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My wife and I met eleven years ago this July. We met when we were fifteen in driver's ed. Our first year we were just that, friends but from there our feelings grew. She was infatuated with me and I felt the same way but too young and immature to ever let her know it. We experienced several things over the next few years--loss of family members (emotionally), a teen pregnancy, drug addiction, violence but we stuck together on and off through it. We were nineteen and twenty when we welcomed our son into our lives. I was too young to have any clue what I was really getting myself into. I was still very selfish and wild, she was very devoted and struggling with my inability to commit. I missed four to five of my, now, wife's pregnancy. This is something I wish I could take back every single day. I regret more than she will ever know not being there for her. Shortly after having my son, my issues with commitment and being selfish caused more issues. This led to infidelity on both of our parts. We tried for several years to be better partners to one another but couldn't get it right. I know we loved each other during this time but you wouldn't know it from hearing about the things we did to each other off and on... we finally came to a point in our relationship where I felt comfortable enough to propose to my wife. I took her to Florida--along with my son--to Disneyworld. At the time I wasn't exactly sure where to propose but finally it hit me. I would propose at the restaurant where we had our first "real" date. The restaurant no longer was available in our state but it was in Florida. I felt this would be perfect. I went out of my way to distract her and make her think I had no intention of proposing. I even started a fight before we left for vacation to throw her off. We had always struggled with trust and communication, so finding something to fight about was no issue what so ever. We went to Florida and I proposed on 11/11/11. It was a very exciting time for us both. Unfortunately, neither of us ever really moved on from our excess baggage and pain we caused each other over the years. This haunted us during our one year engagement. I felt like I had asked her to marry me and she said yes so she”¦ll put up with whatever because well we are getting married and that”¦s just what marriage is you put up with each other and never leave your partner. I unintentionally made her pay for things I never really forgave her for and I think she did the same. We still married on 11/11/12 in Vegas. Regardless of all the drama surrounding the wedding and our previous years, it was one of the two happiest moments of my life. The other another moment I shared with her, the birth of our son. Into our first year of marriage all our issues of distrust, lack of communication and unwillingness to compromise plagued us. To make matters worse, my wife was working two jobs and never home. This caused even more tension, resentment and distrust. I grew up with traditional parents that have been together through thick and thin for over twenty years. She comes from a completely different family background. In my opinion, she lacks a healthy example of what marriage is and can be. I”¦m not saying I really understood marriage any more than her. I had a misinterpretation all together. I compared our relationship to my parents constantly, never ever thinking to myself”Xwe aren”¦t them, what works for them or anyone else may not work for us. Also, my parents never had half of the issues my wife and I did. Over the first six months of our marriage we grew so far apart so quickly that I almost didn”¦t even notice what was happening. I was selfish, demanding and unforgiving. She was hurt, feeling overwhelmed and alone. This caused us to separate a few times over the first year of our marriage”Xwell, I say first year, we haven”¦t even made it to our one year anniversary. We are already talking divorce and this is not the first time. My wife has told me after all we have been through, she no longer loves me and she wants out. She doesn”¦t feel like this will change and we decided it best if I stay with my parents. I have been staying at my mother”¦s guest home for a week or so and it has been unbearable. I never ever thought my wife would feel like just giving up. Lord knows I can”¦t really blame her but I just never thought we would walk away from each other, especially after all these years and everything we have accomplished and made it through. She wants time apart and all I want is to change and be there for her. She feels she can”¦t give me anymore chances because she has given me all she had to give. She doesn”¦t think I am capable of change. I know I am. I am willing to do whatever it takes to fix our relationship and save our marriage. I know she has heard it all before but this time it is different. I know everyone says that but for me it is true. I have everything to lose”XI say that because my wife and son are everything to me. I can”¦t believe I let them down and might be divorced at the age of twenty six. I am trying everything to fix this. I am doing my best to give my wife space”Xwhich isn”¦t going well because I have panic attacks and complete loss of control at the thought of losing her and not being able to be with her. I watch Fireproof about six days ago and I really think it changed me inside. It made me see myself though her eyes, it made me realize that she was not the only one at fault. I am six days into the love dare and I pray that my wife has a change of heart. I can”¦t bear the thought of not working this out and growing old with the girl I grew up with. I don”¦t want to miss a single day of my son”¦s life and I don”¦t want her to miss out on anything either. I know she just wants to be happy and that”¦s all I want for both of us. I want our happiness to come from each other. Her favorite movie is the Notebook and that is how she use to think of our story, that was the ending she use to want for us. Now I think she”¦d rather end our chapter here. Please pray for my family, I am praying that I can warm my wife”¦s heart and put back together the broken pieces. I hope that it isn”¦t too late and that this can be resolved. I would love to put everything behind us and move forward with a clean slate. Perfect love and perfect trust, I know there isn”¦t such thing as perfect but you know what I am aiming for.
I pray that the love dare works for my situation. We are supposed to go on an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico in roughly thirty days to celebrate our one year anniversary but we aren”¦t even living under the same roof at the moment. I hope that we can renew our vows on the beach in Mexico but I feel like it”¦s going to take a miracle at this point”K so that”¦s what I am hoping for. I still love her with all my heart and probably more now than ever”Xwhich is why this has been so difficult for me. My advice to everyone is never take a loved one for granted, never lose sight of what is really important and always fight for your one true love. I am still fighting for mine and will until I know for certain that there is nothing left worth fighting for.
I”¦m sorry this was so lengthy. Our story is a long one that I am obviously passionate about. ƒŗ

