOF -and when I said I had not but that I had it, she encouraged me to watch it. That night, I watched the movie and it changed my life.
I remember the word of God that says that if you are married to an unbelieving husband, your actions and words should motivate him to sign up for the Lord and I decided to change my ways. I decided to love him over to the Lord, it was no longer about our marriage but about his salvation. He says he's a christian but his reactions have not been consistent with the Word...and thinking about it, neither has mine in many ways.
The next thing was to look for the 'Love Dare' book, I did not find it but I found a PDF list of the Dare online on wednesday, so here I am on Day 2.
My marriage was a testimony to God's faithfulness and I will not let the devil turn it into a testiphony because God's grace for victory is available.
Thank you for the movie FIREPROOF.
Meanwhile, I will keep my journal and bring you up to speed with the journey, do pray for me, when you read this.


My wife and I have been married for 4 years this September. We have both been married 1 time before and met while were married. Eventually we both got divorced and began dating sometime later. Most people believed we got divorced from our prior spouses so that we could be together. (Nothing farther than the truth). Regardless, I find our marriage struggling with the same issues as many others. We live in a competitive and selfish society. Every relationship seems to lack the time, and commitment that it was afforded in the beginning. Welll what should we expect right ? We have to work, take care of the kids, the lawn, the boat, the car etc. Our relationships foundation is the love that we shared in the beginning stages, back when we said "I do". Like a home, our relationships are only as strong as the foundation. This being said, when the walls of our relatioship get weak, its time to fix the foundation. There exists no doubt that our jobs and kids, cars, boat and the lawn are important, but in the end, the very end, Love and Family are the only (2) things that remain. All other things that occupy our time and energy will be gone. Each and every person we may know has an opinion of what each of us should do with our relationships. Friends, family, coworkers all have an opinion. Often times this opinion is poisonous, other times fruitful. Be cautious of the poison. We too have found the blessing of the Fireproof and the 40 day love challenge. I am on day 6 as of the writing of this post. I ask you to commit to the the love dare, if not for your realtionship, do it for yourself. Prayers for all.



My husband and I have been married for 3 years now. We met while we were both in the military and for me it was fate. I had given up on guys relationships really because of being cheated on and stalked. Something came up and i needed help and by random i called his number he picked up and agreed to help. We quickly became friends and then fell in love and married. We deployed shortly after and things went bad he did not trust me at all because of what others were saying and this hurt me so much. Thing got worse when we got back and i had lost almost all my friends i was depressed and angry sad. I found texts to a girl he worked with and for months he chose to sleep on the couch. After our 3 son was born things got better and we began sleeping in the same bed again. Now he sleeps on the couch again while I in our bed. I thought about leaving today I looked at houses and plane tickets home but something told me not to. He has been distant and I found a text to a teenager him pretending to be a teenager to it really hurt to find that. I dont want to give up on our marriage but I know this will be hard. I am starting day 1 tommorow and I am hoping and praying these 40 days will make a difference. God please give me the strength to make it through this


I started the Love Dare on my own and I'm on my 3rd day, my husband and I have been married for 13 yrs he works in law enforcement so our schedule can be very conflicting and of course our marriage has it's challenges from his very demanding job. We have became roommates rather then a couple and this didn't happen over night but over the course of a few years. For several years I have been sleeping in another room because of conflicting schedules night shift and I just don't feel comfortable being in the room with my husband it's no ones fault but my own I have so many insecurites that I have let get in the way. My husbands schedule has recently changed to a day shift and so now I have no excuses just my own vain insecurties to deal with. I was sharing a room with my daughter who is fixing to turn 13, the day I started the Love Dare I decided it was time I change that and I have started sleeping on the couch and hopefully soon I will make my way back to where I belong. Over the last 3 days I have discovered that I have been very selfish and I'm almost scared what more I will find out about myself as I continue on this journey. I want to be connected to my husband again it has been a very long time since we were.

