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My husband and I have been married 7 1/2 years. Up until six weeks ago, I thought things were pretty good. Sure, we've had some rough spots, but all in all, I thought we had a strong marriage. Many of our friends wish they had the marriage we had. Six weeks ago, I found out he cheated on me. We watched FireProof the day after I found out he had been unfaithful, and held each other, crying, after it was over. I forgave him, and was working on trusting him again, even though he cannot forgive himself, and thinks God won't forgive him. I thought things were going well. Saturday, he told me he wants a divorce, and has for the last year. I love him with all my heart, and do not want to spend a single day without him, let alone the rest of my life. My sister is sending me a copy of The Love Dare. Even though he insists it is over, I'm hoping that the book will not only save our marriage, but help me find myself again, after 10 years of worrying only about his happiness. I will also be attending church on Sunday, for the first time in 20 years, and totally losing my faith in God for the last four years.

I know that it will be rough, as he says he has no desire to try to work things out, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to honor my wedding vows.

Please pray for us.


I am a firefighter I have been with my girlfriend katie for one year. I watched fireproof for the first time and after the second time it was like it was me in that movie and i also had people told me iam like Caleb and I have realized iam i act like him and talk like him and we have a daughter together and i want to make this work so iam wanting to start the love dare and make it work and i think it will


I am in a confused stage right now. It's been month ago that I found out my husband was cheating on me. The worst part about it is that he confused it has been going on for 7 yrs. It doesn't stop there he decided he was going to move out and go live with her. He says he loves her and he loves me too but then he also says his love for me is just from a distance. I just don't know what to think and do. I have moved out too and rented my own apt. with my three children. I still see him alomst everyday because he sees my children plus he assist in coaching their soccer teams. It is very hard to see him and not react. I have been giving him a hard time and have said some pretty mean things. I have even done things to make him angry but it's because of all the pain I feel inside. He lived a double life for seven yrs. We have been married for almost 11 yrs. He's lived a lie for more than half of our marriage! I am devestated, hurt, humiliated and feel used. I always did everything he wanted in our marriage, still that was not good enough for him. I stayed home with my 3 kids til they went to school. I had them alomst 2yrs apart, so I had my hands full. I had them really close together because that's what he wanted. I feel betrayed and stupid. I watched fireproof tonight, of course only with my children because he not here. It really touched me and I wish he could watch it. I am just confused in what I should do. Part of me wants to try the dare love book and part of me doesn't. I am just going to pray and ask God to show me. I'm scared of being rejected. I already feel rejected! Please help me pray. I want to make the right choice.

We met online about 10 years ago and were married shortly after. It’s been 8 years married now and most of our marriage has been less than happy or fulfilling for us both. We have two young daughters who take up much of our attention and energy. I have hit rock bottom recently and to the point of having an affair. I completely regret what I have done and wish only for forgiveness from my husband. He thankfully has given me a second chance and I am still struggling with my temper, and determining what love truly is. Being reluctant to watch the movie my mother in law gave us, we finally broke down and watched it last night. By the end we were both in tears sobbing. The light bulb has come on, now the true work begins. I am going to begin my 40 day journey today when I pick up the book at the store and hopefully find God in the process. I know in my heart that he wants more than anger, fighting, and impatience for us as a couple and a family. I can only hope that we can come together on an even playing field and grow as a loving couple for our girls and each other. Please wish us luck.

I am completely in love with the man of my dreams and he is a firefighter but it seems that his time is more focused on other things and he has told me numerous times that his main priority in his life now is the fire department. I'm in a constant state of worry and panic when his tones drop. I have loved Ryan since I first laid eyes on him. We are both very young he is 22 and I am 21, and was together for awhile but a falling out put us in the "akward friend zone". We have talked about getting back together and both agreed that it would be best to wait everything out to see if a relationship will work with his new lifestyle. I have decided to take the "Love Dare" to try to bring romance back to us and show him that no matter what I'll always be there and will always love him. I pray everynight for this to bring us together like we used to be. No, Ryan and I are not married and no, we have no children but the love is there. It just needs to be sparked again. I hope and pray that the "Love Dare" works.