My name is Dan and I've been with my wife for almost 15 years. We've been together since we were teens and we have two young children. A few weeks ago my wife said she wanted to divorce and seemed completely disconnected from me. Almost like I had never been married to her. I know that a lot of this is my fault for not making her feel stable and secure since I've been from job to job trying to find a place in life. I was devastated when she said she was done and was very serious about it. I finally felt at my wits end and ran back to church to search out God and for some hope and encouragement. I tried getting my wife to go to marriage counseling several times since she mentioned divorce but she resisted each time citing that she had no desire to fix things. She is not a Christian and has a hurt relationship with God since her father died when she was very young. One night I drove alone to a couples class at my local church only to find out that it must have been cancelled. I didn't know what to do since I didn't want to go back home. Being home felt like being at someone else's home. After all it's hard to live with someone you've been married to for so long and feel like they don't even notice you're there. So, I decided to drive across town to visit a church I had only been to once a few years prior. I walked inside expecting to join their evening service and realized after sitting for a while that there was some type of event going on. You know what event it was? Of all the events that could have been taking place of all times? Kirk Cameron himself was here in Daytona Beach visiting the church I was led to by God, doing his "A love worth fighting for" marriage restoration event. The same night I showed up there, he was doing it. After the event I went to the booth where they were selling items and bought the Love Dare book. I am 3 days in and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'm very impatient and given the fact that I've wanted to feel a loving connection in my relationship for years already, it's hard to continue doing things and being motivated without feeling that connection with your spouse. I continue to hope and pray that she sees a change in me and decides that placing importance on what is going to make Her happy is not as important as living for someone else. She pays a lot of attention to superficial things now. Looks, money etc... perhaps I never really knew the person I was married to. I pray that God turns this around


I met my husband 8yrs ago in church. We were instantly drawn to wach other. Over 8yrs of friendship we fell in love & a little over a year ago got married. Since we have gotten married it feels like everything has fallen apart. I love him more than anything but we both have a lot of issues. I have trust issues, I'm insecure, tend to nag at him and become angry very easily. I try so hard to make him feel loved, appreciated & wanted...all I want is to feel the same. Anymore it's like he does not want to be around me and spends hours on end away from home...coming home to sleep waking up and disappearing again... If we try and spend anytime together it ends in an argument and a lot of hateful and hurtful things being said on both ends... I am hoping that the Love Dare can save my marriage.... I truly love him and do not want a divorce....but if things don't change that's what's going to happen... I don't want a divorce and the thought tears my heart out... please pray for my husband & I. I will post updates as things improve. :)


