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My wife and I watched Fireproof for the first time on Valentine’s Day 2009. I think it was the best Valentine’s present or date I have ever been on. Although we are not close to a divorce we have been in the past. We have grown lethargic in our relationship and seem to just exist day to day going through the motion or just not doing anything. This movie has opened my eyes and I am making a commitment to do the 40-day love dare and I pray that this will make me the husband my wife wants and needs and takes our relationship to the next level and makes it stronger than we could even imagine. We have been married 22 years and I want to make a commitment today that I will do everything in my power to make the next 22 the best ever for my wife and bring back the happiness that the Lord intended for us to have each and every day.


It is February 14, 2009-Valentine's Day. I subhmitted my story the other day. It is Day (13) of my Love Dare challenge on my loving Wife, Judie. About three weeks ago, after a Pastoral counseling session, where I reinforce: "'s hopeless. I hold out no hope that this seperation is coming to an end...",it appears to have come to an abrupt halt. After the session, my Wife Judie, kissed me good-by in the Church parking lot and we went to our seperate homes, in seperate vehicles, and we haven't spoken since. There has been no contact-other than my "creative", daily Love Dare challenges that I've done by voice-mail, or, by leaving items in her parked vehicle, at her work location. I realize today, the I must do some things that I've never done in my life. I must follow what the Bible is instructing me to do. "Always remain loyal to your wife." The Lord witnessed the vows you and your wife made to each other on your wedding day..." "...A Husband must never leave his wife..." You must accept whatever situation the Lord has put you in, and continue on as you were, when God first called you." "Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud, or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and keeps no record of wrongs...LOVE NEVER GIVES UP, NEVER LOSES FAITH, IS ALWAYS HOPEFUL, AND ENDURES THROUGH EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE." "Love never fails."
Dear Jesus,
Today, I offer You my loyalty and pledge to You my faith, trust and commitment. I submit to Your words:"The Lord hates divorce." I ask, in Your Name, help save our marriage. Mold me into the husband and man both you and she, need me to be: honorable, trustworthy and humble. I commend my relationship into Your arms, to do with as You see fit, IN YOUR TIME. I ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom, patience and endurance to bear this trial. I know You send mankind specific help, during our hours of darkest needs. This love Dare is your answer for marriage. I commit to continuing these challenges-through the distances and circumstances of to my Wife and our family-the innocent ones-whose only crimes were unconditonal love, and a family position. Only You can decide, if I can be worthy to receive her back, once more. With Tears on my face, and longing in my heart,

Loving you, Love me.

Gary Vidovich
Springdale, Pennsylvania


My husband I have been married for almost 16 years. We have had our ups and downs like any couple. But recently the stakes have changed. The last few months have been some of the best and the worst of my life. The day after we finally received the word that we were going to be adopting three children, my father died of cancer.
When I was a little girl my parents separated. That event changed our lives. My mother found God while they were separated. God's love saved her, and through her, our family was saved. Thirty years later I watched my mother say goodbye to the man she loved.
I realized then that I wanted that kind of love for my marriage.
Now, there are three children that need that kind of love between their parents, and we have both commited to this. Tomorrow on Valentine's Day, my husband and I become parents. When I see him with those children, I know that God has a plan for everything. Sometimes it isn't what we imagined, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

I married my wonderful wife nearly four years ago but we knew each other 25 years ago. We reconnected about about 7 years ago. I have never known a love like my wife and we are not nessasarily growing apart but growing together. Our marriage does not have the passion it had when we got married and now we have two toddlers. We acknowledge between work, school full time, the children we are lacking much needed time. We still love each other and know we will be together forever because it was destined to be by God. We know our lives were shambles until he place us back in a path we would find each other. We know through God all things are possible. We know with Love Dare it will help. We are just beginning that journey and am excited to see how it may help. I love my wife through all of the Trials and would never want to walk those roads with anyone other than her. God is my life but my wife is my breath. I would go to the ends of the earth for God but will beg and plead to take her with me. God is what I breath but my wife is my oxygen.

