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Well my wife and I went both went through divorces about 2yrs ago. When we started dating we came to a point where we were both having trouble with the ex-wife and husband. She has 2 wonderful girls and I have a wonderful boy, we started going to chruch and it had wonderful effect on the both of us. In january we got married and it is like we have been meant for each other, we get along perfectly except for the ex-wife, we do have problems with her but we seem to make it, there are times when our faith is tested and it puts a strain on our relationship. We have bought fireproof and it really has made us look at what we really need to consontrate on in our marriage and what we did do wrong in the last marriages we have, it has really turned out to show us there is many problems in a marriage and not to give up on one another, the other thing is put all of faith in the lord!




I wanted to write an update since I originally wrote on this 4/25/10. I have finished the love dare book. My husband is still away and now I am 6 months pregnant with our baby girl. Its hard to have faith, but hang in there and don't give up! God has a plan for all of us. Just keep Him close. Our relationship is very weird. We live in MO, so you can't get divorced in MO if you are pregnant, so for me its a waiting game to see where my husband is at in September. My advice to everyone is be patient and work on being happy and let God work in your life. He knows what's best. Try not to get so wrapped up in your own world that you miss out on what is going on around you in the mean time. I am 6 months pregnant with a life that is so out of my hands right now. Just don't pray. Get out and live and see what God has in store for you in this time in your life. I love my husband dearly. Everyday is a struggle to get out of bed. I miss my step daughter terribly and my 10 year old is hurtings so much. BUT, we will make it through. The love dare has opened my mind a lot to my marriage. I cannot stop my husband from divorcing me in September if that is what he chooses to do. I cannot make him love our daughter or want to come back home. What I can do is live and be the best for my kids and grow closer to God with or without him. My husband is letting me see my step daughter at his convenience of course, but, that's okay. He is in a totally different world right now trying to learn to be a cop. Part of the love dare is to learn to love unconditionally. That is a big word and an even bigger action. Just do it. But, focus on God and living your lives and being happy with what God has given you every day. Cherish the good times and the blessings regardless of how your marriage is going. Trust me, that is HARD to do, but, in the end, I truly believe you will grow as a person and as a Christian and be happier regardless of the outcome of what seems like the end of your life. I know how you feel. I am there! God bless you all. Don't just hang in there! Go and live out your life and let God lead you to the next chapter. You can look back on 4/25/10 and see when I started the love dare and I am committed to letting you know how things turn out. For now, patience and kindness are key and I struggle daily with the unknown for my kids, my new baby, and my marriage. I doubt I will really know much until our baby girl is born. Pray for each other and look at the blessings we all have in life and be happy with what blessings you have right now on this day...not just hope for the future, but today.
Cathy/Camry---I can't remember how I signed my original story.


My husband and I have been married 3 years this month. In my freshman year old college, after we had been dating almost a year, we found out I was pregnant. We were already so in love, and we had been engaged a little over 3 months and decided that we would just go ahead and get married. I was raised in a christian home, but my husband was not. He says that he is a christian now, but I'm not sure he really knows what that means or what that is supposed to look like. He wants to change nothing, but still claim christianity... We are young and we have a 2 year old, so the past 3 years have been extremely hard. My husband has problems with anger, is an intravert, and is extremely hard to communicate with. We went to a marriage conference back in October to try and figure out what we could do to make US better, and it changed me forever, it changed him for about a month... My heart is broken, and I am desperate for a change. I know the only person I can change is myself, so that is why I have decided to take the Love Dare... I've had the book since the marriage conference, but I haven't started it yet, because the word of warning at the beginning made me afraid to fail. Today I have decided that I have to do this, because the only person I can do anything about is me. This is important not only for me, but for my marriage, and our sweet little girl. I know my husband loves me, and I know he would never leave, but I also know that I cannot possibly live this way for the rest of my life. It is torture to be treated so badly by the person you love the most. I am praying everyday for my husband, for his faith, for his heart, for his mind, for whatever God's will is for us. If there is one thing I have learned from these 3 years as his wife it is this: Love is a choice. I chose my husband the day that I said "I do" and I still choose him today... I am daring to love him, I am going to take this Dare, and pray that God will do the rest. If you are reading this... Please pray with me!