My husband and I have been together 7 years. This is his 3rd marriage, my second. Through our whole relationship, he has cheated numorous times. The worst being in June of 2010 when he started an affair with his 2nd exwife. I found out about it when I caught them in his truck together. ( he is a truck driver) He left home in November of 2010 and through it all, all the lies and the betrayal, I forgave him and loved him. Leaning on God, listening to God tell me that I needed to forgive him, I needed to wait for him. My pastor's wife gave me the book The Love Dare in October of 2010. I have read it 5 times since then. On Christmas day, my husband came home. Today, 2/18/11 My husband and I started reading the book together. In the morning, I read a chapter out of the Bible, and then our dare for the day. I have forgiven my husband, but it is hard to forget. It takes daily, sometimes hourly prayers.


I have been married for 13yrs and has been separated for 5yrs.. During the first several years of my marriage my husband had cheated on me several times and I took him back. after going through alot of heartache and lack of trust and verbal abuse I decided to have him leave. Throughout the time we had been serparated I built up a wall and stood firm in not allowing him in my world. During this time his grandmother passed way and just recently his mother passed. I had wanted to him to come back home so many times but I felt he wasnt ready. Well the day his mother passed we had a pastor come to her bedside to pray over her and before he prayed he said that God was asking him to tell the story of him and his wife, before he became a pastor that they were having marital problems and couldnt understand why God put his wife in his life when they couldnt even get along. well he went on and told the story and the next morning as I was dealing with my mother in law death I also awoke to a new heart. God turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh again all i wanted to do is see my husband and tell him how sorry i was to build up such a wall that acknowledging him was even to painfull. Well since January 12 I told him that I love him and want him back. He thinks im going through a faze and i told him i will do what ever it takes and how ever long it take to get him back. I have been in prayer and refuse for satan to have his way. I asked my husband how many chances does one man deserve and I was told seven time seventy... On that note I am taking the dare on my own praying that his heart will be healed just as mine was.

Where do I begin with my story?

I will start with me. I was married for 19 years. We had a very long history together, most of it was plain and simple. We had many, many years of almost a "roommate" type of relationship. I failed our marriage 11 years ago with infidelity. I live with that grief to this day. Someday I will learn to forgive myself. I have aged and matured and after many visits with pastors and priests, I realized that it takes two to make the marriage work. I tried at times expecting reciprocation, which was foolish and selfish of me, and those attempts failed. She tried at times, but I wasn't receptive during those attempts. Sad to say but our marriage ended in divorce.

I have learned a lot from that relationship and have begun a new one. One with complete honesty and am pouring my entire faith into. She loves me like I've always wanted to be loved. She adores me and I adore everything about her.

She is a strong, loving mother. The father of her child as soon as he found out she was pregnant wanted nothing to do with her and denied the child. She's been raising this beautiful girl for 6 years all by herself with no support financially or emotionally.

We are both single parents (me by divorce, her because the father of her child is completely absent), and love each others kids. We watched Fireproof together, not because we were having problems but to really listen to the powerful story that the movie conveyed. We paused the movie several times to talk and share about our experiences and how it related to our current lives. It was quite a new experience for me as I have always been pretty reserved when it comes to sharing emotions. One of the things I realized in my previous marriage was that I didn't communicate my feelings to my ex-wife. I will not make that mistake again.

Debby and I have been dating for 5 months and we still have all the "newness" that relationships encounter and it's fantastic. I vow to her to never let our relationship get stale, or not share my feelings. I made that mistake once and won't do it again. I trust with all my heart and she trusts me.

Here's where our relationship gets interesting. We live 1000 miles apart. She lives in VA and I live in FL. Although we have so much land between us, that does not stop us from working on our relationship or even completing the love dare. We do get to see each other approximately every 2-3 weeks and we are going the whole month of February and part of January without seeing each other and it will be tough. We feel that this is the time that we will build a stronger foundation to our relationship. We are taking the dare to strengthen the love we have for one another. We are taking the dare to ensure we really know how to love and appreciate each other for when we are finally together.

We are working on being in the same city and state soon and have plans to marry. Our love is everlasting and we thank the movie Fireproof for really teaching us how to love unconditionally.