My Husband and I have been together for almost 13 years and married 10 years- We have 3 little girls together - Our relationship has not been perfect to say the least- affairs- - trust- money issues - and the run of the mill difficulties with having children- no time for each other. Our family lives far away so it is difficult to get any time together-
After Counseling on his part= and going to church as a family we started to get better- Things were looking up and now I feel that we are back to square 1 and struggling to survive- We as a family have stopped going to church and now I'm the one in counseling Last Valentines Day we watched Fireproof together- not knowing what the movie was about - we thought it was about a firefighter- action movie NOT about relationships
When we watched it he laughed at it the whole time - saying what bad acting it was- funny thing about it - We were married in Albany GA -Our first daughter was born in Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital- I thought it was God directing us - trying to put us on the path toward God and a healthy realationship
Well as mushie as I am I rewatched it today after my husband said he doesn't know me anymore and how I don't trust him- I am and have been trying to trust him since the affair- It is hard - apart of me was lost- when I found out... it felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and stompped on- Now there is a trust factor that has been hard to deal with lately-
Currently, He is in at a live in training academy 5 out of the 7 days -This is something I've supported him in doing for almost 10 years- and he has been gone since July and Lately I feel that he is just coming home because of an obligation to his children- I don't feel his heart is here with me- I've talked with him about it and we promised to work on things last weekend - THEN I did something I regret- I stole his cell phone to make sure he was not cheating again - Of course he found out... and now He says he doesn't trust me and that our relationship will not survive- because I will never let the affair go...
He came home this weekend - I've apologized over and over... cried over and over... but ... he couldn't hug me or kiss me without me asking - wouldn't even sleep in the same bed as me - wouldn't even hold my hand without me asking - He wants space and time to figure things out- I often wonder when I stopped being good enough for him - and our marriage-
SO 40 DAY LOVE DARE - I've ordered you TODAY you should be here in about 3 bus. days- I want to save my marriage not just because of our children but because I truly love him and I told him if he wants out I will understand but I will do everything in my power to show him that I love him and Pray that with Gods help and guidence we will not only SURVIVE But we will THRIVE in our marriage and grow old and happy togehter- with GOD's love and blessings- I ask if you could say a pray for us - it's much needed
Much Love - Kelly


My husband and I have been married 10 years and been together 14. I was tipped that my husband was being unfaithful about 6 months ago. This has always been a fear of mine. He is a drinker and I don't trust him when we are not together when he does. We had a child two years ago after five years of infertility. It was a emotional rollercoaster for the both of us. When our child was born he was sick and he required my full attention which in turn led me to neglect my husband. He begin spending a lot of time away from home and we rarely spent any time together. I didn't notice because I was exhaust all the time and frankly did not have the energy to care what or who he did things with. Bad mistake!! After I was tipped I checked his cellphone and found numerous texts, emails from two girls. After hiring a detective I found nothing more, but I found out more about the identity of the girls. I say girls because that are young enough to be my husbands daughters. I confronted him with this and he denies everything or anything. I just feel it in my gut that he was unfaithful. I don't need to know detail but I am stressed that he is still seeing them. I have been praying and am reading the Love Dare book and I have seen God work in our lives already. It is humbling to find that I have been so wrong and selfish in alot of things. I don't take what he did as my fault but I definitely didn't help things. I am just continually praying that God can heal our marriage and my husbands alcohol problems. I think he is overworked and stressed and uses it as a release. I am although sad to know there are many young girls out there that would go after a man old enough to be their Dad. I am sure it is about money and gifts but have some respect for yourself ladies!!