I'm from the Philippines, i want to share my story because i don't have anyone to talk to right now.I hope someone can help me about my problems.

I met my wife when i was only 18 years old, she was 15 . We were so young at that time. Both in love and happy. We had our ups and downs during that time but we managed to keep our relationship strong. There was also a time that she cheated on me twice but i forgave her,because she promised that she will never do that again, and maybe because i really love her.
After i finished my College degree she got pregnant,we were so young to have a family. She gave birth to our son at the age of 17. We were so in love so we didn't listen to our parents. But we both agree that we will fight for our relationship no matter what happen. Her parents was so angry at me, with no work and no money, problems came down like rain, but we still managed to solved them one by one.We got married few months after she gave birth.
I got an offer from my aunt from the U.S. to study again and to become a nurse, because here in the Philippines being a nurse will be the key to go abroad and earn a good living. We were both studying that time, i was working to become a registered nurse and she was trying to finished her degree as a high school teacher.
After we both finished our studies, she worked as a school teacher and i worked as a staff nurse for Jesuit priests. After a year she applied for a cabin crew position for a local airline company. We were both busy that time. We managed to keep our relationship intact even if we rarely saw each other because of our respective jobs.
I lost my job after a well known company took over the management of our company. I was so down that time and she was there to backed me up. Then she got an offer from her company, she will become a regular employee if she will accept to be relocated to Cebu(we were residing in Manila, to get to Cebu i have to fly for 1hour and 30minutes).
Last November 2009 she accepted the job offer and flew away to Cebu. During our first few months we kept on calling each other, sending hundred text messages everyday. But time goes by i felt her coldness.
Before she will get mad if i don't send her messages but now she's the one who keep on ignoring my messages. We were fighting like cats and dogs everyday because of the quality time i' m demanding. Then one day she came back for a two day vacation, i managed to talked to her to patch things up, she said that she was falling out of love. I cried in front of here. I've tried everything to convinced here to changed her mind, i was so desperate that time,i even think of ending my life.Then she just hugged me and said that she's sorry and we will start over again.
After here two days break here in Manila, she go back to Cebu and after that she became cold again, i texted here and asked what's going on and she just replied that she wanted to broke up with me, she told me she just patched things up with me because our son is listening and she don't want our son to see us fighting.
Now i' m desperate to win her back. I don' t want to waste our 7 years.I love her so much. I don't know what to do. Can someone help me here? Can prayers save my marriage?
I saw the movie, and how i wish we could end up that way. Sheena if you read this please come back to me.
if someone here wants to help me send me a mail at
Thanks for the time.


I am from Argentina. When I saw the movie, I felt I was part of it. That type of crisis happened to us some years ago. We could go through it with the help of psycologists and God. I used to pray a lot during those years. Now I also pray and say Thank you God, because we are still together and happily married, even though sometines we have difficult situations. Love and God can make things possible. Hope this story can help any family.


