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I have been through 3 divorce's and now engaged to a man who I feel complete's me. We sat down and watched fireproof Friday night after my mom telling us we need to watch and then we took our marriage class and they wanted us to watch it as homework. We both cried and it really open both of our eyes considering we have both been through divorce. I always have thought I know what love was and had faith and we watching this movie I have learned that I have a lot to learn and I will be taking the Love Dare challange myself. This movie has opend my eyes, ears as well as my heart

Ok before we get started a bit of background should be in order. I am in my late forties and I have a form of Muscular dystrophy. Roughly, about 4 years ago I was hurt on the job and found out that I would never be cleared to work again. now some people would say hey this is great I donít have to work but the problem is I loved my job it was not just a job it was my dream come true so yes it hurt to leave and not just leave but never be able to work again at anything. I have been married to the love of my life but for the last year or two, it is getting very hard to remember that. Anger and hatred have pretty well taken over my life these things are not my wifeís fault but she is here and gets the brunt of it. Ok to make a long story longer I am on the doorstep of divorce and very near out the door. Sometime back my wife had bought the book love dare and asked me to do it with her I said I would but never did and finally she just forgot about it and the book was destine to sit on a shelf and collect dust. Now the other night I thought about this problem and decided to turn my life over to the Lord and to let him decide what was to happen. Now I foolishly thought that by turning it over to the Lord, it was a done deal and I had nothing to do but wait for him to fix it one way or the other. Well needless to say that did not work and in the mean time things had taken a turn for the worse I mean we were not even talking to each other at all not a single word. Now I am sure some of you will understand what happened next when you are not talking to each other whoever has the TV remote decides what you are going to watch. I was not the one holding the remote. Therefore, in an attempt to find something to do (ok more like trying to block the TV to get the remote when she gave up and left the room) my hand found the book love dare so I decided that I would look at it and read the first few pages up to the first dare. Now I know some of you are thinking that I was only thinking about doing it to try and get things to calm down and to be honest at first I was doing just that. The first dare the one about not saying anything mean hurtful or negative for one whole day no problem and I do mean no problem how could I not be able to do that when we were not speaking to each other so yes I thought what a piece of cake. Oh how wrong could I be? I brought the love dare upstairs with me and read it before getting ready for bed the first dare not a problem but now you have to remember that a while back I gave control of this to the Lord but now I was thinking that this was my idea and no guidance from the Lord. After reading it I got ready for bed and realized that one of my meds was downstairs and I needed it so down the stairs I went. Now somewhere towards the bottom of the stairs my MD decided to send one leg to the right and the other the same way and down I went. Now I am not the biggest man but I am not small either so yes the whole house shook. As soon as I fell, my wife was at my side helping and checking me to make sure I was ok out of love I hope or maybe just habit but either way you cannot make sure someone is ok without talking to them. After the hospital visit, no I was ok just some cuts and bumps and a mangled toe we kept talking. Now I know that I could have forgotten the dare but I felt that this was my second chance (figure of speech more like the millionth) I donít believe I found that book I believe it found me and I had to fall in order to get us talking so the dare could work. Say what you want but I have faith that the Lord is in control. Will I finish the love dare? Only time will tell I can tell you that day 1 was extremely hard harder than I thought it would be I bit my tongue many times that day but I did not fail and I felt good about that. I can not tell you that I will make it all forty days or that my marriage will survive. My wife does know that I am committed to trying to get my life right with her me and with the Lord. She knows that I am doing the love dare she is not at this time will she latter we shall see. Like I said I can not tell you I will make all the days but I can tell you for the first time in a long time I am looking forward to day 2 lets see what the day brings us if you want to know check back later for day 2


