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Hello, I have never submitted a message to an on-line message board etc, before. But, tonight something happened that I beleive was a God sent message to me. You see I have been married for 34 years and fora while now we ( my husband and I ) have been struggling with our marriage and we are at a crisis point - Divorce discussion. My oldest son brought over a movie earliler and asked if we wanted to watch it. We were on our way to a confirmation class for our nephew (we are his guardians) and said 'sure when we get back".

My husband text our son when we returned and he and his wife came over to watch Fireproof with us. WOW !!! What a movie, I was continually stunned thorough out the film. IT could have been made about us....Many, many things were so very similar. But when the roses were placed on the table, and the note said " I love you more" I knew that God was indeed speaking to me - to us. You see this is how my husband has signed just about every valentine card he has given to me 34 yers worth. There were other similarities ....the addiction (alcohol though) and attention to another (me). I know that I have moved away from keeping god at the center of our lives. I did hear the message and my husband and I talked aobut the similarities.

I just asked my husband if he would be interested in the Love Dare challenge....I hope he says yes.

GOD does work in mysterious ways (Sargent York- lol, one of my husbands favorite movies).



This is really a fantastic movie for marrid couples, especially those of us who have'nt been married for so long. It has actually taught me to be pantient with whatever my partner is going thrugh. Its actually a movie that all couples should look at to strengthen their relationship as well as the faith in God. with faith everyting is posssible.



I have started this journey after many years of our marriage slowly falling apart. After our second child it seems my wife kind of shut down to any emotions or affection towards me. I am not much with infants so she pretty much took care of the kids until they were 2 1/2 to 3 yrs old. Heck me I would of been happy with a dog but I knew if I wanted to keep this woman happy she needed to fulfill her goal of being a mother. With about 4 or 5 years of no affection I started fulfilling my sexual desires with internet filth and sex chat rooms since my wife was not in the mood to fill those needs.

Like I have heard before "If you keep going to a barber shop long enough, you will eventually get a hair cut" and of course an affair happened. I never wanted to leave my wife and kids so I use this as a chance to fulfill MY needs. That is the problem with this as it seems like it all revolves around me and what I want. About nine months after the affair ended I started into the internet chats again to fulfill my needs and my wife found out about it. I finally admitted to her about the affair and we started counseling to save our marriage. During this time she changed and became very affectionate toward me. After about 10 weeks of counseling we stopped going and then things started to turn for the worse. She withdrew and it finally got to the point she didn’t want to lay next to me in bed anymore.

We have separated but are leaving the kids at the house to hopefully not disrupt them very much by taking them out of their home. We are taking turns at the house keeping the kids and the other spouse will stay with family or friends. I hope this is not the first step to a divorce but at least there is no papers filed yet.

I am doing the Love Dare on my wife in hopes to bring this marriage back to the way it was before kids. Cause for some reason it seems like it all changed when they came along. I want to be a better father and husband but I need to forgive me and love myself before any one else can love me. I also need to get back in my walk with God too…………

I watched the film again last night for, I believe, the 5th time and listen to the soundtrack endlessly in my car and at home. I think my family thinks I am insane. This film has touched my sould in places I didn't know existed. Everytime I listen to John Waller's song While I'm Waiting I tear up, as I continue to wait while God works in me.

I have been married almost 18 years to my soul mate. The Lord gave me Matthew in such a powerful way although it took me 10 years into my marriage to realize it. Every day is a struggle for me knowing the family I was born into was dysfunctional in every sense of the word, and that even as an adult the seperation is as great as the Grand Canyon. The difference between us is God. I have him and they don't... yet. Some day I pray.

This film, the Love Dare, the music is not easy to watch, not easy to read, not easy to hear, it touches you in places you didn't know it would. Thank you for giving me another way to love, and a deeper understanding of "leading your heart".



fireproof the movie has taught me alot.I have realised that the movie did not touch only those who are married, but to me too. I am not yet married, but currently in a relationship.This movie has touched my heart in a great way, it has taught me the beauty of love.Indeed love ain't a fight but its indeed something worth fighting for.I thank God for the lesson of forgiving,loving were it is impossible to love which i received from this movie.I cant wait to see it with the one i love, its going to be soo beautiful and i cant wait to get married becoz there is alot about marriage that i never realised.

P.S God bless everyone who participated in the making of this movie, may love multiply in them.


