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40 Day Love Dare - The Book | Fireproof - The Movie | 40 Day Love Dare Journal
Do you have a story or an experience with The Love Dare that you would like to share?
We would love to hear them and give other couples the opportunity to read your stories.
If approved, your story will be listed below.

My husband and I have been married for 6 1/2 years but living together for 8 1/2 years. This is both our 2nd marriage. Recently my husband has become distant and yesterday(4/13/2015) he stuns me with an "I don't want to be married anymore!" His prior marriage lasted for 15 years before he realized that he was in it for all the wrong reasons. My first marriage lasted for 4 years before realizing that I was in it for all the wrong reasons. He has voiced his feelings of resent towards me for not making him my priority, all the while he was making me his priority. He claims that my friends and family are more important to me than he is but in my defense, I don't see them often.
My husband has been working long hours in the past few months and we hardly have anytime to spend together. When he has time, I have something else going on and vise verse. One thing is evident , that my drinking alcohol,has become the center of our issues. Since I met him, I have slowed down substantially, and do it on occasions. But those occasions have come to the fore front and, he keeping his feelings bottled up, has finally combusted and damage has been done beyond repair. He says he has nothing left and that he's DONE!
I LOVE my husband very much and take care of my household very well. I take care of my elderly mother in law, and the kids, as well as go to school full time, and hold down a job. He always has clean clothes, a hot meal when he gets home from work, and I make sure the bills are paid each month, as well as do wifely duties sexually.
I don't want my marriage to end. But some how he doesn't want to go to counseling, and he doesn't want to give me another chance to prove to him that I can make this right again. He says he's not kicking me out and I don't have to rush moving my stuff out. But eventually I will have to move out. My daughter is a senior in high school and is set to graduate in May. This is devastating to me, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to save marriage. I even told him I will quit drinking, I will stop my occasional friends and family visits to save my marriage. I have already begun by clearing out all the alcohol in my house and contacting friends and letting them know I can't visit anymore. I LOVE MY HUSBAND and everything I do is with him as a priority.
I asked him to give me until my daughters graduation to prove to him that he is my priority. So in this time I am going to do the LOVE DARE without his knowledge, and expressed to him that if after my daughters graduation that he still feels the same way then he can file for divorce and I won't fight it.
So I am asking anyone and everyone to please pray for us, as I will be praying for us as well, that the love dare mends our broken hearts.


My wife and I were married 2.5 years ago on the happiest day of my life. I love her so very much and can not -nor wish to- imagine my life without her. Unfortunately, our marriage has had its struggles and I have spoken very hard and angry words to her that I very much regret. We have been separated for three months and she has recently filed for divorce.

I am currently on Day 8 of the challenge. My beloved wife is is aware of the Love Dare and has asked me to stop. I absolutely believe with every ounce of my spirit that God intended our marriage to last until death do us part but she unwilling to discuss reconciliation. I am supposed to be meeting with a lawyer this week but do not want to go down that path as I believe that it will only increase the hostility. I am conflicted about whether to stop the Love Dare in order to honour her request, or continue it as I believe I am acting under God's authority.

I have made many changes, am in counselling, and my relationship with God is the strongest it has ever been. I am continuing to hope and pray for our Heavenly Father to whisper to my sweetheart.


My wife and I have been married for nearly 14 years and during that time I have been trying to find a full time job, but had been working contract positions so I have had some work. I have had many experiences that have place a great burden on me or a least I felt that way.
My doubt and frustrations have manifested in me not being the greatest of person's to live with, easy to anger, saying things in a rude way at times, hurtful, and at times disrespectful to my wife and kids.

Our sexual relationship has become none existent and I started to join date sites anomalously to see if I could find that spark that I was missing. Talking to woman and sending them pictures of myself naked. But I never went beyond that, I never cheated on my wife with intimacy, and realized that I making a mistake, so I stopped and didn't dispose of the evidence which she found one day on my computer.

I have seen the movie a couple of times and knew that I needed to do something different if I wanted to save my marriage, to have a loving marriage that we both wanted and deserved. So I have taken up the challenge to follow through with the 40 day love dare.

I know that even if it is not able to save my marriage that it will give me the tools to be a better person to those around me everyday, those individuals that come and go into my life. To help me to overcome my short falls of being hurtful, disrespectful and impatient.


