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My story is just getting started. I am posting this in hopes that someone will read it and pray for us. We met when we were kids, and were members of the same youth group. He went his way and I went mine over the years. I moved away from home for 15yrs and decided to come home where my children could experience the close knit family love that I had grown up with. My boyfriend and I got in touch with each other with the use of the internet. We were invited to go haunted housing, unaware that the other was going. We had an amazing night and have spent nearly everyday together since. We do not live together and both of us have a lot going on in our lives that need to be fixed before we even get to that point. Not everday has been perfect, but so far we have managed to get through the rough patches, though it usually starts with feelings being hurt, expectations one has for the other that weren't met, drifts into arguments about who was right or wrong, or who is to blame. I've been trying to be a better person and trying to do daily devotionals. When we first got together he talked about religion with me as if he were in love with our Lord and Savior. He knows the Bible very well and has explained a lot to me that I never understood. We've even talked about going to church and doing devotionals together. Things have recently gotten worse for him, has caused more struggles. I try and be there for him as much as I can, and pray for him constantly. Just to show him I care. I came across the love dare challenge and decided I would give that a try. The more I got to reading the more I got excited over the prospect of he and I doing this together. I used the tools I had to hand write a Love Dare journal for him and added the 8 reasons to walk the love dare line. I also wrote a letter explaining why I was doing this. He ready the first few pages, said that he appreciated what i did for him, that I took the time to do this, but then he said he felt that with everything wrong in his life he really felt like God was working against him. I've tried to explain to him that it's not God working against him, it's the devil using temptation after temptation to pull him further from God and everything good so that he could bring him down and hold him down. I don't know why he's fighting good things that are trying to surface in his life. My heart breaks for him and I will start the journey alone, but I will not give up. I am hoping that with me taking this journey, God will use me as an example to lead not only him, but others around us to him. That he will eventually see good things surface in my life and a change in my attitude towards life and want to have that as well in his life. We've talked about growing old together and being together forever, and I just want us to have a good foundation to start with. I can't change him, only he can change him, and I pray with all my heart that he will travel the journey and Dare to Love not only me, but God as well.


I have seen the movie but my husband husband and i are on our second seperation, this last one he left in june of 08! each time for a yr and a half. in july he wanted to reconcile again and i told him he needed to get right with GOD before he was right for us.Then i started feeling guilty and knowing god called me to love him anyway. there was a reason why i hadnt filed the papers yet. i met many men(never dated or sex) just conversation and none of them filled his shoes. so i contacted him and let him know i was wrong and i felt god wanted us to be healed. now he calls me every day and tells me he loves me and we are planning a reunion(as soon as we can save the money for a ticket, he is unemployed). he still lives in california and i am in texas. we are doing the love dare together over the phone..for the 10 day we got stuck because we dont live together or even in the same state..kind of hard to do something unusual for eachother. well, my husband managed to do something that floored me and made me realize God is in this with us. I lost my job and when i told my husband, he sympathized and got off the phone. later he calls me and told me that he put money on our joint card cause he felt i could use it! this is comong form a man who never shared his monay! lol I encourage everyone to stay strong and so you can go long and do it Gods' way works!