Kudakwashe (Zimbabwe)


My wife left me about 7 weeks ago and filed for divorce 4 days later. I got the Love Dare book the next week and began reading it and doing the tasks every day. About 8 days in it became too much and I stopped for a period of time. About 2 weeks ago I purchased another copy along with a copy of the movie and sent them to my wife. At that same time I began my daily task again. My wife is now talking to me but only about my daughter. Nothing else. I can feel the changes that are working inside of me but I don't even know if she is reading hers. I pray that she is. I don't want to loose my family. Please pray for us. I am hoping that she is reading hers daily and completing the tasks given.

Matt and Dawn


Well...The only thing I want to tell you all is that I can not stop watching the movie, I guess I have see more that 30 times... I will get some of my friends, and bring them over to watch Fireproof... Anything can happen, but the Lord will help you...

My husband and I watched the movie last night for the first time. We have, I think, a good marriage. We have never talked about divorce or speration, but I know it can be better. I know that I need to work on my issues and be more of a loving wife to him. I fail at times with that. I know what he needs and I let my selfishness get in the way. I could not believe at the end of the movie, when I looked over at him, he was crying. This movie touched him in a way I have never seen. Thank the dear Lord for making it possible for this movie to be made.


Well, this is my first time I write about my marriage and this is because I watched the Fireproof movie and it got me impressed in the way how a marriage can grow up if we have God in the middle of our life and marraige. I have 3 years of marriage and we have one children a boy of 3 years and now we are considering seriously get divorced. We are separated about 1 year and a half and we tried in many ways to get closed but unfortunatly it couldn´t be happened because there is a parasito big in my husband´s life the internet. It´s a real problem. I left my house ´cause i couldn´t support all the problems I was having and I said that if I leave there my husband could change or understand that being so much in internet in communications with other womans was real bad for our relationship but he didn´t change. Now I know that he has other person ´cause I discovered it and el lo niega. When I knew it, i felt too bad real bad and I cried a lot and I said that in these time ago he was lying me and that my heart never got wrong about feeling that he has having some communications with other woman and this is the confirmation. We really love each other but the way of thinking of him is different at mine. I really temo a Dios and he not. Now I am looking for God, I could forgive him about his infidelity and I tried to tell him that if we could return together will be to resolve each problem that cause our rupture and put God in the middle of our marraige but he didn´t was like a week i tried but i feel now that I loose my faith and that if God makes happen this is because HE is perfect he makes the things perfect and that I have to leave him free maybe he has another prueba with that relationship and what i know is that i have my God in my life and now I feel in peace, and with more strong to leave alone with my son. I still love him but God only knows why happens those things and I have to be happy in whatever circunstance I am ´cause the most important is who am I...Filepenses 4:11

I don´t know if what i feel now is correct or still fighting for my marriage??? or leave in hand´s God my marriage??

Well, what I know now God is in my life and he wants the best for me and for every person that looks for Him.

God bless all of you and don´t loose the faith in Him ´cause he does the perfect things.

Hija de Dios


I watched fireproof last night together with my husband. I have a happy marriage in the past 1,5 years, and we've been granted a lovely daughter, and still this film touch my heart deeply.
Fireproof reminds me of our vows in church as we exchanged our rings. I realized that criticism even just at a very simple thing can break a huge commitment such as wedding.
I cried a the end of movie, realizing how fragile love really is.
Yes, there's love we called unconditional love, God's love is unconditional. We should try really hard to give our love ones our fully unconditional love, other side I also realized that myself especially still a human being who can forget how to love other unconditionally.
to watch this film over and over again whenever we're down, is a good way to keep our minds clear and remember of God love.
I realize how much I feel sorry to my husband for every critics he received from me. and I do realize how big his understanding to accept all my critics and still love me as who I am instead..

A month ago my friends and I decided to have an sleep over at my house. One of my friends told me about that movie and I jsut decided to get it and watch it. When it just had started I see around and realized that most of the girls were crying including myself. We are young and even that we are not married yet we've been seeing this type of situations in our parents marriages. The truth is that it is very hard to see how much they are hurting each other. Obviously I don't know what it is like, because we are not there, but as a member of the family we sufer. I learned to trust in the Lord knowing that only He can give us and teach us to live love. It is more than just a word. It is a way of life.
My prayers is to see the blessing of God and wait in his hands to be the wife, mother and sister I need to be. I can see how the Lord is working.