2 weeks ago i came home to find my wife packed up most of the house and took my 2 beautiful kids. And wanted to be seperated why she decides if you still loves me. I did all the wrong this. but the biggest was i did not trust. Becuase of my past experiances of being cheated on. so when anything would go out of routine i would jump to conclusions. Over the years it took its toll. little over a year ago my wife brought home the movie FireProof took me weeks to watch all the way. I was just not admitting to problems. withdrew from everything. My wife left me a year ago but came back in a few weeks. things seem to get better for a while. but she had now stopped trying and told me She tried before Now it was my turn. Well 6 months later of me only trying did not get anywhere. And I with drew again. So my wife left and was wanting a divorce. Then I went a bought the Love Dare. And started it. I am only on day 5 and my wife has backed down a little. now she is confused of what is going on. I also went to counseling and have been for 6 weeks but the big difference was how receptive she was and the imediate changes when i started honestly doing the dare. Her reactions are more positive and she is rethinking the divorce. We are still seperated but now as i humble my self to God and put honest effort into the book it is seeming to work. I hope by day 40 things will be even better. Will see! At least now she is talking to me she is confused because how i resond to her now is different. It is confusing to her. Now her fear will is last or will it go back to how it was. She does not know I am dong the dare. And it is harder since my wife is moved out. But this either works or I am loosing my Wife who I love so very much and 2 beautiful kids. I am just trying to get through this Praying it will get better. at least she is backed now and weird part she is agreeing to what i am doing. She afraid to let here love for me back into her heart. it is still there just covered my hurt and anger. I truely pray she can let her Love show again.Thanks


My husband and I have been married for 6 year, we have been together for almost 7 year before married. we have almost 5 years daughter and 2 years son. A year ago my husband and I has separated live cos he had to work in another City. Initially all went well,, until I finally caught up with the love of the past through Facebook. When my husband quit his work and decided to return together with us, then he also knows about the long-distance affair with my former boyfriend..
My husband was very disappointed with what I do,, he didn't believe me anymore..
I regret what I did,, but my husband does not believe in my regret and he would not accept me anymore. He's even looking for other women to his loved ones, and do the same thing as I do, so I can feel what he felt. He told me that our love will not same anymore,,so I do not expect that our love will be like before..
whatever he wants me to do and sacrifice for him had I done.. but he still in the distance for me.. everything I have done is nothing for him,,

I don't know if there's a love for me in his heart,, but I will not stop trying to get his love again.. I love him so much,, I miss him-who he was..


my marriage has been rocky at best since the beginning 21 years ago. high school sweethearts i got pregnant at 15 with our son and we had 2 more children before i turned 20. he has cheated, as have i. 6 years ago he joined the military at age 33, and i thought things were going to be better. he has deployed twice, the last time to afghanistan for 15 months. he has been home for close to 2 years now, and what was already a rocky marriage has turned into a nightmare for me. for the last six months he has had an emotional affair with a friend of mine, almost had a physical affair with yet another friend of mine, has become addicted to porn, and tells me daily how badly he wants a divorce. 2 weeks ago i took off my wedding rings and we have done nothing but co-existing since. i was as done as he was. an internet friend of mine knowing just some of what was going on with my marriage mailed me the movie and book. and being so afraid of being hurt once again it sat on my kitchen table for 4 days. last night while my husband was out partying i finally watched the movie, and cried all the way through it. i went to bed with the book, and promised myself i would try. although he will be leaving for school in less than 3 weeks and i dont have 40 days to be physically with him to try it, my friend promised i could do it long distance. when my dogs woke me up at 3 am and my husband still wasnt home i got up and on the internet. i logged on to our online banking and noticed almost 200 dollars spent at an address i didnt recognize in the last couple hours. i looked up the address and it is a strip club. my hands started to shake and i started to cry. i dont know how i am going to start the love dare today knowing this, but i will attempt it. it is 6:30am and he still isnt home, and i am scared out of my mind. but i will try not to say anything mean when he gets home. i may have to walk away to do that, but i will try. God help me.