My husband and I have only been married for slightly over 2 years now. As newlyweds we quickly learned that marriage is not all fun and games, but that growing together is what makes it easier. Everyone says it takes two, and they are right... it takes two to move together, but YOU pull YOUR weight. You don't drag your spouse through marriage-- you work together and move along in life hand in hand. You have to realize your own flaws first and work on them in order to move forward. With that being said I felt that I was the one keeping this marriage together. My husband did nothing to pull his own weight and relied on me to take care of everything and number one, to just accept his flaws. Now, I know everyone has flaws and that if you love someone you do overlook them.. and I would but it got to the point where they weren't flaws, they were bad habits he was taking on. Like lustfully looking at other women-- which quickly threw me into the most insecure point of my life. I was just supposed to accept that? No, but I wanted to stick beside him and help him overcome the desire to do that. My parents have the greatest relationship-- in my eyes. I really look up to them as role models and pray my marriage is just like theirs. My mom had the movie Fireproof and when my husband and I hit what I wanted to say was "rock bottom" she brought it to my house and pulled me outside and told me to go in there and forget everything.. phones off.. dog outside.. push aside what we were going through.. and take my husband and a blanket and cuddle next to each other and watch this movie with open hearts. We did and for the first time in our marriage, my husband was truly open with his feelings and realized how he needed to correct areas in his life. He had tears. Tears to me are little feelings you held inside your heart that are finally escaping the body. When one cries, it shows your TRUE feelings. You cry at different times, mad, sad, happy, scared. When something impacts you enough to cause tears, it spoke to your heart. He realized he was "leaving his partner behind" and he was ready to walk hand in hand with me. Not only me, but he was ready to recommit to Jesus Christ and continue to walk hand in hand with Him. That meant the world to me and I finally felt that I wasn't alone.. this marriage wasn't only my responsibility. We decided that we are going to take The Love Dare. I have ordered it and should be receiving it this week. I cannot wait to get started on this with my husband. He is anxious as well and I truly feel that this will shed light upon our marriage and lead us in the right direction-- hand in hand.

My husband(at the time) and I i had watched this movie and for some reason I had felt like he didt care about me and he avoided me and blew me off for other people and now that we are divorced for 10 months I see things a little different. I had only seen what I wanted to see and not the actual picture , due to listening to unbelievers I got blinded to my own marriage and doing what I knew was right. If I could do this all over again I would have put God first which is what I have come to realize now, that my marriage failed due to lack of communication and I didnt have a realationship with The One Man who matters MOST God...and now that I realize that I think it might be too Late for my x-husband to see that. Now I am a believer and I have faith that I will make it through this but my heart is torn apart I miss him so much and I have made alot of mistakes but I feel like I dont even exsist to him and my heart is still his. I wanted to share this experience with people before they make the same mistakes that i did. Make God priority and the rest will fall naturally. I MISS YOU BRETT!


My story started almost 18 years ago when my son was born and I was only 16 at the time. My boyfirend and I at the time, were not sure exactly what we were going to do. We talked about marriage but i wasn't sure if that was right or even if I wanted to marry him. So I decided to finish school and he went to college in Texas for two years. We kept a distant relationship for those two years and finally decided to get married. My husband and I have been married now for 15 years this January!! During the first 7 years or so I was trying to follow what God wanted for our lives while he was doing his own thing. He had fallen away from God and that was the biggest struggle in our marriage. We have been through it all financially, intimately and some unfaithfullness. Then God got ahold of my husband and turned his life completely around!! Through contstant prayer and dedication to my marriage and my family we have made it! We now have 3 wonderful children and a strong and blessed marriage!! My husband is now the youth minister at our church.
He did the Love Dare right after he truned his life around and opened my eyes to alot of things that we both are still working on to this day. Now I am going back and doing the Love Dare myself. Just to remind myself what marriage is all about and to keep our love alive and Fireproof!! Just remember a marriage is a work in process and God is always on your side!
May God Bless you all and your marriages!!


