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I finally watched the movie Fire Proof and Honestly I didn't think it was going to go that way! But I loved it and it has changed me and my heart, I feel that myhusband means the world to me, but here lately all he's been doing is griping at me and always finding something to get mad about and it hurts, I widhed he would love me and let God in! Because I love him to death and want to be with him forever and care for him so much and hope this movie changes him and the way he feels for me!! God has done a great thing for me here lately and I lOve him the death for that and thank him so much, Thank you GOD!!


I watched the movie for the first time last night. I must say that movie really hit home! It made me realize what my relationship was missing and that was "REAL LOVE" and God in it first! I am now divorced and after watching this movie it really made me realize what was going on with us and why none of us fought for our marriage the right way. It is really an eye opener. I cried & cried because it was that intense. God is a priority in my life now and I suggest that everyone who is in a relationship watch this movie if their is a chance to save your relationship.

This story is not all unlike mine a year ago. Basically, the same had occurred to me at this time last year. My wife and I had grown apart, and at the time, I was blind as to why only seeing and thinking that most of our problems were her fault and that I was bearing most of the marriage myself. It wasn't until my wife had told me that she was seeing someone else that things really had hit me hard.
I never knew what the 40 day love dare was then but I felt and heard God's message loud and clear. And I felt much the same way as in the movie at the end. I did forgive her, as well as the man she had sought comfort with, even though it was not easy and still isn't. I did things as in the 40 day love dare, much similar things. And my wife soon found out my change, and it took us almost a whole year to get back to being us, a hard fought road, but the journey to me has been well worth it. Some days are tougher than most, but I have learned to put God and family first. We are happier than we have ever been. We struggle at times, but are quick to see our mistakes.
My love for my wife, and for our lord has never been stronger, and I am learning more every day. I know my love for the Lord and my wife and family has been renewed and is stronger than ever. It is the best feeling that one could ever have, and I will never give that up for anything, ever again.
Keep fighting friends, the Lord will guide you and give you the way. Accept his love, and love him back even more, and you shall not fail at loving another. Be safe, and God bless you all.

After I started The Love Dare, my first act was to have red roses delivered to her Friday afternoon before I arrived home. That Saturday morning, inspired by the movie scene between the wife and husband in the fire hall vehicle bay, I typed out a one-page letter with half a dozen "If I haven''t told you..." lines, and I read it to her. It wasn''t difficult to sound sincere, because earlier that morning, God had shown me that on one particular issue, my wife was afraid of me, and I was still heartbroken and remorseful. She loved my letter so much she asked me to add my name and the date, and she keeps the letter on display in our bedroom. She intends to have it framed.

Like the husband in the movie, God has given me a love for my wife that I have never had before. Amazingly, I am able to see her as God sees her, "not having spot or wrinkle", but "holy and without blemish" (Ephesians 5:27), and loving her has become almost effortless.

Then yesterday morning, and the reason for my exhilaration, is that God gave me a gift that was far above anything I could have desired. I had planned to go the the men''s breakfast at our church, but I told my wife that I would miss her if I went. She replied, "Even when we are apart, we are together!"

My brother made myself & my ex-fiancee watch the movie Fireproof. We had split up last November after I caught her cheating on me. We have been back together for a month now, and honestly I have been struggling with dealing with my confidence and trusting her again. I have been performing a lot of the steps shown in the movie, but not all. Watching this movie has inspired me, and at the same time I feel it has shown my now ex-fiancee that there is hope and a way to find each other again. I will be buying this movie, and writing my own journal with love steps and using the message this movie gave me. I have been feeling strongly since this all happened to me the need to get back to church. I have been trying to get her to go with me, but now after watching this I know if I go alone anyway... she might just go with me. If not, her loss. This movie made her cry, which I see as a good sign that she now see''s what she did, and how to fix it. I myself only cried when Kaleb ran to his mother at the end of the movie, it had bothered me the way he treated her throughout the movie. It was so real... all of it! Thank-you for showing the world the tools to regain morality, respect for your spouse or one you love & yourself, devotion and most of all the meaning of ''till death do us part''. Even if this does not save my relationship (Which I think it will) it was the push I needed to respect myself. Thank-you! I have recommended this movie and given the link to this site to everyone I know.

My Husband and I are going through a divorce at the moment - but watched the movie last night together (It was given to us by my Sister in Law who has no idea that we are getting divorced). While watching the movie especially where the Husband apologizes to his wife, my husband took my hand and sqweezed it. The movie got me thinking that maybe we should pospone the divorce for 40 days and see if we can work things out I am a christian and my husband as well, but he has never really had an intimate relationship with God, and we never had one while married. I hope the Love Dare book is availibile in South Africa...I was so sure that I wanted to get divorced but after watching the movie I'm starting do doubt my decision.

