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My family and I just watched fire proof for the second time. It was really good that we were able to watch a movie without the violence or cursing. Praise God for that.My husband actually cried in front of me while watching Fireproof. My 6 year old daughter creied also. That was our family actitivy for the week. Thanks for excellent movie and please keep making more.

I watched Fireproof with friends tonight. I was really touched. First of all, it was good to be able to watch a movie that does not have a bunch of cursings and violence. Second, I wish that these type encouragements were around when I was married. I saw a lot of me in the wife. If the Lord blesses me with another mate, I will make sure we have that movie to watch just to keep us reminded. I just might go ahead and purchase the kit for when we do marry. Maybe I will purchase one for my sisters because they are marrying soon. Again, this was truly a blessing from God. Hope to see many more. Bro. Cameron did a great job! I have seen him on TBN testifying. God bless your efforts. Satan is a Liar.!

My wife told me 2 days ago that she was going to leave me after 8 years, had already got an aptartment and had the paperwork done by her lawyer for divorce. I got the movie the next day a asked her to watch it with me. After it was over we were both crying and wanted to talk. She said that she was going to and give it another chance. what a great movie and has saved my marriage. thanks


Well as the dare have continued. I am finding them hard. Well I took todays dare and I asked him about 3 things I do. IT was this morning that I asked and he said to ask later because he just woke up. Well when he came over at about 6ish I asked again. And the sad thing is that he has still not told me the 3 things that I do that aggravate him. We watched Fireproof and he was more into it than I thought that he would be. But yet showed no concern about answering that dear Question. How come it is so hard to answer an asked question but when it just happens that something aggravates you that you tell reguardless of the actions that may arise. Then on top of that my concerns about his dear friend arose. And I honestly still don't know what to do about it. We are intimate but they always do things that we should do. Like go out to eat, to the movies, to the mall. And I am left uninvited. Why am I always uninvited if it is just HER as he says. Today was not a good day but I did my dare even though his actions made me feel like nothing mattered today except what he wanted.


I finished the love dare on Valentines Day by proposing again to my wife. 40 days prior I had left her because she was having an affair and she was completely out of love planning a new life. Basically because I was an unloving unkind abusive husband that told her "look somewhere else" for the attention she wanted from me. The first day of this dare was unreal. A gentlemen at my church handed the book to me in a yellow envelop and was unsure if he should have or not. Remind you I had left her the day before. When I opened the envelop I felt God smacking me upside the head with a 2X4 and saying. " I want you to love her. I am giving you one last chance to prove to me that you can. If you can she will be yours forever, but this is your last chance." I cried immediately filled with emotion I cried the whole 10 mile drive home. She was devestated her boyfriend had told her that the affair had to be over and she was heartbroken crying over another man and ...I had to be patient and not say anything negative! But day by day I continued on the dare and at the end of it she says we have hope. 40 days ago my marriage was over today I have hope. So I have started the dare over again. I will go through another 40 days and another and another until I have this ingrained in my heart and my wife will not worry that I will turn back to my old ways. But when God specifically tells you to do something it is very very hard to say no or even want to.

My Husband and I have been together for 9 years and married for 3 years. We have two wonderful boys together ages 5 and 6. In our relationship we have always seemed to struggle. For the past year I have lived apart in my own condo with the boys. My husband is beyond a wonderful Father. He is the absolute best. We have been on and off for this past year and about a month ago we got papers and went to our first Court date for our divorce. It seemed neither of us wanted to sign the final papers and on the morning of Valentines Day (our 9 yr. Anniversary) he asked me out on a date. We talked about why we are in so much trouble and we just dont know what to do to fix it. We know we love eachother and cant imagine our lives without eachother.
The next day my best friend told me about FireProof the movie...I thought it was crazy because she was the THIRD person in the last month to tell me to rent this movie...That night my husband and I rented it and watched it together. It was us so much. Those were our problems. I couldnt believe it. The next day I went on line and we are now both taking this 40 day challenge. I have in the past asked Gods help for me to get over him and be able to move on. But now I am asking God to help us come closer to him and open our hearts for him to come in and take over. Please Dear Lord let this 40 Day challenge bring me and my husband closer that ever. And help us stay strong through all of the years ahead.