My wife and I have been married a little over 4 years now. I met her after three weeks in college and never looked back. Throughout our marriage we have led very busy lives. Three months after we got married she let me know that she was going to start graduate school. It took her three years to finish her degree going part time to school and working full time. When we got married I was a junior in college working on my bachelor's degree. I finished my degree in 2007 and took a year off to decide on my next step from there. I had just started back to school in January 2008 when my elderly father got sick. I had to place him in a nursing home and for the next two years, until his death, I cared for him, visiting him many times, sometimes every other night. Needless to say, I dropped my classes so that I could take closer care of my father.
After a few months though I decided to take a review course that would take me out of town every weekend for the next 8 months to get my professional certification test out of the way. With it out of the way I figured it would give me more courage to go back to school to finish my requirements to be licensed in my home state. Between, my wife and I both working, her in school, me studying for my review course, and taking care of my dad, we had little time for each other. Also during this time in our lives we decided to start trying to have a baby, we tried for almost two years. Then something happened in my life that turned me upside down.
Please understand that I am a child of a broken home. My parents divorced when I was 10. My mother cheated on my father. My father and grandmother raised me, so needless to say, my father was my rock. He passed away in January 2010, even though I might not have shown it on the outside my heart was hurting very deeply over his passing. Not being able to have a baby was also weighing heavily on my shoulders. Especially since we had pretty much figured out that it was me that was the problem. Although honestly, I don't think my wife being overweight was helping matters either.
I had always been one that followed a lot of my friends on facebook. I enjoyed reconnecting with friends whom I had not seen or heard from in years as well as seeing what they were up to in the day to day lives. One day, a long lost friend from elementary school found me on there. I had not seen her in over 15 years. However, we just found it so easy to talk to one another, I felt like I could talk to her about everything and anything that was going on in my life, things that I somehow forgot that I could and should have been talking to my wife about. Before long we were talking about things that were inappropriate and non-Godly things that friends of the opposite sex should not talk about to each other especially if one is married and the other in a serious relationship. I found myself getting online just hoping that she would be online to talk, and eventually texting and talking on the phone with each other.
Suddenly, I started to loose my appetite and not be able to sleep at home. I lost nearly 20 pounds in a little less than three weeks. I have always been a very honest person unable to keep anything bottled up inside me. Therefore, I finally had to break down and tell my wife how I felt and what was happening. Needless to say, she was totally devastated. I was emotionaly as well, I finally let everything out about her that I had been holding in for four years. The fact that she is a very family oriented person and has had a hard time letting me be first in her life has been a big issue, as well as me being insecure that I felt her family had never felt like I was good enough for her, her at times being what I consider to be insensitive and selfish, and of course that I had been talking to the other person. That was something that her family really, of course focused on, the other person.
We separated for week, her father called and blessed me out for everything I was worth, her mother told me everything I had ever said was a lie. I had always preached the importance of fidelity, so to her, I was just a liar. The other person said that they were going to try to work it out with their significant other, and I had been seriously thinking that I should not just quit on my marriage without fighting for it, even though I had been talking to the other person during the week that I was separated with my wife. However, I decided to fight for my marriage, and my wife let me come back home. We had a great weekend after I was back home.
Then I went to work Monday morning, to find that the other person had emailed me wondeirng why I had called her that Thursday even though I was very clear when I called I called to tell her that I was working things out with my wife. With one email, I backslid again and talked to her throughout that day. The next day, my friend at work gave me the Love Dare book, and I started to read it. Then I had to tell my wife about that monday that I had talked to the other person. Of course she was angry all over again. I was very emotional, that night I got on my hands and knees and prayed to GOD that I had sinned, and I asked for his forgiveness, and rededicated my life to him, and asked for him to lead me in the right direction. The next day, a friend at my wife's work let her borrow the movie fireproof, without knowing what we were going through at home. Tell me that's not God's work? That night we both sat and watched it together. I cried like a baby. I think the movie was a turning point for me. I told my wife that I wasnt giving up on us and that I wanted to fight for our marriage, and that as bad as it was, I forgave the other person for persuing a relationship with me and I hoped she could find a relationship with God.
The next day we left for a four day cruise and we had a great time. However when we got back home, I checked my work email and saw where the other person had emailed me. As promised I showed them to my wife and then we deleted them. I am not having anymore contact with that other person.
I just hope and pray that the Love Dare book can help me over then next 40 days. I am commited to making my marriage work. I love my wife with all of my heart, I just have to find a way to reconnect with her. I know in my heart that with Christ all things are possible, and I just pray that he moves us closer together through this love dare. She is such a wonderful person and deserves better from me and I intend to do everything I can to prove to her that I am the man she has dreamed of. Please pray for us and our marriage, I am fighting for it, but I have to put it in gods hands. For the next 40 days I will do my very best to carry out the dares in the book and reconnect with God and my wife.
Please pray for me.