My hsuband and I watched to Fireproof movie last night. I have to say that our pastor was talking about things in your life last last and then we watched the movie. My eyes have opened up very big. I am more like the husband. I have made it hard on my husband. I have made a commitment to the Lord that I am going to change for the better of my family. This is one of the greatest movies of all times. Thank You to the creators of this movie.

My wife and I got married a little over 7 months ago and I can already tell things are heading in the wrong direction. I blamed her for all the problems in our relationship and she does the same with meI watched Fireproof last night after hearing good things - yet not really knowing what the movie was about. Needless to say that it was mindblowing and I cried throughout the movie. When it was over I went into the bedroom and laid next to my sleeping wife and just held her while pleading to God to change me. Usually these changes are temporary and fruitless, but my whole heart was changed from this movie. I've been crying all day just thinking about what I want to be for my wife and what I need to be for God. Just thinking how I could mistreat one of God's beautiful creatures, especially the one that I love most of all and how much that broke my already damaged heart. I want to get better at Love; Giving it, Receiving it, Expressing it, and Appreciating it. I vow to take this 40-Day journey so God can show me what He has planned for our marriage. God was the only reason we got together, I saw that with every step, and now he is the only salvation for us staying together and strong. This will be the woman I grow old with and it will be based on Love, not my own selfish intentions.

God Please Guide Me Through This Scary Journey and Show Yourself In Everything About Us and Everything Around Us. AMEN

Its 1 o'clock in the morn and I have just watched fireproof. WOW! I really see how I have messed up and I do not even know if she would even talk to me. She left me Jan.27,2009,she will not even answer the phone. I am so ashamed I have let our marriage get to this point. I asked God to come into my life to save me from my failures as a worldly man and to mold me as God would have me be. I have joined a home team and am trying to seek Gods will.The movie has changed my views on marriage and the way have done things in my past.I see clearly my FAMILY is and will be secound in my life and I will put God first and allow God to teach me (REAL LOVE!).

I purchased the movie for my wife for valentines day we had been having troubles in our marriage and things were not going well. As i laid there with her watching it, I saw me, It was sad because i never thought that i was doing those things to her but watching it played out i realized that that was me and i was so ashamed she had been telling me all along that i was doing these things but i just didnt see it. I know my wife loves me and she wants things to work and she is so hurt by the things i have done and said. But i can tell you this that movie was the best thing i have ever bought it inspired me in so many different ways I went the next day and bought the love dare book and its great. Guys let me tell you something this has changed my whole outlook on things and i will never go back to the way i was, I am better than that and my wife deserves better than that. I am truly a blessed man to have a wife like i have she is awsome and i will never take her for granted again. But guys i just want to tell you something, IF YOU WILL LOVE AND WORSHIP GOD YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE HE WILL CHANGE YOU AND MOLD YOU INTO THE HUSBAND THAT SHE WANTS AND NEEDS. You only have so much time here on earth to love youre wife dont waste it love her with all youre heart and soul and God will bless you for it. I just wish this movie would have come out about 5 years ago.

After watching this movie last night with my mom and sister, I realized the importance of having God as the foundation for mine and my boyfriend's relationship. We go to church together each week, and pray together before each meal we share, and sometimes have quiet times together. We both almost finished with college and will be moving on to the next step in our lives together. We will get married next summer. This movie really encouraged me to start things off on the right foot with God. Thanks for letting it be okay to be a Christian because in today's world, it's hard to be one.

I ,myself watch this movie with my two lttle girls and let me say it touch my heart I cryed and cryed I have had Jesus in my heart for a long time now but now I belive that I am going to get closer to him cuse I know that he will touch my husband too if he see this movie .....I allways tell him the same things of what the wife was saying to her husband but at the same time my husband has done the things I asked of him but I didn't pay any intenion... and I relize what are you doing to yourself so now on I am going to let god take action and let God do the rest....thank God for this movie and the ones that put it together...God Bless all...


My husband and I got married almost 5 years ago. We had struggled daily just to be able to live together. Once we started accepting God's love into our lives individually and then as a couple we saw where we were lacking in so many different areas. We are now planning to renew our wedding vows, especially after we watched this movie. What an eye opener. But more than that, what a true Blessing from God!!