In 2007 I met my current boyfriend while attending college. I was introduced to him by his best friend Jason. Everything was great between us. We hit it off immediatly! When school came to an end we had two options, a long distance relationship or move in together. We decided to move in together. Everything was great! We shared responsibilites, money, and enjoying doing anything together. The thing that has turned our relationship sour is something that is not within my control or his. Everything was great up until October of 2009. My boyfriend's best friend, Jason, passed away in a sudden car accident the day after my boyfriends grandpa passed away(within 24 hours). After these hard losses for both of us, everything went south. We have had numerous problems, even ones we had never had before. Communication used to be easy and we were both free to speak our minds but now we can't even get through the first sentence without getting defensive towards each other. He has stopped helping with household activities, leaves me alone on the weekends to go out and party with his friends(even if we have plans), money(which we never had a problem with before), and intimate issues as well. I understand that time away is good for a relationship to grow but I can't stop this acheing feeling in my head and my heart that he no longer loves me. He has lost himself in grief and doesn't know how to deal with it. I suggested counsling, individual and together, and it was a total no go! I don't know how to reach him and how to get him back to God. All I can do is pray! I love him with all of my heart and after watching this movie..the words are undescribable! I just hope that he can find God again and be the man I know he can be.


My boyfriend and I finally watched the movie Fireproof lastnite and we both cried it was such a great movie. So now we are checking into getting the Love Dare Journal to start the steps.

Alaric and I met in 2007 for a brief moment. At the time we were in seprate relationships. He is my dads bestfriend. In May 2008 I got into some trouble and got clean and sober from meth. June 08 I had 35 days clean and sober it was my youngest sons birthday, so my family and I decided to have a party at my house for him and my parents invited Alaric and his daughter. I could help but to watch him every where I went he is so handsome. On June 12th 08 Alaric called me and asked if Michael and I would like to go swimming at his sisters, we went and had a blast. A couple of days later I spent the nite with him. We have been together ever since.

At first our relationship was GREAT and then in Nov 08 we moved in together. I thought WOW everything in my life will be so much better because I have someone whom wants to take care of me and my children instead of it being me the one whom cares and being used. Alaric was in sobriety at the time to he had more time than I did. In Dec 08 Alaric relapsed and hid it from me for two months. I had my suspicions but could never prove it. Then one day in Feb 09 the devil threw stones at me and I picked them up, I relapsed and thats when he came clean about himself.

After that our relationship got worse and worse. The fighting, arguing, his jealousy, lose of jobs. We lost our apartment and I left him there and moved back into my parents to get better again, but I loved him so much that I could let him go I really tried. So I continued seeing him when I could, and getting high with him. Then in Oct 09 I decided to move with him to Alpine and things got worse again. Same senerio with the drugs and fighting all the time. In March 2010 he got arrested for domestic violence towards me basically for smacking a cell phone out of my hand. I couldnt press charges I still loved him! I was ready this time to stay off the drugs and to walk away from him no matter how much it hurt.

He got released from jail and moved to his sisters which is a sober living, to better himself and to save our relationship. So here we are now living togther again in the sober living. Things are not as bad as they were but we are trying. Our 2nd year annivsary is June 12 and we still needing alot of work on ourselves and our relationship.


Hi everyone.

I've been reading your stories and have been praying as I go along. My man, RD, and I were planning on being married this summer. We had a huge fight right before Easter. It's been just awful. I have been seeing what a selfish, spoiled woman I can be and it's just awful. I would give anything if I could go back and undo some of the things I said. I really tore him down.

We had watched the movie Fireproof early on in our relationship and we both cried. He thought it was wonderful that people would love each other enough to fight for their relationship. That's what I decided I would do and just see what happens. I mostly want God to change my heart. I am not sure about doing the Love Dare since we aren't married yet. We both felt like it was God ordained that we found each other. I figure "well, why not do this and we'll see if our relationship really is God ordained." Some of the dares are pretty difficult for me to do since he won't even speak to me much less see me. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not. Please pray for Lori and David.