I watched the Fireproof movie the other night and found myself crying over the beginning when the husband was shouting in his wife's face demanding respect. For the first time, I actually got to see from my wife's perspective how truly hurtful and damaging that type of behavior is. I know that in my heart, I never truly felt that way, however, actions speak louder then words. My wife and I are approaching 9 years of marriage. We have to two wonderful little boys together. Throughout the years, I have always loved her. Although I can see how I took things for granted and did not work on edifying and esteeming her. Today, I know that my strength comes from the Lord. The Lord is my power source and only through Him can I learn and choose to love. The outside will wear you down and make you calloused to what God desires for your life. Sure, you can justify and make excuses. Bottom line is that if you truly Love God, you can be a better husband, better father, better friend, loving member of the community, better worker and most of all available for His work. Not your own. It has been over a month of this separation (even though we are still in the same house), it has been both high and low (truth hurts). Whatever is the outtake, I know that I will fight for the marriage and most of all without words. Words can sometimes be useless. I will fight with my commitment to Christ and understanding of how I can esteem and support the ones I truly love. I know this is a time of uncertainty, although I could never be at more peace with my walk and Love for God.

My husband and I have been married 4 years and we have 2 beautiful daughters. He is a professional firefighter and im a stay at home mother. We had known each other 10 years before we started dating. We had both just gotten out of long relationships. We ended up pregnant and weren't married after just 5 short months. I was 19 and he was 24 we decided it was best to get married. Well God took matters into his hands and we ended up lossing the baby. Sometimes I wonder if that is the only reason we got married. Now with 2 children I wonder if that is why we stay together. Our Godson was shaken to death in 2007 and so we got pregnant with our own. I sometimes wonder if we were ready. I would never trade my girls for anything but I sometimes wonder if we didn't have enough time together alone. Both my pregnancies were rough. I have been very depressed and I take it out on him alot. I know he means well but sometimes I wish he would just be here more. He puts his wants before our needs. I know we all need to have alone time and do things we want to do. I just feel my children and our bills need to come before playing softball and hanging out with friends. He also feels that drinking, cussing and having a good ole time is ok to do infront of our children. That is where most of our fighting comes from. I can't get him to go to church because with his 24 hour shift he works he is always tired or finds an excuse. We have talked about divorce several times. Sometimes I wish there was a guide to my life. Neither of us have had good Christian parents to guide us through our problems or even help out a bit. I just wish we knew what to do. So we are going to try the LoveDare and pray to God that it works. I just want my children to be able to live a normal life and not be seperated from either parent. Please keep us in your pray.


It will be a year in April when I found the Dare book in my (ex) husbands desk drawer, as I opened it and seen he had only gotten to dare 7 and stopped. I cried realizing he was trying to save our marriage but only to give up as I did!
This is where my journey began, I feel in all my heart that the lord had him leave that Dare book in that drawer just for me, not realizing the impact it would have on my life then his.