The movie was great & a blessing & I also have the book. I believe God used this movie to help couples, but marriage takes Godly love, patience, work, long suffering, etc. I am no expert, but I see how God has moved in & changed my marriage. I have given my marriage to God. When I wanted to leave my husband, God said "no". After that, I thought I would take weekend breaks from my husband & visit family in South Carolina. God said no, again. So I didn't. Things still didn't change. But I obeyed and waited, and waited, and waited. Because I listened to God and didn't leave, we renewed our vows on our 19th year anniversity September, 2009. Then we had another blow out, but we stayed because I continued to remember what God said the times before. It's now 3 months since the blow out and we are stronger than we ever been. You see, because of all the problems we were having, I asked God if this was the man He wanted for me. He said yes, so that ended it for me. I had to stay and work on this marriage. We still make mistakes. My husband still gets on my last nerve; but I love him. I'm learning to love him the way God wants me to. What is working in my marriage is we allow God in it. I pray for my husband even when he does something wrong. My marriage is a miracle. I love God for keeping us together. God also promised to give us a child. I asked God for twins, & He will give me my twins from my wonderful husband. My husband is a kind & loving man. He cares about other people. He is a WONDERFUL father. He has issues that hinder him from being the total man God wants him to be, but I ask God to help me to get him there and not hinder him. He tries hard to please me. He tries hard to please God. My husband is a man of integrity. Again, I love him. We are blessed to have each other; but more than that, we are blessed to have God. Finally, we have to understand the devil is trying his best to kill marriages and we have to stand flat foot and not be afraid of OUR enemy and stop him in his tracks. Fight for the marriage God gave you. God doesn't make any mistakes. God has given us the authority to tread on our enemy (the devil). He actually fears us because of our relationship with God. Let's fight back. Before you make a life long decision for a temporary situation, talk to God & allow Him to answer you. Be blessed & let's keep one another in prayer. Remember, let's fight back; if so you will have SWEEPING VICTORY.


My husband and I have been married since October 2000. We were High School sweethearts and have two children, ages 18 and 13. Prior to our marriage our relationship was always pretty rocky, breaking up, getting back together over and over again. After four years of marriage, I thought I would be happier with someone else, or just being single. We have been separated since 2004. Both him and I have been in relationships while separated. I filed for divorce, however, couldn't go through with completing the paperwork. He has never attempted to get a divorce. I have not been in a relationship for approximately 14 months, my husband still is. I have thought and prayed about where to go from here, and I know that I truly want my marriage to be reconciled and our family back together. I keep tellling my husband I want him back home, and that we need to mend our marriage. This is not the first time I have asked him to come home. About one year ago, I asked him and he told me he was happy in his relationship. In early November, my husband began to call and text me, and we have been talking and seeing each other since that time. I was torn because he is my husband, however, I knew he was living with someone and in a relationship. My husband said that he wanted to "get through the holidays," and then "something would be done." He led me to believe that he was willing to give us another chance. But, his girlfriend ended up finding some text messages from me, and this is the beginning of their 3rd week of separation. Now, he says he is confused and does not want to be hurt, by me, again. He also said that he told himself he would never come back, and that he can't come running back to me just because I want him to. I pray for him, for us, for our family, and I also pray for the woman my husband was living with. I am almost finished reading "The Power of the Praying Wife, and have recently begun reading the Bible and attending Church again. I have decided there is nothing I can do, but work on myself, pray, and obey the Lord. Somebody suggested watching "Fireproof," together, if possible. I mentioned it to my husband, and he said the movie looked good, but didn't say anything about watching it alone or together. This morning on the way to work, I heard about "The Love Dare," and decided that I needed to do this, whether my husband did or not. I have asked for forgiveness from my husband for commiting adultery, and he said he has forgiven me. I know God does not want marriage to end in divorce, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep this marriage entact. My struggle is getting my husband to have faith in me and God. Please pray for all the parties involved.


My Wife is My Life (after God, of course!)!

A short description of the Sacrament of Marriage as a life long love story.

My Wife is My Life (after God, of course!)!

This is a book that all of us husbands have already begun writing.

But what type of novel will yours and mine be?

A) A short story with an abrupt ending? or

B) An unending Love Story based upon "The Song of Solomon (or Songs or Canticles)"

Men, we need to begin to live and write more passionately to and with our beloved wives! We ought to know by now that women love that! Why do you think that so many of our "desperate housewives" are hooked on soap operas!

As we say re: social work documentation: "If you didn't write it, you didn't do it!"

When we make our home a "Godhouse" for our wives, we stay out of the doghouse!

