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I filed for divorce in anger at my husband to try to get his attention. He told me his was done with our marriage and that he could not make me happy. I was angry and I filed. Now he is mad and bitter and now God has spoke to me to stand for my marriage. I have ask for counseling and any other help that we need. He has a co worker who he has been very close friends for the last three years and I know it is the enemy that is destroying my marriage. He will not talk or speak to me. It is like he is perfectly fine with his life without his daughter and I. I am doing the love dare, but it is hard to do when he will not communicate with me at all unless it deals with our little gir.
I pray for his callas heart to be changed to a heart of flesh.
I wish he would wacth the movie or do the Love dare.


Erik and I have been married for five years this month, and we have a 3 1/2 year old daughter. I found out in August that Erik has been having an affair with a co-worker for the last year. Each day of the last two months has been different. We've been in counseling since the week I found out. I've come close to leaving Erik, but have chosen to stay. My relationship was not great before he had the affair, and I was beginning to come to terms with the fact that maybe this was how marriage was. You got into a rut, and just got used to being there, and didn't try really hard to get out....of the marriage or the rut.
I'm done with the rut, but I'm not giving up my marriage. We've rededicated ourselves to eachother and have decided that this marriage is worth saving. I heard about Love Dare and Fireproof from a friend, and I have to say, I'm hooked. I'm excited to read the book and learn more, and I'm excited to rediscover my best friend and recommit myself to the man I love.



I have been married 8 1/2 years and have three beautiful children ages 6, 4, and 2. My huband and I have been on a rocky road for some time now. I have been fed up many times and thought of divorce. I often wonder if I made a mistake thinking this man that I love so much was my soul mate. A few weeks ago, we had a whole weekend of fighting. I told him that I loved him but I would not stay in a loveless marriage...he did not seem to care. Over the course of the weekend I discovered that he has been corresponding to another woman via texts/emails from his hometown for the last three months. Bashing me and telling her our marital secrets (he does not see anything wrong with this). I went in my room and prayed for God to help me to make the right decision... know what to say. I decided thst if we were to be divorced, I wanted to be able to tell my children that I tried my best to make it work and I killed him with love and kindness so to speak. Over these last two weeks, a friend of mine told me about the movie Fireproof and the book The Love Dare. I bought it and started to read it and probably completed Dares 1-3 without ever reading the book. I feel very much that the Lord has answered my prayers and showed me the book without showing me the book... I feel renewed knowing that I have God on my side when I asked him to be to help save my marriage. Now only time will tell.


My husband and I have been married for only 2 months. It feels like so much longer! we met almost 2 years ago at function at my church! We began dating just a couple weeks after meeting and a couple months after that we started talking about getting married! We just knew we were ment to be! His parents didn't share our enthusiasm! Then shortly after that I found out he had cheated on me! He CONSTANTLY lied to me! I knew in my heart that we were ment to be and I knew I loved him with my whole heart! Over time I began to trust him more and as we began to plan our wedding we grew closer together and closer to God than ever before.. Then we got married.. it was the most beautiful day of my life!! I then felt like all of our hard work paid off!! The week after our wedding my husband lost his job, we moved in with my inlaws, my other in law sent a NASTY letter to my mom and my whole family turned on me due to the letter! The first 2 months of marriage has been the hardest most difficult time! All I keep thinking is that this is not how it's supposed to be! This has made me doubt my marriage and my husband! I know that this is just the enemy speaking to me! I DO NOT believe in casual divorce! I believe when you get married it's for life!! I just don't know what to do! Today my husband and I watched fireproof just like many times before it has touched my heart, only today something pierced my heart as we sat there.. I KNOW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with GOD!!! So we are going to start a step in a new direction.. we ask that you PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!