Today is my first day starting Love Dare....I am very scared for several reasons - but my main one is that I will fall in love with my husband all over again but years down the road find myself in this same situation. We have been married for 17 years and we have 4 children. Since 2006 times have been tough and I have carried the burden of dealing with the finances, catching him in small lies here and there over things (playing golf when should be working or laying in bed when he should be working), and taking care of the children as he traveled 9 months out of the year. Of course I work a full-time job as well and have even started working nights to help with finances. I have a ton of resentment towards him and even back in September asked him for a divorce. He says we are not getting divorced and at that point even began reading Love Dare but only got 2 weeks into it before stopping. During those 2 weeks I appreciated the man he was becoming but also kept my walls up for fear he would revert back - to which I feel he has because he is not reading the book. I am starting the book today, not with a lot of hope, but as a last attempt to give it my all in knowing that I did read it and I will try to fall back in love with him. I have to try for myself, my 17 years of marriage, and my children. Please pray for me as I start this journey....I am very scared.


My husband and I have been married four years next Wednesday, Jan. 26th and together for 7 years. We are high school sweet hearts and have 2 beautiful child. This last years has been the worst by far. My husband is in the military and we were station in Japan for 3 years, 2007-2010. In march of last year the kids and I moved back to the states because of how emotionally absive he was to all of us. I knew i was getting farther into a depression and knew I needed a change to get out of it. Now i am completely out of it and he is now living back in the states only a few hours away while I am finishing up this quarter of school and so that we could work on our relationship. I have watched fireproof several times and have read the book while he was still in Japan but it was a little hard to do anything because of the time difference and the miles between us. Now today i am starting the love dare and hoping God will heal all the hurt that has been going on between us. I know both of us have no trust for each other due to cheating on both side. We both found out last April what had happened. I know what I did was wrong and it was done for all the wrong reasons as well. I know i didn't just hurt him but also hurt myself by letting me values go. After finding out that he had cheated while i was pregnant with our daughter I think that was my lowest point and have come miles from there on my own. I know that we can both be stubborn and know exactly what to do to hurt each other and I want nothing more than us to come out of that and live a full and happy life. I know this is the last thing for us as we have been in counseling for a little while already. My husband doesn't know Im doing this and want him to feel my love for himself without being pressured. I know God will work hard with us as long as we let him guide us and I am giving myself to him 100%. Well I will keep you updated on our journey!


My husband and I have been married almost eleven years in April. He is a electrician and does mainly construction, which causes him to have to work on the road alot. last year he had been on the road for almost the whole year, although he was away, i would travel to see him, and hed come home when he could. we have three children, and it is rough on all of us. But I knew he was doing what he had to do to take care of us all, I am a stay home mom. I felt like we started to drift away from one another, but thought it was just b/c of us not being together all of the time, and the distance between was normal, that we'd been thru worse things and could over come this. we are a christian family, and before he went on the road, we were in church everytime the doors were open, yet since he had left he hadnt been to church except when he was home, and as for me and the kids, we were still going. It got to be, when we were alone, there was hardly any conversation, only about day to day stuff, when we were on the phone or the net chatting then there wasnt alot to say..its like we both we leading to different lives..we were together when we were together, and doing our own day to day routine when we wont together. Well as time went on, I noticed that he was texting alot when he was around me, he was there in reality but seemed to be some place else in sprirt, very short and sometimes rude and it even came to him telling me he wasnt happy with me anymore, yet we could work on it...after all of this i checked my cell phone bill and come to find out, he had been texting and talking to another women, a girl he had gone to school with, that he had a cruch on in school, she was married, yet they were swingers so it didnt matter to her or her husband. It all started on facebook, they found each other, i had seen he had added her as friend, yet ever thinking he would betray, i said nothing about it, ive got old school friends on mine..but other than knowing anything than her name, she got to know everything about me. Once i found out, he said they were just friends, and that he could talk to her about us, where he got to where he couldnt talk to me anymore...he said I treated him like a child, and talked down to him..which was not at all that I saw of our relationship..when we were together before all the shadiness, we were happy, playing laughing, like we were newlyweds...not at all like he called it. Now its been eight months since i found out, and he tells me he is so sorry, he wished he could take it all back and never to have done it...since all of this, i stay depressed, had even got put on meds for longer taking them now..beleiveing that God can change all..and I know he can! But i still feel so very hurt and bitter...all the secrets and betrayal, has made me not trust him, and he says he hasnt talked to her since, but i dont know whether to beleive him or not..all his friends are friends with her, so all i know is what he says...there are days i dont think of it at all then days that its all i can think about. It has made us so distant..we are no where like we used to be before all of this..but the hope is...we are starting the LOVE DARE this week...and he laid off right now, so we are doing it together...and I pray so HARD that this saves us...our children deserve both parents, and i love him like I have loved no other...I want to be over the pain I feel, I want to love him like I used to or better...and I want him to be the man I married...I miss him, who he was...he still seems distant...i want us close n in love...not just loving one another...i want us to be IN LOVE with one another.....GOD HELP US!!!


