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Me and my husband watched the movieand started the love dare. I could not stop crying during and much after. I don't know if it was the Lord speaking to me or if it was just the love portion. I guess they go together. I am not sure how much my hudband is in to the process but we shall see and pray for a happy ending.


My husband and I watched Fireproof this weekend and I have to say I was left in tears. It's amazing how much work it is to keep a marriage healthy and strong. And it takes both the husband and wife to make a marriage work...with God's help, of course. I found the movie to be very inspiring and makes me want to do the 40-day love dare. I know my husband loves me and I love him very much, but I know there's got to be more than just the emotions to have a good marriage. I can recall being in a marriage like Caleb and his ex-husband was very much like Caleb's wife, I was very miserable. My husband and I will be validating our marriage through our church some time this year, God willing. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the partner God has chosen for me, my husband Rocky. I can't wait to start using the tools on your website to help build a stronger foundation in our marriage. Thank you!


My husband and I watched the movie this past weekend and I loved it. Our marriage is very good right now. We have been attending church and becoming more spiritual prior to seeing the movie. Each of us has been married once before so I think that we should use this as a tool to make aour marriage stronger and lasting. My best friend finds herself in a failing marriage and I told her that they had to watch this movie together and to my surprise her husband got on line to see where he could find the love dare. I really hope that this will be a useful tool for them. Perhaps the love dare will send them on their way to fixing what is wrong in both of their lives. Only good things can come from this experience.


Iíd seen the movie on the shelf and also previewed it on the rental storeís monitor several times. On one occasion, I picked up the movie, quickly skimmed the review and put it back. Yesterday, there wasnít much to rent so I decided to rent Fireproof. I was also feeling pretty down after yet another week of relationship issues with my boyfriend of 1.5 years. After really taking the time to read the review, this movie seemed ideal for the mood I was in. Well, to say the least, I cried uncontrollably! What a powerful movie! How did I pass this one by so many times and rent garbage that I would fall asleep on!! I knew I had to buy the book, The Love Dare. I checked it out on the internet the following morning and bought the book the same day. I am always hopeful that God has a plan for me to love and be loved and renting this movie was part of his plan. Whether it be with my current boyfriend or someone else. Only God knows!


i just watched fireproof yesterday with my husband words cant explain..its fun y how gods workds in youre life just earlier tbat day me and my husband wer talking bout all the problems in our marriage we were goin togo out and have drinks but i was exhausted and told him lets rent a i will purchase the love dare..and he committed to go to church he said he wants to feel true happiness just like kaleb he even wants to watch the movie a second time lol!truly an awesome movie..ppl may not believe it but this saed my marriage and will help me love my husband as i should once again


I recently watch the movie on yesterday, really could see my faults in my relationship. I cried, prayed, asked forgiveness and most of of I had to examime the person in the mirror "myself" to see where I had gotten off track. I am truly thankful for such a powerful spritiual movie.

Both my wife and I sat down and watched the movie this past weekend. I even invited my parents and my aunt over to share in the experience. Each of us cried throughout the movie, as it opened up our hearts, to see situations in our own lives and have hope for the future. I once asked why can't my wife, parents and my friends take another step forward. I was told "be the change you want to see in others". Since seeing this movie I understand and have now purchased the Love Dare book.


I just wanted to say that this movie really helps people that are not only having problems in marriage. It helps people that are engaged to be married. It showed me about how I can be with Fiance.
We both watched it togaether. I know that with the Lords help we can do anything. I would recomend to any one is the serrries called Love and Respect. We have been going through that serries and it has been a good asset.


My husband and I just saw the movie at our church, and it was awesome. It felt like us up there (but not at good looking as the actors) We have been married for 30 years, and I feel like we are just going through the motions. I am going to try the Love Dare and see what happens, obviously after 30 years I am commited to the marriage, but until the Lord entered our lifes, it just seemed hopeless. Will let you know how it goes.


I saw the movie and cried a lot because I realized that I messed things up (so has my husband, but I only can take responsibility for my part) and that I forgot how to really love him. I also understood how much God loves me and how wrong I was...I!!! God should feel as frustrated with me as I feel with my husband....I mean for all the times I had not followed His word and not worked on our relationship. So it hit me like a truck in both ways. I know God don't make mistakes and we'll fix this no matter what together


I just watched fireproof. That made a huge impact right now. I am very close on leaving my husband and we have only been married 2 years. I try every day but each day i feel like he does not treat me well, or anything. I have tried to get him to go to church with me but he refuses every time. I just bought fireproof and I ordered "The Love Dare". I want to do anything to save my marriage, but sometimes i feel like what's the point that's when i know I need to turn to God; and that he is the only thing that can save us. My husband Chris and I have planned to watch fireproof together tomorrow morning and I plan to commit to Love Dare every day. I will do whatever it takes to save my marriage.


I just finished watching this movie, and it was amazing!!! Thank you !! This movie could not have came into my life at a better time. I really feel like it was put into my hands for a reason !! You see my neighbors have only been married for about 8 months and have now separated, have been now for 2 weeks. I have been feeling so sad for them !! I have been married 3 times, and now married to the most wonderful man I have ever met. I want to just go and tell them the things that I have learn over my life. I feel that this movie fell into my hands for a reason, because I can not get them out of my mind. I want to help them to see, what they are letting go. So I am going to purchase this movie for them, and Pray for them.

