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I met my wife 20 years ago, while in High School. We were High School sweethearts. Over the years we had some hard times as we grew up but always remained faithful to each other. We were married 10 years ago and have 2 small children together. We have had some bad times but the last few years have been on a steady decline with regard to our marriage. Neither of us have been involved with the church only throughout life for Christmas, Easter, Christenings and weddings. Last year I returned to College to fulfill my life long dream of presueing a career in Paramedicine (Paramedic). While away to school for extensive amount of time our marriage broke down even farther than it ever had before. My wife and I took i guess is what you would call a break (Broke up) as I had moved out of the house and after a short period of time I met someone and moved on to presue a friendship that quickly developed into a relationship. After several weeks it was seen on my part that I missed my wife and wanted to try again. After completing my training i returned to my hometown with my family and tried to pick up where we had left of prior to attending college. We quickly found out that the fact that I had moved on with another woman was too much for my wife to handle and found ourselves broke up again.... This time She had filed for Legal Separtation. Several months have now passed and we are trying to build our lives back to where we have independance but over the last month I find we have found a bond that we have not had in a very long time... We Now spend time together talking, laughing and enjoying each others company. We Both want to get our marriage back together but my wife is now nervous to try again because it didn't work before. I see where we went wrong now and what happened to demise our marriage , and now know where I need to adjust (CHANGE) in order to be the man she wants me to be and the Man I want to be.. She also realizes where she went wrong and comprimized our marriage over the past few years. We both understand that the small things in life like the good morning kiss, kiss before work, intimate chats, greetings after work when you get home, the everyday loving embrases that are taken advantage of and let go as SOMETHING IS MORE IMPORTANT, like the pot is boiling over or a light needs turning off, needs to be prioratized and put in its place... All I can say is it may of taken months to realize and the embrase of another woman , but I now today realize I love my wife, my family and I want in my whole heart to spend the rest of my days loving my wife, my lover my best friend, my soul mate. I love you babe and hope we are together soon...


My husband and I got married in 2002. i was expecting a baby and I guess we just thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I loved him and he loved me, but we were not in love. our marriage was 80% bad and 20% okay. After my daughter was born, things got worse. He was angry and unhappy and i was supporting our household and hated him for everything. He was abusive to me and I decided to leave him when our daughter was 13 months old. We tried to speak here and there, he was completely out of our lives, which is what I wanted. In 2004 I left the state for one year and returned in 2005. Although we were in and out of court, we didn't speak to each other. I prayed for God to touch his heart so that he could except Christ. But at the same time, I hated him & lived each day to hate him for what he did to me. All these years, he never saw his daughter. In 2008, the judge awarde him monitored visits w/ our daughter. He only went to four visits. In January of 2009, we went to court for a review of the visits, I went to court by myself, i usually went with a family member. But that morning, my heart said to go alone. In court, the judge said he wanted us to work a plan out, I asked the judge if I could speak to my ex-husband (we were divorced by then) out in the hall. My ex was surprised that i wanted to talk to him. We spoke for hours after not speaking for years. He shared with me that in November (2008) he accepted Jesus and was Baptized. I told him that I had been praying for him. We agreed on an easier, friendlier visit schedule for our daughters sake. Long story short, all of 2009, we got to know each other, I think for the first time, and this year (january 2010), we re-married to each other. Because of personal reasons, he had to leave the country but we are doing the best we can, with God's help this time, to make this marriage work. He doesn't know this yet, but , during the summer, I did the love dare but saw no results, but a great friendship developed. To my surprise, we ended up getting married again. But this time, we're friends and God is at the head of our family.


Five years ago, I met my husband online! we married in 2007 and I getting ready celebrate our 3rd anniversary. This is the second marriage for both us! We have 5 children among us, 3 are from his previous marriage, 1 from mine and 1 together! His oldest 3 live with us, due to their mom being negligent. Our daughter has had some health issues since the day she was born, the two boys from his previous marriage have severe emotional and behavioral problems. So to say the least, the struggles we have on a daily basis are huge.