Let me give you a bit on our past, we had been married 29 years, we were best friends, and had a wonderful family but our love for one another as husband and wife got lost in the shuffle some where, as many couples do when their kids grow up and move out, faced with each other with nothing in common, sound familiar? They do the best of their ability to just move on and 90% of the time both start going separate ways or one leaves the other behind alone and doing their own thing with their own friends now this should start hitting home to most. And before you know it your lost, some stay as is, thinking this is the norm and so far no harm has been done, for some one of the two will wake up and wonder what the hic just happened and the resentment starts in. Well that is what happen to us, at first either of us realized the impacted we had created, I was the first to open my eyes but how to fix it, I was not sure, so I let it be thinking it would get better, but my wall started building, each brick with a name, did he love me, was their some one else, am I not pretty, you name it, it was on there, the more I thought about it the more inward I became, I started to search where I went wrong, I asked several people what they thought about me, all was good, I even started looking into books to better my self in the love making dept but finally gave up when I realized it had been 6 years that we had not been together, I knew it would not get any better so I decided the best thing was a divorce, I thought about it for 2 years and it took me a year to convince my self to do it….. When I did the paper work and handed it to him, it hit him, at that moment he looked at me and asked, I thought we were happy, aren’t we? I said no I am not, he asked well lets work this out, I told him I have for the last 6 years but you never noticed my attempt, but now I am tired of trying, I cant do this any longer, he again asked why, I told him all I want is for you to be happy and apparently you are not with me, he looked at me and said I am, I then asked him how long has it been sense we made love? he stopped and looked down he said about a year, I said no try six years, he looked up at me with sad eyes and said really? I said yes…..
Nothing else was said and the divorce went threw, the odd part neither one of us could make the first move, we stayed in the same house for several months, and in those several months my (ex) did attempt to fix us, he tried to get me to see the fireproof, but my fear of it going back as it was kept me from going, I did not realize he attempted the dare book till 19days before he left, the day I found it I fell to the ground, and cried what have I done god! That night in my own room I started reading my (ex) dare book, the 2nd day I knew I made the biggest mistake of my life, the 3rd day I asked my (ex) I wanted to try to make it work he told me no, by this time he hated me, All I could do was node and let him go.
By the 1st week god had changed me, I was doing the dares on my (ex). But he soon moved out and I found myself alone, I prayed for him to come back and found myself depending on the lord heavily, I kept asking the lord to answer my prayer to bring him back, but god wouldn’t hear of it, I finally asked god why, he told me I was praying wrong and I was being selfish. I needed to pray for my (ex) to come back to him first, not to me, you see my (ex) started walking away from the lord and the lord wanted him back with him, so I started praying for my (ex) salvation the more I prayed the more I fell in love with god, and god started mending my broken heart. I then made the commitment to become gods bride, so as I did the dare book god became my husband, each dare was to him, god showed me how to love his way. I told god if he was to send me a husband I wanted a man on fire for him, a devoted Christian man and I would accept nothing less, but I would also understand if he did not send me one, I was prepared to be gods bride the rest of my days.
My life had changed big time, I was finally able to smile. In the mean time I still had to face my (ex) you see our 3 grandkids had birthdays within 3 weeks of each other, the first one was hard, but the second one was better, we talked and laughed a little, but that day god showed me I had a new love for him, as he walked away I knew I loved him even more. He later called and asked if he could pick the last few boxes I said sure, my daughter had just moved in with me maybe a little over a week, I told her your dad is coming up, but before he came up, she had told me he was being nosey and asking what I was doing with myself, she said she is good, she is smiling a lot and laughing she told my (ex) I’m not sure who she is talking to at night but who ever it is, is making her laugh every night before she goes to bed, then my daughter asked me who is making you laugh at night mom, I told her god! Well my (ex) came up to the house as he walked in my daughter was walking out, he asked her where you going all dressed up, she replied we are going out tonight, we! Who is we, my daughter told him my friends and mom, he said awwww, well he got his things together and came into the house to inform me he was leaving, he told me to behave myself going out, I just smiled. As he walked out the door I went into the room and fell to the ground and cried, lord you made my eyes clear and made me new, I have done what you asked and I even told you I would be your bride, but why have you not taken this feeling I have for my (ex) away, this is not fare, I then told the lord, lord if you want my (ex) and I to get back together and he still loves me you will bring him home tonight, if he dose not come then I will close that door completely, so its in your hands lord.
My daughter called within 10 min, and asked if I was going I told her no I was tired and in bed, I then fell asleep.
I had waken to the door bell ringing off the hook, I was so out of it I did not realize the time, it had only been 20 min sense my daughter called, I went to the door asking who is it, thinking it was my daughter, but instead it was my (ex), he said its me can you open the door, I did as he asked and I looked at him and asked if he forgot something, he said yes! Can we talk, I said yes about what, about us, I then let him in the house, we sat and cried for 2hrs and he asked if he could come home, with tears in my eyes I said yes, he then held me and with tears he said after I closed your door and went to the truck the lord spoke to me and asked me what are you doing! This is your home and family you belong here! He said I sat in front of the house crying as I watch the lights turn off, I went to my parents and asked for conformation, my dad said if this is what god wants you to do then go, so as i drove back to the house i prayed, lord if this is from you she will be home and not out with our daughter, but if she dose not answer then I will turn around and never come back, lord this is on you! I hugged him as we both seen what god had done for us, by both listing to him, we cried once again.
We went to bed that night holding each other and god, nothing happened right away, we waited on the lord to say when. we told the kids the following day, you want to see tears coming from grown kids and grandkids! Yup the water works were on. Then we walked in church the following day and gave our pastor the biggest blessing ever, yup more tears! Within a week the pastor was doing a sermon on marriage and asked if my (ex) and I would do our testimony we agreed, in front of our church family and our kids. we told of our journey, yup more tears, and at the end of our testimony my (ex ) got on one knee and told me, you have waited 30years to hear these words, he pulled out a (blow pop ring) and asked for my hand in marriage! I cried and let a whimper of a yes out, we hugged one another and yes more tears threw out the church! After church we were informed that there was 6 couples on the brink of divorce and one couple had decided to try again and another one went back to her spouse, out of the 6 only one still on the verge of divorce but oddly enough they are still in the same house, mmmmm I do believe god is working!
We are now married again, we got married on a new day for a new beginning, we no longer do separate things, we do it together or not at all, we have closed our door to old friends and god has blessed us with new ones. We have a new love in each other and with god. I hope I have touched you in some way, there was so much more to say but I think it would take days to tell you, but if there is something you need to ask us, please do so, we may just have the answer for you, if not we will take it to god with you and with faith he will have a answer for you! By the way it was 21 days after I did the book my husband came home!! God will do what is needed if both gives up their will and allow god to do his will!

