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My husband and I have been married for 10 months now .All is well between us PRAISE GOD.
We watched the movie together and I couldn't stop criying because I felt sad when seeing what that other couples go through...and for her to fall into another mans hands is just too bad that she is no longer interested infixing the marriage.
But thanks to the people who made this movie to show more suffering couples that the is HOPE and they shouldn't stop PRAYING and believing in our great ALMIGHTY.
Stay Blessed.

Kgadi- South Africa


I saw the movie and cried a lot because I realized that I messed things up (so has my husband, but I only can take responsibility for my part) and that I forgot how to really love him. I also understood how much God loves me and how wrong I was...I!!! God should feel as frustrated with me as I feel with my husband....I mean for all the times I had not followed His word and not worked on our relationship. So it hit me like a truck in both ways. That day I bought a red flower, wrote him a letter and left the movie on the bed telling him to see the movie (while I was working) and that I would like to talk to him later. It really was a blessing as we actually had a real conversation, he opened his heart and we cried and forgave each other and promised to really try. I'm waiting for the book but the healing process has begun....things are changing for the better since that is not easy and I canít wait to get the book to have a better guide through this.


My husband & I have been having a lot of problems with our marriage. It has been a combination of problems from both of us. We separated for about 10 days back in October 2008, and I was seriously contemplating filing for divorce. I was so tired of feeling as though I was his slave, being controlled, called names every day, belittled or put down. He always made me feel stupid. He said that he felt as though I was treating him like a child and that he could never do things good enough to suit me. He said I belittled him, put him down and also called him names. Then, a very dear mutual friend suggested that we watch the movie Fireproof together.
My husband & I watched it and after, I asked him if he could see any of our traits in Caleb and his wife. He replied, "Yes, most definitely. Did you pick up on that also?" I said "Yes. And I think that by seeing someone else with a lot of the same problems, we could alleviate some of ours."
It has been nearly a week since we watched the movie & I am so pleased to report that at no time since then have we called each other a name, belittled the other, tried to control the other, got angry or upset at the other, or even became aggravated with the other. We have agreed on everything - from tiny problems to major decisions. It has been SO WONDERFUL !!! THAT MOVIE IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO US!!!

I just watched this movie a few nights ago & I was blown away by all the similarities to my marriage. The only difference is that my husband was unable to walk God's path. He began drinking and using drugs again so we seperated. My hope is to show him more now that he has a clear head. The problem is that his behavior got him in trouble & he's currently incarcerated. I made my vows to this man in front of God & I meant them, I want my marriage back (a better version of it anyway).

My Husband and I have been married 7 years last September. Our Marriage has been rocky for the last 3 years. With 4 kids, two kids ours together and one mine , one his from previous relationship.
Marriage is hard enough, then adding a blended family puts added stress.
Our marriage was at its breaking point. I wanted out. I had confided in a friend about my situation, That same friend and her husband watched this movie in the theatre and called me as she was leaving the parking lot. She told me we had to see this movie.
I told her I didn't wanted to give my husband false hope, I was done.
The next day I watched the trailer on line. When I watched the trailer then saw that the movie had come out on my birthday, I said, " Okay God stop pushing."
I didn't tell my husband what movie we were seeing , just that we were going.
I cried through most of the movie, and it changed BOTH of our views and we wanted to try and save our marriage.
We bought The Love Dare book and did it together. Itís not easy, even doing it together, but what we learned changed us both. Our family and friends have noticed. Our children are even calm and settled. Itís amazing.
We are renewing our vows August 22, 2009 at the same place we were first married and it will be our 8th anniversary party.

Thank you for making this movie and book. We both promised if we ever start to fall off track we will both do the 40 day love dare all over again. Itís a book we will keep forever.


My husband and I watched the movie on Sunday. Early that morning I was praying and I asked God to allow something to take place that would draw my husband closer to him, little did I know that it would be this movie. This movie is such a wonderful blessing. Not only does it identify how a marriage can grow apart, but it points out the fact that unless both of you have God at the center of your lives, you will never know how to truly love one another.

We are both going to do the Love Dare. I am excited for my marriage, for our individual spiritual growth and our spiritual growth together.

I think the best thing about the love dare book it is teaches how to love unconditionally and it backs it with the Word of God- which leaves no questions.

God Bless and I pray and speak God's Blessing and the Blood of Jesus over all of our marriages! Amen.

Fireproof has taught me was that it doesn't matter how I feel. It's all about Jesus and loving someone else unconditionally. He loved us while we were still sinners. I put a link to the movie trailer on facebook to let my friends and family know about it and I'm starting to see God work. The devil is really attacking marriages today but I'm so thankful that the Lord designed marriage and his Word shows us how to keep it together.