We have been married almost 20 years. We have two sons and my wife wants a divorce.
I have done some of the Love Dare but I work out of state 3 consecutive days so I haven't been able to complete the program. I love my wife and family. We moved the family so that she would be happy and I'm away from the family due to work and now she wants out of the marriage. I have always practiced my faith and this is a real test of faith.
My wife is a real go-getter and I'm content and more grateful for everything.
Our children are happy but I think this will really hurt them. I ask for your prayers, as I continue to pray for healing and to save our marriage and family. I can not believe this is happening. I ask that God through his Son Jesus perform a miracle in my marriage. Jesus said "Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be opened"
I ask, I seek and knock that Jesus will save my marriage.
Jesus said "All that you ask of the Father in my name, he will grant you"
I ask that God will heal my marriage.
Jesus said "Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass"
I'm standing on His word


I'm David and I just ordered the Love Dare book. My wife left me with our 4 kids in mid-Feb and filed for divorce a few days before she left. Divorce was final last month. We never really had serious issues but did have communication breakdowns. My wife has alot of medical problems and I have really tried to do my part in our home by cooking, cleaning and caring for our kids. Man's law says we're divorced, God's Word says we're married and I'll continue to love, cherish, honor, and respect her as my wife until such time as she commits adultery. I love her more today than ever and am learning what unconditional love really means here on earth. She says she loves me too. We talk every day and she gives me good reason to believe that we may reconcile our marriage. God has shown me through, prayer, His Word, and circumstances what mistakes I made in our marriage. I'm taking tis Love Dare challenge in hopes of learning more about my wife's needs and deepen my love for her. For anyone reading this story please pray for Judy and David.


I am starring at the mess I made: I have been undermining, cunning, rude, selfish and plain terrible to my husband of 22 years. I have thrown the divorce word around like i do the word grounded for my kids. I need prayer desperately. I don't want a divorce but I want to stop fighting and having rude and mean things said to me, even though I bring alot of it on myself. I am afraid that last night when I said that I was going to file for divorce in June that my husband is relieved and wants the same thing. Oh how I wish I would have never said the d word ever, last night or ever! Think before you speak or act is my prayer to others who are hurting.


My name is Omayra. Am currently separated from my husband, it has been already 3 months since we separated. We still talk and are hopeful that things will change for better. I know I have to modified many things in me. Yesterday we were together for Mother's Day and I caused a fight, as usual. I don't know why but it seems that my emotions take over me without thinking of the consecuences. Iam certain that I hold the faith of our relationship and I know if I dont make things happen we're drift apart forever. We have a beautiful daughter together and for her and the love that I have for him, am going to do the impossible and change. I know that God have our blessing and with his help everything is possible. The last thing I can loose is faith.


I have been married for 9 years and have 3 children, my husband and I were about to split up 4 years a go, but he insisted in staying with me, now within 5 days of letting me know he loved me and that if it was him the one that needed to change then he was, he tell me that he does not love me no more and for the past 4 weeks has been a challenge for me because i still love him, I have put my marriage on Gods hands and a week ago he left to live with his mom, after 9 years of marriage, and keeps on saying he does not love me, we saw this movie about 9 monts ago and I liked it, I never thought I would go through something like this because he never said anything that he was not happy, now that he is gone on may 3 I started the love dare and I am now on day 6 today, I still believe that my marriage can be saved, I have put this in Gods hands and I know he will help me trough this, my husband wants to file for divorse soon and it hurts me but I will trust in the Lord, I know that anything that happens is for a reason for those who love God, I am not a quitter and I will not quit on this, I will finish this 40 days and I trust in the Lord that he has the last word.


Well, 2 months ago i told my husband that i cheated on him twice with 2 different men. We have been trying to work on it since but with no luck, today he told me he wants a divorce, because even though he can forgive me, he cant forget or trust me. We watched the movie Fireproof together but i dont think he got it at all, he only sees me as the issue, and feels as though im the only one that needs to change. Im going to start the love dare next week, and see how it goes. please pray for us..

My wife and I have been married for 6 six years, know each other for 15 and are in our early 30s. She comes from parents with three divorces - all to each other. I don't know anyone on my side of the family who is divorced. Early on, it seems that I erroneously tasked myself with proving that she would be the exeption to the 'tradition' of divorces by securing the false happiness of money, success and self-righteousness over True love.