P.S when I started praying for my husbands salvation god always woke me up at 2am to do it, what I was not aware of, is that god was waking up my husband at 2am, after a week he finally asked god what do you want from me, he said you, and that night is when my husband gave up his “will” to god and allowed gods will to be done.. It was the next day after the birthday party he came home for good!
The key is listen to god, he has something so much better for you!

Living by gods faith

The Christmas season was dark and cold, but not because of the weather. Their parents were facing a crisis – separation and maybe divorce. They prayed, hoped, cried and prayed more. Christmas was marred by parental separation and the two girls tried to make the most of what seemed hopeless. As any child of divorced parents can attest, Christmas in two places stinks. Through difficult circumstances, they young ladies continued praying that God would supernaturally intervene on their behalf; putting their family back together.

Putting their heads together as only sisters can, they devised a plan. A Christmas present they thought would help – a Bible. They gathered their money and bought their father a simple, burgundy leather NIV translation. They didn’t care he already had three or four Bibles. This one was from them.

Needless to say, the gift wasn’t met with much excitement. After all, it was their father that moved out weeks earlier. He wasn’t really in the mood to read the Bible. It sat on a table for a couple weeks, then in the car, then in his hotel room. Apparently, God kept moving it from place to place. Occasionally, he would read a few verses trying to make sense of a senseless situation. Mostly, he put it down.

A couple months passed with the typical every other weekend visitation, awkward pick-up and drop-off and occasional glances passing between husband and wife. The girls continued praying. Adults gave up, telling the parents the marriage was over and they needed to move on. You know, the typical, well-meaning Christian advice that’s just not Biblical. Hey, do you remember that Jesus said we should have the faith of a child? I think He meant that!

Time passed, hope waned, Christians didn’t think twice about another marriage ending in divorce. The girls’ mother prayed; continually telling them God had a miracle in store. The court date came and went and the divorce was final. In what seemed like a desperate attempt to salvage this marriage, God made His move. Many thought He would sit back allowing another Christian family to become victim to a satanic attack. Not this time.

God supernaturally made His presence known. It wasn’t late in the 4th quarter; the game was over (according to the world). Actually, this is when God manifests Himself with all glory and power. Start humming the theme to Rocky. I know you know it. Everyone thought God showed up late; actually He was right on time! He visited the man while driving north on Interstate 49 in Louisiana, somewhere close to Alexandria. His presence filled the car causing the man to intentionally try and keep the car on the road. It was a modern day blinding like the Apostle Paul experienced. God simply said, “What man has torn down, I will rebuild.”

It’s over, finished, move on – Not this time. This is when God gets to show why He’s God. With the father in one hand, the mother in the other, God began His work. The two girls prayed, the mother grew in her faith and the man finally read the burgundy Bible. God rebuilt what was torn down because of the faith of two girls, one 12 and the other 14. That whole faith-of-a-child-thing – that’s literal! A few months later, the girls watched their parents remarry – the final brick of the rebuild put in place.

Unfortunately, marriages end every day because adults don’t have the faith of a child. How do I know this story so well, you ask? Because I’m the guy who received the best Christmas present ever. I’m the guy who carries and studies that Bible. So if you’re in the middle of a crisis, get yourself a copy of the Bible, maybe a thin, leather burgundy NIV, and read it.

Romans 10:17 – So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

God reminded me of the Love Dare book/challenge. I was around day 14 when my ex-wife called and asked what day I was on? You can imagine my surprise – She had started also. We believe our marriage was reunited by God using the Fireproof Love Dare Challenge. It’s NEVER too late – even after divorce.

We are now more excited than ever as the creators are presenting a Fireproof weekend in our city. Can’t wait.


I believe I was led to the Movie "Fireproof" by GOD. Here is my story:

I met my husband over 9 years ago, and we were married in May of 2007. This was a second marriage for both of us. We had always been very close, emotionally physically, spiritually. But once we were married and had to intertwine our children and families, something happen. WE found out that we were pregnant in Dec 2008. I started noticing a change in my husband shortly after. Although he expressed that he was excited about the baby, I could tell something was wrong. A few months later, we stop having sex everything. He stated that it was because he had some complex about having sex with me being pregnant. That he didn’t feel the passion, and was worried about the baby. He even started sleeping in the guest room..he said to give me more space in bed. More changes of emotional distance, and physical came about. I started praying to God to please show me the way, show me what’s wrong. Is he cheating what’s happening? Two days before my 33 birthday on Aug 5 2009, My husband came to me and told me about a good friend of ours that left his wife for his mistress. He went on to explain that the husband wanted out and that the wife was just left with the kids to deal. He stated that the husband wanted more excitement in life, and would raise his children still, but he only had one life and it was time to live it. I was sooo shocked, because I knew how much the wife had put up with him and the cheating and I know she truly loved him and their kids. My husband went on to say he could understand how the husband could feel that you only have one life to be happy , and it should be about being happy. I once again WOWed. I asked him if he ever thought about leaving or doing something like that. He stated "of course not" he said” I am just saying I can understand why he would feel that way" the next day my best friend called me up for lunch to celebrate both of our birthdays, and wouldn’t you know...she also had just caught her boyfriend cheating the night before. IT WAS IN THE AIR!!! My advice to her was to stay strong and ask God to lead her.

Here is where the story gets interesting:

So the day after my birthday, I went online to start paying all of our bills, because that’s what I do...I handle the bills in our household. My husband had recently bought a new cell phone service. So on this day I decided to set up a new online account for his phone to pay the bill. I called him at work to get his information...he gave it to me, but without realizing what he had done, because he was sooo busy at work. I created a login,,,and I was in. I paid the bill, and closed out. It wasn’t until he called me back to question me why I was paying the bill, or what I need his info for ..he started acting really strange. It triggered me to log back into the account and check out his phone records. Wouldn’t you know texts and calls up to 3 am in the morning and constantly all day long. He was texting this woman from the guest room when he wouldn’t even sleep in the same bed with me. I think he was at work and realized that I would find he kept calling me and calling me. I never answered. I was SOOOO shocked.I was pregnant, so I was trying not to be stressed out..but I was just soo shocked. 20 minutes later, my husband showed up. He lied to his boss that I was sick and he needs to leave work early for the day. He came home explaining that it was just a friend of course. Later I found out she was a co-worker. I was due to have the baby the following week, so in order to keep some peace and sanity, I forgave him, and he promised to never do it again.

Here is where God steps in AGAIN: Recently I noticed that my husband had started changing again, acting differently. I prayed to God one morning a week ago, once again to show me a sign. That same night, I went out to dinner with some friends, while he stayed home with the kids. I came back home that night..but he didnt hear me come in. I went to our bedroom and in our closet I could hear him arguing with some woman on the phone. I listened for about 5 minutes. Finally I opened the door and he was shocked.It was the same woman. Later that night I left took the kids. Just as I got in the car, I turned on the radio on the Christian station, and they were talking about "Fireproof". It was like God place me in that car at that moment to hear it. There was a special viewing coming to Houston to one of the theaters. Because of the kids, I knew I couldn’t go to the movie and see it, but last week, I went to Target and bought the DVD.

We have been arguing since I found out. He still swears they never slept together....i dont know what to believe.I love my husband still with all my long am i suppose to let him hurt me? I ask him to watch the movie also, he said he would, but I don’t think he will. I had not started the 40 day dare yet, because I kept concentrating on the fact that it should be him doing them on me....seeking me out to prove his love for me...but after reading everyone’s stories...I realized that it’s not about him proving anything to me. It’s about me showing my love for God and rededicating myself to God and my marriage. I have placed my faith, and sole being all into my husband. It’s not his sole responsibility to make me happy in life...its mine. And hopefully through theses steps I take he may become encourage ask God for forgiveness for the things he has done.....Day 1 starts today. here I go!!!!Pray for me.


My husband and I met several years ago and and got off on the 'wrong footing'. I regret a lot, if not all of the things we did but because of certain things in my life I decided to marry him...not out of love, primarily...truthfully, love was hardly apart of the equation for me.

Because of guilt and other challenges, I decided to marry him and we have struggled since to keep the 'face of marital bliss' to the public and countless tears cannot undue the damage that has been done to both of us. We have one daughter after about six years of marriage and almost four years later, things are no better.

A friend of ours showed me the Love Dare movie and I decide to buy the book. Now I am stuck with the book and not sure what steps to take because I HAVE SO MUCH BAGGAGE weighing me down. In addition, I need to 'get' what Caleb got from the cross in the park (excerpt from the movie).

Until then, this will be an almost impossible task because you cannot give love until you have experienced it personally in a deep and meaningful way, something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.
In all honesty, I want to be able to love...again and feel that for my husband. But how, how, how!

God help me!