Marriage is a Trinitarian Covenant between God, a man and a woman.

Keith John Paul

My husband and I have been married for 8 years together for 10 years. This is my second marriage and his first. I was young when I married the first time, we had a wonderful son together; however it seemed after the birth of our child our relationship went down hill. We both lead separate lives. We went through marriage counseling. I ended up being treated for postpartum depression. He was hanging out with other women and staying on the computer all night. I ended up having an affair seeking the attention I was no longer getting from home. I asked for a separation and filed for divorce. During this time I was battling the worst depression, it seemed like the darkest period of my life. I started to make friends on the computer, which lead to me meeting my current husband. Because of him I was able to get over the affair, deal with divorce, and battle my depression with support. We met in 1999 and started our relationship. In August of 2000, we got engaged. On August 4, 2001 we became husband and wife. I truly felt like I had found the perfect person for me. He was everything I had wanted in a husband. I still had problems with my depression and trust issues, and he was always supportive and said it wouldn't always be like this. Our relationship and marriage was the kind everyone wants. I was slowly allowing myself to trust and open up up to him. I was overcoming my depression and starting to be happy. We became foster parents of 3 beautiful yet challenging kids. In August 2006, we also received our 5th child from Korea. I thought we were happy and now our family was complete. We had some rough times with the children and adjustment issues. From August 2006 our relationship became strained. Life with the children was hectic. I started noticing changes in my husband, he became distant, irritable, agitated, and only seemed happy around our sitter. I soon began to suspect an affair between my husband and our sitter. I found out in October of 2007 that they had indeed had an affair. This was a blow to my marriage and a blow to what I thought my marriage and husband was. We decided to try and work on our marriage and stay together. We are slowly rebuilding our marriage. However, I find it very hard to get over and not think about it. We tried to do the love dare a year ago and failed to finish. We are now trying it again with the 40 day challenge.

I use the Love Dare not only for marraige,but I am a mentor for ladies at my church and I have found by substituting husband or wife for family,mom,dad etc. It also works on that as well. I have taught the Love dare in my mentoring sessions and the Lord has used it to bring moms and daughters back together as well as dauher in laws (in Covenant) and mother in laws ( in Covenant) while using your Love Dare the Lord has revealed several revelations one being that in laws means in covenant.And you are to treat them as your family because they are through the covenant that was made through marriage.
The other being that unconditional Love is just that unconditional therefore it can apply to anyone.I just thought that you should know it not only apply to marraige



Hi, My name is Christine, My husband and I been married almost 8yrs in March, But we been together for 10yrs, My husband is in the Army, And when he had to go to Iraqi, I kinda freaked out and I was afraid of waiting for his return home, Because I was thinking he may cheat or not make it back home to me , So, I asked for a divorce and I started seen someone else, But he wouldn't give me a divorce, So, When he got back, I had broken up with the guy, Because my husband wanted us to work this out, But little did I know he hadn't truly forgave me, And since I didn't know that, I packed up and moved back out of town with him, And after a few months he started treating me different and that was, Because he was talking to someone else on me, But I didnt find out til down the road, After he brought her to our home and slept with her more than once, It was very hard for me to get over, But I stayed with him and then he had to deploy again, But at this time I had got closer to god and I put everything into our marriage, Only for him to go to Iraqi and have another affair on me, So, Now I'm struggling with my marriage, We have 4 kids, My first son is from a preivous marriage,my second son and little girl is for my husband and I, And we adopted my god daughter, So, Its not just about my husband and I, We have our kids to think about it, If we dont try to put this marriage back together, I want my marriage and my husband do too, But its me, I keep having nightmares of his infedility, We watched FireProof and been talking about trying the Love Dare, So, Im about to order it for us, Also, He been trying to show me that its about me only, But I can't trust him, He did this twice, Please pray for us and pray that the Love Dare helps us.... Christine


I met my second husband at work after having one child from my first marriage, pregnant with a second child and considering suicide. God got a hold of me and changed my life. After being married for almost 11 years and about to renew our marriage vows to by best friend and the love of my life I found out he had an affair (over the internet/then drove to be with her) and my whole world crashed. Yes I lost it all; my husband, our house and my dreams of a future.