My husband and I have been married since 3-1-05 we have been through alot the last couple years, we have been sperated off and on since 6-06 going back in forth last yr we seperated for 10 months with out speaking to each other but we got back together in feb and the again sep in june of this yr (09) I realized this last time that he is the man i want to grow old with and be with forever I havent known how or where to begin to fix our problems because there is so many of them we both have cheated when apart and we both had the drug scenes in our life and there was a time when abuse was there I know we have both come along way since all this and have began to just be best friends again I feel closer to him now than ever before he lives in austin and I live in houston but yet we find time in our busy lives to talk to each other all the time we have 2 children who are suffering from our seperation one lives with him (he is 4) one lives with me he is 6) its causing problems with them I know my heart wants to be there but the trust issue is hard between the two of us and I have recently been put on probation for my stupid acts and I have a job here. I dont know what to do if Everyone can please pray for us we really need it please! I have been telling him about this Movie (I found out through church Which I have been going to or trying to faithfully! Also I go to my church's RUI program ( in case anyone in there marriage has that issue u can find a local church who has it it also is christian based which is for people with addictions since me and him both have struggled with that) He has promised to look into it I am hoping that this will bring us even closer because I know that I am only 22 (he is 30) yrs old but he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with he is an awesome father and just a great person I had forgotten why I loved him so much until this last year, I had a breakdown when he had split up and turned to drugs and partying to be numb from the pain I didnt talk to him nfor 10 months and I called him up and told him my problem and he took me back and let me go get straight and be with both my kids when im with him I dont ever want to do anything like that when we are together, but Like I was saying I realized when we got back together that he did LOVE ME its like he had to lose me and me lose him to realize what its like without each other, I dont ever want to be apart I cam back down in june over 1 argument the day before my birthday it was stupid but we still have stayed in contact talking all the time. I Think that this Love Dare would work between us I have already started my relationship with god during this whole thing and I know we have been through so Much and its made us stronger friends than ever that we are truely meant to be together, I would just like everyone to please pray for my family to reunite together if we can make it through this I know that every marriage can its just how much u want to put into it, I know one thing no matter what my marriage turns out I know that my heart will always belong to him. (Jason I love u and Im sorry for everything I have put you through and I Pray every night that it wont be long for us to be back together I am so sorry for taking you for granted if you allow me back in your life I promise you I will show you everyday how much you mean to me as we grow old together!)



My husband and I have married for 17 years. Last year I found someone else in my life. I had an affair and feel so ashamed about it. Most of all I feel ashamed with my children. My husband is a great man and a great father and for a minute there I lost love for him. Not until it hit me that I wasn't myself, I didn't even recognised me! I ended the affair and decided to give my marriage another chance. My husband agreed but he said he was never going to forgive me and he could never bring himself to telling me I love you again. This hurt so much because I had just found the love for him that was lost for a while. One day he woke up and said everyone get ready we are going to church. We had never been much of faith but I was willing to do anything to help. Which brings us to where we are now. I found the love of God, and I pray everyday that he forgives me and that he brings my husband to forgive me and to tell me that he loves me again. Please pray for him and for us. I have a lot of faith and patience and I know the Lord is with us every step of the way.


My Husband and I have been married for almost 14 years, we have a 10-years-old son. Last summer I found that he had fallen in love with a waitress. I really got mad and felt hurt. Now he requested to divorce and wanna make it official before the new year......

Since I found that romantic affair, I begged him to come back. however, his heart is not with us. Sometimes I am still in doubt that he is still with her. I can't forgive him for the betrayal. I suffered from the loneliness and disappointment. I look up to GOD for HIS help to save my marriage. But it did not work out.............


My wife and i have been married for four years. When we first go married i cheated on her and was not there emotionally for the fallout of the situation. For the three years following, i was neither patient nor kind. A few months back while she was in Iraq she began a relationship with another individual, i found this out when i was in Afghanistan. She has recently told me that she is still in love with him and want to separate. I decided to try the love dare. PLEASE pray for us that it works!!!! Thank you!!

My wife and I have been married 7yrs and have two beautiful girls. We separated a few weeks ago and she said she is done and has made up her mind. I left out of anger and frustration after she told me if I walked out the door it was over. I feel like I can never make her happy no matter what I do. I dont yell or cuss at her. I have always treated her with respect. I dont drink or smoke. I go to work and come home to my family. I help with the cooking cleaning and taking care of girls. I strayed away from God and her a few years ago and started talking to another girl. I almost wanted to get caught because I wanted her attention. It seems like I am always the last thing on her mind. I am the one who calls or text her during the day to see how she is doing or just picking up lunch for her or buying that little something special to brighten her day. Every holiday I love to go all out and see her smile when she opens her gift. It makes me feel so good. When it comes to Fathers day, Birthdays Christmas etc. for me I am either flat out ignored or its done at the last minute with the attitude of I guess I have to. This was the main reason I strayed a few years ago. This Fathers day she was so worried about throwing going away party for girl at work and didnt get me anything for Fathers day. I would have loved for her just to have girls make me a card or something little. I feel so selfish when I get these feelings but it hurts to no end wondering and backtracking everyday searching for something said or done wrong. I was so jealous of my brother in law who is a lying cheating abusive alcoholic to my sister. my sister did all kinds of things for him. I lied to friends and family about what she got me for Fathers day so she would not look bad. My birthday rolled around august 30th and again last minute gift a cheap coffee pot. What? I dont drink coffee. Again, my mind went back to searching for the moment that I did something wrong. I started to build my walls around my heart and mind and getting same feelings of desperation for attention again. I was not going to stoop to that level again and go behind her back. She asked me to be honest with her and I told her I was unhappy and explained why. Of course, she brings up past and I dont expect her to forgive me in so little time. She gave me ultimatum and I let my pride get best of me. I left. I love her with all my heart. I dont eat or sleep. Ive lost about 20lbs since separated because nothing stays down. I remember seeing her in high school and realizing she was the one. She didnt know I existed until a few years later. I asked her if she wanted book and said she didnt know but it was better than no, so I left copy in her car one morning and when I go in the morning to get my girls ready for school I see a bookmark in it. I am on day 4 and trudging along wondering when she will start it. I have to learn to be patient and give her some space. Some conversations are good and some she just wont even talk to me. She asked me to stop saying I love you and being nice to her. Its hard not to say I love you but I respected her wishes. I wont be mean to her and will do the Love Dare no matter what. I am by no means a holyroller and I am learning again to let God take control of this. My girls need to have their mom and dad together. I dont want us to be another stat. She is the one I want to grow old with. I pray every night and alot during day asking God for forgiveness and all I want is for her to be happy even if that means us not being together. I know we were meant to be together. please pray for my family.