Thank You So Much!!!!

My husband and I saw the movie about a month ago and loved it and before the movie ended I decided then to do the Love Dare. I just started it today and so far so good. We've been married now for 6 years and have 2 beautiful boys 2 and 5 months old and work oposite schedules and life's been hectic to the point where we barely spend time with eachother. My prayer/goal is to be the wife of noble character (Proverbs 31) and mother that God calls me to be. My hope and prayer is that as I do this Love Dare, I will learn how God wants me to love, cherish and love my husband.

I have just gotten done watching this movie and it is very familiar territory. I am on day two of this journey and I know now more than ever that I have to do this. I cannot be deterred by reaction or lack thereof. I know now more than ever that something bigger than my wife or I must be at the center of our marriage. I know now more than ever that I love my wife and will continue to fight even in the face of odds that lie before me.


My husband and I have been married over 40 years, and except for a few rough patches over the years, have been blessed w/what I would consider to be a good marriage. We recently rented the FIREPROOF DVD and both of us were impressed and touched by the film and thought it might similarly touch others we knew and cared for. We hoped it would help deepen THEIR marriages. (always thinking the sermon etc will help SOMEONE ELSE, huh!?) So we purchased some of the DVDs to share, along with some "Love Dare" books, including one for ourselves, thinking we would be able to help/advise/counsel if anyone had any questions. (Similar to what Caleb's father had done for him in the film.)

Well, we have been so blessed by the unexpected results and benefits WE have reaped! God has been re-energizing/rekindling OUR marriage these past few weeks. I can see a direct correlation from this new and exciting growth and depth in our relationship to our watching and prayerfully applying the completely Biblical principles we saw emphasized both in the movie and corresponding "Love Dare" book. I only hope that others are blessed as well, and so highly recommend it to anyone. (Recognizing of course, that NO movie etc has any answers in or of itself, but does help provide a focal point into God's Word and what HE desires for our lives and our marriages.) God Bless all of you involved in the Fireproof ministry.


I rented this movie about 3 weeks ago and for some reason I just didn't take it back. I told myself I would watch the movie since my late fines are going to be outrageous. My wife and I watched the movie together that is rare because she always falls asleep. Throughout the movie I was laughing and joking but I really felt the same way as Caleb. I didn't know the movie was christian based. I having been praying for GOD to reveal himself to me. After the movie I broke down in tears and ask my wife to forgive for not supporting her like I should have. I thought this would be a regular good movie but it end up being life changing. Thank you Jesus for showing me how to love again.

Sam P.


For the first time in my life, I now see myself the way God sees me, through His eyes, and I can't get over how someone that is as Great as He can keep right on loving and forgiving someone as wicked, and as sinful, and as worthless as I am. For the first time in my life, I now understand things that I have never been able to understand before.

I thank God that I finally went and talked about the issues I have been having like Calebís with my Pastorís wife. Now, I feel a lot better because I now have it somewhat out in the open, and I do not have to worry about it eating away at me any longer, like it was when I was just keeping it all bottled up inside of me.

I thank God for Fireproof and for a Pastor and his wife who really and truly do care about others.

If anyone is having the problems that I have been battling with, please, don't keep it bottled up inside of you, because I found out the hard way that it will only destroy you.


I have been married to a police officer for 16 years. The past 8 years have been very difficult with the last 2 being the most stressful. I watched the movie alone and I cried the entire movie, because I am living that life. I hope that my husband will sit with me and watch it in an attempt to save our marriage. God picks very special people to become police officers, firefighters, etc. But no one could ever begin to understand the affect that being in such a role can put on someone. We have 3 children and I love my husband very much. I know he loves me but has a very hard time separating work life from home/family life. I am going to start the "love dare" myself and take every message from this awesome movie to hopefully save my marriage.

Wow, I'm so blown away by this movie. I've been divorced for years and my ex is remarried. I have chosen not to remarry until my children are grown, which they almost are.
This movie has moved me in a way I never expectedÖ
I'm a long time Christian and this movie and book have made me want to go tell the world that THERE IS HOPE for your marriage!!! I want people to have the chance thru this book and movie that I didnít get. Itís truly sent from God. Awesome!! Iím going to use the Word of God and this book to make sure the next time around (if allowed the chance) is FIREPROOF!!!!


My fiance and I were having alot of trouble in our relationship and we came to a point where we weren't sure if we were going to make it until we watched "Fireproof", it really changed our relationship. He and I were going through the same issues and we were both ready to just give up but after watching "Fireproof" we saw each other in a whole new light, it changed everything, we learned a whole new respect and love for each other. This movie is an amazing movie for any couple going through problems. It really helps you to see the light in things. We started having some problems again so I bought "The Love Dare", I'm only on day 2 and so far I'm not getting anywhere with it but I'm giving up, the movie taught me to have faith and believe in each other no matter what.


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