I am so thankful God has always been with me and I have three beautiful children and now two grandchildren.

I wish the 40 Day Love Dare was there for me but I have found that even though I am alone it is still ministering to me in ways I did not think possible. I was always upset about being alone but I know that God has and will continue to be my source of strength and love.

Couples that have this opportunity to do this challenge I encourage you to keep your faith always communicate and never take for granted the love that God has given you. It is a treasure.


I made a huge mistake and moved out of my home 2 months ago thinking that I would be happier with someone else or single vs. being married. Me and my wife of 7 1/2 years both agreed this would only be a trial separation and we would continue to see each other after we moved apart. For the first 30 days I did nothing to re-kindle my marriage and started behaving like a single man. About 45 days in, god really begin tugging at my heart to try and get back with my wife. So far she has said NO. I mentioned taking it slow and just dating and she said NO. She told me that she has not been as happy as she is in a very long time and that we are better apart. Though none of us have filed for divorce, I am losing hope. I have taken a last ditch effort to give The Love Dare a good 40 day run to see if she will open back up to me. I know God is changing my heart, as I was the one who left. I can only pray that she will forgive me and see that we really can be happy again.


My marriage is 26 1/2 years old. You would think we'd have this marriage-thing down pat. My husband's character is good, otherwise I would not have married him. We share the same religion, however, I am the one who has the FAITH! My husband is in chronic pain, hates his job, is disgusted with the way his life is, and doesn't like that we're financially struggling. (We have been for all of our marriage!) He has been diagnosed with depression. He constantly yells at me. He slams doors, punches walls when he's angry...and let me tell you, that he is NEVER happy. No matter what I do to reassure him that God is in control and He is sovereign, he tells me that if I want to believe that then I can go ahead and believe it. I feel he's soooo lost! He does not go to church with me regularly. He goes to bed at 6:00 pm nightly due to his work hours, so I am alone every single night...even if he is off of work the next day, he will not spend any time with me. I tell him that diamonds and trips and THINGS are not what I am all about, and all I really desire from him is his TIME! His time is free, yet he does not give it to me! I feel horribly "un-cherished" . He throws the phrase "I love you" to me, but I feel he has NO CLUE what LOVE really is.
Our children are grown up, and we have 2 grandkids. My own adult children have told me to leave him. My son told me that he would never treat his wife like my husband treats me. My daughter told me that we are happier when we aren't together. My physician recommended that I watch Fireproof! I heard of this movie when listening to my Christian radio station, and now I thought that it's time to rent it and put it on. I told my husband about watching this movie, and he was sarcastic when he said "great".
I watched it by myself and I feel that maybe this is the very last effort out there to try to save my marriage. It was an excellent movie. To have a change like that is miraculous, but I fear that it may not last for how my husband is .
We did attend marriage counseling but none of the counseling the doctor gave us has lasted, even though I remind my husband every time he blows up at me what the doctor told us to do, but he does not stay the course. \
If this movie doesn't move my husband toward true change through the power of the Holy Spirit, then we may be hopeless. A one-sided effort cannot work.

My husband I have been married for 7 1/2 year. We dated for 2 years prior to our marriage. He was doing everything right. He opened the doors, told me that he loved me, called me every day from work to check on me, and the list goes on and on. It seem like a couple of years into the marriage, majority of the kind gestures and words stopped. Our biggest thing that had stopped was communication. I had always said that that is the key to a good realtionship but for the last couple of years, he hadn't took heed to this.

In 2006, I began to feel unloved and not worthy of his affection and kind words so I began to seek elsewhere. I had found someone but after it had all went down, I felt that this wasn't the answer and I told my husband. He was furious and at that point, I had decided to go seperate ways but he didn't so we end up staying together. He had changed for a moment but it had died down again after about a month.