Last night during a DivorceCare meeting, several people suggested the book Love Dare to me. We've been married for 4 1/2 years and have a 2 yr-old daughter. It has been one month since my wife made her intentions to divorce me clear. She plans to move out of our house on December 1st which is exactly 40 days away. I found this to be more than just coincidence, so I stopped by the bookstore on the way home and picked up Love Dare. Before I heard about this book I was dreading the next 40 days, but now I'm looking forward to the opportunity to show my wife the love that we've been taking for granted these last few years. Today is Day 1...


We have been married for 10 years. About 6 months ago he told me he was not "in love" with me anymore. Then he wanted to talk about our relationship in a worst case senario. We then did not talk about it for 3 months. They we talked again last week. He does not want to try counciling. He does not even seem to try. I had accepted the marriage thinking that this is just how he is - no displays of affection. I was ignoring the obvious. I just finished watching Fireproof and am going to start reading the Love Dare tonight. I know he is not totally to blame but I won't give up.



Like many of you my marriage is failing, or it feels like it. I am young only 21 and have been married 3 years this February to a guy who used to be my best friend. We have 2 children less than a years apart, both toddlers. He was such a great guy at first and it was me who would scream and yell and say horrible things to him. I suffer from severe mental illness... schizophrenia. It makes our marriage worse than it is. Once we got married he started to become violent and the roles switched. Now he calls me the horrible names and says I'm worthless and I do nothing. The worst part about it is that everyone is watching. Everybody knows because less than a year ago we lost both of our children when I called the cops on him during an argument and our house was a disaster. I made the mistake of bailing him out with him promising to be better. He was when we made our first move in december. our second move, signing a new lease on our 2 year anniversary is when trouble started. Since then, there is no good. I suspect him of selling pills, I drink regularly, we both argue constantly, he hits and I hit, I even made the mistake of thinking that better could be as close as down the street and began a too-close relationship with his best friend, our neighbor. He still doesn't know everything. We watched the movie together. Suggested it to many in trouble like us. He refuses to have any part of it saying we are just fine and things will be better and that he will change. It never happens. I'm doing this on my own hoping that if I just change maybe he will too, and maybe it will last and maybe... just maybe, if we can remember how to be friends again then the rest of it will just come natural like it did in the beginning. wish me luck, I'm really going to need it.

My husband and I have been married almost 7 years. For the past two years I have been unhappy with myself. All this time he has tried to make me happy and he feels like he has failed. We have grown apart and just need to get back to us. I saw the movie and immidiately bought the book. I don't want to give up on us. I don't want our two girls to have only a mom or a dad at certain times of the week. He has proved these last two years how much he has and does love me. Now it is my turn. I hope that reading this and doing the dare proves to him that I have always loved him. I hope this also helps me be the wife that God intended for me to be.


I am picking up this book today - I have been searching for something to save my relationship with the woman I love with my whole being. I feel God put us together. Please help me with your prayers to at least get her to look at what we could be together. that is all I ask and pray for. Just to try! Just try


My husband I and I just got married in Aug of this year. Last week, I found some inappropriate emails and pictures between him and another girl. I wanted to just give up since this was not the first nor the second time this had happened. I told him everything was over that there were no more chanced. I am giving him one more chance and its because he brought up the idea about reading and doing "Fireproof." We are now on day 6 and I can already see and feel a difference already. Please pray this growth continues!

i been married since 1992 at a young age. have 3 daughters and weve been legally seperated since 4/2008. hes been in and out of the home twice since htat time. i saw the movie last year and thought this is what we need to help us since therapy wasnt... i baight the love dare book for him to do, because at the time it was " all his fault" he had broke so many rules of marrage and our hearts...he didnt do the book but a few days and gave much effort on his part. well ...somehoe we got back together and things were not going so god and i ran across his emty book i gavehim and decided i was not goingto say anything to him but I was going to take the love dare. Im 17 days in to it and it is not easy, but it has been a blessing to keep my heart and mind focused as i try to lead them to what i believe is worth it to save our marraige... i even put the house on the market for sale two months ago and we are living seperate lives in the same residence and i want him here with me and the girls as it should be. this is really my last chance emotiaonly icant handle any more. i read others stories and messages and it gives me hope. I will be praying for us all! GOd bless!