I met my wife 2 years ago. We clicked instantly and fell for each other fast. She has always been honest with me and i have had reasons to be upset with her but she has had more reasons to be upset with me. I have sought entertainment selfishly from speaking sexually with other women. Even though i never physically did anything I know i still hurt her and might as well have full blown cheated on her. Instead of focusing on the important things i just focused on surface issues. I was never willingly to admit that i had a problem. Well i am currently deployed and was inappropriately joking around with a mutual friend of ours. I tried to hide it when she was on the verge of finding out and betrayed her trust for the 4th time in our relationship. We have been married for only a year and i have caused enough pain to make her seriously consider a divorce. It has taken until now for me to realize just how serious my problems are. I didnt grow up in a bad life. I have no excuses for making bad decisions. I just did. I did it because i am selfish. Even if it is too late i want to show her that she is my soulmate, the one person i can't live without. I'm scared. I'm worried. But most of all i am dedicated to being the man she deserves. I am willing to fully take the steps to reverse the damage i have done. i know it will never fully be reversed but i hope we can move past it all. I want her to trust me. But mostly i want her to be happy. i have caused her more pain than she deserves when i should have been the one protecting and comforting her from pain. i have not been a man. i have been a small child. But it is time i become mature. Today i start the dare. i dont have the book but i will find a way. i have a lot of hoops to jump through but she is worth every challenge i come across. I'm looking for God trying to find my way back to the religious person i grew up as. i know without God i will fail. and failure is not an option. please pray for me. and pray for us.


My husband and I have both been married before. He is my second marriage. We were both saved before but had fallen out of step with God. After our marriage we rededicated our lives. We have been married for a little over 10 years.

My husband has endured a lot of physical and emotional abuse throughout his life and it has followed him. Horrors most people don't dream about. He uses drugs and alcohol to mask his pain but to him he just enjoys the high it gives.

Our marriage has never been perfect. When he was devoted to God and our marriage satan was using me to try to tear it down. When I finally wised up and tried to start praying for my husband and my family satan started after my husband and family that much harder and my husband fell from God. I gained a lot of weight and it discusted my husband although he says he never fell out of love with me he just didn't desire me sexually. Well that just caused me to be more depressed. It was then that he had an affair. When I finally confronted him about it he moved out. So I started praying and gave him to God. God does answer prayers because he brought my husband home. The first two weeks he was home was amazing. He was loving, caring, kind and he showed remorse. During this time I had slacked off praying, which was wrong. So when I picked up my power of a praying wife book and started praying harder for him again, bam the flood gates opened once more. He is using drugs and alcohol again and says that is just how he does things. I am not going to stop praying for him again. I will endure satans wrath at my husband and I trust in God to know he will protect him and our marriage.

My husband is a wonderful amazing man and I will not give up on our marriage.


My husband and I met in college. Neither of us were saved at the time, but we were instant friends. He has always treated me with the upmost respect, upheld my honor, and respected me while also showing my unconditional and undesreved love.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional home. I was beaten by my moms boyfriends, almost murdered by my stepfather, never really heard the words "I love you" from my mom, well, not in that order at least. I was physicly and verbally abused, a very lonely little girl, I guess that little girl followed me into adulthood.

Now I my husband is a wonderful man, but of course, hr has done things to push me away, making me seek validation else where, but Im responsible for my actions.

Ive had numerous affairs, physical and emotional, with men and some random acts with women. Ive been an alcoholic, a theif, Ive been a horrible person. Yes I was once in church, but church folks pushed me away. My husband is the only one who I know loves me 150% simply for me, not because of my net worth, not because of my looks or the genital between my legs, he just loves me.