After trying to work things out, it seem like he didn't see his faults but I have always owned up to mines and tried to be the best wife but I had always felt it wasn't good enough and I kinda feel like that now. I communicate this to him but he is not listening. I told him that I have flaws but til this day, I continue to work on mine but he don't.

We watched the movie "Fireproof" and it opened up both of our eyes. He texted me because I am at work and said that he loved me and he wants this to work and he was goign to do better. I told him the same and now we are on our journey to began a new covenant.

I had started my new life as being a dedicated christian about a couple of weeks ago and after looking at this movie, praying, and taking his feelings into consideration; i think things are going to get better. I also ordered the " Love Dare" and the yearly journal.


I am 33 and on my second marriage. The first marriage was short lived, I was young and so was she. We have a son together, who will be 12 next month. When we split up, I started a brand new relationship with God, and I tried everything in my power to rekindle that marriage. I was just not meant to be with her. Nothing worked. I moved to another state where I needed to start over, there was too much outside influences in my hometown for me to continue. Upon my new start, I met my current wife. We have been married for 1 1/2 years but had been together for 8. Things have been very difficult because she has a son by another man and I have a son by another woman. My ex wife through those 8 years made it extremely difficult for me to see my son and that put a strain on my relationship. SoI spent more time my step son than my own. Five years ago, we decided to have a child together and he is truly a blessing. This chld is filled with so much love that he brightens the room when he walks in. He is quick to share with friends and family, he loves being around both his parents, and he is always telling us to be nice to each other. Our problems lie with the older two boys. My ex wife moved closer to me now so that I can be in my sons life. It was very difficult because she put a lot of things in his head that was against my wife. So after a month of me talking with him and showing him how we are, he has learned to respect his step mom. But every once in awhile, his attitude will resurface. Now my step son is becoming a handful. His mother pretty much lets him do whatever he wants and talk to people however he wants and as soon as I start to discipline him, she pulls him to the side and protects him. He treats her like she is one of the kids at school. Gives her attitude when she talks to him and yells at her when he doesnt get his way. Many of our arguments stem from this situation as well. I tell her not to let him do that and she tells me to discipline him. Then when I do displine him, she comforts him like she is the good guy and I am the bad guy. Now don't get me wrong, I am no saint. I have said some spiteful things and done some regrettable things to them that I am sorry for. But I am a good man and after watching Fireproof, I know that I can be a better man through God. I realize that to make changes in someone else's life, you need to make changes in your own life first. When I saw the transition in the fire captains life in the movie, I told myself that I wanted that too. So I got on my knees and asked the Lord for forgiveness, strength and patience to allow him to make changes in my life. So I ask that you all pray for me that I continue on this path. It it is almost to the point where I was ready to leave. So it seems that God has another idea for me, or I would not be writing this story for you to read.


So lately I have been feeling just empty, I pray for my husband daily, I pray with him day and night, I have been watching fireproof a lot lately, and listening to uplifting praise music, my problem is I am feeling like no matter what I do it's not good enough, he has been in a lot of pain and has to endure being stuck at home a lot, I am purchasing the love dare book for both of us, I am planning on doing it as soon as I get it, I hope that he does to, I have given God our marriage, we have been together for 11 years and married for almost 10, I have asked God to guide me as this is my first marriage and his second, I know life is not about getting things, but to be honest I wish that he would give me something, he always blames not giving anything do to money but seriously there has been times where he has not even tried, no matter what though I am in this for the long run, I guess getting to vent is healthy, I don't mean to sound like he does nothing because he is very caring, and sometimes flirtatious which I love, so today I wrote all over the walls the comments and questions, give God the glory, the serenity prayer as that is my favorite inspiration, I also wrote the big questions what have you done for your marriage today, I am choosing to live by these things because I know that with God all things are possible and that with him I can move any mountain or hurtle, I love my husband very much, and I know he loves me so I have given God our marriage and I am letting him walk me through things.