Nine months ago I reunited with the father of my 16 year old child. Ours is a true love story....or is it? I had not heard from him or seen him in 16 years. He called me in January to apologize for his past, the way he treated me and my son and for not being a part of our lives. He told me he was in touch with God and that his life was better and part of his continued journey was to reach out to me and ask for forgiveness. He was my first love and when I heard his voice and what he said; well I wanted to see it for myself. I made plans to visit with him and reintroduce him to the son he hadn't seen in 15 years. We met in his home town in early February ~ a blessing for us all. We've been seeing one another since but lately our relationship has taken a terrible turn. I found a text message he sent to this exwife saying "I desire you @##" I was heart broken. I thought I was the only one. He told me he sent the message because he was lonely and that we had been fighting too much. We live in different states and the distance has also become a factor. He told me that he loves me and that he was sorry. He said I should trust God and his message. I have been trying to repair our relationship for weeks. Trying to believe in Gods message. Tonight I watched Fireproof and I feel like God was speaking to me. This movie was a miracel message. I need to learn to be patient. Trust God and his word. Trust the love that is in front of me by being a stronger, kinder, gentler person.

Thank God for this movie. It may have saved the love I have!

A Love Story
By: Eyceebee

It was December 2004 when i met this guy. A week after a Christmas holiday. He came from other country but still his heart wants to go back to the Philippines.

And This is my love story....listen..

One Sunday he attended our church service and a friend of ours introduced him to me. A way back this friend of ours wants me to meet this guy so i said “well, fine as long as he is a good guy”.he introduced him to me and at the back of my mind and my heart “ This is the guy you’re gonna marry” wow! and after a week we exchange texts, so finally without my knowing he will come back to the country where he is Canada so he gave me a call before he left and gave his email so we could communicate with each other..then it went on..and finally he courted over a long distance expressing his i said yes!..a long long distance love affair..hehehe..the relationship was not a smooth sailing because it was a long distance it’s hard for us to build the solid relationship and not having a “friendship foundation” but still the relationship went on and on..but it came to a point that we called a “cool off” same old saying..” “if you can give me enough space”..granted!..we cut our communication...have to move on...then i fell in love with other was a short period of time together..without further elaboration of what kind of relationship we had..we broke up..i was single again!..many guys attempted to court me but still my heart knows whom to was a journey and asking the Lord “ Lord bahala kana this time ikaw na ang mag direct..napapagod na ako”.. There were times that of course i’m still lonely because there’s a longing inside of me that i want to get married kaso sino?..wala naman ako mapili that time parang walang mag match..”walang bagay”..then i was reminded of my prayer a long time ago..and it goes like this”..Lord kahit matagal basta pag binigay mo sia na yun!..and ito yung gusto ko: he’s an engineer, mapag mahal sa parents, wag masyado gwapo basta di kami alangan,christian at siyempre ma a-accept ako ng buong buo without any questions..”.. and the Lord finally granted it after 10 years of waiting and journey..The Lord taught me to wait in his perfect time and trust him in his ways..though it went a lot of testing and flaws..but i know “he makes everything beautiful in his perfect time”..he said it in his word!..the bible!

It was January 2008 when Arman called me, it was not a kilig moment because it was not my focus anymore..still we exchange emails, and he phoned me once in a while..he said that he will come home in March 2008 to celebrate family reunions at the same his birthday..well i said it’s a good idea..a month before his arrival..we had a i thought i will not push through anymore..

March.17...his arrival..he didn’t give a call or i said to myself..”if he doesn’t want me to see or talk” fine!..”but Lord kahit 1 day lang to settle things and once and for all maayos na yung dapat ayusin..if this will not gonna work ok lang basta at peace kami both”..and guess what after 2 days.. he phoned me and ask me if its okey to see each other?! finally this is it!.so i said yes!..we talked and settled things..we started with new beginnings..forget the past let’s start with a new chapter.

Before he came back to Canada..a day before his birthday..he ask me to marry him!.Lord this is it!..he proposed to me!..yes! yes! yes! A dream come true the man i loved for many years that i prayed for!..after a year and one half of waiting..we got was July 25, 2009 when we exchange our vows..joining our hearts..he went back to Canada and hopefully by next year we’ll be together for life!..

