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I was with my ex for 7 yrs and choose material things over her and family. I live with that regret everyday. I have changed and am trying to gain her trust and show her what she means to me and has always meant, even though I didnt show it. I hope to get all the prayers I can. I hope in time we can work through my mistakes. I take full blame of what happened and hope and pray she can forgive me. I plan on pulling out all the stops:)


My wife and I have been married for 4 years now, but have spent almost the last year separated. She lives across town with her parents and I stay at home. After months of separation, I decided that I wanted to try the love dare. We've both seen the movie and are both Christians. I realized that I had to do some changing if I ever expected my wife to return home.
I was surprised! After three days of the the book, she started to notice and began talking to me again. It's been 3 weeks and we are hanging out, going on short trips, and dating all over. Not done yet and a long way to go, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am happy with the changes in my life and ask God to guide me the rest of the way. I am hoping that this will bring my wife and I closer together and build a solid foundation for both of us.


My husband and I have been married for a little over 2 years now. It is not a first for either of us. He has filed for divorce, and has no contact with me other than through attorneys. I have begun The Love Dare today. I am also realizing that by the time I reach day 39, we will be in mediation for our divorce. (May 17th). I am standing firm with God, that he is my covenant spouse, and he will restore our marraige. This dare is a little difficult to do without having any contact with him, any suggestions on how to handle some of these days apart? Appreciate your prayers and will keep in touch as my days progress.

My husband and I have been married now for 8 years and 7 months. We have been through a lot since being together. We got married very young. I was 18 and he was 20. We were expecting our first child into our fourth month of dating. I have been hard to handle and we have butted heads through most of our relationship. Up to 3 years ago I couldn't tell you I was in love with him. Now he recently joined the Army active duty and is at bct/ait. I want to start the Love Dare to know that nothing will ever budge our relationship and only want it to be better. I want to be an example to those who question marriage and such....


me and my wife have been together 7 years we were married almost 2 years and she filed for divorce about 6 months after the divorce she realized it was a mistake and we decided to give it another try its been a year and she says its over again she keeps cheating has been for 4 years now and she chooses the computer and phone and friends over working out our problems she only cheats when times get rough weather it be money or just not getting along or stressed i don't want to lose her God put us together 7 years ago and he keeps bringing us back together i love her and have never loved anyone like i do her he made our marriage come together i just don't know what to do anymore i am so broken and every time she leaves its only for a short time then she comes back its destroying me and tearing our kids apart


I have been married to my wife shannon for 2 years. We have already been seperated 1 time going on a 2nd time. I love my wife so much. I havent been the best man. I chose my laptop over her and other personal belongings over her. I hate what I have done to her. I am hoping that I can do this love dare. I am starting it today and when I get home we are watching the movie. I want her to do the love dare but how can I pursuade her to do it. I guess my heart was broken the first time she seperated (she cheated on me) I wonder if she is still doing it sometimes. I love her as my Best Friend.


My wife and I have been married for 7 years, recently I noticed some changes in her behavior so I tried to be a little more romantic, however i noticed that whatever i did was not taking effect in her behavior. For her birthday she decided to change her phone, so i decided to keep her old phone, i was going thru the old phone and I found romantic messages going to another man. I got really upset and confronted her, which didnt go well at all. I talked to her parents about it and to my family at that point I thought my marriage was over. I even spoke about divorce papers. when i calmed down I spoke to her and told her I was sorry and that I wanted to talk things over, her answer was that our marriage was over. Ever since i have bben praying a lot and reading books about haw to mend a broken marriage. I refuse to give up on my marriage, later we talked and she says she is confused and does not know what to do, she says she is not in love with me but she does not want to brake the marriage because is a pact we made with God. right now I am at a waiting point waiting for her to comeback. Some days i get desperate and feel that it is over but I try to get back on my feet and listen to an inner voice that asks me to be patient and to not give up. I have faith that God will fix my marriage and therefore I pray every day, but sometimes i feel the wait is just killing me.



