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My husband and I have been together for 4 years and have been married for 2 and a half.
About a month ago, he dropped the bomb on me that he is no longer IN love with me, but will always love me as his best friend. We have a one year old son together, and I am trying to keep myself from falling apart, for his sake.

My whole family up and moved the same month that him and I got married, and six months later we were pregnant. Things have been stressful since the beginning and I supposed they have been deteriorating since then, as well. I haven't been working because I have no form of childcare. We have both been under alot of pressure and the resentment and anger on both sides have piled up so horribly. The difference between us is that all this has made me realize how badly I want to change for the better, and how much I love him and want to make things work, but for him, he has disconnected completely and now feels nothing. To his credit, he hasn't left me, and he has been trying his absolute best to work at things with me.

I have come to realize that this has all been a blessing in disguise, as I now have a growing relationship with God, and new found peace, contentment and appreciation for my husband and marriage.

I am on day 6 of the love dare, and trusting in God's will and that he knows best, no matter the outcome.

This is not easy for me, I have just started the 40 day love dare so I have a long way to go.
I am in my 9th year of marrage and I have been unfaithfull and have admited to a porn addiction in which I am reciving good help and sound councel.
I am still so in love with my wife, we have an awesome daughter 5 years old.
My wife has told me to leave the home and I am staying not far away with my Brother-in-law and Sister.
My wife is understandably angry and unable to forgive me at the moment, we have both watched Fireproof and am hoping something will spark in her remembering the movie, She bougth me the T-shirt that says "Never leave your partner"
I am crying out to God daily for our marrage to be restored, I am a Paramedic and do shifts in a remote area 8 days at a time so the Dare will be hard to complete in the required 40 days but I am comitted to fighting for my marrage and my family.
I know its a walk with Christ first and formost the comes the Miricles and the sensational restoration of Husband and wife.
I will let you guys know how it all turns out...

Much pain and hummility,



My wife and I have been married for 17 years. We started young, and were for the most part inexperienced in life and love. We knew that we loved each other all along but things were never easy. Things started when I was with some "friends" and they met some girls in town. I felt the need to be part of the group so I went along with it. Nothing happened but I was still being dishonest to my wife and family. We stayed together but there was always the lack of trust from what I had done. Several years later, it was rumored that I was messing around with another woman. There was no truth to the rumor but still, my wife had questions and once again, insecurity and lack of trust was there. After we had been married for 12 years and had three wonderful children, our lives were so busy that we started moving in opposite directions. My job had me working 10 to 12 hours a day and Marcie would spend her time with her frineds, taking the kids to their house, and was rarely there when I got home. I thought I was losing everything and found another woman to talk to. This was all it was at the time, then as my feelings of despair got worse, I allowed myself to go outside of my marriage. My wife and I tried to make things better, make things work but I was so ashamed of what I had done and afraid of losing my family that I never wanted to talk about it. I never could admit to what I had done and then I continued talking to her, or other women, instead of my wife. She has stood by me through all this until finally I guess it got to be to much. My wife contacted one of her old "friends" and began talking to him. She then went to her hometown and went to see him, all the time keeping things from me. My wife has always told me to open and honest and she went against everything she was. Finally, several days before she was coming home, she met him and he took her to a hotel room where things were pushed by him until she too, went against our wedding vows. At this point, she is unsure if she can open her heart to me, to allow me in to love her and be loved. I have prayed for her to be forgiven, I have forgiven her myself, but she has still not found it in her heart to forgive me for my mistakes. I love my wife with all my heart and soul and have asked for prayers for her and us. I hope this jouney can help us become stronger together and make a much better couple, friends and parents. She is my life, my love, and want only for her to be happy with all she has in life.


My husband and I have been together almost 8 years. In March of this year, we split up. We were apart for 6 months, before realizing our love for one another, and the love for our kids. We both made some awful decisions during the 6 months, and have asked our church for prayers. We know we can make this marriage work, but it has been a tough struggle for us. Please help FIREPROOF our marriage!!