My Husband told me he wants out, the 16 of May 2010. Everything was fine the morning, we went to church and later that day he got in his car and drove of. He went to his mom, he is now staying there. He told me he saw his lawyer and he want a divorce. We got married 27 January 2008, the 27th of this month we were married 2 years and 4 months and that was the day he first saw his lawyer. The last few months we were fighting over everything you can think about. I donít want a divorce, Iím praying of God to soften my husbandís heart so that we can work things out. My Husband doesnít even wantsí to talk to me. Iím trying the Love Dare now. But its very difficult when he is not staying in the house anymore or doesnít wants to talk to me. I really love him and donít want to get divorced. Everyone is praying with me for restoration in my marriage. If you read this message can you please pray with me? He told me he still loves me but he doesnít want to fight anymore. And I stand on Gods word where he says in Mark 10 : 4-6 Ď"Haven't you read," he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,' and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."í Satan wants to destroy marriages and I say in Jesus name he can not destroy my marriage.



Well, my husband and I started having problems the day after we married. We had a blended family and quickly found out another on the way. Saddly after 3 weeks he had me leave and filed for a divorce. We never stopped seeing one another and the divorce never was finalized. We reunited 6 months later and things were good for a while. He started leaving me home alone alot and yelling constantly and I got hurt and more and more defensive. We got the fireproof movie and books from a friend at church and we did about half of the book, but then stopped. We went to therapy but still seemed to get no where but hurt. Last October we divorced and in January I moved out again. No one has moved on to anything new and sometimes we see each other. We talk daily but I am at my wit's end, because I am tired of hurting and being lonely. I pray and pray and the Lord always brings me back to this book so I am going to start it anew today by myself and see where it goes. I desperately need peace...please pray for us...Kevin and Julie.

My husband and I got married on 11-Nov-2009. At first I believed I was experiencing Heaven on Earth. But we seemed to have one major issue: communication. He is 10 years my senior. Needless to say things went downhill from there. It ended up with him asking me to leave, us going to Court & then counseling. A leader of the Church we attend, suggested we watch Fireproof together, and though I had to twist his arm to do it, we watched it together. That night I cried, because as much as I am willing to work on my marriage, there is still a lot I have to work on as a person in order for our marriage to work.

I thought things were going well, but a couple months ago things took a turn for the worst. We ended up having a fight. Strangely enough though, after this fight, everything I did not expect him to do, he's done. He called, he spent the night with me (we still hadn't moved back in together), he was there in a way I never expected.

A couple weeks later, I moved back in. One night I asked him what made him change his mind. He said my attitude. He realized I was willing to make that change to make our marriage work. I would not say life has been a bed of roses since that point, but I have opened my eyes to reality. I realized I was being selfish. I was only thinking about me. And when you think about it, we have the greatest example to forgive others. Christ forgave all mankind. Why then is it hard for us to forgive one person who has wronged us?

Marriage has been an eye opener. Right now I am seeing a therapist to help me be a better person and by extension a better wife. I love my husband dearly and there is nothing on this Earth I would not do to ensure our marriage works.

Each time I get the opportunity to watch Fireproof (like right now) I look for something I may have missed before. And each time I find something new. I have not gotten my hands on a copy of the Love/Dare Journal as yet, but what I remember from the movie, I do try my best to put into practice.

I know its not gonna be an easy road, but I do know that He promised us, 'I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it'. And that instinctively takes me through each day. I hope that one day my husband would realize how much I truly love him, and what I will be willing to sacrifice for him and our marriage.

I know in time it'll get better. And one day soon, I'll be able to come back here and post it for everyone to share.


Hi Eeveryone

God healed my relationship through the movie Fireproof..I thank God for inspiring the creators and script writers of the movie..I also thank the 40 Day Love Dare for providing such avenue for me to express my gratitude for saving my relationship. I cannot thank God and you enough..

I met my fiance in 2007 during my first year in university and started dating. We both had genuine love for each other later that year we decided to move in together due to some circumstances beyond our control. We eventually got engaed but postpond our year of marriage until I graduate in 2011. We became one and I regard him as my husband and he regards me as his wife. This year in January we were blessed with a beautiful daughter we both love dearly..