My husband and I have been married for 2.5 years, together for 4.5. We have made it through some pretty tough circumstances in all that time, spending our first few years wrapped up in alcohol abuse and all that comes with it. I knew I could never allow myself to marry the man that he was when he was drinking... selfish, narcissistic, deceitful... but for some reason, as bad as it got, I knew God had brought us together for a purpose. As I hung in the relationship, the situation declined until it reached its breaking point. There was no where left for "us" except to break up permanently, or change what was wrong with each of us. Fortunately, we chose to work on ourselves, and to change what we could. We joined a christian based recovery group, joined our church, and both received Christ into our hearts and lives which enabled us to learn about ourselves, about each other, and to focus our mutual efforts on serving God and one another with Christ-like love and devotion. About 3 months into our recovery, he proposed to me. This "new" man God had made for me was exactly who God intended for me to be with, I know that... and this "new" man...sober, responsible, caring and loving was the man I chose to marry. Recently, I've seen a change in my husband. He's withdrawn from me a great deal, and he's been lying openly about so many things... I realize that relapse starts with the negative attitude long before he picks up a drink, and I fear he's headed in that direction. I see the old man returning a little day after day...irresponsible, selfish, petty and deceitful. He's all but pulled away from church and our recovery group. He's living 2 different lives, and that will lead him to utter destruction. Today is day 3 of the Love Dare for me... he has no idea that I'm doing this. I feel that God is allowing me to make myself useable, and I want to be the wife who "brings him joy all the days of his life"... I want with all my heart to see my husband reach out to Jesus, to have a heart to serve the Lord like he had when we first married. I know that if I can live out the characteristics of Christ's love and follow through with the dares each day, God will be faithful to bless it. I don't want to "change" my husband, I want God to bring him back to the purpose he was predestined for. I want to see my husband seek after God with his whole heart. Please pray that God will keep me strong, and help me be diligent in my service to Him and the husband He has blessed me with.


We've been married for 12 years this April, and in my mind our marriage is in trouble. I've tried to talk to my husband about our problems, but our conversations devolve into arguments, or nitpicking, or just a laundry list of issues from either of us. My husband won't spend any time alone with me and barely talks to me anymore unless it has to do with our girls. I could be wrong, but I don't feel like he would leave me- he values our family life very much. But although we parent well together, I don't feel like my husband is in love with me anymore. When I met my husband I could not get over how wonderful it was to have this great combination of friend and lover- it was the best feeling in the world. Now it feels like it just trickled away. I'm not the girl I was, that's for sure. The years of no money, full-time child rearing and no fun or togetherness have just left me totally numb. I don't want to live in a marriage with no passion for the rest of my life, so I started the Love Dare and am now on day 3. I feel a difference in our family and my girls are really responding to the positive attitude that i'm putting out there, but my husband still feels like a stranger. He's started to respond with a little more warmth to me, but its just basic friendliness not love, because I know the difference. But maybe that's what I'm giving off too, so I'm not blaming him. Please pray for us during this journey- he doesn't know I'm doing the Love Dare because I can't share important things with him any more, but I hope and pray that this can change my heart.

My husband and i have been married for two months as of yesterday, yes not long i understand that, however we have been together for 6 years off and on. We have had some knock down blow out fights, believe you me, and lots of times where i should have just left. But from the day that i met him i knew that something was different about him, and he has proven that day after day time and time agian, in both wonderful ways and horrible crule evil ways. i am a Christain woman, still a baby learning new things every day, and he a Christian man. however seems to be falling away, parting doing who knows what with whos knows who around evil negitive hopless people. and it s rubbing off drasticly. He is the most amazing man that i have ever met, but it seems more and more lately he has closed him self off from god. now about three years ago he had gottnen into a huge accident, when the police talked to me they told me it was by the grace of GOd he was still alive, the doctors said the same thing and he had a long way to heal , that he may never be the same man again. now i was rasied christian how ever i wasnt one, i mean i talked the talk but dint walk the walk, when he got into this accident i found the lord , then when things got back to normal i faded away again. it wasnt untill about 1year ago now that i have really and truly found god, i found a church that is my hhome and my family. my husband brought me here, it sems like he has two personalitys one that loves me and one that doesnt. its very hard to live with, but i know god wants me to hang in there and trust in him and the plans he has for me and him. everythime i feel i should leave him, something or someone says the right thing at the right time. i watched fireproof and it blew me away, i wanted to get the book for awhile now but never did. this last week had been one of the hardest in our relationship and as i was about to give up i found the book for an amazing price, i didnt buy it, but my motherinlaw had it and gave it to me. today is day one and the firey darts of hell are still flying at me, i pray that this will work for us, teach not only me but him a new way to love. god wants us together thats for sure. he has always lead us back to eachother. it was weird when i started reading it i had a since of peace come over me i havent felt in a long while. the lord is in charge, and i have faith. i know this will work out for the best. pray for us and ill do the same for you. good luck to everyone out there.... remember nothing is impossible with the lord!!! read 2 corinthians 12. keeps me strong . thank you