I met my husband through my sister in 2005. He was a tall handsome cowboy from Texas stationed in California with my sister's boyfriend due to his enlistment in the Marine Corps. My first marriage had ended about a year prior after a 6-year struggle, we have 3 kids together. My cowboy and I didn't start dating until October of 2006 when he came back from a tour in Iraq. After much persistence on his part I finally said yes to dinner with him. In a few short weeks I realized how different he was from my past relationships. He was kind, thoughtful, simple and loved my kids. We were married in late spring of '07. I was raised in a Christian home and although my parents were divorced my Dad's faith made a huge impact on my spiritual life, I just didn't realize it until I re-dedicated my life to Christ shortly after we were married. My cowboy, raised Southern Baptist, got me going to church again and God had called me back home.

I continued to grow in my walk, my new husband seemed to be regressing farther from his. I learned that he was a workaholic and threw himself into the Corps. and his love for ranching. I also took a new job that demanded more of my time than I should have allowed for a mother of 3 kids. We had our good times together, we both love the country life and horses. The good times seemed to occur less and less as time progressed. He left active duty with the USMC in early 2008. After being thrown back into civilian life our marriage all but deteriorated in a matter of just 5 months. He had a mild case of PTSD. It was also discovered that even though at 6'0" 170 lbs he was a borderline diabetic and was having blood sugar issues. He wanted to go back to Texas but my obligation was to stay in California for my kids. He started not coming home or when he was home avoiding me at all costs. I didn't understand, I knew he wasn't being unfaithful. He didn't watch porn and he believed in the scriptures in regard to marriage. But it still cut deep. I was an emotional wreck and the more I cried and yelled at him the more he pulled away. I knew in my gut that he was going to go home. With or without us. The kids and I moved out that November. I felt like such a failure as a mother, wife and to my God. He was moving back to Texas that December.

One night at home after hearing how good this new movie called Fireproof was I bought it from our church's bookstore. After watching it I never have been the same since. I bought my own copy of "The Love Dare." My husband and I the couple short weeks before he left started talking over coffee at Denny's on regular occasion. We decided that even though he was STILL leaving that we were going to try to work on things over the period of time he was obligated to staying in Texas, he had made commitments and he lived by the Golden Rule. After he left I stuck to the Love Dare and we tried to work on things over the phone which for anybody who has ever done a long distance relationship knows how difficult that can be. As each month passed his promises of "I'm coming back" went to "I'll be there to visit"...then "I can't, I have to study"..he had decided to pursue a career in law "You can come here to visit"...and then finally "I'm not coming back". My heart was broken. I gave up even though he didn't want to. How could you fix a marriage when you live in different states?

I poured myself into work, my kids and church to keep my mind busy. A friend of mine at work and I started sharing our pain of our freshly broken marriages. Mistakenly friendship turned into something more. I felt God tugging on my heart to turn back to Him. It took me 3 months to let the Lord win. (For the record...God remains until this day undefeated) I took a summer trip without the kids to Colorado with close family friends. My dad was also building a home there and I was anxious to see its progress. Before I left I had asked God for revelation and restoration to my soul. I spent more time than ever in the word and in prayer. I even attended a Sunday service at my Dad's church where I got THAT message that God intended just for me in podunk Colorado. I got to the church parking lot and He brought me to my knees, all I could do was cry. He told me that I needed to ask for my husbands forgiveness and that I had made a committment to Him to love my husband unconditionally. I called my husband that night and confessed all.He forgave me without hesitation. I learned that he had drawn up divorce papers but never could bring himself to have them served...AND he had still remained faithful to me even after I had given up. He also had been seeking counsel from a chaplain and knew where he had failed us and asked for my forgiveness too. As fate would have it he had just taken a job as a Sheriff's deputy that week.

Before I left that trip the Lord spoke to me again.


Go? Go where Lord?

"to him."



"Trust Me."

I said Yes. For a month I wrestled with how was I going to break the news to my children? How was I going to tell their dad? He was re-married and had grown his family by this point but it was going to shake his core. Through one of my kids Sunday school lessons I was reminded of the story of Abraham and Isaac. After that I made strong resolve that I was going to be obedient and TRUST Him. Jeremiah 29:11, He not only wanted to bless me but my whole family. My kids were ecstatic to have their step-dad back but they were torn on moving away from their home. By God's grace alone they and I ...and their dad...who found Christ that year... were able to make it through the transition looming ahead.

After 10 months of not seeing eachother, my husband and I re-united when he flew to California to help move us to our brand new scary world. It's been a bumpy but wonderful ride these passed 4 months. I could tell you that everything is perfect and we lived happily ever after, but the reality of marriage is that it takes HARD work every day. I have a new job "part-time", the kids a new school and friends and we have been blessed with a church family that in a short time has become very dear to us. My husband and I are in marriage counseling which has been fruitful and also healing. I am still praying and trusting that he will give his life and this marriage entirely to the Lord.