However, things began to get nasty between us. He often hungout and drank with friends and came back home late. At first I tired to put up with his attitudes but eventually I couldn't as I was juggling motherhood and studies at the same time..I tired to talk to him but he just wouldn't have time to discuss. I felt so devastated that I was the only one staying near our daughter.

I got so frastrated I told him I will move out and start a new life with my dughter.I was so confused and frastrated as he is a very nice person and also didn't want my daughter to be fatherless but he was so blinded he didn't realise that we were heading for the wrong direction and took things lightly.

Then one day a friend of mine whom I confide in recommended Fireproof for me to watch. I asked my fiance to watch the movie with me if he wanted to save the relationship. As we watched God was speaking to us through the movie we felt that what was currently happening to us is being depicted exactedly in the movie. We felt that the movie was made for us..He got concvicted he broken down in tears and cried to God asking for forgiveness .

The movie changed our perspective of each other. God healed our relationship now we are getting ready for our wedding to coincide with my graduation next year.

God is wonderful..



Marriage is hard. My husband and I both have lost some respect for each other. I have always felt as though I love him too much and he doesn't love me and our 2 children enough. He doesn't work....I support us and have for the over the last 3 years. He has done terrible things to me in the past, even ended up in prison for 3 years and 4 months. Now we live in Juarez, Mexico (murder capital of the world) because he lost any chance of becoming a US citizen when he became a convicted felon. I stay because I don't believe in parents have been married for 43 years. I have been married for 10. And I stay because I love him sincerely. I have forgiven him. He quit drinking 2 years ago, and I thought it would solve all of our problems. Turns out, it doesn't. He is a man that puts everything and everyone else before God and his family. How do you make it work with someone so selfish???? I'm on day 6 and failing miserably. God help me.


We have been married 5 years come 3rd June 2010. I will not lie and say every day has been good day. There was a time when I wanted out of our marriage even with a child in tow. I could not bring myself to do it. To end something blessed and condoned by my Savoir Jesus Christ would have been my ultimate sin.

We were dating and living together for 8 years before we were saved. We were still infants in our religion when my husband arrived at my work one day and said: We are getting married this weekend, what day would suit you, Friday or Saturday? He wanted us to start our new journey the right way. How blessed can one be??

The months that followed were pure bliss. Bible study, Cell group meetings, Praise and worship at Church... and a fellowship with our new Christian friends and ultimately each other.

It went downhill so quick I hardly recognized the signs. After moving to another town
for work purposes (my husband only followed 18 months later), we simply could not find a church that made us feel at home again. Needless to say we had no cell group to meet with, no fellow believers to talk to and no friends in Christ.

I can only speak for myself, but my desire to do Bible study, to go to church and even to pray dwindled.

Following our new arrival and blessing, our son Joshua, I found it more difficult to have time for myself let alone time for God. Inwardly I grew ashamed of this which made me ignore the problem even more.

Things got progressively worse between my husband and I. Not having the word of God in our lives left a hole we filled with worldy things which more often than not lead to conflict not called for or silent treatment for days on end. We lived the life we lived before we got saved which to some is acceptable or even the norm BUT I now knew what God can do and what it felt like having Him in our lives.

Every now and then I would confront myself and say: I need to get back on the road with God! I am a mother and a wife now and need to know how to be a loving Christian mother and wife - lead by Jesus, my savior. I need to know how to set an example for my son and to raise him in Christ. I need to reconnect with my husband, not just as a wife but as a friend in Jesus as well.

This brings me to the present. I have just finished reading the Left Behind Series last week (which was an eye opener) and stumbled upon the Fireproof DVD last night. This, I believe is Gods doing, I have a renewed and strong desire to bring Christ back into my life, into my marriage and into my home. I want to and need to learn how to love in the ways of my Savior.

So today is day one for me. I trust in my Lord and Savior to guide me through today so that I may discover the Christian way of becoming a loving wife and mother.