My Fiance and I just watched the movie for the first time tonight. I must say that this couldnt have happened at a better time. Let me explain a little to impart the feelings that overtook my heart as the movie progressed. We have been dating for over a year and a half now, and have always considered ourselves lucky to have each other, both of us have had relationships in our pasts that had caused us to be rather bitter and fearful of opening our hearts to others. I can attest to the fact that I harbored a lot of anger and attempted to surpess it as much as I could unsuccesfully. Last November, I was laid off from my job, and to date havent been able to find permenant employment in my career field. I tried to continue to act as though nothing was wrong but slowly found myself sinking in my own perception of self worth, and started withdrawing from the one person that truly means the world to me. I had just about had it, I was seriously considering just ending our relationship and releasing her from any hurt that i have caused.. Tonight however, I agreed to watch a movie with her that would really turn me on my heels. Through the power of God, I recieved a message that hit me like a 100 Lb Hammer to the chest. I realise that the things I was doing in my own self pity were having a negative effect on a relationship that i prayed my whole life for.. Gods message has shone through your works and has placed a renewed feeling in my Heart.. Both of us have decided that we will work together towards building a relationship that is set in stone... Thanks to you and your ministry, My life has been elevated tremendously.. Thank you for your dilligence, perserverance, insight, and your deep love for the Lord... My Prayers are with you all..

My husband & I have been married for 10 years. It has been rocky at best; frought with multiple addictions--in both of us.

In the summer of 2007, God gave me clarity of thinking, & showed me that my heart was divided. I'd tried to bridge the gap between God & my husband, & whenever the gap became too wide, I invariably choose my husband. God was telling me that it was time to stop sitting on the fence; I had to decide who owned my heart: God, or my husband.

I realized that with or without my husband, I had to choose God, & I recognized that it could go one of two ways: either my husband would be encouraged as he saw me get clean--in the face of constant temptation--and realize that God could do the same work in him, or it would become the final nail in the coffin that drove him away. I tried desperately to live out Paul's direction--to live my faith quietly before him--but it seemed to make him increasingly angry rather than to encourage him. On July 23, 2008, my husband moved out.

I have not given up on my marriage. I know that something needs to be dead for God to ressurect it. That is certainly what He's done in my heart; for it wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I could genuinely reach for Him. I am praying for God to do whatever it takes to reach my husband. I could never pray with that level of commitment when he still lived with me--I was too afraid of "whatever it takes" could mean.

I have decided to use the love dare as a tool to pursue the bride/bride-groom relationship with Christ. I've recognized that until I've discovered how to have my needs met in Jesus, I will be incapable of loving my husband or accepting his love appropriately. I'm sure there will be opportunities within the love dare that will allow me to reach out to my husband, but that is not my primary goal at this point; that will come later.

I believe that there is hope for my marriage as neither of us have pursued divorce. He has also demonstrated that he cares deeply for me--he just feels that he's not what I need. And he's right. I need Jesus.

For anyone who feels led to pray, please pray for us. I do not want to be divorced. I still love him.

I just want to personally thank you all for a good clean christian movie. Keep putting God first. My family is rich so we rented the movie. excellent movie 100 %.

It was Valentines night and he ask me if I wanted to go to a comedy club and I said no, becuase he only talks me there when I complain "YOU NEVER TAKE ME ANYWHERE" So we went and rented movie (8 of them) he picked out this movie...he never picks out movies!!! We came home and watched it and I loved it, he said it was a good movie too!! I believe things happen for a reason and GOD wanted him to pick that movie and watch it.
I am ordering the book now I hope and pray it helps please pray for us. Thank you for making the movie... GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years and have been fighting about his porn addiction. My mom recommended this movie to us. She told me what it was about and that we needed to watch it as a couple. We watched it with my hopes that he would get something out of it. By the grace of God, two days later while at church (Sat night service) he asked another member of our church how he could get connected because he was ready for change. Thursday, he attended a mens bible study and admitted to the group that he was addicted to porn (which he has not said out loud to anyone) and was ready to fix our relationship and his relationship with God. We have watched the movie twice now and are growing with our faith together! Thank God for this movie and I pray others will get moved closer in their relationships with their spouse and with God!!!!

This is the one movie that I watched for 3 times, I pray only that all couples will see this movie to rekindle their relationship. God will continually bless your ministry to spread the Good News!

Today is 02/21/09 and i just got done watching fireproof and it was a very good movie. Not only did it make me wake my wife up out her sleep just to kiss her and tell her I love her, it also made me think about how we all really do need God as a big part of our relationships and marriages.

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