My husband and I have been marreid for almost 6 years. We have been together for a little over 10, high school sweet hearts. We have a 3 year old son. We have had a very rough marriage. He works away from home for 28 days at a time and only home for 14 days. He has created at least one dating profile that I am aware of. He has physically cheated on me at least 3 times this past year. He has always had an issue with wanting attention from other women. This past year was when the affairs started though. I completed the Love Dare alone at the start of the other affair in March 2010. It helped me tremendously. I can't believe how much different I have reacted to the other affairs. (I just found out about the other 2.) I know there is a limit to how many times you should forgive someone in most people's eyes. I am determined to make our marriage last though. I really do love him unconditionally. I recently started the Love Dare again, only this time he is joining me. We also have a 365 Day devotional study that we do each night together. The quality time together is amazing and seems to really be helping both of us. I have given my life to Christ all over again. I know that I have not been living a life God is happy of. I'm not just giving it 50%, I'm giving him 100%. I see the happiest couples around and the one they they have that I don't is the Lord. I want that happiness. My husband went back to work yesterday and I am worried that he may slip back into old habits. I have learned with completeing the program the first time that he's not our only problem. Even with me starting the program again, I have learned that I still have many issues that need to be worked on. We are praying that a new year means a fresh start for our marriage. He is transgerring positions, but had to complete this 28 day rotation before he could. His new rotation will only require he be gone 6 days and home 3. I really do feel that we are doing something that is going to change both our lives completely and make our marriage healthier and stronger while building our relationship with our Lord to the max. I really do believe that living a life of God can make it possible to work through any situation and will help any marriage survive. The Love Dare is already proving my belief.


My husband have been at it hardcore since our son was born. The stress started when I lost my job, then his friends moved in (along with pregnant wife and two girls). Once I got pregnant we agreed I would stay home with our son. That has left him working crazy hours and no time for home. When he was home it was ESPN or the internet. Our intimacy level is at -10. I tried to be understanding when he says he is tired UNTIL I found out he was looking at porn on youtube!!!! It has sparked the biggest rift in our marriage and has me once again thinking about whether or not we will make it. Even tonight I suggested the Love Dare reading (a book he brought after a fight last year that he promised to read with me and never did) and he fell asleep....Really praying that GOD will help me endure because right now I feel I am fighting alone to save my marriage!

My fiance and I have been together for 3 years. The problems started last year after we moved to a completely different state from all our family and friends. Last year was pretty tough and we were on the verge of ending things when we sought out counseling, though that improved our relationship.. things began to relapse. We've had our shares of ups and downs, but for the most part I thought things were going well... until last week, he told me that for months he's been unsure on our relationship.. this caught me completely off guard. At first I thought he had found someone else, but after really thinking things through and listening to what he had to say, I realized the problem was really me. I don't have the best way of handling things. I tend to be abrasive and critical. I'm a shouter, and despite his constant efforts in asking me to change; my only response was this was the way I am and I can't change.

Now that he's gone, I'm completely devestated.. he told me he needs space and time to think things through. I am starting the love dare, in hopes that God will help me to save our relationship. I love him and I CAN change & I will. I just pray that he gives me a second chance.


Well my wife and I have been experiencing a lot of problems over the past couple of years. It has really increased after I was laid off over a year and a half ago. We seem to argue all the time. I try to be understanding but she is a ball of fire at times. I can be bullheaded as well. Well we separated yesterday and I've been sleeping in my car at work since. I believe Jesus will restore our marriage but it's looking a little rocky right now. I love my wife and want to work things out but she's looking for a way out. I just started the Love Dare today. I'll keep you updated on my story. Be Blessed!

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