I will be married 10 years on June 30th. I found out my husband was arrested with a prostitute a year and 1/2 ago. We split up for just 2 weeks and went to counseling a few time. I was never able to forgive him and brought it up every chance I got. We have a daughter together who is 8 and I have a son 11 from a previous relationship. I met my husband when my son was just 1. Our relationship just got worse and worse mostly because I couldnt trust him anymore and figured that wasnt his first time with a prostitute. Well on January 27th I found a # in his wallet and the name of the girl was not a regular name it was more like a dancer or an alias. I just happened to Google the girls name and found out she is a prostitute posing as a massage therapist on Craigslist. Well, things got worse and worse. No trust. Lots of lying. And lots of dying inside. We have been separated since April 5, 2010. I love him and miss him. We went to a Christian counseler who suggested the Love Dare. I read it and loved it. My husband has the book also. I watched the movie a few days ago. I have hope. But now he has turned everything around on me and said he cheated because I didn't treat him right. I really want to forget the past and and just have my family back. I really have forgiven him and I'm going to do the Love Dare myself. Since we are not living together I hope that I can do this. I really trust that God will lead me in the right direction. I hope my husband will see that we can make this work "you never leave your partner behind". Never!


Mark and I have been together for a year and a half, we have a beautiful 6 month old daughter together. In the beginning we had a beautiful and loving relationship and
I have never met a man like him before. When I got pregnant we started having problems, he was ready for a family and to settle down and I was not, although now I am very thankful and would not go back and change a thing. Needless to say it brought on a lot of resentment on my part and things started going badly. We have had more and more problems, for a little while things are very good then for a while they are very far from good. I dont trust Mark like I should and my heart changed somewhere along the way. I began to trat him badly and talk to him like he was nothing but dirt. He has put up with it and avoided fights, he has been pretty great through it and endured more than he ever should have. Its not all me, he has done things to break our relationship and I
have held every bit of it agains him... we are not perfect, we both have messed things up terribly! About 5 days ago we went our seperate ways after a pretty bad argument. I in the beginning asked him to leave but through much prayer and soul searching realize that the Lords plan for us is not to break up our family. Our little girl was created out of our lve for one another and I have been broken down and realize how much I want to save our family. A christian couple of ours brought the movie fireproof over and told me to watch it, it has changed the way I see things and I am now trying to convence Mark to cmoe home and take the love dare challenge with me. At first he was completely against it but through much prayer I can see the Lord changing his heart! We are talking more and more and both admit that we dont want our daughter to grow up with a broken family. He is worried that if we try and it doesnt work out that it will just hurt our daughter more later if she is older. I believe that it will hurt her to know that when she was just 6 months old we called it quits without even trying again. This is the first time we have ever actually split up. I am praying that Jesus continue to soften Marks heart and break down the wall he has placed in front of it. I have devoted the next 40 days to fasting and praying and rebuilding our relationship and I truly believe that if he is willing to give this another shot we can be more in love than we ever were and raise our little girl right and together!!! He seems to be slowly but surely coming around and we have recently talked about somethings and he says he can see me trying and that he is too. He says he does still love me but is not in love anymore, and honestly I feel the same way. I also know that through God we can renew our love and strenghten our relationship and live right and be happier than ever. I ask that anyone reading this please pray for Mark, Amber and Makayla... And please know that Im am speaking Gods word over every story I read as well. He is an awesome savior and through him all things are possible. Dont give up anny one of you because He has great things in store for all of us!


Dear everyone...

i was in trouble relationship with my boyfriend when i watched FIREPROOF.
Realy great movie n blessed,we both hve a wonderfull time.I know that God touched our heart.I prayed everyday for everyone in the "stories"...specially for judd/david,Tom,Jeff...ciayo...never give up coz God is good all the time.