Ive tried the love darr before, got three days in and threw in the towel because its simply a sacrifice, its anhard thing to do, but now Im determined to run the race and finish strong, my husband deserves that from me, we deserve it for our marraige. I know God will gwt the glory out of our union. Im excited about this challenge, and the future my husband and I have together in the Lord.

So my 4 year anniversary is coming up and I've been debating on whether to leave or stay. I've been hurt so badly so many times and I don't feel appreciated in this marriage, My husband says he loves me but you dont cheat on someone you love. He doesn't drink but I guess he was down and drank, got drunk and poured his heart out to me. I doubt he knows. Anyways, thru it all I love him and want my marriage to surpass time. so On this journey I so.

I am 40 year old man married to a beautiful woman for 18 years with 3 kids. We had problems the last few years. I did not realize what they were and had been ignoring my wife because of work and being stressed with life. I was constantly angry and yelling at my wife and kids. I would talk down to my wife and not talk to her. We would not communicate or talk about things or how we were feeling. She would try to get me to talk but I would not. I was raised in a household where we did not share our feelings. I had three brothers and it was a testosterone filled house. When my wife and I would come home each night we would be in separate rooms and would not spend time together everyday. My wife started going back to school to get her degree and improve herself. I told her I was good with that but I did not show that I supported her. Other people would show her the attention she needed and I did not. One day she asked for a separation. I was devastated. We went away for the weekend and talked. We agreed to give it some more time. I told her I would change. I started the Love Dare. The Love Dare changed my whole life. It made me realize what true love is and how you show it to your spouse. It changed my whole outlook on life. We have started to talk about things and how we feel about things in our life and marriage. It made me realize what is important in life and how you show your wife that you love her. It made me happy! I am no longer angry at things and realize that loving someone means you talk to them, share your feelings and treat them with respect and caring. I have never been happier in my entire life. I am loving my wife more than ever and realize she is my true happiness and making her happy each day of her life is what love is about. The book has made me fall in love with her all over again more than ever!


My name is jazmine rivera. I have been married for 7 years and I am only 26 years old. I saw this movie and cried the whole time because my husband asked me for a divorce due to him not being in love and he wants to be out free in the world. I am taking this love dare project but i am unsure how it will work because he is moving out.. I have faith in god and i hope that this will turn things around.. i love my husband with all my heart and we have had ups and downs with me nagging and complainning but who doesnt? i hope this will help me because i do not want to be another broken family home.


My husband and I have been married for 25 years and we have always had our ups and down, disagreements and setbacks. Back in 1999 I hooked up with an old high school flame after I believed my husband to be unfaithful and not really showing me the affection I needed. This affair went on for years until, I woke up one day and I was tired of the way I was living. I never has any proof that my husband ever cheated on me, sometimes I think it was a story I made up to convince me that what I was doing was justified. Shortly after my "wake up call" I invited Jesus into my life and fought the memories, phone calls and temptations from the past. I am still fighting....its 2013. What I realized is my marriage means more to me than it ever did, the fact that my husband, aware of the affair is still with me lets me know that he still loves me and wants this marriage. I hurt him badly, you can't come back from that but you can grow from it. I know God hates divorce and I refuse to allow Satan to steal what God has brought together!!! Its been three years since I ended the affair that nearly ended my happy home. Now I am working on my marriage one day at a time. I am learning how to love my husband all over again, he is beginning to build trust in me again. Its a process that takes time, but we are still together. I am communicating more to him and opening myself up to him fully. All of us have fallen short and none of us are perfect and it is my prayer that you turn around and build up what Satan meant to destroy. Declare everyday, that you are not attracted to any other man/woman other than your spouse! If God is for you than who can be against you? Be Blessed.