God is great.


My wife and I have been married for 13 years December 6th. Although, we have been separated for nearly three years now. We are like many of the stories I have read here. We have a huge communication problem. We can't seem to say anything nice to one another. So yesterday I decided I wasn't going to say anything if it couldn't be nice. I did very well with that all day. We have two great boys that are having issue because their mother has left and she isn't around much. I have ordered both the movie and the Love Dare book. I am committed to saying my marriage at all cost. We have both stepped out on one another. It seems that the boys and I come last in my wife's life. I have a very hard time dealing with that issue. She keeps wanting me to do for her. I keep feeling like a door mat. She just keeps walking all over my feelings. Like for an example I saw a message sent from my wife's phone to her brother talking about how how this younger guy is in her eyes. In our 13 years of marriage I have only gotten well don't you look nice. There have been to numerous times I have called her sexy or gorgeous and meant it. Before we got married she was a kisser and a hugger. Then as our marriage went on the kissing got less and less. I am a very affection man and loves to tell me wife I love her. I still tell her today that I love her. It seems that I never get anything back in return except for an ok or an alright. My wife is my every thought. I wake up to the thought of her and go to sleep with the thought of her. She even comes to me in my dreams. She is like the Garth Brooks song More Than A Memory. Friends have urged me to seek either a legal separation or divorce. I don't want either of them. This is my second marriage and I don't want to see it end in failure. So please pray for my wife and I that we can resolve our issue and reconnect and reunite our marriage.


my husband and i have been married 3 1/2 weeks before we decided to separate. YES, you heard it right, 3 1/2 weeks, not 3 1/2 years. I don't even know if there is a marriage that transpired between the two of us. We did, however, dated 2 years before getting married.
Unfortunately, our culture/tradition dictated too much to us during the wedding season which lead to our separation after 3 1/2 weeks. Everyone (fmaily and friends) became very invloved that everything became messy. On top of that, we both brought baggaes from our previous marriages into this relationship. We needed a lot of soul searching and improvement of ourselves. We've become toxic to each other.

We both did and said very hurtful, almost unforgivable things to each other that lead us to separate.
But after two months of not communicating, we both decided, without seeking approval from anyone except God, that we will work hard for this marriage to work.
We attended retrouvaille and they recommended to watch Fireproof the movie and highly recommended the Love Dare book.
We watched it and right after watching it, I saw my husband's awakening, the look on his face was different. He's always been more spiritual but sometimes people need to be outside the box to be able to see himself better.

We are still separated, we are seeing a marriage therapist plus into the retrouvaille program. He does however have a special friendship with a co worker with the opposite sex that I told him I was very uncomfortable with. He is defensive about this friendship but right after we watched Fireproof, he got what I meant.
We made an agreement, he will rebuild trust by stopping his weekly coffee/lunch with her. I also gave him my word that I will not bring this woman's name up anymore and stop asking him about her.

Today is the first day of the Love Dare challenge for me. I dont know if he's going to do his but I am positive that if I make the change within me, then he and everything else will follow. It is not only for him, it is for me, I want to improve myself this time. It is God's will to make a marriage work if both husband and wife want to and we definitely want to!

I am 21 years old. Last March I met the greatest man in the world and it lasted for 8 months. We broke up for about 6 months and got back together this May. He came to me one day telling me he loved me, never wanted to hurt mo agian, and that I wa the one for him. A couple of weeks later we picked out rings. 2 months later the arguing started again. He said he fell out of love with me because of the way I was treating him because of my jealousy and trust problems. Even after as bad as everything has gotten, I still love him more than anything. I am willing to try anything at this point to restore what was there at our 2nd begining. We both have made mistakes. I feel like I have lost all faith in God, something I used to believe in whole heartedly. I really hope this helps me fix all that I have done. I will gladly take any suggestions and advice.



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