I am only at the beginning of this journey and right now I know that my fiance would never watch a movie like Fireproof. The enemy has such a strong hold on him that he feels like he doesn`t need God. To me, this movie was "Wonderful"...
It confirmed to me that I need to be patient and trust God to do what He has promised to do for me. It is encouraging to me that this works for other people. I thank God for all of the couples that have made it through the storm.

my husband and i have only been together for three years and we got married this last september. i got pregnant with my son the first couple months of being together. so we really didnt get time to get to know eachother. i moved in with him 2 months before i had our son. and thats when we started having horribe fights. just fighting everyday and getting physical with eachother. its been going on for the whole time. i became severly depressed wanting to end my life everyday. our relationship was not good but we loved eachother so much we never wanted to leave. then this past june i cheated on him with another man. it was a one night thing. he found out the next day and we got decided we still wanted to be with eachother. all along i was a couple weeks pregnant. then we decided to get married in september. things were going pretty good and we new we wanted to be with eachother. our physical abuse stopped but our fighting hasnt. we recently watched fireproof and it really touched us. we are currently not living togethr to see what we should do . get a divorce or make this work. we really love eachother and want it to work . we just dont know where to start...

I just watched this movie 3 weeks ago and boy did it make me cry and think. I will married 10 years this year although I am seperated from my husband at this time, I still went out yesterday and bought 2 copies of the Love Dare. I had him promise that he would read it with me for the next 40 days. It seemed that God put this movie in my hands for a reason. I love my husband very much but I am not in love with him. I know that with God all things are possible. Our problem is that my husband does not find me attractive anymore so we have intimacy issued. We have never cheated on each oher but we have grown apart. Please PRAY for us so we can find each other again and not let this marriage fall apart. I will also pray for all of those marriages that are falling apart. GOD BLESS !!!!

My husband and I have just recently gotten married. February 23,2009 will be three months for us. I know at times I have felt if I am only this far into my marriage, then why in the world will it ever work.I know myself that I have cheated on my spouse in the past (before we got married) and felt like he just didn't understand me, like there was someone out there who would much more than him.I know there have been so many times we have started off with the simplest little disagreement and end up in this huge argument blown out of proportion!(This i just some of the issues in our relationship). My uncle, (who happens to be going through a divorce himself), recommended this movie to us, as well as his father who has had to go through a divorce as well. As we sat there and watched all we could do was hold each other. I don't believe there was a single second when we got up from the couch or even took our eyes away from the T.V. This movie is absolutely amazing. I am actually in the process of purchasing my very own copy of The 40 Day Love Dare. I have faith in God and I believe that there was a great meaning behind my father in law offering this to us. I want to say thank you to him and to my uncle. Thank You David and Lee.



I am not married so I do not exactly have the same story as everyone else in here, however I have been with this man on and off for 13 years. I am still in love with him as he is with me. WE just do not know yet how to love each other in the RIGHT ways. I have watched tis movie over 15 times and each and every time i watch it I gain more and more hope that we will through the love dare and god learn how we need to love! It is my hope that we will be married one day and I pray this love dare is the answer we have been looking for for so long. He finally after much resistance watched the movie with me and we went together to but the book. We are starting day one tomorrow. I cant wait to be able to truly love this man the way I once did he does mean the world to me and to our son, I want us to be happy again. We are both very excited to begin our new journey.


My husband and I have only been married for seven months, and neither of us has been married before, so of course we did not know what to expect. We got along wonderfully when we were dating/engaged, but once we were married and living with each other, things changed. We started fighting more often, things each of us did that got on each others nerves. My husband has a welding shop next to our house, and he began spending more and more time out there as the months went on, more time than with me. Like Caleb, my husband spends a lot of time on the internet, but he is talking to his buddies about tractors and such because he loves tractors and heavy machinery. I have complained constantly that I wish he would get off the internet and spend time with me, because he will be on the internet from the time he gets home till dinner starts, then when dinner is over go back to the internet. I have asked him to simply sit with me and talk, but he never does. Someone told me that fireproof was a really good movie, and I had no idea how much it was about Christ and marriage. My husband and I watched it, after I practically begged him to, and the part where Caleb chose his wife over the addiction he had on the internet was really touching to me. After the movie was over, my husband looked at me, and promised to start spending more time with me than on the internet, he said he enjoyed sitting there with me as we watched the movie. We also agreed that like Caleb did in the movie, that when we felt the urge to same something negative, we would hold our tongue. I would recommend just simply watching this movie to anyone that is having trouble in their marriage, but seeking some spiritual guidance would also help more. My husband and I go to church off and on, but I would like to start attending more faithfully.