We have been dating for almost two years.
We recently split up, not for the first time however.
I really love him with all my heart.
I need him back.

I have a question:

Will the love dare have any effect even if we are not married?

What do I do if he tells me to leave him alone ?

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have been together for 9 years. We were great together but now I don't know where or who we are and worst of all I cannot recall when it started getting so complicated. We met in college and were the typical college sweet hearts. We got married as soon as I graduated from college. A couple of years later we tried getting pregnant and found it to be an impossible task... I went through infertility treatment and after some time we were blessed to get pregnant with our baby boy who is now 2 years old. Right now we barely speak or even make eye contact. I don't remember the last time we said "I love you". Most of the time he sleeps in the living room and I have stopped caring... This is my 3rd attempt with the love dare... I don't want to give up so easily. I want this to work but I feel like I can't do this on my own. I have told him how I felt but he thinks our relationship is "ok". We shall see how this goes.


I have been struggling with my marriage for some time. I was not the wife I should have been and, because of that, caused devastating effects in our marriage. I betrayed the trust my husband had in me and have been working for a year to repair that.

I have been reading a christian-based book on how to work out of the issues one spouse has caused... the issues I have caused. I was good for a while and then forgot to continue.

My husband does not love me the way he used to and although I know this is a two-way street, this is mostly my fault. I am ashamed of myself and want nothing more than to work on this. I am condescending and degrading without even realizing it. I grew up this way and now it is more natural to me than I ever imagined.

I hear it takes seven weeks to get out of a habit. Today is day one of those seven weeks.

Today is also day one of my Love Dare. I have ruined my husband's trust and weakened his self-esteem. It is now my job to do what I can on my end to repair what I have damaged.

This will not be easy. Not many things are easy when they are really worth doing. I love him. I will learn to love myself again. Most of all, I will fight for my marriage.


Hi, I have been the most awful husband, dad, companion a man could be, i lied, cheated and disrespected my wonderful wife in so many ways there are times i cant stand to look myself in the mirror. I watched this movie with my wife and I am so ready to try this I truly do love her so much it hurts because i have put so much distance between us, I pray to god everyday to help me be the better man and help me show my wife my heart and soul are both in the right place with her and the kids. I need so much help I fear time is running out and she may just give up.



Today is day 2 of the love dare for me ive really been struggling with the patience thing as i am so in love, we are not married but i was planning on asking soon we were together for a year and 3 months and planning on spendin the rest of our lives together until 2 weeks ago. we have basically stayed together and in my heart i feel that she is my wife, she has told me that we need to break communication for a while but im sooo afraid as a guy has come into her life which she says is a friend but i think maybe likes her but i cant be sure i trust her alot but i am afraid that if i wait till day 40 and give her that break in cmmunication for a while that she will be swept away by this guy while im busy trying to win her back. I really do not know what to do as she has also told me she cannot see me yet which is making the love dare a lil harder as well.....if anyone has any suggestions for me please could you email me or something


Seperated for 0ver 3 years now...He has moved on..yet I continue to hope for a miracle.
I am on day 30 of the love dare and thought it would be about how great I am and how wrong he was..and wow was I awakened to my flaws...What a wonderful wish I had found it sooner. Tried to communicate the dares and received abig text "LEAVE ME ALONE". So I continue on the dare as I promised God I'd give him 40 was hard at times,but so worth it...I have learned so much about our marriage and me. To all those who are reading and questioning the is so worth it!