I dated my ex husband for 3 years before we were married Nov. 2011. During our marriage, we would argue and question why we got married. I gave him attitude constantly and ignored his needs and wants. I made him feel unappreciated. Well, in May, our divorce was finalized but as of lately, I feel so empty. He is a great man and I love him dearly. I realize my mistakes and want to get it right with him. We still talk on a daily basis and even hang out from time to time. I have asked (literally begged) him to give me another chance to make it right. He says he is content with our friendship now and that there is nothing I can do at this time but work on me. I was so torn apart hearing these words. I never imagined these words coming from him. I was told about Fireproof and the movie was awesome. It spoke to me in so many ways. It brought me to tears. I began the Love Dare despite what he said and I know that God is working on me. I have asked God to work on him as well. In just 3 days of starting the dare, I feel I have learned so much and I am determined to finish it because I feel it is already making a difference in my everyday life. I pray that God continues to work on me and strengthen the relationship I have with God and create a clean heart in me and my ex husband so that we can become one again.


My wife and I have been married for only 8 months and already things are starting to fall apart. Most of our problems stem from me not being the man of God I should be and not giving her the nurturing her heart needs. I admit that I can be quite oblivious at times, but I do love her dearly, I'm just not very good at showing it I'm afraid . Hopefully, with God's grace it will change. She hasn't told me that she wants a divorce or anything, but I feel as though it may be close because she is vocally unhappy. I have read Day 1 of the Love Dare tonight and will be implementing it tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I honestly believe with all my heart that she and I were meant to be together but I need to prioritize my life better - mainly with God at it's center. If anyone is reading this, please pray for my marriage. Thank you.


I am a 25yr old husband and father of three boys. Me and my wife met just as I was getting out of the Air Force on a misconduct. I never thought we would make it this long but I am so glad we have. We are completely opposite in almost every way. She is non-physical, I am all about it. She has issues with men and hidden lesbian tenancies, I have never even thought about dudes like that. I am happy with just having roof over our head and bills paid. She needs more stuff to make her feel better about her life. Also she has an intrusive mom who keeps telling her to drop me asap before I ruin her chances of a happy life. Now, with all that being said. I have been a lousy husband. I have yet lead in our marriage as it was easier to let her lead. I thought she preferred it that way. Turns out only because she was afraid to let an immature boy lead her. Because of this, I have moved 6 times in 6 years, lost 3 jobs, and quit several others. I am currently unemployed and we face losing apartment due to lack of money for rent. So, naturally she has had enough and has succumb to her fears. They now engulf her making her despise me and wish for immediate divorce. I told her I am sorry and I will not give up on her, but she is spewing evil at me daily, leaving me feeling like I have been kicked in the nuts several times over. I can't eat without wanting to vomit, I can barely sleep, and I still have 3 boys to make feel safe and secure. I know the problem is with both of us and not just me, however, I also know one of us needs to take that leap. Since I am more devout in my faith than her, it has to be me. I need prayer that God will change me into the man she needs me to be, in order to lead her in life and in faith. While I also need prayer for the strength to get through Love Dare without succumbing to my own fears while she retaliates against my love with evil words and actions.


My husband and I grew up in church together. He is 28 and I am 24. I always said I was gonna marry him when I grew up. and when he started writing me while in the Army, I figured God had heard me! We dated for 9 months, engaged for 6 months and I was married at 19. 4 months later we found out we were pregnant. Now, we have been married for 5 years, and have 3 little boys ages 4, 2, and 1. In January my husband had an affair. I kicked him out, and found messages on his facebook to her, saying how he hated me and wanted me dead. After a few months of seperation and me pleading with him to come back, he did. But we are both miserable. I told him I forgave him, but I dont think i have. I dont trust him and now he is telling me that he only married me because that was expected of him, that he never loved me, but didnt know what else to do with his life. He said that he is only here for the kids and because he HAS to be, because he married me. He moved out again last night. And ironically my aunt loaned me Fireproof, so I popped it in last night, and here I am. My relationship with God is rocky to dead, my marriage is falling to shreds. I messaged him and asked him to give me 40 days, and if he still doesn't want me after 40 days, he can walk away. Please pray that I can committ to this dare, that my husband will agree to return home. and That God will soften both our hearts.