In September 2009 it had come to light that he was "talking" to another woman and had become emotionally attached to her, I had asked her to back away and she told me "no". She told my husband to leave, he did, when he returned he became violent and a fight ensued, leaving me being arrested for something I did not do. I spent two nights in the county jail, where I FOUND my LORD AND SAVIOR waiting for me! I prayed for those 2 days that I was in there like I had not ever prayed before, I prayed for my husband, my child and my marriage! I told God that I didn't know what his purpose behind all of this was but I was going to TRUST only in him to get me out of it! He was certainly listening! I was out in 2 days instead of 3 days, and I didn't have to bond out with money, I was released on my own recognizance! I was able to drive to TN to be with my little girl! She was terrified, so it was so nice to hold her in my arms!

I have never had God work so rapidly in my life before! I kept praying for my husband to see "the light" and get some help, I had to have him served with a TPO so I could come home safely with my little one, once he was served those papers, he began to look toward God as well! it was a HUGE wakeup call for him!

About a month or so later, he called me and asked me to go with him to the doctor, he needed help! That is when we learned my husband suffers from bipolar disorder and PTSD! but with GOD, the proper medication, and therapy he is working on him, we ARE working on us and on our marriage!

I am seeing a new man, still not completely there but we have a starting place and for that I am very thankful!

All of my charges were dropped as of last month and now I can move forward, I thank my father in heaven for his hand in my marriage every day and for listening to me cry and beg him to intercede! WHAT A MAGNIFICENT MIRACLE HE PERFORMED AND I THANK HIM EVERYDAY FOR USING ME AS HIS CATALYST TO GET MY HUSBAND THE HELP HE NEEDS AND TO BRING HIM BACK TO WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE WITH GOD!


Ok, firstly I have to say that I don't believe in God. I lost that somewhere along with everything else that mattered. My husband and i have been together for 5 1/2 years, and things used to be great. I think that I am the bad one in the relationship. I made some mistakes and they led to him making some too. We havent slept with others, but came close enough. He is deployed to Iraq right now and he will be home in a month. I am considering the love dare, but its for a different reason than most, it seems. He is a great guy and we are both 100% committed, I just want to make us stronger. I dont know if it will work, and I know he is willing to try it.. I just am so afraid to fail. I dont want divorce to ever be an option


I have watched Fireproof for the 2nd time. I can't get my husband to watch it. I have been married for 6 years and we have 2 children together. I have the same problem the woman in the movie had with her husband. I am so upset and tired of trying to compete with the smut on the internet. I am stressed and tried of all of it. I feel that looking will lead to something more (which it has in the past). I now have lost myself trying to please him. I don't know if I should even try the Love Dare. I feel maybe I should just try to get back to "self". I don't know where to start. Please pray for us!

This is for everyone out there who feels hopeless. I just experienced a miracle. I, too am in an empty, loveless, long enduring marriage. I bought the Love Dare book for both of us out of desperation when I heard about it on the radio and just completed Day One. His copy might already be in the trash can b/c he just isn't interested in our marriage at all. I just completed Day One and my mouth hurts from holding my tongue and not speaking during his daily bits of punishment and anger. But here's the miracle - I got thru it and after I read Day 2's Dare I really just wanted to throw up b/c the thought of doing something kind for a very mean person is making me sick... yet... as I was questioning God about why I should even try to do this, a loving, peaceful feeling just came over me and I was compelled to write in this blog. Here's the miracle: As I was seething about having to do something nice for Mr. Mean, and predicting that this entire journey could still see the end of our marriage - I realized that the journey is really about me forming my relationship with God. No matter how rude or mean my spouse may seem or is, it doesn't matter any more or hurt as much b/c this entire 40 Day Dare is for me and God. If a renewed love comes from it with my husband, then that would be thrilling. But if it doesn't, it isn't my biggest fear anymore b/c what's more important is that I follow God's word and learn to lead my heart. I FEEL A GREAT SENSE OF PEACE today on day two. My other tip is to go out and rent the Fireproof movie b/c it shows how long it takes to really make it work and how you really need to hang in there. At one point, right in the middle of the 40 day journey, one spouse serves the other with divorce papers! Yet it still worked out. Hang in there everyone. We can do this.