I'm currently conducting our ministry's marriage seminar at a local church and I had a gentleman call me after I used a clip of the Fireproof movie in my opening session. He explained that he was fine either way (staying in the marriage if she would work on it or walking away - this is his second marriage and she was the impetus for the breakup of the first). He called and with obvious emotion in his voice, stated that after being in the seminar and hearing what was said and seeing the movie clip, he immediately went out and bought the movie for them to watch. When she didn't show up at their scheduled time to watch it he was both hurt and angry but as he watched it he realized that his only choice was to continue to work on His relationship with the Lord and on his marriage!

We will continue to pray, dialogue and work on this but it certainly is another great story of how Fireproof and Love Dare are having a positive impact!

Thanks and God bless in Christ!

My husband and I watched Fireproof a few nights ago. I can relate to the movie in every way. My husband is a firefighter and unfortunatley I know first hand how it can be. It hard being a firefighter's wife. There is so much that he sacrifices for his job but sometimes I feel that he doesn't do the same for our marriage and our kids. We find ourselves fighting a lot especially when he's had a hard 24 hours at work with no rest. Last year I found out that he had been confiding in another woman. I really thought at that point that our marriage was going to end. I've learned as a mother and a firefighter's wife that there are many trials and tribulations in life that make you stronger. I have forgiven him and work everyday to make our marriage stronger. Many times I wonder if the love is a strong for me as it is for the job that he has chosen. Many times our men and women that run into burning buildings to save others do not get the recognition that they deserve. Nor do the men and women at home get the recognition that they deserve. The movie hit home. I am purchasing the books in hopes that I can find myself with the lord and in return make my marriage stronger and long lasting.

My husband and I were married on March 24th 2007. We had dated forever. I knew God made this man for me! About 3 months before our divorce I found out he had been cheating. I became angry. I hated him and let him know! I told him I forgave him and yet I truly didnt. It was not fair to him. I had said we would work it out and move on, but I still rubbed his face in everything he had done.. not realising I was ruining all chances of fixing and making us new again!! Our marriage ended September 17th 2008. It was the most horrible experience of our lives. It only took a month and a half for the both of us to realise we had messed up. My grandma called me and asked me to go see Fireproof. I really didnt want to be the one to ask my exhubby. I sucked it up and called. He told me he would go. We sat in that theater for almost a half hour after the movie crying and praying our little hearts out! That movie reached out and grabbed us! I cant seem to figure out how we could let our marrage and love fade! I ordered the Love Dare today, I sure cant wait!! I told my exhubby, and he started crying, telling me that it means so much to him that I still love him and want to make this work no matter what! I'm praying our lives will be moved and changed!


I rented this movie on a whim, but I'm glad I did. I messed up in my marriage, and he turned around and did the same thing. We have been fighting to make this work but the trust is all gone. Today I thought we were back to normal and as I was watching this movie he called and told me he wasn't sure we could make this work. Luckily I had ordered 2 of these books an hour before he called. I'm excited to try the Love Dare, and I am confident it will work. Young marriages don't have a high percentage of staying strong, but we are determined to prove the statistics wrong. I recomment this movie to everyone! I still cannot calm down after watching it.

My husband and I have been together for almost 3 years but married since Jan. 3, 2009, and have a beautiful 2 year old. I decided to do this just to strengthen our marriage. I am worried about this because this is my 2nd marriage. My first husband left because he started to drink and at the end of our 3 month marriage started to do drugs. We didn't talk well because of it. David doesn't do any of these things, but a little learning on how to love never hurt anyone. My church showed Fireproof for Valentine's Day. We were unable to attend because of illness but rented the movie anyway. I am on day 2, and day 1 almost beat me because I tend to pick fights. Today I realized that this doesn't need to just apply to my relationship with my husband. This is also something I can do with my daughter to show her love and teach her how to show it to other people. I am looking forward to doing the Love Dare and can't wait to post another story toward the middle and end to show other and myself the progress I'm hoping to see.

Alisha (Li)

My husband and i have been married for a little over a year and we sat down and watched the movie together. we both cried and apologized for hurting one another. I havent started the love dare yet but am truly loooking forward to how our marriage is going to be with REAL LOVE and GOD in our lives.