Yesterday she petitioned for divorce. Yesterday, I happened to see the movie Fireproof at a church "marriage counseling" group that I continued attending, but that she has stopped.

The movie had EVERYBODY in the group in tears. I realized what my shortcomings were as if it were my wife and I instead of Catherine and Caleb on the movie screen - atleast with respect to me. God works in mysterious ways. May He guide us to each other if it His plan.

I pray that God may guide us all to opening all our hearts, eyes, and all our senses to give and receive True love.


I have been married for 7 years this July 19th. A couple months ago my wife asked for a divorce. I have been to self-centered and didn't pay attention to her needs. I love her so much. She has already started seeing another person, in fact they are going out to the movies tonight.

I don't want the divorce, but she says there is no way to reconcile the marriage, she has lost her love for me. We have never argued. I am starting the 40 day journey today. I believe that God can save our marriage. I know that it doesn't help that I don't have a job and have always had a problem keeping one. One of the biggest changes I am making is that I am actively looking for a job that I can support both of us instead of her supporting me.


Hello to everyone,

As of right now, my marriage of 15yrs is ending, acording to my husband. I am starting the love dare today with a 40 day Daniel Fast which I started yesterday (5/3/10). I still believe that God has something awesome for my mariage, it may not seem that way right now, but that's what faith it's all about. I want to change so that I can be the wife of his dreams. I know that God has the last saying on this, not me or my husband. I choose to believe that God can fix it, it does not matter how hard things are or look right now. I still have faith!!

I'm Leandri, i've been married for 5 & a half years. I'm a selfish & inconsiderate wife & mother of 2. Yesterday my husband & I had another fight, about my considerateness. It got me thinking what can I change... This morning I watch Fireproof on DSTV (by accident), my prospective changed. God is wonderful & He works in mysterious ways, maybe it's time I take the hint.

My marriage wass heading for disaster, but not anymore. I am going to change!


I have been with the love of my life for almost 7 years now. This is my second marriage and his first. When we met I had 1 child and he doesnt have any. It was a major struggle with her, she does not like him and has made it know since day one. Since he was not used to having a teenager they fought alot, we split up because of her after the 1st year. She has graduated and moved out and things seemed to get better, but then we will start that rollercoaster ride again. When I saw Fire Proof, it home very hard. My honey is a fireman also and our lives were alot like that. He is a drinker and likes to go out the guys alot! There has been over the years some cheating on his end. Everyone tells me to deal with it, fireman are like that. I believe after watching and reading the book that everyone can change and god doesnt give us anymore than we can handle in a day. Early last year I started the love dare and got to day 15 and gave up. We were in another rough patch and I had my fill. I moved out of the house again and have been out for 9 months now. We have never lost contact with each other and have never stopped loving one another. A month ago we started going to church again as a couple. It has helped alot. I sat and read fireproof again to remind myself that every one can change and with god's help they will. I started the love dare this week and I am happy to say things seem to be going good. We are still living seperate but we are coming closer and closer to one another again as the days go on and I hope that by October of 2010 we will renew our marriage vows in god's house and keep a strong a bond with god & with each other from here on out. Timothy 1:5 says: Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith- I truly feel the love dare helps you accomplish this. thank you.


My wife and I have been married for ten years. We were and still are at times at odds. Both of us are head strong, which is part of the problem. We sat down and watched this movie, and I felt like someone had been following me around with a camera. I felt the same way Caleb did about respect in the house. However since watching the movie I chose to start the dare. I am only on Day 5, but I can feel the difference already in my life. I have always know God was there for me, but i never let him in to help. That has all changed. I have recommitted myself to letting God lead me, and my family. God has touched my heart, and hopefully he will get to my wife too. I pray to God everyday to help teach me what real love is. Thus far he is doing a pretty good job of teaching me. Thank you God for being there for me, and plese continue your works in my life and my families.