January 30, `10
1:49 am...

Well, i'm waiting for my Love Dare Journal and am willing just to try it out....i just finished watching the Fireproof movie and have to admit i was touched..i've been married for almost 11 years and i can say that i'm the bad guy in this relationship..i'm the one who has failed God, my wife, my kids, my pastors, my family, friends & myself..i have told the woman that i met and married at church that i don't love her anymore..i feel that my heart is gaurded, afraid and wounded at the same time..because i realized that when i have hurt her, i hurt myself as well...i feel empty, lost, lonely, afraid, and in need of love..yet at the same time feel like i'm rejecting the love of my God & my wife....i'm crying inside, i cry in silence so noone can know..i don't want to cause stress to anyone, don't wanna bother anyone.....just wanna go through this alone if i have to...but if God is willing, may He walk with me.............forgive me God for straying from you & rejecting your love and rejecting the love of my wife.......forgive me for the many sins i've Jesus Name....Amen!........



I just got finished watching the movie Fireproof. I have never been that much of a religious man. I have been married to my wife for 11 years now. She is a wonderful woman. We have two daughters and a child on the way. I wasn't expecting the movie to move me like it did. It wasn't until I watched that movie that I realized I was treating my family bad. I put too much effort in things that I like, and not what she liked. I am selfish and greedy. I can admit that now. Today, I am taking a stand to change all that. I did things and said things to hurt her. Never realized that until today. I guess my story is more of one of a realization. One of a wake up call so to speak. I am going to make the change today, to save my marriage and family before things get beyond control. I love my family too much not to make the change.


Just remember that the power is not in the book. The book is a tool to help us get to the place where God can work through us. Peace be with you all. God is in control. And He loves you unconditionally, and loves your spouse as well.

My husband and I watched Fireproof together, and joked hey this sounds like us and both agreed it was a good movie. Little did I know then how much I would need this now. I am in need of help and prayers, and so my story begins. We have been married for almost 9 yrs. Have two wonderful kids 5 and 7. Several yrs ago I caught my husband into internet porn...which almost killed me when he was sending naked pics of himself to women. I forgave but never forgot. Then about 2 yrs later I met someone who gave me the attention I so desparately craved, my husband confronted me about this and I admitted I slept with the man 1 time to which my husband gave me the ultimatum the other guy or my family. I ended it the next day with the other guy and have been devoted to my family since. I found out over the summer my husband had been seeing another woman who as he puts it "is in the same boat as him marriage wise....unhappy and don't know what to do" He was spending time away from me and kids. Texting her our whole vacation in july and I didn't find out til last month. We went to marriage counseling whom suggested we separate we did for about a week then he came home only to be sneaking around with her still. He said he has since then stopped seeing her yet he refuses to take her off his friends lists on facebook. He has been diagnosed as bipolar and paranoid schizophrenia and taking meds for this but has been drinking on top of it. He left in sept and is still gone, he tells me he wants us to be friends and see what happens between us, but how can I just be a friend to my husband? I need the love and honesty, security and intimacy. He says he will never divorce me but he is not in the right fram of mind to be a husband....He says he has forgiven me for my infidelity but never forgotten and swears to everyone he has not slept with this other woman. He refuses to communicate his feeling with me....I am hopelessly in love with him and he is playing games and is shutting everone out, even his dad who is he best friend, but see his dad is also a preacher so the devil is working on my husband and he will not listen to his dads advice.....I need prayers, I have't been as srtong in my faith aas I should be I need to turn it all over to the Lord...........I am so broken I don't know what to do