My bf and i are having problem. He's too correct, intelligent and so on. Im having issues with my personality and my selfconfidence, so.. Sometimes i push him away and treat him bad being arrogant, i treat bad the people who's around me, my anger gets the power on myself and im so impulsive. My bf is being patience with me but i think i dont deserve him because he lost his dignity with me and i dont appreciate that. We're having problems almost everyday and it's totally difficult for me to say "im so sorry". I did it before, but sometimes (most of them) i dont believe myself, he forgives me but im tired of me being so wrong with him. I wanna change and i realize the i need God. I really dont wanna lose him. Love is not selfish but i really dont wanna lose him cause i wanna fight with my demons and show them nothing material or shallow is more important than him.

January 12 sounds so much like my wife and just around that time. I have been foolish with my love for my wife. She has filed for divorce. I don't want divorce. My wife only will talk to me through her lawyer. I have many people praying for us to reconcile. I enlist anyone that would pick up our prayer to lift their voice in prayer to God to heal us and our marriage. We have a hearing in a week on the divorce. My hope is she will see something or God will reveal something to her about me that shows her I am changing and I still love her very much. I signed on to the dare yesterday and as soon as there is a light in the doorway for her to where she is open to my words I will start day 1 of the dare. January 12, I was where your husband was and right as bout that time too. Do not give up. Do the dare show you want his presence in your life. It took a divorce filing and separation to get my attention. I always loved my wife. She is very dear to me. Pray for us. This is the best time of my life with God but the worst experience in my marriage. I'm still married, I remain prayerful and hopeful.


My husband and I have been married since July 2011. In January of 2014 I found out that he has been talking to another woman from another country (who has come to visit him and they went on a trip together) and he has feelings for her. I didn't know about the Love dare at that time but I tried to start doing different things in our relationship and he said he was done talking to her. I just recently let God back into my life after a long time of dismissing him. I also just recently found out that my husband has been still talking to this woman. I watched Fireproof and decided that I would try it. Just like the man in the movie, I skipped some things at first, thinking that they would be too hard or that my husband wouldn't respond well to some of the questions. When I finally did exactly what it said my husband started responding in a more gentle way. He is still unsure whether or not he wants a divorce and I am praying that it doesn't happen. Going through the love dare I have found that it not only makes you evaluate your marriage but your relationship with God and it makes you humble yourself to others and to God in that some of the things we have to do come back on us and we have to deal with the fact that sometimes part of this is more our fault than we thought. I hope that God sees my efforts and saves my marriage for the sake of everyone involved. My husband is not a faith driven man, but through my faith I have seen him starting to become a more passionate person.

Please pray for us.


Ne and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 2 years and I have seen fireproof before and right now we are having problems im not giving her the respect she nees s and right now were taking a break and I and going to try the love dear . I love her with all my soul and would do anything to make her happy . I really wanna marry her one day and spend the rest of my life with her . She is my first real everything I really would like this to be posted so y'all can help me please because I dont wanna loose her she is ny everything and I just cant imagine life without her. Please post this and please help me with this .

I did not choose my boyfriend. God sent him to me, and He did so at a time when I was deathly ill, and was looking to take anyone through that difficult process with me. My boyfriend has been such a blessing to me over the last almost 7 years,but he has many wounds from his past that have yet to heal, and this baggage is working its way into our relationship. Everytime we begin to get closer and start looking toward building a future, he gets scared and does things to sabotage what we've been building. I know God has a plan for our relationship, & I have promised God that I am committed to see it through. The hard part is managing my emotions so that every time my boyfriend makes a mistake, I'm not ready to quit. I'm not giving up on him until God says so. God called me to this relationship, & I want to be faithful to it. I pray that God will help me to allow Him to change me, so that I can continue to see my boyfriend as God sees him, and not as he sees himself.I have seen this movie many times, and appreciate the bond created by serving a loved one, and loving them unconditionally. I want to show him the love of God, and do this the right way. So I am beginning this journey in hopes that I will draw closer to God, and actually leave this in God's hands this time, and not try to manipulate or steer it myself. Please pray for us that we will grow into the strong couple that God is calling us to be.I pray for healing and restoration in the relationships of all of you and all of those willing to place God first in their marriages and relationships.