We have this verse our covenant..Ephesians 1:16 “I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers”

..and this is our love blessed!

My husband and I have been married for six years, and just recently his behavior changes about four months ago, he now displayed no respect for me and started staying s out all night without contacting or texting, and speak to me badly, and may be involved in a emotional affairs or more with somone on his job as well, he hide his phone, and has spoken this woman over 3,000 minutes. My Husband has never hit me, and never called me out of my name. We"ve both said and done hurtful things to one anohter. Inspite of this I want my marriage to work, although at times I felt like walking away. We have three childern. Please pray for us that God will soften his heart, and his affection will be toward his wife and childern.


October 10, 2009

My husband and I have been married for 14 years, we went together to see Fireproof when it first came out in the theater. It was very emotional for both of us but we still had some issues to work on. I got the love dare book and began 31 days ago approaching our marriage with a renewed effort, I wanted us to be one again instead of two souls walking different paths. This has been very rewarding for me as well as my husband. This really does work and I can't wait to see where it takes us in our marriage. I love being married to my husband again and finally I have found my best friend again with this Love dare! I am looking forward to the future and where our marriage will go and how high we both can fly together as one!

I have been engaged to my fiancee for a year,and we have a almost 2 year old daughter. Been a constent struggle,been together for 3. I watched fireproof last night,and I will be watching it again with him. I want to fix things between him and I. I dont want to throw away what we have so far. Love is there,just needs to be worked on. I love him and I dont want nothing to happen to us. We are a family that does not need breaking up. Just need to work on this from the beginning of our future together and want it to last forever.


My husband and I have been married for almost three years and have a one year old son. Just this August I kicked him out of the house as I was under the impression that he was having an emotional affair with some whom he had worked with as he was talking/texting her more than he was me, his wife. I still want to be with him and make our marriage stronger, so I purchased Fireproof and am going to watch it with him this weekend. I just hope it makes him realize how much I care for him and love him. I have begun reading the Love Dare book and will adapt that to my lifestyle either way my marriage turns out.

My wife and I have been married 29 years. We married young, worked hard and raised 3 great boys, one already married, one getting married in November, and one still living at home, completing University. To say things are bad, is wrong. There is no violence, no drinking, no unfaithful acts. There is just a loneliness and emptyness, which is growing. There is a seperation of hearts, there is a deprssion between us, and to be honest, I don't no where to turn.

I just happened to be home on my own, flicking the movie channel and saw the last part of the movie. It made me think. Its a start.


My husband and I have been married for 7 years, and it has been one trial after another. When you mix in alcohol abuse from both of us, and constant power struggles, we have both just about had it. We started counseling three weeks ago. This past week when it seemed we were not going to be able save our marriage, our conselor gave us a copy of "Fireproof" to watch together. We did last night, and the bells starting going off for both of us. It was the first night I have went to sleep with a smile on my face in many months. I think we may be on to something.


Wow! There are so many of us whom can relate to one another, and the only reason we know of each other is simply, "The Love Dare". Myboyfriend and I have only been together for 7 months, but i know in my heart he is "the one". I was in a horrific domestic violence relationship for over 6 years before getting divorced. Andy was (and is) my prince charming. We have already been thru so many 'issues & problems" , one would think we had been married for years. We are both parents, my girls live with us. We are in the process of remodeling our home. The biggest problem WAS drugs. We both choose a path of destruction with methamphedamines. We began to argue on a daily basis. He began spending time with another girl. However, for some reason, God kept us together. Then a few weeks ago, probably more like a month, a friend of ours rented "Fireproof". Talk about waking up to smell the roses! I noticed, although it wasnt discussed, the tears that ran down his face, and mine. See, he is a volunteer Firefighter and i am an auxillary firefighter. We both devote lots of time to helping others, but we seem to quit devoting time to each other. "Fireproof" and "The Love Dare" has crept up in my mind several times since the night we seen the movie. However, on September 24, after using meth again, i attempted suicide because i believed he was keeping things from me. The devil allowed me to believe that Andy didnt truely love me and that i was worthless.
After being released from the hospital, i am thrilled to say that he and I are both 12 days clean and counting. I know its a long battle, but i have regained my faith. I cant wait to get back to work so that i can purchase the love dare, because i know in my heart that God is changing circumstances and the love dare will save my relationship.
I will be praying for each of you and i hope you will pray for me as well. We are all in this together and it is our faith that will see us thru.
God Bless Everyone and have a prosperous and very blessed week!