My husband and I watched the movie Fireproof last year in our small group from church. We have struggled off and on since we married 3 years ago after only dating for 3 months. We thought the movie was good, but, weren't struggling at the time, so didn't think much of it. We had been fighting off and on since last October and things came to a head in December. My husband took my head in his hands and said he wanted to make our marriage work. We were on our way out of town and had a great time in Disney World, but, I became bitter and hurt at Christmas when he didn't get me anything and things started back down hill from there. In mid-January, I asked my husband to try counselling. I found out 3 days later I was pregnant. My husband said he was really excited about the baby, but, our relationship continued to be stressed with the two kids we both had from previous relationships and careers, etc. We had an argument on April 9th, and I left town overnight to go to my son's baseball game. When I came home the next day, my husband had packed up anything he wanted out of the house and took most of our savings and left. I've been in shock for 2 weeks now. I love my husband. People think I'm crazy to try and make things work after that, but, I love him. We have been through a lot in three years. He used to call me everyday and tell me he loved me. My girlfriend at work talked to me about the love dare book and what a difference it had made in her own marriage. Today is my husband's birthday and Day one in the book. I don't hear or see from him too terribly often. He is in a whole different world right now, but, I will do my best to follow the dares and learn more about myself and our relationship along the way. I have faith. Some days are like gagging on rotten food, but, I have to believe in God's purpose in our life, marriage, and now our little baby girl on the way.



I ask for your prayers so my wife's heart will grow warm towards me if it is God's will. I did not realize how much her childhood trauma affected her ability to receive love as I thought I was giving by pouring, duty, sacrifice, and accomodation onto her. When the financial pressures of rescuing our niece from a drug infested home took its toll on my wife and I, she panicked and left me , and in my mind I saw that as breaking the team. I realized the pattern of flight was learned in her childhood but did not know how to deal with it. I simply sacrificed more, followed her, interrupted my school, switched schools, took on more school loans, slept less, and tried to help more of her familiy(foolishly). And one sleep deprivated day when she and her mom henpecked me, I burst like Kaleb in the film, although not as scarily in my opinion. Then my wife retracted to her family and friends who are atheists, lack integrity, break their own families, and/or reject higher education. 3 weeks later, I learned my wife's friend had called my friend, ironically a doctor, and expressed my wife's interest in him. He is noble and was engaged and informed me immediately on Mother's day after I prayed 8 hours whether to return to my wife and spiritual daughter(meth baby niece disguise, angel identity). I filed for divorce and left thinking that is what God wanted. I completed a Master's and read more and more relationship literature. I had taken on a 'mortgage without a roof' in student loans...enought to buy a home...and without a doctor job . Yet something told me to come back to Houston and give it a try the right way. My wife had been reaching out to me over the 2 years but I did not have Fireproof then , or church friends to help us work it out. I just kept testing. Finally I finished my degree , and returned to Houston with all my relationship 'wisdom'. It worked for 3 months I thought , and then 1 day she gave me the boot. My wife has trouble with anger, resentment, patience, teamwork, acceptance of healthy my opinion. She has many more good traits than bad, but these are key to Love Dare it seems. I hope she watches Fireproof and lives the Love Dare. I love my daughter and my wife and want a happy in tact family more than anything. And this time, I have put better jobs and school in Iowa on hold til summer's end to make it happen at home. Thanks for your prayers. I pray for you right now too.

My name is shaun im working on my relationship with my beautifull woman Katrina. i made our relationship run to the rocks ,and now im trying gods help to save myself i love her so much and the world can see it ,but sometimes it feels like theres a cloud over our heads. i have high hopes now and we are starting to get along but i still cant forgive my-self for hurting her the way i did with my words and feelings. i have never been mad at her i was mad at myself for being such a F+++ up all my life. she put that into perspective for me and i told her off for it and now all i can think about all day is how i can make her feel the love I have for her and show the world that shes the only person i can ever love -well if i ever have children i will enjoy sharing the care- .the book is helping so much and its funny because its just reminding me of the things i have always wanted to do for her and the romance of my heart is burning now someone tell the writer thank you so much for helping me and i hope another couple like us can have the same salvation


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