My husband and I had been married for almost 13 years, when he meet a friend from grade school on-line. They rekindle a friendship that they thought they had lost, it grew over time to more then just a friendship and he ultimaly left me me for her. We were divorced in October of 2009. He moved several states away to live with this other women in sin and left me and our son heart broken. I forgave him, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Just days before our divorce was final, his girlfriend kicked him out of the house. He had no place to go. As sorry for him as I felt, I cuold not allow him to come home, nor did he want to come home. Now he is living with his parents. We are working on our relationship and we are talking more now then we ever did when we were married. We are even taking the Love Dare together. Hopefully in the end we will be able to get back together. The Love Dare has made us talk about things that we had burried years ago and never really talked about. Thank you for this opportunity to make a relationship right again.


My husband and I had been married about 5 yrs when I found out he had cheated on me. Slept with a girl from high school one night. He denied it to no end and swore and swore he didn't do it. I knew he did by the way he was acting and the look on his face. I forgave him as hard as it was but I couldn't forget. We moved on with our lives and 4 children then about 3 yrs later I found myself falling for another man. I never fell out of love with my husband but I loved this other man too. When my husband found out about it, that caused me more hurt than I could bare. I have never had sex with anyone except my husband, not even the other man. He showed me the attention and had conversations with me that my husband didn't have. At this time my husband is still denying that he ever cheated. He forgave me and I ended it with the other man. We have had our ups and downs over the years and always gotten through it.
We watched fire proof about a year ago and this past november we celebrated our 21st anniversary. I can honestly say that movie and the love dare had a huge impact on us and brought us closer together. In December he changed alot in a good way though!!!! We talked and talked like we had never talked before and he even admitted that he cheated on me back then. I told him that I had forgiven him but not forgotten because I never knew the reason why. I never done anything back then except take care of our 3 small children and waited on him to get in from work. He tells me he don't know why he did what he did except he was just young and stupid! I KNOW THAT HE IS THE MAN GOD INTENDED FOR ME AND WITHOUT GOD WE WOULD NOT BE TOGETHER. See I met my husband when I was 15 and have been with no one else since. Thank you JESUS!!!! it's all because of YOU! keep us in your prayers



My husband and I have been married for a little over 6 months and we have struggled with our familiesí tremendously. He has a son from a previous relationship and wants joint custody. We had to move from California to Indiana for his job and his family said that we were abandoning his son even though we still fought for custody. To top that off my niece was an out of control teen who both my sister (her mother) and my mom begged my husband and me to take and live with us in Indiana. That went over like a lead balloon. She didn't like the rules in our house and ended up going back home.

I think that God brought us to Indiana for a reason. My husband's family was especially controlling with his son and thought that they knew better how to raise him even more so than his own father. My family has co-dependent issues and the drama would sometimes bleed in our relationship. We miss our friends and family but we don't miss the drama. We bought our first house and our neighbors are all great. Most of which are religious and make their families a priority (unlike in CA where your job was your priority because of the survival factor due to the high cost of living). We have a support group here with our friends that help us through the tough times.

After watching Fireproof, we both realized that we too feel in a rut because of the negativity from our families and the custody battle. The stress took a really bad toll on us and our relationship. Things didn't seem like they were getting any better until we watched Fireproof and started reading other religious materials geared towards marriage.

We have started praying every night again and we try to do or say something nice to each other each day. This is only the start. We hope that with time we will be able to be able to fight fair and spend more time laughing instead of stressing out. Sometimes the stress and issues take over and that seems to be the only thing you have in common and/or talk about. But, there is hope! If you trust in your heart, GOD, and your marriage it will work itself out.

It can be really hard at times but it is worth it. One of my really good married friends once told me, "If you give nothing you get nothing and if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten." Inactivity is not the answer. Marriage is work despite what the fairy tales say. The good thing -- is it is worth the effort.

The day you give up is the day your marriage will start to die and eventually erode. I just hope the statistics change one day to reflect that the majority of married couples actually stay together instead of the other way around. Those days must have been nice when you actually believed you would stay married for life and when your children had a mother and father for their entire childhood. What a thought huh?