My husband and I have been married for 1 1/2 years and together for over 6 yrs. We just bought a beautiful house and started our lives together in a community away from home. I am a physical therapist and he works in retail. We definately have differences in contribution in regards to income which can cause some of our fights. Mostly because we both had different ideals of how much should be spent for personal use vs. saving. Although the biggest thing that has been difficult is feeling like he does not want to spend time with me. Hunting, xbox or computer feel like they come first. Although these things bothered me, we did not fight a lot about these issues until I discovered that he was talking to another girl from work secretly. Texting and calling her nonstop. This has been a struggle for me in trusting him again but I have been trying to put my trust in God. Shortly after I decided to do that I had a patient mention this book/movie to me in conversation without her even knowing anything about what I was going through. It was a blessing. I watched the movie and I am ready to take the Dare.

So I've been married for 23 years - not many of them happy. My husband is a firefighter. I happened to pick up the movie not really knowing about it or how it would impact me. I actually thought that someone had been watching us and made the movie from it. The only excption - we have three children - and they are the reason I stay in my marriage because I still believe that it's better for them. I've pretty much given up on trying to fix my marriage and live happy as I truly feel that I've tried for years - giving, giving, getting nothing in return. I stopped giving a few years ago and now I just go through the motions and try not to get angry or frustrated knowing that this is the decision I've made. Today I ordered the 40 day dare book - had it shipped to my house in my husbands name. I'm hoping that he will open it and take the dare - more so I'm hoping that I have enough courage to take the dare too. It's taken many years to build the brick wall - excessive drinking, afairs, disrespect and suspition of even more. I'm hardened and hurt and letting go of the anger will be a difficult task for me. I do understand that the only person we can control is ourselves - really needing assistance to help me be able to change what I can - not sure if I'm ready. Will let you know how things progress.

I have just celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary with the love of my life. We got married young at just 17. We have two beautiful daughters. Until the last 5 months I have been pretty happy with my life. My husband and i have had to fight and claw our way to get what we have, but I have always felt blessed. About 5 months ago i noticed my husband starting to act funny. He would leave the room when a text would come in and started not coming home at all on the weekends. After looking up cell phone records and bank statements I found out he had a female friend that he was talking to all the time. To this day he swears that they are only friends but now she is working with him (we own our own company) and he goes to her house all the time. I am so hurt by this and yet all he can say is he needs time, he swears that there is nothing physical in their relationship, but I think the emotional part is the hardest. I pray all the time for God to give me strength to get through another day. My kids tell me to divorce their dad, but some part of me wants to hold on. The Love Dare is going to be my last effort in my marriage. It is currently 1:15 am and he is still not home. I pray for him to come back to me, but dont know if its what God wants. Does he want someone to be this unhappy with their marriage and partner if the partner does not put time/effort into it? I hope that this works this is the only thing I can think of, he wont go to counseling and we both watched the movie. Please keep us in your prayers.

My husband and I have been married for two years and have a one year old daughter. Just this June I kicked him out of the house and he went back to his ex wife, I have know once I found out that I want to save our marriage. He relize that he wants to be with me and his daughter so I let him back in our lives and everything is going real good right now. We set done for the first time and watch fireproof tonight and that made us both realize that we want to make everything work out for us. So we are going to start our own love dare and see how everything works out.

So for everyone who is reading please pray for us and I will do the say. I love him with all my heart and I really want this to work out.



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