I am a horrible wife. I do not know why. I can't show love and affection openly as I'm afraid I'm getting judged by someone. My family my kids my friends I don't know I just always feel like someone is saying why do they act like they are all in love? But I want to be in love and I want to have a blessed marriage. My husband and I have been married 3 yrs. He moved out last week because I do not honor and appreciate him he said. And he is completely right. We have one daughter together and I had 3 kids when I met him. But he is the only father they know. I decided to do the love dare because I can not lose him. I love him so much and I never shoed him. I have been in prayer constantly for several days trying to fix this. If only I had prayed so much when he was still here. I know it may not be fixed this week or even this month but I will be patient.


My husband and I have been married for a little over 13 years, but been together for over 16. Our marriage was great until a few years ago when things went down hill. I have made MANY mistakes in our marriage and havn't been the best at listening to him when he comes to me with problems/issues that bother him. I guess I didn't want to admit we had problems. Man was I wrong. I found out about two weeks ago that he was having an affair- I was and still am devasted.

I immediatly began searching for answers and ways to help me cope. I ran across an article and it talked about the 40 day Love Dare and fireproofing your marriage. We had watched the movie when it came out, but it had been awhile. I decided that I would ask my husband if he would watch the movie with me again. Earlier that day, Thursday, I went to our local Wal-Mart and purchased the Love Dare book. I gave it to him that night and asked him if he would do it with me. He was not very receptive to the idea but agreed to do it with me.

So, when my husband came home from work that night, we watched the movie together again and beagn the "Dare" challenge together at 2am. It has and will be a difficult challenge, but if God can forgive us over and over again, it is my duty to forgive him. I am dedicated to make our marriage work and get back to the strong foundation we once had.

Please pray for us and for me to cope and handle the situation in a way that will be pleasing to God- I am struggling!

Watched fireproof again, alone you can always insert your self in one of the scenes and envision healing and growth. Starting love dare today with out my wife Kelly knowing . Kelly and I have three wonderful boys under 10 ,we have been under extreme financial and spiritial attack. It has been a dead marriage for years,sleep in seperate beds and have been instructed not to make any sexual advances. Kelly has asked for a divorce and on a selfish basis sure why not we have drifted apart and are different people. I have myself to blame I have closed her off given her the silent treatment ,Kelly has her support freinds and parents who want me out of her life. Our communication skills are non-existant I often feel I am talking to the debate champion of the world and my standard answer is your right and I am sorry and get further seperated from what a relationship should be. I have been to doctor and put on anti-depressants and they seem to help. I have had drinking or smoking pot issues as coping skills. I would rather not be around people even though have been cars sales man for 20 plus years. I love spending time hiking or biking in the wilderness sometimes buzzed. I listened to christian music and really just try to worship and praise god and truly belief in Gods promices and Jesus is our link to salvation not only in heaven but earth as well. I have felt The presence of the holy spirit and oh my GOD the greatest feeling ever is my arms extended buckled on my knees speaking in tongues surrending to the almighty,MY FATHER . I have received miracelus blessings and my dreams have wings and know in my heart God has plans for me and it does not include divorce. Last night I overheard parts of a conversation Kelly had over a 5 hour period with some guy! I have never heard her so happy. It just tore me apart.I was going to give her the divorce trusting she would not keep me from my sons and it was for the good of everybody.At times during her talk I felt like I was witnessing adultry right in front of me and thought I am off the hook I can justify divorce and God will understand but how do I get my boys to heaven I will have no control of situation so I am going to fight and save my marriage do the love dare do one on one with pastor off church which is an awesome church and a great pastor and strong biblically based messages .`


My husband and I have only been married for almost 2 months. We are on the verge of splitting up because I have lied to him twice. Being only 24 I have my hands up in the air wondering how this is gonna work out if I have already messsed up. I am asking for strength to help me with the 40 day love dare. And for my husband and I to fall back in love. Also I pray that my 4 step-kids and my 3 year old son see us happy and in love and not seeing us fight all the time.