Well I did my 4th dare today and in all honesty it did nothing. He did not answer or text back. Im so hurt right now. I feel like at times he disrespects me just to see what my actions will be. I am the only one is this relationship fully committed to this and look how he leaves me. Questioning why I am even with him probably knowing that I do deserve more than this. I mean last night was fine I did my dare and it was easy. Why does today have to be so difficult. I am fully hurt and really don't know if he is the one for me at this moment. He treats me at times like I have some virus that is catchable. Guess it is not all his fault. I guess in general today just was not my day. Work sucked and I tried to explain it to him and he did not even act like he cared. What boyfriend in their right mind would make their girlfriend feel like they do not care! That is just wrong. I guess I shall see what tomorrow brings because right now I am going to bed.

My husband and I have been married 25 years this June. We've had some ups and downs, but we are at a point in our lives (even before discovering FireProof) that we can honestly say we are in agape love, and are without any doubt, best friends as well as intimate lovers. So, being gifted with the FireProof movie and the Love Dare journal, and a request from HIM that we read it together, for Valentine's Day was a pleasant surprise that has turned into something wonderful.

Some of you out there are thinking that this is just for people who have marriages or relationships that are in trouble. I want to tell you that isn't so. You may think your marriage is good, strong and loving and there is nothing for you to learn from this 40 Day journey.

My husband and I are on Day 13 of the journal, and although our marriage is strong, loving, passionate, and we are truly content with one another, we are discovering that we still have things to learn about one another.

He and I DARE YOU to take the steps and do the Dares - together OR separately (though together is better!). We promise you will discover new and wonderful things about one another and will be even stronger on the other side!

Thank you, our loving Father, for the man YOU gave me to love, and for putting this movie and book in our paths so we can be an even better witness to others on what a loving relationship is supposed to look like.

I am a 50 year old mother of two ... and divorced ... with a long term boyfriend. I had heard the movie was a good one, never knowing what it was really about, and went ahead and rented it to watch with my two daughters, ages 15 and 12. Caleb could have been my ex-husband and Katherine myself. My ex-husband had joined an on-line dating service, was addicted to porn sites, and had beaten up my 15 year old daughter (then 9) which was the demise of our marriage. He had no patience, appreciation for anything I did, and was (and still is) very selfish. I just withdrew further and further from the relationship. While watching the movie, my daughters blurted out ... "if only you two could have watched this movie together, maybe our family would still be together." It broke my heart. Coming from a divorced alcoholic home, I wanted nothing more than to have a successful marriage and happy life with that special someone.

I have a very good relationship with my boyfriend, except for his inability to commit to marriage after 5+ years together (he's been divorced twice). I plan to purchase the Love Dare book to read and maybe do for him. And, although I am a Christian, I need to recommit my life to the Lord. I find myself feeling really empty a lot of the times even though everything seems to be going well and now I know why. I haven't been to church but twice in 3 years but I am definitely going back.

I pray for ALL of you out there with all my heart!



I watched the movie on Valentines Day, alone. I saw the DVD on the shelf earlier in the month and from the cover, thought it was a search and rescue movie. I didn't pick it up. I asked the young man at the counter, he said it was about saving marriages. I knew I didn't want it, still fuming at my 3-month seperation and continued fighting with my husband. But on V-Day my husband sent me an email explaining why he was taking off his wedding ring and would not be putting it back on, as our marriage was a sham, and it sent the wrong message to the community. Still too angry and blaming my husband for being an angry, selfish, violent man I watched with mixed feelings, but at the end, like most I cried. Not out of happiness of the two main characters, but at the revelation of the quiet commitment the mother had to take the dare with the father. That blew past all my sterotypes and dreams of the "manly rescue". I'm going to take the dare, not sure what will happen with my marriage, because honestly today, right now, I don't want it, it's too scary the fighting, the hatred, the inappropriate sex, adultry but who knows what God has planned. Also, I'm not sharing it yet with anyone, could lead to a false start, power struggles, blaming with the husband. I do know one thing, it will draw me closer to God and I don't want to miss out on that.