i am anxious to start this dare, i have a 6 week old daughter and a girlfriend who lloves and adores me ,i mean grant it i havent been the best boyfriend but i have realized i need to start trying and i want to show her thati do love her.i also have a 6 year old son who lives in another state where i just came from and i dont want my girlfriend to think that i love my son any more than her and my daughter, i love them all equally,i mean we have been at eachothers throats for the last couple of weeks and we r trying to get our own apartment together and get on our feet,i guess the stress is just taking its toll on the both of us. i dont really know if i believe in god but i know there has to some explination for some natural phenominoms,i just hope that if there is one that he will guide me to showing my girlfriend my love and devotion to her and our family.....well thats it for now i will update everyday of the progress made.


I am just starting the Love Dare after my husband of 16 years this past June 21st has disappeared for the second time within 2 nights. He will not answer his phone or anything. I know I'm not the perfect wife and I feel like I am the reason he is doing this. He is the love of my life and I WILL FIGHT for him. He doesn't believe in the Lord as his personal Savior, but I am praying that with me doing this, not only will it help our marriage, but he will see Christ through me and rethink his way of thinking. I am asking for prayers from everyone that reads this that the Lord gives me the strength I know I will need to not give up on completing this challange. For I know it will not only benefit our marriage but it will also benefit our 2 wonderful teenage sons, to see Christ through our lives (I am going to go ahead and claim that the Lord will be able to reach my husband's heart and he will come to know Him as his personal Savior) and walk in His ways. Thanking you in advance,


I am a 39yr old man whos lied and cheated on his wife, i pushed her away in trying to cope with my own insecurities and self worth. All my life never feeling I was good enough to be accepted and embraced her feelings for me, so i looked in other places for affirmation. I even lied to my wife telling her I didnt love her, telling her to leave and she fought so hard for us to to work, but it didnt sink in. I thought I have to leave her before she leaves me. Now she is gone and i am fighting like mad to earn her back, to show her I am so willing to do everything she ever asked, no more lies, no more secrets, giving her access to every part of my life so I can show she is truely my equal. I am praying that God will fill her heart again, and heal mine so we can heal together and grow together. I have hope, and my faith grows daily.

Am I the only man who feels like this? who knows that the fight should be for her and not against her.. I am so hard headed its driving me insane how I never saw this before.

God willing this story will change in matter of time, and I will come back and update it as it changes, I ask for prayer.. hard for me to ask for help but I am begging for it all now.. Faith in God is whats left for me right now.



My husband and I have been together almost 5 years, married almost 2 years. I've always loved him dearly. I've struggled with showing my affections the right way. In a way that is encouraging for him. I let unsettled issues from my past tear me down and make me a very difficult person to be around. I wanted to argue about every little thing. I always wanted him around, to the point I was willing to shut out friends and even family. When I asked him if he loved me anymore, he replied "I care about you a lot". I felt broken, instantly. Like a bulldozer had blown me away. I was sick for days, not being able to eat, sleep...crying constantly. I continued going to work in order to retain some sanity, and found myself not being able to focus. 2 days after leaving my home to go stay with my sister, to give him his space...I sought counseling. I was determined to settle these issues within myself once and for all, and be on track to being a wonderful person. I was always against counseling, when recommended before. So this was a major step for me.
I realized that my anger, and insecurities had poisoned my marriage, and I had been an unhappy, mean person to my husband for so long, and all he ever tried to do was be there and show me how much he loved me.
After being kicked down repeatedly, he shut down. I never understood "putting God in the center of all relationships" until this happened. This was the first time I had ever really owned my faults, took a good, hard look at myself, and made a vow to myself to change my ways. To become a worthy wife, the way it should have been all along.
I am currently on day 11 of the Love Dare, and truly feel defeated. I'm finding it harder each day to continue this challenge. But I vowed to give it my all.
In the past couple weeks, my husband and I have separated. I have moved back in with my parents temporarily, and he is talking about a place with his friends. I feel powerless. The fact that we are recently apart, makes this so much harder to do.
We have no children, which is a blessing in disguise at the moment, I feel.
At first, he acted so cold towards me. Wouldn't talk to me for days. A few days ago, while packing up our home (which was just a rental) he came in early, and I could tell something was on his mind. I found him on the back porch steps, sitting there, crying. I gave him some space at first, but then went out to check on him. Asking him if he was okay...Asking him if he wanted me to leave him alone or just listen to him talk...He told me that he did not want me to leave him alone.
Lastnight, he told me to let him know when my next counseling session is, because he would like to attend with me. I still get the feeling however, that he has no desire to save this marriage, as he had said plainly before.
I've learned so much about myself just in this short time, and I truly feel at peace with past issues. I feel like I've walked over that hump, and continued on.
I'm trying to be optimistic, but do not want to give myself false hope.
He told me a couple nights ago, the same night I found him crying, that he may take a little longer going through with the divorce than expected.
I couldn't tell whether he meant that because he wouldn't have the money to file for a while, or if he was having second thoughts.
Either way, his family is being supportive. They all are writing me daily asking how I am, and asking if they can do anything. I just want for my husband's happiness.
I can't help but feel like I saw goodbye in his eyes. An emptiness that I have never seen before.