The other day my husband sincerely said he was sorry for something that hurt my feelings. I actually believed him and saw that he still loves me. These are the times that you have to remember and build upon. I feel like we are getting closer and I am starting to feel like there is hope. Something neither one of us has felt for a while now.

Good luck to whoever reads this. You are not alone. You can choose how you behave and you can decide if you will try or give up. Hopefully God will help you see things through, create a positive support group for you, direct you to helpful literature, and allow you to be around other couples who you admire and can work towards being like.

There is always a stronger couple out there when you are weak and there is always a weaker couple in need when you are strong. I hope that my husband and I can be a positive influence to some of our struggling friends when we become stronger. I would love to help someone like my friends and neighbors have helped us.

God bless.


Well, as you know K-Love is doing the Love Dare from the Fireproof movie. I let ray drive sometimes to work and this day I did, so as I had my eyes closed they were talking about being a safe place for your spouse. I heard Ray say"A safe place, I can do that" that threw me into a very humble mood. I cried on the way to work because of being blessed I have a husband who is wanting to wrk at this marriage and put God first and even do this work with me.

He calls me his best friend. I could not thank God enough for bringing me someone who actually cares if I am dead or alive, if I am feeling ok, and who really loves me. who shows me respect, treats me like a lady ( of course when he kept me pure before marriage I knew this man was different then any other), wants to talk when I am sad, listens and takes me aside by my hand and will tell me " Let's give it to "Dad" (God) and who lifts all our children to "Dad" everyday. Of course,he can be stubborn, but the good always out weighs the bad parts of him and me.

He brings out the best in me.

We have been married 5 months and together 3 yrs. For those who would like to know. I tell him we are in our Honey moon phase, but he says this is how is going to be all our lives.

Be encouraged. God does work in marriage no matter how long you are together


Please pray 911 for us as a couple. Last 2 yrs. we've grown apart. She's a workaholic & not interested in me anymore. We're christians, but she's distant. Living in a marriage with no intimacy at all is killing me. I just turned 50 & had to retire at 45 as disabled from law enforcement. I'm so lonely. We got married at 19 & 17. Been married for 31 yr. Have 4 grown daughters. The pain is almost unbearable some days from this. She hasn't mentioned the D word & she has no interest in anyone else. Our marriage just isn't important anymore. We are not on her list of priorities.
It's so hard to do the love dare when she's not interested in us, or me. I need a miracle.


Can someone please post a story about how God has restored your marriage? Anyone who is reading these needs to read positive experiences about the redemptive power of God in marriage. We all need to hear how this book has changed the lives of men and women who have struggled in their marriages but through God's help, relationships have been healed and restored. Thank you for anyone that has an encouraging story to tell.


My husband is having an affair. I have got the book and am working it. I believe that the lord will save my marrage. I love my husband and want to stayed married to him. We have been married for 9 years and together for 15 years. I will continue to keep my faith. The lord is the only one who can fix this. I have two chidren 6 and 4. They want there dad to come home. I believe that god wants my marriage to work and the lord will forgive him and so will I. He has strayed from the lord, I pray he finds his way back. Keep Faith. The lord will see us all though.


My wife and i have been married 10 years, She recently left seemingly out of the blue and ended up sleeping with her ex-boyfriend from before me. While she was gone, (before I found out) The Lord gave me a new life and a filling with the spirit. Last night, I discovered she told the other man she loves him. I asked her to not leave or force me out for 40 days because she doesn't believe my change is real. I still love her and have decided to do the love dare as well. She will see it coming as she was given the book and although she never read it she has a fair Idea as to it's contents. If after 40 days she still wants him I told her I'll leave. I pray The LOrd will give me the strength to get through this.