My husband and I watched Fireproof last night. It was the most amazing movie that we have watched in a long time. My husband and I have been married for two years and been together for four years. For the last year I have been so unhappy and miserable. We both have had our down faults. We both have had affairs. We never have had an addiction to porn or drugs. The only addiction we have had is remaining faithful to each other. He use to work from state to state and I would stay home with the boys and be lonely. I felt like I was a single mother again. This is both our secong marriage. We only got to see each other like two or three times every six months. He quit the road and we moved closer to his parents. His solution was to move from Georgia cause there was a guy that lived in Georgia that I was having an affair with. The woman he had an affair with lived ten minutes down the road. I felt like that was not fair to me. He said I was being selfish. Til this day, we dont trust each other. Hes not the man I fell in love with four years ago. I have prayed and repented to the LORD for my mistakes. But I keep repeating them. For some reason when I feel like my husband dont want me any more or I feel like im not appreciated I always end up calling the guy I had an affiar with and talk to him and he makes everything all better. Im hoping this 40 Day Love Dare book helps me save my marriage. Please pray for us!!!

Thanks to everyone and this movie



This is a very inspirational movie. It touched me in a way thast few movies ever have. Many times I find mysrlf saying, "This movie really hit home." I now know that that was not totally true. There are not words to desribe what I now feel. I am hoiping to get the book soon to start the dare. I am going to buy or even rent the movie for my parents to see. Maybe then I will have their suppport in trying to make my marriage work instead of empty praises and words when I know they beliebe it will fail. It can work and I know it will. I just pray fore the strength from God to see me through. I ask that all who read this to please pray for us. Through Him your prayers will be known.

My husband and I have been married for 7 years (as of 2/23/09) and the first few years were great! We were plugged into a church we both loved and had three beautiful children in the mix. Then our church Clergy left and we were left feeling empty with no real direction. We "church hopped" for a while and finally settled where we are now. During that time of NO direction we nearly got a divorce; several times. We hated spending time with each other and as a family. I spent the time with the kids and he went to work (he was married to his job, NOT to me.) We both found the love we desired out of each other in other things and people. I found myself making friends in chat rooms and at the bar (at least I was hiving fun!) Right?? WRONG! He found love in his work. Not with me or the children we shared. Now, I'm happy to say that things are getting back on track! After finding our new church we seem to be heading in the right direction. We watched Fireproof two nights ago...and saw ourselves in BOTH the husband and the wife. Depending on the situation they were in; we could find a comparable one. Needless to say, we had an amazing evening with each other! And are now both wanting to try the 40 day love dare with each other; things can always get better right!?

What a blessing this movie is!! My husband and I have been married for fifteen years and have three children. For the last, almost a year, we have been truly miserable, mostly me. Friday night, one of my sisters sent a text saying I'll be over soon are you home? I said I was and she arrived later, Fireproof DVD in hand and said she felt lead to bring my husband and I the movie. He agreed to watch, with the attitude he always has, but we both wept in awe as we saw part of us in Caleb and Katherine. He has no pornography addiction, but everything else fit. I have had affairs, of which I confessed to him at those times. I feel lonely and unwanted all the time. He never puts forth any effort in our marriage but just thinks everything is ok if we aren't arguing. I saw tears in his eyes watching this movie. And I think we should both do the love dare, but he hasn't mentioned it anymore. I've decided to put my heart into it and do the love dare, unselfishly, instead of complaining that I think he owes me as well. My heart says that if I do this I'll EARN his love and will receive what I have been missing. I am so thankful for my sister, and God leading her to share her movie with us!!



: I wanted to let you know that ive never seen a movie as good as this was. We have been to counceling tried things to help are marriage. This movie was more help than anything it really should me how wrong i have been to my wife thank you.