I am on day 11 for the 'second' time with "The Love Dare". The book is not the remedy, but is a tool that has and continues to help me day by day to be patient and kind, leading my heart to love. Not by expectation of getting in return, that's the wrong motivation I had the first time. Now I'm learning to give selflessly to the man I married because it's not about me. It's about God, my daddy.

I hope this story can inspire you to "Dare to Love."

Marriage is a journey with a destination that makes the long trip worth the miles. I can't wait to get there. :)


My story is similar to others I have read on this site. My wife and I have been married for 7 1/2 years and had a major fight on January 3rd. A fight that I used typical tactics of not being patient and certainly not kind. I stoop so low to degrade her and not respect her. Definitely not a way to treat the love of your life. I couldn't imagine someone talking to our daughter this way. Since this night, I have been doing a lot of soul searching and realizing what kind of jerk I have been: Selfish and greedy!

Unfortunately, she told me two weeks ago that she wanted a divorce and has spoken to a lawyer. Nothing I have been doing is working and haven't been religous for over 20 years. She even tried to show me the movie Fireproof in December and I just thought it had a good story.

Well, I'm opening communications with God and asking for strength, healing, and foregiveness for both my wife and myself. I'm doing the Love Dare and am struggling, because I'm not sure if I'm doing it for the reason of just wanting my wife back or because I want to have a relationship with God and know that I have received forgiveness and been enlightened by whatever outcome we have. I hope it is the second option. I have noticed that I'm more patient and kind. I'm not thinking selfishly or with greed and I have enjoyed this so much more.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have changed greatly, but my wife is not trusting it. She is set in her decision and I'm running out of time. So, my Love Dare is in a bit of a crash course. I have done many of the dares over the past weeks and have been able to get myself to day 24 since start this past Saturday. Either way, I do feel like the guy did in the movie at this point of the 40 days. My wife is so cold and mean, but I focus on the love I have for her and not respond with any negativity. I wake up every morning asking God for strength to get through the day and night and so far so good.

I pray to God that the best outcome happens and if it means we divorce, I feel some sense of why that is the best choice. We are a family with two children and I can't imagine them growing up in a broken home. Instead, I have had an opportunity to learn what is truly important in life by doing the Love Dare and know that our family could be filled with unconditional love and respect for one another. Please pray for strength, healing, and forgiveness for us!


With all my heart, I trust that Our Heavenly Father, has led me here to this site. Quite literally, I was just going thru my husband jeans, cell phone, and wallet. I got online and did a reverse search for numbers I found in his phone. I hapt onto this site. I watched this movie when it first came out. I begged my husband to watch it with me, yet he refused-even laughed at me. Both of us grew up in christian homes. We both have strong christian backgrounds. Tho, we have chosen to place Our Savior on that book shelf that hardly ever gets dusted. We have been together since Dec of '02, and married since Aug of 03. We went to school together, and he was my younger brothers friend. We began living together in sin nearly a year before we wed. That was our first mistake, of a long list of mistakes.... I have two children from a previous relationship, and I fell in love with him b/c he was great with my kids. We never had a courtship, and that has damaged our relationship, among the many other things that have. Ok, so to make a very long story shorter, I'll just say; our marriage has had MANY MORE DOWNS than ups!!!! We are both very angry and resentful toward each other. I suffer from periodic stints of depression, and he is an alcoholic. Both are bad, but together, they are even worse...Together we also have a child. I am three years and a month older than he is, and it seems he never lets me forget how old I am. I have no problem with the fact I am about to be 30 in March. It seems as tho he does. It used to be this sweet little joke btwn us, but now its more of a sick joke. Anyway, I have prayed and prayed God touch us in a mighty way. There have been so many times that one of us wanted out, but the others love held us together. Lately, tho, it is we are both ready to throw the towel in. We are so angry all the time. We dont talk unless we are arguing, we live in the same house, yet we are all alone-if that makes any sense. There is very little love, if any at all. He has been unfaithful a number of times, yet I have tried my best to stick it out. I am to the point where I think "whats the point" My grandpa married us. He prayed over us, and believed in his heart our marriage was of Gods Will. I want so much to believe grandpa was right, so, I am commiting to this challenge. I do love my husband with all my heart and soul. I am just not in love with him anymore. I pray this is the blessing God has in store for my marriage and family. Please all-pray for us! Love In Christ, Misty Dawn


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