This will be my 3rd time doing the love dare. My husband and I have had some marital issues and its always the same. When work slows down for him or he is out of work he starts feeling like a failure to his family ( he has admitted this) However he starts turning to other females for comfort. I have had some medical issues which have hindered working so I understand he just wants help. He always tells me that I have nothing to worry about but the more he turns to another woman the more ugly it gets. He recently sent me and our children out of state to live with my parents. He is living with the other female. He still tells me they are just friends though. After being gone a week we had the talk about how he was thinking about divorce and was tired of living a lie. The same thing he has said to me in the past. He has never actually filed for divorce. God has always intervened in our marriage and brought us back together. The first time we were separated for 2 years, the second time it was only 4 months. I am hoping this time it wont be long and that we will be back together moving forward. I know it is Satan that is coming in a trying to destroy our marriage, and God just wants us to be closer to him. I have complete faith and trust in God and his Word that he will restore our marriage. It does hurt to be going through this yet again and sometime I don't understand why. I know after this time I will do everything in my power to make sure we are following the Lords will for our marriage. I don't ever wanna go through this again. He is a man of God but has lost his faith and way. I know God will open his eyes ears and heart once again and remind him of the husband and father he truly is. My husband has become distant and doesn't talk to me much. After talking to him today he assured me that he has no filed for divorce and that he wants me to worry about myself and our children. He was not mean by any means. He also told me that anything can happen and we need to just live one day at a time. I can tell hes depressed and really confused. I will be there for him even if its just praying for him and over him. I will NEVER give up on him, I will NEVER walk away from him. I meant my vows before God and refuse to let the enemy lie kill and destroy our marriage.


I have watched the movie Fireproof only a couple of times. But it only took one time in watching it to do Love Dare on my present boy friend. He never did know that I have did the Love Dare on him for 40 days and that was a couple of years ago. I am still doing it today on him. If this get's published, on this website, please let me know and I will show this to him.

Why stop at the boyfriend I do it for anyone including my neighbors. When I see something that they might want I take it up to their door and do not knock. Than it will surprise them when they open the door.

Why stop at neighbors or friends, I do random acts of Love Dare to others that I know as well. If this gets published, I will show this to one of my many best friends that is low on money or funds.

I wish others that are reading this would do the Love Dare to not just spouses or signfiicant others. Do it to anyone and I am sure that it will make their day.

Love Dare has not even changed others but it has changed me in a very good way. I am more happier all of the time, I feel the need to pray for more people, and I have gotten a ton of christian brothers and sisters from doing Love Dare.

Thank You for your time!!
Mary Beth Maahs

Mary Beth

My husband and I have been together for 4years and married for 5 months.. This is his first and my 4th marriage. Are marriage is not doing so well, he has issues of trust, addictions, and angue issues. I try to stick it out because he is my husband but at a degree I don't deserve to be treated the way he dos. I had gotten the movie fireproof so we could watch it together, thinking that maybe it would help us. He's not much of a believer in god.. Please pray for us to build are relationship stronger.. Thank you

I've been married 17 yrs to my high school sweetheart. We've had our share of up's and downs. The fall of 2014 we starting having real problems. I lost my job due to injury and i fell into deep depression. I wasn't giving her the attention or respect she deserves. She recently told me she has been talking to someone else who acted like i use too and might want out. I don't want my marriage to end. I've turned to God and have been doing the things i use to do. She is skeptical and thinks it's an act. I've seen fireproof before and thought the love dare was worth a shot. I'm on day one. I want her to see i'm doing this because i want too. I love her with all my soul, and she is worth fighting for.


I have been married for 15 years this year. My husband was my first and only fiancee. I waited for him, not because I am more special than others, but by the grace of God only. I know God wants us to be together. But these last years have been very hard. I feel like I am not his priority, I feel like I am not important. I feel I am alone. I know deep in my heart that I love him, but I cannot find the reasons why I do. He's often far and even when he's home, I feel a distance. After 12 years God blessed us with a beautiful child and since he's born (he's three now), things have gone worst. He is not the father I want for my kid.He is not the husband I want for me. I nkow he loves me. But we speak two different love languages and we cannot communicate. He gives me things I don't need, while the things I need he doesn't seem to care giving.
I am praying for my marriage because this is the will of God that the two of us stay together. Recently God spoke to me and I realized that waiting him to change is wrong, so I thought I should start change myself. That's why I decided to take this 40 days love dare. I want to do my part and work hard to make things work. I am not able to. Not on my own. I am weak. But in my weakness, His strenght is perfect. And I put myself in the faithful hands of God, knowing that He who has started a good work in me, will carry it on to completion.
Please remember us in your prayers. Prayer is the most important weapon we have. Don't give up. May God bless us all.