February 17,2009. Day (16) of my Love Dare on my loving Wife, Judie. We are currently seperated by households with no communication or contact. I am continuing to fulfill my Love Dare daily challenges either by " voice-mail", or, by leaving acknowledgements on the seat of her car. "Absolute Silence" is the common theme, for the moment, which sacrifices much needed, healing communications and pastoral counseling. This consequence resulted from my continued, open expressions of hopelessness, that the seperation of (2) years, would ever come to an end. I began this love Dare, under the same selfish and self-centered influence, as when I viewed Fireproof-for the first three times. I thought I understood. My most important part of the movie was not the Fire Station scene, near the end. it was the bedroom scene, in the middle, when Caleb realized how sorry he was his selfishness and bad behavior. He realized: "...Love honors even when it's rejected. love treats its beloved as special and sacred even when an ungrateful attitide is all you get in return." (With much saddness in my heart and tears welling up-right now)-Jesus, forgive me for mistreating Your beloved daughter You entrusted to me. When she tried to love me, I rejected her-I was absent in love, heart and warmth. My Wife endeared me with loyalty, committment and prayer. I responded with "me-first"arrogance, and withdrew my affection and conversation. She loved me as long as she could-unconditionally-until hesitation, doubt and mistrust, set in. Forgive me, Lord, for my impatience and frustrations, it humbling to be wrong-and know it. This Love Dare is not about her, at all. It is truely about me daring to challenge myself, into humble submission before God-sacrificing pride for unconditional AGAPE love. I asked the Lord for a sign-something that even I would understand:"What are You going to do with this marriage?" His answer-TRUE EVENT>While sitting at a table in a cafe, reading this Love Dare book challenge for the next day, an old man- stopped at my table and said: "Sir,Sir, "GOD said I was suppost to tell you this: 'JESUS loves you!' He then walked away! I was stuned. I began to cry, as I watched him leave. Jesus heard my prayers. He sent and angel to restore my hope. "Start pouring into your marriage and investing where your heart is suppost to be." "The more you invest, the more your heart will value your relationship." Love Dare-pg. 213. "LOVE NEVER GIVES UP ! "

Gary Vidovich
Springdale Pennsylvania


For Valentimes my husband bought me fireproof. I watched the movie by myself as I normal and that is when it hit me to do the 40 day love dare. I think it is exactly what my marriage needs! I order my book and have already started. I am very excited for the first time in a very long time.

My husband and I have been married just a little over a year. This was our second Valentine's Day together and we have had it very rough. He is a firefighter/paramedic, and I am an EMT on the fire dept as well. We went through a period of eight months he didn't have a job, and I remember asking for a divorce on our one year anniversary. Watching this movie put our lives in real perspective, and that things can always get worse. We are still together but this movie really hit home where our problems are. It made me feel that someone out there was going through the same things and hopefully this movie will help us get back on track.


Well today I am on my number two dare. And it is kind of hard to show kindness since we have not lived together for a while now. And yesterday I cleaned my room and made his area clean. I washed folded and organized his things. So today it was difficult. I show kindness daily but my mom told me that showing kindness when we don't live together will be slightly hard. So I ended up calling him and leaving him a voicemail just to say I love you and that was all the voicemail said. I love you. I don't leave voicemails that often because I know he never checks them. I love him. But I I think that this act of kindness should be appreciated. Guess I will find out once he listens to it.

Well he called me back while I was at work and told me that it was very much appreciated. Maybe this Love Dare is not that hard. Guess we shall see!

My husband and I watched this movie with friends of ours, who are having some issues in their marriage, whom we really care a lot about. It sure was an eye opener, the movie was awesome! Its all about forgiveness, and accepting christ, and have him help you to lead you in the path of righteousness. Every one of us have our ups and downs, but forgiving and appreciating your spouse has worked in our life together. We have been married for 17+ yrs, and it has been a great journey, because I believe in the Lord who helped us to be married to begin with. The movie is very light, low key, but those of us who watched the movie know that they helped us to think again. Everyone who is in a relationship should watch this. I will recommend it to all my friends. Its easy to call it quits with a relationship, but its not easy going through it, it hurts. I am going through this with a friend, although I am not the one who's in the marriage having difficulties, it hurts, its very painful. Why should anyone consider breaking up their relationship when there are resources like this to help us come together and asking God for help. I am considering having my friends go through the love dare book, then again you have to decide yourself to have God help you. Its wonderful to follow God, and keep him as our savior. God bless us... fireproof us and all the relationships out there.