I've been married for 3 years to my second husband. He has adopted my 5 year old son and we have a 20 month old son together. I'm on day 9 of the Love Dare. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now but my husband works out of town sometimes and its hard to keep up so I just pray and repeat the days that I'm able to do. I'm having a really hard time. I am a born again Christian and I lived a long time without God in my life. My husband doesn't believe in worshiping a God and he makes me feel stupid for being so devoted, but I'm learning to overcome that problem. He knows that I'm doing the Love Dare and everytime I do something out of love whether it be an exercise or not he sarcastically asks "Did the book tell you to do that?". I will not give up, I will let God live through me and show others how wonderful his love and mercy are. Please pray for me that I can let go of my selfish ways and make it through the 40 days successfully. I refuse to go through another divorce. Thank you!


Were to start, my wife Trisha and I have been married for 15 years (our second marriage each) and we have been together for 16 years. together we have 2 children I have (3) from my prior and she has (1) from her prior marriage. I have just ordered the fireproof kit and the love dare hoping that this will fix our marriage which I do not believe to be badly broken, I do believe, (as her parents and our older childeren do), that it is just the normal stress and strains of life with kids, ex's etc. She had told me for about a year now that she has not been happy and has not felt close to me and recently told me that she loves me but is not in love with me. There are no extra marrital affairs, alcoholic or drug problems and we do not have domestic vviolanece issues. We have had past heated arguments which were mostly related to stresses and influences outside of our marriage, but nothing recent.

She also recently told me that she is not sure what is wrong with her and believes that it is mostly her being unhappy and she thinks we need to seperate. I love her with all my heart and I do not want her to leave as I have told her, she and the kids are my whole life. I believe that she is going through a medical mid-life crisis as many people do and I believe that if we can get right with God we could get right with each other and repair our marriage.

We both saw the movie when it first came out and we both loved it, so I went and bought it today for us to watch again and start (hopefully our new life putting God first, together)

I don't believe that we have survived all the past outside influences and drama for the past 16 years of our marriage, when our life together is finally our own, (no ex's) so that it could fall apart. I ordered the fireproof kit and the Love Dare kit today and I am hoping she stays in the house long enough for us to make it work.


I met my fiance about a year and half ago. We have gone through some very difficult times. Questioning our commitment to each other. In learning about each other, we did things very wrong. He was very angry, impatient, harsh, mean at times and emotionally closed off. I took this as him being a mean person and with a cold heart. I left him and was determined to move on. We found that our love was very strong towards each other and made promises to each other that we vowed to honor and keep. Needless to say, we fell back into our old patterns, even after counseling. I left him again. I didn't just leave him, I packed up all my stuff and left while he was at work and didn't even tell him (did that both times). We went for a few months and didn't really talk or see each other. Somehow, God brought us together and although we both did some awful things to each other, we have a better understanding as to how we react inappropriately to each other. We are back together and know in our hearts that we want to be together. We are learning to put our pride and self-centerdness aside and focus on our partner.
The other night we watched Fireproof the movie and I was moved by how close it hit home to our situation. This is something to definately watch again and again and not forget our own part in a relationship.

I told my best friend that my wife of 10 years and I were having trouble. He told me that he had recently seen Fireproof and recommended it to me. I watched it last night and I could put myself in the movie! My wife tells me that she has fallen out of love with me and feels no intimacy with me and feels that she never will again. I bought the Love Dare book last night and am currently on dare 1. We have so many issues in our marriage that I want to talk about, but she doesn't think are problems, which cause fights between us. The other day she stopped being mad and we had a real heart to heart about the fact that we may seperate and ultimately divorce. We have 2 beautiful children, 8 and 6, that I worry about constantly. I don't want separation or divorce, but it seems to be sneaking up on me, she is very stubborn. I am going to take the dare to be right with God and hope and pray that she can see me change into the man I never have been and maybe she will be willing to do the same. I pray for my family and need some prayers for me also..... Reading these stories make me reailze I am not in this alone and they do give me more hope than I had yesterday. God Bless.


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