As I see life now I wonder why was I not a good wife and a mother to my children. I felt like life was just taking me away into sin and there was nothing I could do until finally my husband soon to be (ex) left me after ten years of marriage this past 1st of July my heart was broken and torn and I'm still heart broken I know that we had our bad and good times, but I finally realize that the one and only i was ignoring was my Savior. I found God since that day and I have to thank him that regardless of the things that I'm going thru with my husband I still love him and will never leave his side. I found the Lord and it's one of the best things that has happen to me and my children. I miss my husband and I LOVE him more than ever but he wont even talk to me or call, he no longer wants nothing with me and our children. But I have faith that one day my husband will come back home and we will be a together again. I will never loss my faith in God that he wants his family together. I Know that I have made big mistakes but please dont lose your faith in God he is powerful and mercyful. Im losing my home, business and almost everything that my husband provided for us but it's up to God now and I will wait patiently for my God's will.
Please Freddy if one day you read this I'm sorry for everything I done to you, our marriage and our children. We miss you and I love you. May you one day find the Lord and be Saved like we have. We have our children and they miss you so much all they talk about is dad we miss him and just remembering the good times. I know understand that without the blessing of God we just cant' make it in life. We need him for our hearts to be bless in his Holy Name. Please were ever you at I miss you and love you. God has forgiven me for everything that I done but the love for my husband is still in my heart more than ever. If I get one more chance with my husband I will make things better than ever. God has given me a new life, a new talk and a new walk. God is good really good.

I miss you Freddy Cantu and I LOVE you I don't want the divorce.


I have been married 10 yrs and 6 months. In Sept 09, I found a text in my husband's cell from a woman apparently he has been chatting with. The message ended with I miss you. Right there and then, he texted her and told her this is not approriate and they need to stop. That started my doubts. During our conversatios, he told me that he needed friends that is why he went to chatting (incidentally, this is how we met and eventually fell in love). He said he has emptiness and sadness. Recommended he sees a counsellor who can help him. He disagreed. After several weeks, I still had the feeling he was chatting with someone on the ipod. Eventually that was confirmed and after so many disagreements, I AGREED he continue as long as I know what they are talking about and can see the pictures of these women. He did that but of course doubted that he was telling me everything. In the meantime, I changed my ways and became more romantic to him and initated making love most of the time. I slowly noticed changes like, we got to take it slow and I am not used to this.Went on a trip to visit my eldest and before we even left the house told me we will not make love for a week while there. I then asked why and he told me because we never did it anyway whenever we were out of town. Halfway to the tri, we stayed in a hotel and when our 8 yr old asked where I would be sleeping, he told him that I will be sleeping with my son. I told him no, I will sleep with you. He said, you never sleep with me. Another argument. I asked him to stop chatting while on this family trip and said he will not do it as much..but of course he always carried the ipod wherever he went most especially in the bathroom. ONe day, I opened his cell and found a sent message telling this person where we were going. He said it was just a friend. I told him there are no friends and no one has the right to know where we are going. Excuses and excuses. Finally we came back home and on the same night, I just decided to open his email and found the email add of the same woman he sent a text to. From the time this all started he would not be the easiest person when confronted. I have always reminded him to stay away from temptation and not to go outside the boundaries of chatting which he promised yes. To make a long story short, he told me has fallen for someone he met online and is not sure if he would like to give this marriage a 2nd chance. He fell for someone who is married, lives in Asia and has an 8 yr old child too. I am holding on to God now for strength, peace and the return of my husband's love (he admitted falling out of love and even told our son that he does not love me anymore). Soemone suggested I read this book. I am only in part ! about patience and biting my tongue when I want to say something nasty. I failed just about half an hr ago. It hurts so much when you see your husband upgrading himself from an ipod to his laptop complete with pillow so it will be more comfortable for him to chat in our bedroom (I moved out of the bedroom since the 2nd of Jan). I walked in there just now to brush his teeth and there he is comfortably sitting while chatting. He is a changed man. The sweetest, most wonderful, loving, thoughtful and kind husband is no longer there. I am waiting for fireproof to be delivered to the house and hopefully he will agree to watch with me while I continue to ask for God's help and guidance everyday. I ask everyone to pray for this family and for my son who is going through the pain as well. Thank you.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

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