I watched this movie and finished it at 2:30am this morning. It took me two days to watch! I still can't stop crying! This movie was my life in reverse! I was the one trying to reconcile my wiltering marriage, but in the wrong way! My husband cheated on me and I forgave him and we tried to move on. 8 1/2 months later we found ourselves in the same struggle. I was more devastated the second time around. He had given up on us, but God worked through his friends even though he wasn't allowing God in. As I felt myself letting go, I ran to a group of women at our church I have grown to love. We prayed and through them I held on. We eventually pulled through, until Satan entered our marriage again like a snake in the grass with a whole new trick! One week after we renewed our vows for our 2nd year anniversary, I felt my husband pushing away from me. A few days later he asked for a divorce. I was a mess! I kept in touch with the greatest women at my church who kept me alive and kept me in my faith. If I had a hard minute in the day I called. They must have recieved 50 calls from me a exaggeration!!!!!!! Finally after 2 weeks my husband allowed GOD IN!!!!!!!!!! He now treats me with paitence, kindness, respect, but most of all LOVE!!!! I thank God everyday!!!! This movie not only spoke to me, but I saw a tear run down his face, so I knew it spoke to him as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It still gives me chills...........I''m gonna watch it again!!!!!!


This movie showed my husband and I that there is a way to fix things in a marrige and the anwser is not divorce. Thank you for making a movie for couples and showing us to put God first in our relationship. GOD BLESS.

Last night I watched the movie with my husband and things and I am just thankful to God that he was there so we were able to watch it together. Many of what was protrayed in the movie truly reflects what is going on with us. I was determined to leave because I felt there was a lack of love and respect. My husband was very moved by the movie and apologized to me and I think we will work it out. With God as the captain of our ship, He will lead us safely into the port. This is a wonderful movie I believe it will inspsire many couples to give God the First place in their marriage and their life.

I just want to thank you for producing such an inspirational movie. I, along with many others, am in a relationship that faces daily battles. I am facing the battles, but feel as though I''m being defeated and knocked down each and every day. The battle gets old and I''ve wondered many times exactly what it is that I''m fighting for. Is it there to even fight for??? I watched FireProof this weekend with my husband and daughter, and it immediately gave me the will and determination to fight for what is mine. I adore my family, I have 2 beautiful daughters that deserve their mother AND father. I love my husband dearly, we just need to find a way to fall in love AGAIN. When we are able to make it past our differences and make time for one another; we will then be able to make that commitment to one another again. I look forward to that day and also to feeling what I once felt. That you for reminding me that what I have IS worth fighting for.

This love dare is not only for our marriages to our spouses but an example of how our love dare to God should be

I thank God for blessing the people with this movie and placing The Love Dare here for my husband and I to take a journey together. May you all find a blessing one way or another.

I have been married for 18 years. My marriage has gone through many trials. What I would like to share with other couples from my experience is that marriage is a journey and it's those moments when we go through pain that we learn to truly love. Many times we think we know how to love someone. This movie is what I've been experiencing for a very long time. I did not know what true love was until I allowed Jesus to enter my heart. Five years ago for the second time I almost got a divorce accept this time it was different. This time was different because their were children involved and my children mean the world to me. The pain I felt was beyond any pain I have ever felt. It broke my heart to see my children suffer. I decided to put my children before myself and this did not allow me to give up on my marrriage. I realized that during these trials we forget to think of others before ourself. I learned through this difficult and not easy choice to love others before loving myself and my needs (a perfect husband) and I didn't even know what God was trying to teach me back then. I learned that Jesus' love for us is greater than anything we could ever imagine. His love is perfection and he shows us through our daily experiences how to become more like him, he gives us all the tools we need, all it takes is for us to ask him to help us. The wonderful thing is he helps us to do it by filling our hearts with joy, with a love that is beyond perfection (feedom, forgiveness). I pray to him to help me through all the trials I go through remaining at peace and knowing there is something I will learn from it. I am so greatful to God for sending Jesus his beloved son so that our sins may be forgiven in order for us to experience everlasting life on earth as it is in heaven. This is what I am living today. My husband is almost there after so many years he is finally opening his heart and I see a change in him, he is in the beginning stages and the Lord keeps helping me. My husband wonders about all these coinsidences. All I could say is Thank You, Thank you for answering all my prayers and teaching me to forgive, to say I'm sorry, to love unconditionally to know that I am not perfect and the ones around me are not perfect but through you we are perfect.

Thank you SO MUCH for making this movie! My husband and I, like so many of us out here, have turned into the couple in the movie. I had all but given up on our marriage but thanks to this movie and the reminder of who and what brought us together in the first place, we are going to take the Dare and work together with Christ to get our marriage back to being good. I thank you so much for "telling it like it is." It''s like the special features mentioned, the other movies all end with the wedding and dicuss the trials and tribulations of getting there. This movies discusses what happens afterward and I can''t tell you how much my family and I appreciate you caring enough to address that and helping to save those of us out here who need that help!

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