I have been married to Derek for 7 years. I was married previously and have 3 wonderful children from my first marriage. My marriage with Derek started out a little rocky, it took time for him to adjust to having a ready made family. But once we got past that things have been fairly wonderful. He treats my children as thought they are his own and they love him very much. There biological father has not had much to do with them the last several years so Derek is all they have.
The problems with our marriage started 3 years ago. Derek is a truck driver so he is gone quite a bit. He had an affair with a woman that worked at a convienence store in one of the towns he delivered in. After I found out I left him for a few days, but he made promises and I came back. Then a year later, again he had an affair. He said it was because I never talk to him and the woman he had an affair with talked to him all the time. Well I have a full time job and 3 kids to take care of, I couldnt be on the phone with him all day. So this time I asked him to move out. Two months after he moved out he was hurt at work. He had his left ankle 90% amputated. Of course I was there as soon as I got the call. I took him back after he got out of the hospital with him promising me to change and that the kids and I were his life. Then, the day before Easter this year, I found out he was cheating on me again! I couldnt take anymore-I took my children and left. My kids at this point are begging me to stay with Derek, he is their dad. So I figure I can make it work for at least 8 years till my youngest is 18. I want my children to have two parents in the house and not have to go through another divorce. So we came back home to Derek. But things have been hard. I have been angry, bitter and I do not trust him.
My brother brought me the movie, Fireproof. After I watched it I felt like this was my last hope. I would do the love dare. I love my husband very much, I want my marriage to work, not just for me but for my children. I talked to Derek about both of us doing this and he said no that it was crazy. So I am on Day 4, wondering how this will work with only me doing it and not him. He has mentioned a change in me he said last night, that I'm not as short fused. So maybe if nothing else he will continue to see the change in me and that may convince him to try it! The love dare has given me new hope foe my marriage. I pray that God will touch my husband and let him see the way!!


Hi, my name is Michelle. My husband & I have been separated since 11/16/09. We married in 2003, and things have been on and off. He is a few years younger than me. We have communications issues among many others. He has given up on the marriage and feels getting help is too late. I want to work on our marriage because I still do love him. He has some of his own things that he hasn't wanted to deal with and at time causes him to drink a lot. My continued prayer is that God will soften his heart to atleast be willing to get help for us and himself. We were introduced to the Love Dare and Fire Proof last summer and watched it together. However, we never did anything with it. I watched the movie often, especially after we separated and most recently tonite. I know and believe God can do anything. I pray that God will soften my husband's heart to be open to healing and unconditional love. I also pray that God will teach me forgiveness and unconditinal love for my husband. I pray that JA will received God's blessings on our marriage.



I am the one with one foot out of the door. For all intents and purposes, we had a good marriage--only neither of us are the priority of the other (me with the kids and him with his blackberry/"counting his day in minutes"). Years later, my husband has developed a Holier Than Thou attitude which continues to chip away at me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is good enough for him from me. Finally I gave up and--as we are living overseas--asked to go back to the States with a divorce; I want to be anywhere but here. He signed us up for this program, but I can see that his whole heart is not into it and that is what I desperately want--his heart. To be first for the first time in 13 years. I see this program as delaying the inevitable, so be it. Transitioning from overseas takes some time anyway. I just wish he loved me like he loved himself. I want us to work, truly from the bottom of my heart I do. God must work a miracle, because I can't do this on my own.

I am on day 5 of The Love Dare. Very interesting to follow these steps. Am taking it very seriously.

My wife and I will have been married for 10 years this Sept. 2010. She filed for divorce recently due to our lack in communication and affection over the past few years.

We have 2 young children involved. 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl. I do not want the divorce and wife feels, at this point, there is no other option but to divorce, so she can be happy inside again. I neglected her needs and wants after having kids and has torn us apart.

After watching the movie, I have never been so inspired, even in a crisis, to go beyond my comfort zone and try the book. I love my wife and want to save our marriage, but with my bad attitude and negative thoughts over the years, I am ready to make a change for myself and to show her I can change my thoughts, actions and behavior with some work. It may in the long run help, but I still have to realize if the divorce does happen, then I will learn to accept that. Least I will know that I went out with a "fight", so to speak, and not have any regrets other than not working on our marriage earlier.

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