2/29/09 My husband and I have been married for 11 years and we watched the movie last night and boy did it hit home. We have rededicated our lives to the Lord about 7 months ago but my husband doesn't think he needs to go to church that his football games were more important or some excuse or he would go because I want him to. I want him to go because he wants to feel the Holy Spirit work in his heart. I am far from perfect. I have a lot to work on myself. I ordered the 40 Day Love Dare and pray that God will heal both of us to have a Christian home for our little boy. We do alot off screaming and cursing at eachother. There has been alot of pain inflicted in the past and I for one really need to learn to not bring up things from the past. I just ask anyone who reads this to please pray for us. I can't wait for the book to get here. WE HAVE AN AWESOME GOD, I wish we had more movies out there like this. My inlaws rented the movie thinking it was going to be a firefighter movie and they are not christians. My father inlaw told my mother inlaw to tell my husband to really pay attention to this movie. I think it hit my father inlaw in a good way. Maybe some day they will start going to church with us.

I'm going to perfectly honest with myself and God, I've lost my way. I knew it, but I thought, hey I'm still a Christian, I still believe with all of my heart and soul that God is my savior. But the realization came over the weekend full force after watching the Fireproof movie. I have 4 young daughters and I want to be an example to them in all that I do. I also have a loving husband who I've been married to for almost 9 years. Time has definately made our love stronger but there's something missing. Knowing God, being in touch with him is important and I think that's what is missing. We met in church, took our oaths before God and family but we have not gone to church since before our daughter Emily was born. There are a lot of reasons, some valid some not so much. The long and short of it though is that we need to get back on track. That's the biggest reason that I'm going to be doing the Love Dare. Not because I fear our marriage is going to fail or that we're growing apart. I want us to be closer to each other and fully appreciate the live we have, the children we have and all that God has given to us. I am unworthly of this love. My family is my life and I want to show my husband as well as my kids that God is an important and integeral part of that life as well.

So my letters will be to myself, my husband, my family and foremost to God, who without him I would have nothing. And I'm sorry it took me so long to realize that I've been lost for such a long time, that I'm sure this won't be easy, but it's a commitment that I am bound and determined to make things right between God and I and to have him shine through me every day.

Tomorrow will be my starting day for the Love Dare. I'm praying that my efforts will not go unnoticed and that God will bless my relationships and forgive me when I fail and accept me with open arms when I realize it.

My boyfriend and I watched the movie about a week ago. We are both christians and he is a firemen so we were both deeply affected by it's story. We have been dating for a little over a year now and have talked about marriage, however not in the near future as I am still in college. This movie really made us think about our relationship and actually strengthened us as a couple because it reminded us of weaknesses in us and that our love for God will help us through the fires in our relationship. I think it is a great movie for unmarried couples as well because it gives us an insite into the rollercoaster of marriage before we make that commitment.

P.S. I is also refreshing to see so many marriages and lives are affected by the book, movie and God. It makes me feel so glad that I am a child of God.

Kara Townsend



I just finished watching the Fireproof-movie, bought the DVD yesterday at our Christian book store.

Me and my ex-husband were married in 1991, divorced in 2004. Lived together again, since July 2005, split February 2007 (did not now that he was having an affair with a work collegue), moved back in with him in Nov 2007. I was then already on the road to be re-Born child of Jesus, but the actual total giving of my heart happened in November/December 2008, after finding out about his numerious affair and chatroom addiction. I am totally committed to make my marraige work with the help of God, Because I know his Son died in order for us to have eternal life.

While watching the movie, as so many others had said, it was like watching our marraige. Except I am the wife and I see all the wrong things that I did in both Caleb & Catherine. I am starting the 40 day challenge tomorrow, but will count the days only over weekends, as my husband is working away from home. Pray for us, please! But I feel that if I completed this dare, that we will be on the road to recovery. I am also sending the DVD to my husband tomorrow - by speed-post - with a letter apologizing and asking forgiveness for all the words spoken with a very sharp tongue and all the hurt that I have caused him over the years.

Thanks for making such a inspiring movie. God bless all the people that have been involved in this movie. It really opened my eyes to all my faults, of which I was mostly pairtially aware.


Wendy du Plooy
Gauteng, South Africa


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