wow where and how to tell our story. i am doing this alone, and without the other persons knowledge. i know that i need to work on me and i am hoping he sees the difference. i love this man for the man that i know he can be if he just lets himself, and just lets God be God. We were married once, and what God put together we tore apart. i am not perfect, i have had my faults, so i can not lay all the blame on him, and it ended in a bitter angry divorce. after two years we now speaking kind words to one another. and i know God has a plan for us, we just have to get to where God needs us to be. our next marriage will not just be a marriage, it will be a covenant with God. please pray for us and i will pray for you all. God bless and peace be with you

mary beth

I've been married for 20 years. Our daughters are 13 and 17.. My husband and I have grown apart. We do not say "I love you" for many years now... We are co-habitating. We both have had an emotional affair...His in 2005. Mine ended last week..
I want to love, and feel loved. I don't want to hurt my girls. I want them to have a good example, before its too late.
I don't feel any love toward my husband, altho' I do not want to hurt him, or damage him in any way...I have severed all ties with the person I was emotionally involved with, and FEEL love toward..Im hurting, but trying to DO the right thing..My husband does not know about the affair.. He suspects, Im sure.. I voluntarily changed cell/home number, and Im making myself accountable to him about time and finances w/o him asking me too..
I'm on Day 1 of the Love Dare... I dont feel anything towards my husband but I can be patient, as thats the first assignment ... I am doing this NOT because I 'feel' like it, NOT because im 'scared' of losing him, but solely because Im trying to DO whats right...
We only have so much more time before our girls are grown, and in a blink of an eye they will be on to their own lives.... for one, what kind of example have we passed down to them? and for two, who is this man I share a life with? I dont know him anymore... I hope I can learn to love him again..We had a good marriage in the beginning years... but life.... and teenagers.......well, we just dont know each other anymore..He isnt a part of this Love Dare, only me... I can only change me.
The words I say affect my heart... which affects my thinking ....which affects the way I act. God help me to see him the way you do and love him the same way.... Alana


I never thought I was a bad guy. I saw my self as just the guy who would work really hard and never worry about a thing. The Now factor was my bigest down fall. I have been married twice now and I have fallen back into the same life I had with my first wife. Debt lies and cheating. I thought since I if you don't have sex it is not really cheating. Wow that is wrong. I watched Fireproof a few years ago with my wife and it was great I newer thought that movie would be where I turned for help. I bought the Love Dare on 2/1/12 and am on day 23 I feel like I have hit a rut because my wife is not showing any emotion to me I would hope she would. However I have seen little changes in her I know she loves me even if she does want to tell me. I never knew how much I loved her until I hit the cusp of loosing her and our family. I Pray that god will help me with the strength to see me thru the next 17 days and let me keep what I hold so dear and learn to be a better husband. Threat my wife with the love and respect that she deserves she is so beautiful and I am not ready to give up on her I love her so much. I can show her what it is like to be loved.


My wife and I are within our first year of marriage. We just had a beautiful baby girl and life should be nice since we also just purchased our home. Sounds good right?...well its not. We struggle majorly with communication, views on opinions, and we clearly see things differently. This has made our marriage exteremely dificult. Some days, we just dont know why we're still at it, until we watched this movie. Fireproof reminded US that once we said "I DO" that was the moment we decided to committ to never leaving your partner in the fire. We are in the fire now and at this point, our prayers are on strong and we are dancing the last dance...hopefully, God willing, the dance will last forever. Here goes to a day-by-day forever love dare.

This movie reminded me that i became lazy and distorted. I need to provide more for my family. As the MAN of the house, it is I who needs to take back the control of the home and help my wife. I was spoiled and became too comfortable, and selfish. This movie has reminded me to value my wife, who truly is the only person i have, and vise versa.

Thank you to Fireproof. Watching this movie was the best thing we did. We even place the DVD Cover on our entertainment center in between our family pictures to remind us of what marriage is really about.


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