My wife and I saw the movie when it first came out and I thought that this was a great idea. I did not do it however, now I have seen so much more that has gone on in our relationship and wish that I had the devotion to do it already. I have been strugling with my relationship with God lately and have not been living my life as I should be. I know what I need to do and I know that God is the one true savior. I am ow making a commitment to do the 40 day love dare for my wife and my realtionship with God.

My husband is a firefighter and we've were married 29 years on this past Valentines Day. We separted last Wednesday, February 11. Valentines Day, I was out buying groceries for my new apartment home, my friend called me to ask, what we were doing for our anniversay, I lied to her because I didn't want to disappoint her by telling her the bad news so I told her I was out shopping and he had to go to work. Well she went on to tell me about her valentines day ventures which started with this movie at their church. I said "oh, what's the name of it"? "Fireproof your Marriage," I said, "What's it about? She went on to tell me a little about the story, I COULD NOT BELEIVE WHAT I WAS HEARING. I still did not tell her about my situation, however, I rushed out to the Movie Gallery to rent it, got home began to watch the movie, and I thought someone had tapped into my life at home, It was unbelievable how I've experience the same issues with my husband who happen to be a firefighter as well. So, of course I've taken interest in this awesome story of someone else's relationship that identifies mine and believe that devine intervention put it in my friends spirit to share this experience with me for what ever reason I don't know yet.
Birmingham, Al

Today is the first day of the Love Dare for me and my boyfriend. I got both of us books and gave it to him on Valentines Day. I texted him earlier today and said today I started MY Dare. As a redheaded female, I have never been one for any form of patience and today I have been very patient. I believe that it has worked well for me today. He said he was doing one of his hobbies and I said fine. I think that it will be a great journey for me and if he does not want to do it then that is fine. I know what I am capable of and I know that there will be hard dares to come along but I think in the end I wil find out what are relationship can stand and more on who I am as a female.

Well today he tested my patience. He was supposed to call me right back and ended up calling me 3hrs later which was right before work. So I got upset and held my tongue. It was hard and I knew with my patience that it would be. But I did it. So I made it through my first dare:D

Me and my husband have been together for almost 9 years and married for almost 5. We like many others have faced the rocky road. We got through most of them and we came to a point in our marriage where we knew we needed help. I started going back to church and after a couple weeks my husband followed and we hit another bump. At that time we went to our pastor for help and we went and bought the Love Dare after leaving his office. We both agreed to commit to the book and our marriage. We are at the beginning of the Love Dare challenge and just watched the movie. We both love each other and are hoping that this helps. It helped my pastor and my best friend so here we go. We are ready for the adventure to begin.


I am on day 34. I found out 3 months ago that my husband has been having an affair with another woman for the past year. This horrible news, hit me hard and I had no idea that anything had been going on. In the beginning of December he told me that he wanted a divorce and since that day has made it crystal clear with his choices and actions that our marriage was ending.

On January 4, after finishing the book Fireproof, I decided that my marriage was too important to let turn to ash. With God's help, I have been faithfully and whole-heartedly following The Love Dare. Watching my husband leave to go to another woman's house and into another woman's arms is one of the hardest, most devastating things I have experienced. However, with prayer and daily devotions, and most of all strength from the Lord, I am almost complete with this 40 day journey.

My marriage is still in danger, but I had a wonderful, hopeful thing happen! My husband starting telling me that he loved me again, he started spending time with me, eating supper with me, taking walks with me, and being courteous to me. I must admit that it's hard not to want to "dive in" and think that this means our marriage is completely saved. But I am so hopeful that he wanted to spend time with me. We started talking, I kept reminding him that he could talk to me about anything, and in the last few weeks he's told me that he's had doubts about filing for divorce.

On Friday, February 13th, my husband came to my workplace, and told me that he has made a decision to either end his relationship with his mistress, or take a long break from her. Although he hasn't made a clear decision yet, I pray that he will make the decision to end the relationship, and he will turn to the Lord to guide his life.

Throughout this journey I have learned to have patience, and many times I have had to feverently pray for that. But I have, and just a few months ago my marriage was certainly headed towards divorce, but now I have hope. I have hope that this marriage can be saved~ Praise be to God!

To anyone who's going through this, keep steadfast in your faith and trust in the Lord. "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11). Keep your faith, patience, and trust in Him. Don't let fear rule your heart.

God has blessed me and I know that his plans are good for me, they are for you as well. Keep praying, keep loving, and don't give up!

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