Prayers from all are greatly appreciated.
I want so badly to restore my marriage, and to love my husband properly, and treat him the way he deserves to be treated.
This change in me is a life change. I feel so much better about myself already, and feel like I have so much to offer, more than I ever thought possible.

I am a 21 year old Air Force wife. I've been married for a little over a year. 3 weeks ago I came to visit my parents only to find out I'd be staying permenantly. My husband had decided he wanted a divorce. At first I wanted to blame him for his reasoning was that he was only 22 and wanted to live out his life. Going to parties, drinking, hanging with the guys etc. at the mention of this I thought this was selfish of him to want a divorce for freedom. Then I realized it wasn't because he was too young and wanted to party. it was because of me. I had made this marriage so toxic with my anger. I seemed to always find something to be upset about. And naturally I was upset at my husband which in turn drive him away. Over the course of the last three weeks he has made it clear he's done and wants nothing to do with me. So I decided to do the love dare because I'm not willing to give up. I ruined this relationship and now god will guide me to fix it. I ask of anyone who reads this for many prayers for I'm only on day 3 and feel defeated. Especially since we aren't living together it makes things harder.

Please pray for god to soften my husbands heart towards me and to heal my marriage. I made a covenant to this man and do not plan on breaking it!


My storie is a long one but I will keep it short. In August of 2012 I found out my husband was having an affair, he moved out and told me he wanted a divorce. I forgave the affair and all I wanted was to fix our marriage, I turned to God more than I had at any other point in my life. On Sept 24 2012 he divorced me and moved in with her..I continued praying, litterally before I ever got out of bed in the mornings I would pray for guidance and for restoration of my marriage. I would pray throughout the day and I would pray most of the night. Sleep was not my friend during this time. The Lord kept me going. I spoke or texted with my husband (ex-husband) periodically and told him I forgave him and still wanted our marriage regardless of all that had happened. On October 14, I had a conversation with him for about 2 hours, then next morning he pulled me out of church to talk to me and told me that he was starting the Courageous Challenge and that it was because of our conversation. That he was sorry for all the pain he had cause but that us together wouldn't work because I would never forget what he had done. So I continued to pray...On October 25th he came to my work and we (mostly I listened) talked for hours. He apologized time and time again and shared what the Lord had been doing in him and what the Lord had showed him and asked me to give him another chance. I DID NOT HESITATE and said YES!!! We remarried on November 16th and life is good. Not perfect mind you, the Lord is still working in both of us. I still have lots to learn. BUT GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS!!!!!!!!! I have decided to do the Love Dare (I have tried in the past but never followed through because it was too hard) because I want my marriage to stand the test of time and if I learn to love my husband as Jesus loves me then nothing can come against us again.


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