Hi my name is Debbie and I am going through a rough marriage with my husband Joe he is filing for divorce and I need to know how to get my love back from him this 40 day challenge is not working for me I am lost I do not know what to do somebody please help me in this 40 day one challenge on day oneI cannot find a one this thing is not helping my marriage I need to know how to help my marriage to be someone please tell me how to go today one on this 40 dare challenge please help

I am going to try the love dare because, while I do love my fiance, I am FED UP. He won't change. He doesn't care about my wants and needs. This is my last resort. Maybe if I set an example he will change his ways too.
He doesn't cheat but he's emotionally abusive and completely obsessed with being in charge and in control.
If this doesn't work for us at least I will learn something and move on with my life and know that through what I've learned I may make someone deserving happy. Or something.


I am om my 3rd marriage and last week my wife said that she thinks she wants out of the marriage I don't want this as it is my 3rd . I love this woman with all my heart and SoCal we have been married now for 11yrs and I don't want to throw it all away just like that.i am short tempered no patience for anything I talked with my brother and he challenged me to take the 40 day challenge.


My husband and I met 10 years ago, and had been married for 5 years, hoping to celebrate our 6th in 4 months. All out of a sudden my marriage fell apart two months ago when my husband told me that he loved me but his is not in love with me anymore. He left me and our two litte girls and move out of state. Our relationship was just going down the hill for a few months now, but never tought I it was this deep. I believe it was a sign God send me to come across the Love Dare on my Facebook page, being Fireproof the first movie we watched together in our way to our honeymoon. I decided to do the love dare and am on day 4 right now, feeling hopefull that he will come back to us and fireproof our marriage. PLease pray for us to heal our marriage, in Jesus name.

I was married for 10 years, then got a divorce and looking at this in hind sight, my two children got the blunt of my dreaded mistake.
Even though I am remarried and have a toddler and a baby on the way, I know now it was my responsibility to protect, nurture and lead my wife in a Christ-like manner.
Though I failed in my first marriage, I want to do anything I can to help others not make the same mistakes I made. A friend came to me and agreed to meet with me as he is going thru a rough time in his 28 years and 11 children in marriage! His wife is filing for divorce...I challenged him with the 40-day Love Dare. He told me he started it a while back but never got past the sixth day. I told him I would be his partner in this journey and keep him accountable, give him ideas and be there for him when he wants to quit to keep him going.
Please pray for us...for me to be aware of God's sovereignty and providence to heal this marriage.

I'm not married but I came close one time. I broke off the engagement and never looked back. Since then, I have had failed relationships after another. Instead of learning and moving on in a healthy way from those relationships, I carried the baggage with me into the next.

Almost 2 years ago I met the most amazing woman I had ever met and we started dating. Instead of loving her the way that I should, I used all my failed experiences as excuses to sabotage the relationship. She poured her everything into me and I wouldn't do the same. I then put up the ultimate barrier and that was that I started dating another woman. This went on for over a year.

A few days ago I was at a party and there were a lot of people that knew me and the other woman but I was alone at the time. People kept asking where she was and I responded. A friend of my lady was there and overheard these conversations and it quickly made it way back to her.

She is infuriated with me and says that our entire relationship was a lie and how what I did was the most vile thing ever. She's right. Rightfully so she doesn't know if she can ever be with me again or if she would me able to move past this. I can't let her go without a fight. All I've done in my life is run when things got tough and I cannot do it again, not to her. I know I messed up big and I don't deserve another shot with her but I can't imagine life without her.

I have never made a conscious effort to love someone unconditionally but I'm hoping the love dare will help me do that. The only thing I can do now is put it in the hands of God, pray, and hope she gives me the chance to even try the love dare. So that's what I am going to do. Pray pray and pray again.

My husband and I were on the brink of divorce, though we held off on this so we can give our marriage one more chance and also not tell our kids that this home is broken. A family member who heard our struggles and felt our pain, gifted each one of us The Love Dare book. Just by taking this and opening up the cover was the first step and I'm grateful because we didn't know where to begin. The Love Dare gave us a great starting point. I find that drafting journal entries is easier than drafting the divorce settlement. Thank you authors!

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