My husband and I have been married only 6 months, however we were together for 2yrs before getting married. Lately, we have been having very heated arguments on a consistent basis. So about 2 weeks ago we met a nice older married couple at church. She gave us her card and told us to feel free to call her if we ever needed to talk or wanted prayer. She mentioned (out of no where) how she oftens speaks to married couples.
Well God certainly has a way of speaking to people because just yesterday my husband and I started seeking professional help. We started marriage counseling classes through our insurance. So we we had a nice day yesterday...UNTIL..we decided to go out to watch the game together later that night and when we came back ALL chaos broke loose. It was like a war zone.
Well that was the last straw for me. So I decided to call the couple we had met at church, just 2 weeks prior. What a blessing that was!! She explained to me about this movie, 'The Love Dare' and suggested I watch it and she also prayed with me over the phone. I was able to get the movie online with no problems and I proceeded to watch it. Let me tell you...that movie hit so close to home. Especially, the first 30 mins of it. I was in tears frequently throughout the movie.
So when my husband came home I had him watch the movie (and he was willing, with no problem). When he finished we talked about it and he said the same exact thing...IT HIT HOME.
So here we are..we have both decided to do the 40 Day Love Dare and along with our professional counseling I pray and ask that those that read this pray for us that we will get to the place in our marriage where we should be.




My husband and I have been together for over 2 years and married only 8 months. We have one child and one on the way. Currently we are in a really hard spot. After finding out that my husband was unfaithful I decided to try The Love Dare to see if we could strengthen and being to rebuild our marriage as we are currently living in seperate homes. I do not want my children to grow up like I did. I just need a little guidance to help my heart understand the path that was choice for me.


My husband and I have been together for 7 yrs and married for 4 of those years. We have a son together. I decided to do this love dare because I feel that I need to learn how to trust and love my husband again due to the fact that almost one year ago there was a woman who almost wrecked our lives and marriage. I was deeply hurt that my husband would do this to me and our family,so I figured if God could forgive him then so could I. I know it will take time but time is what heals all wounds.Right?


I have been married less than a year. My husband and I fight more and more everyday. We are great parents. But, together we are no longer one. We relocated as soon as we got married. I have been holding it against him for the past year. Anger has built up inside both of us. We were both raised in church and know God is in control. After a talk this morning about seperation I decided I am going to start the LOVE DARE today. I need my husband. I love him so and I don't want to lose him. He is my best friend and my heart. Please pray for us as we start this new journey.

Last night my wife asked if I could watch a movie with her and plan on having a talk afterwards. Understanding where she was going with this, I said yes. We watched the movie together and had a 2 hr talk afterwards. Friends told my wife to watch it to build our marriage to be stronger. Having been married for over 22 years, currently we are in a hard spot. Over the past year life has gone on, just by the motions, and sometimes just nothing more than that. After this movie, I have felt heart sunken, emotional, and even a little empty. I now know what I need to do to be fulfilled again. I need to start loving Jesus again. I need to love my wife and son more than before. I just ordered the 40 day journal to do and the dvd to always have and share. This movie was truely an eye-opener and uplifting. Being a cop, my relation to this movie was even stronger. Thank you.


WOW, I saw the movie "Fire Proof"" a long time ago and at one point I wanted to include the "love dare" into my ministry which was a marriage ministry.

Seems like this is a testimony of sorts but it is actually a confession that I pray turns into a testimony. I have been with my wife for almost nine years (3/2/02) and I have been married just a bit over 5. We have been through so many things in our time together that would have probably destroyed any other couple.

Just recently I fell big time. I had an affair with someone at work. Although the relationship did not manifest physicallyin regards to sex, there was a kiss, that fact that I did what I did leaves me in a position of shame. I talked to her on the phone about intimate things as well as general things that I normally would talk to my wife about. My wife literally got word from God(discernment) and knew something was amiss. She confronted me and like many other guilty people, I lied about it. Finally she came in the room and asked what it was about the situation that she was not doing or why was she not enough. That broke my heart and caused me to talk and tell her what happened.

I told her things that hurt to say because it meant for certain that we would hae a divorce. I could not stand to see the look on her face as the tears flooded her eyes in disgust. I could no longer console her, as she would want to kill me for touching her. I could no longer be her source of strength as I am found to be weak. I could no longer be her way to laugh out of a situation as I was a bitter sweet presence in the room. On one hand she is looking at the guy that she loved nconditionally for so long and on the other hand that same guy rocked her world un-imaginably.

We are a few days into the hurt as I recall where my relationship with God went. For me to be preparing a ministry with the Love Dare as one of our tools to needing to use it for myself is hurting. Please keep us in prayer as we take this journey. Please pray for our will to be aligned with God's will and for our restoration.

I thank God for being willing to recieve me again after such a failure. Thank God for forgivness!

About 9 months ago my wife of 8 yrs finally got her dream and became a firefighter. Although she finally made it, it took it's toll on our marriage as she has been trying to get on for 7 yrs. I was devastated when she wanted to seperate once she got on, and saw it coming years ago. However, I looked at what I was doing to our marraige and what I needed to do differently to make things work. I had my share of stuff over the years and I knew that I wasn't perfect either. I heard about the love dare from her because of the Firemen told her about it. I got the movie and watched it, and was floored by how moved I was and how I asw myself in those people. I decided to do the dare and it made huge changes in me and she saw it too. We moved back together temporarily but she had not done the dare and I didn't commit to it fully. Now we are very good friends and she is in financial trouble. She is still leagally my wife and things are beginning to look dim for us.
I decided after I dated someone else to give it one last chance and fully commit to the love dare and truly foresake all others. This is incredibly difficult and it seems like the relationship is dead, but I am doing this for Him, and actually not trying to win her back this time, but praying for her and loving her even though I feel nothing. I just want her to be blessed and full of love like when I first met her. Even if she and I are not meant to be together, I want this for her and I want her to be happy and walk with grace.



I have been married for only 4 1/2 years and we have already been separated for 2 1/2 and are currently in divorce court. Our relationship started as friends almost 20 years ago and is now about to be completely thrown away. Fights have been brutal, verbally assaulting, emotional and a in a few instances physical, with arrests, restraining orders and the like. There was also an affair that my husband had, it was letter writing and kissing which even though not sexual in nature I found to be an emotional affair which I think devastated me more. His excuse has been that I drove him to it by not being there for him emotionally and sexually and I still chose to not hear him and instead feel hurt and betrayed. Since fight one I can now admit that I was out to hurt back, hurt him as he hurt me and I have carried that anger and "hate" since that time, never giving him a chance because it seemed to me as if there was nothing that he could do to restore the vows he broke in our marriage. I have been happy (or so I thought) since our separation, coming home to the kids and having no stress, no fighting, no contact with him seemed to be a blessing. Only now, with the divorce just about done with the exception of property and fine tuning visitation am I starting to feel confused and lost. Our last court date was only 2 1/2 weeks ago and when my attorney said that we could very well be divorced by the end of the year in my head I was thinking, great, start a new year fresh but my friend that came with me for support has since said that the look on my face was very sad. Over the past week I have found myself thinking about him and our relationship and the good times, I try to remember the bad and its hard to do right now. It's there but I'm finding that I don't feel so much hate, that I instead feel confused and miss could something like our relationship that came together after 16 years of knowing eachother and then a marriage and a beautiful daughter turn so ugly and horrible for both of us. I talked with 2 of my friends about this and just last nite one of them gave me "The Love Dare" and "Fireproof" books. I really want to know before it's final if the hate I have is really hate or if underneath it I have buried all the love I have for him and could our relationship be fixed, saved..... My friend told me to look the book through and then start with the dares. I was so involved with it I stayed up and read the entire book until 2:15am. In the very beginning of the book I have to say that I saw so much of myself in the qualities I didnt like and the things that were done, by the middle there was definitely a change in my feelings towards him and myself and by the end of the book when I finally was able to lay down and try to sleep at 4am I said to myself that I do love him. I don't know where this will go, as I said we have been living apart for 2 1/2 years with not much contact or speaking at all, I do think he has a girlfriend and I don't know that he will even want to give us a try, but I'm trying to be hopeful. If we cannot regain our love and marriage I atleast hope that we can be better together for our daughter, but I really want to give this an honest heartful try knowing what I know now. Who would have thought that reading 197 pages could turn my feelings of hate and disgust and distrust to ones of love and kindness, if I can feel that then maybe he can to. As I know, if it is real love, unconditional love, it doesnt go away. One to Dare 1.


I just watched the movie Fireproof and I was absolutely interested in the movie and now I am wanting to find the book. My marrige to my husband has been for 8 years and it is rocky there are changes in us both since we said I DO and I personally want US to be the way we were before .... I can't wait to find the book and start my 40 day DARE... I know that with God's help he will set our marrige back on the right path.. The movie made me excited to find the book and take the 40 day challange of The Love Dare... Thank you for this movie.................
As soon as I find the book I am going to start my journey through The Love Dare and I plan on leaving my story and putting up blogs from day 1 through day 40. Thank you for movie and the book...
Thank you Cheryl Hinds


My husband and I have been married for 29 yrs. For the most part we have had a wonderful marriage, managing to 'get thru' several trials (miscarriages, death of a child, death of parents/siblings). We have raised 2 Beautiful children and now have 3 Beautiful grandchildren. Approx 3 yrs ago we began to drift apart. We both saw what was happening but neither one of us tried to pull it back together. We 'assumed' that this would all work out on it's own. 1 1/2 yrs ago my husband had an emotional affair with a younger woman from where he works. I confronted him and he was not honest with me at first. During this time I fell in love with my husband again and we began working on our relationship but still had some issues of this OW contacting him. He had stopped communication with her but did not ask her to stop contacting him. Like I said, we had begun working on our relationship but still had the 'issues' of the OW. I then found out that my husband had began an emotional affair with a different woman from his work. He went to her regarding my issues of his 1st emotional affair. One day my husband came to me and stated that he needed some space. I agreed and he moved out. In less than 2 weeks, he requested a divorce. I tried to talk to him regarding waiting for a few months before making any snap decisions. Two weeks later, my husband filed for divorce. I was in shock. It took 2 1/2 more weeks to be served the papers. During this time, I have learned that my husband has "fallen in love" with the 2nd woman he was having an emotional affair with. It has since progressed to a physical affair. She is also married. Over the past month my husband has become very ill and been hosptialized for 3 weeks. I was told not to come to the hospital to visit him. He was required to have major surgery and he did call me to be there with him during that time. I was there for him but as soon as he was feeling slightly better, he asked that I not come to visit him again. I have honored his wishes but have been torn apart by his words and actions. We talk on a fairly regular basis and he always tells me that he loves me. I have been told that he is 'using me' and that I should walk away for good. I have turned this all over to God with the stance that God will put us on the path that he feels best for each of us. I do not want to quit on the STAND for my marriage even tho we continue with the divorce proceedings. Our temporary hearing is coming up later this month. I feel that God has already intervened several times. (My husband and the OW are not able to spend the time together that they so desired due to his hospitalization and our temporary hearing has been delayed once already). My life has already begun to change for the better. I have a much stronger relationship with God and I feel that my husband may be having less of a hardened heart. I have forgiven my husband and asked for him to forgive me but he says he cannot do that just yet. The main thing is that I have forgiven myself and asked God to forgive me. I have recently watched the movie "Fireprood". I feel God has continued to give me signs of continuing to STAND by my marriage by putting this movie into my hands. Please pray for us and that God gives us the strength and guidance to be patient for his will. And pray that God continues to 'speak' to my husband. God Bless you all and NEVER lose Faith. We thank You Father the complete restoration of our own lives, the lives of our spouses and the complete restoration of our marriages. We stand in awe of Your promises and Your Word. We are rejoicing the great miracles You have already done for us and our spouses because You love us so unconditionally and we sing Your praises for these great things we are testifying to Your people, for Your Will, be done. By the power of the blood of Jesus, we ask this in His Blessed Name. AMEN

I have been married for 23 years. We have 3 children that we have totally devoted our lives to. However, in devoting so much of our time and enery to our children & both of us working we had no time for each other. In the last 5 years we have drifted farther apart both of us knowing our marriage was lacking but never taking the time to really fix it. I recently discovered that my husband has been secretly calling another woman for several months. There was no physical relationship but there was a definite emotional one. He has been very honest with me about everything including the topics of their conversations. He is currently struggling with his shame of what he has done but he also still struggles with not contacting her which has put a kink in our healing process. I know that he loves me and that he's extremely sorry & ashamed of what he has done but the fact that he contacted her several times after I confronted him has really put a strain on me. He has admitted to it each time and honestly can't tell me what the pull is. Trust seems almost impossible. Through it all neither of us has wanted to split, we truly love each other. I do take part of the blame as far as knowing that our marriage was in trouble and not taking the time to work on it. He has not contacted her in a month & told me immediately when she contacted him. I know that this has brought me back to God and that He put the movie Fireproof in my hands so that I could use the the love dare as a tool to help us get back on track & heal. I hope that you will pray for me. Anyone that has been cheated on knows all the paranoias, images and insecurities that you deal with on a daily basis. To make matters even worse we live in a town of about 800 people and our children are in the same class so we see this woman almost daily.

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