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My wife and I got married at a young age only 2 years ago. With a calling on my life to full time ministry and an immediate understanding that God had hand picked this jewel of a woman to be my wife we dated for 6 months and then entered into a 9 month engagement. The relationship was strong while we dated..we prayed together, read together, and did nearly everything together....over the past two years however, we grew apart due to my falling away from God in my desperate run from my calling..she came to me a week ago and said she couldn't take it anymore...she had been waking up with a complete stranger for the past two years and I know in my heart she agreed to marry a man of God and instead inherited a coward. Over the past week I have recognized my wake up call and fallen back in love with my Savior Jesus Christ and have again returned to making it a point to love my wife like He loves the church. She has not excepted my change yet and the frustration and constant battle to love her through the Ice cold treatment is overwhelming me. I have decided to do this dare on my own to give me a guideline and accountability in my fight for my wife. I pray that God will simply allow me to regain that which he gave to me 3 years ago and restore my marriage. I am hoping this will allow me to better my ability to practice patience. I know God ordained this marriage and that he can rectify its original purpose so that things can be better than they were even when we met. If you are reading this please pray for me and my wife.

For the past several years, i have been going through a personal emotional struggle within myself and my marriage. Over the past several months my struggles have increased dramatically with stress and anxiety added to a busy life. about a year ago a good friend introduced the movie fire proof to me, i did think much of it at the time but it was a good movie, as time passed and my emotions struggled, i thought more and more about it. As the years went by i have noticed my marriage growing more into being comfortable, not trying, just expecting, talking at each other and not with each other, doing less and less for each other and focusing our time on the children and house hold duties, working and everything else but each other, our romantic relationship took a tole and quickly faded in my eyes. That's when i started questioning myself, telling my husband i needed space and time alone, telling myself this isn't working for me anymore, i felt like maybe there was someone out there who could give me the attention our marriage was lacking. I somehow talked myself in to believing he didn't care romantically and that someone else would and that slowly became real to me. As we approach our wedding anniversary, i really want it to be a special time for us. For one because i do realize this struggle i am feeling is within myself and i have not shared a lot of it with anyone. When i say i need time, i want to be alone, my husband is a patient man, he gives me time and space and always says Iíll be here waiting, and a lot of the distant feelings i blame on myself. I have come to the realization that your spouse feels the vibes around you and naturally reacts to them. Over the weekend my husband went the extra mile to make it a nice day for me, and i came to the sudden realization that everything i felt was missing from our relationship was still there, i was blinded by life and my eyes quickly opened to why i fell in love with this man. My marriage in sitting in my control it can either go one of two ways, and as i sat there at dinner with him, in my heart i felt love i had blinded myself to and at that moment i knew i did not want to grow old without this man, and i took a vow to myself that night to love with patients and be kind to him, to never take him for granted. At this moment, my life is back in the grace of god, and he will lead me to love within myself and reunite my marriage as a convenient with the lord. Yesterday was day one for me, it went well. I woke up this morning with an open heart and filled with patients. Tomorrow i will work on adding being kind and gentle. I believe this challenge will help my personal struggles and bring me closer to my husband and with Jesus Christ.

On Sept on our 3rd anniverssary my wife Ange told me that we need to seperapte as she cannot trust me because I lied about our finances earlier this year & put us deeper in to debt. Ange also has some fault as well for us growing apart. Ange loves me but is not "in love with me" we both went to individual conselling session & Ange told the counselor that she no longer had any chemistry with me. He proceeded to state that once you lose chemistry you never get it back. I know god snuffed out the chemistry fire and can reignite it but she is running from god. A good friend of mine gave me the movie Fireproof & I have watched 4 times already and currently doing the 40 day love dare. I know god has a plan & timeline. I just keep praying for our relationship and to reconcile. We also have a 17 month old daughter that we both love. I told Ange that we made a covenant before friends and God and this is not a reason to seperate or divorce & that we can work through our issues with counselling. At this point she does not want to go to christian counselling but I am doing it to be a better and changed man. Also I am back on the path in getting right with god & to be in the center of his will. I pray that he continues to work on Ange & that she wants to reconcile as I will welcome her back. I am on day 4 of the love dare. On day 3 I got her a pedicure & flowers & she asked if I was guilting her into staying. I said no & I did this because I love her so much & wanted to do something special for her.

I'm not sure if people could actually read this. But I've stumbled across this site googling things that could give me hope; like bible verses that could help out with my situation. Fact is I cheated on the only guy I was able to fall in love with. I slept with a guy not just once but three times due to emotional attachment. I no longer want to make excuses for what I did. I have fallen away from God's will, not reading the Bible, not going to church, and only praying when I'm in need. But it's time to change that. I am so thankful that my boyfriend was able to forgive me. But I know that he's far from forgetting the hurt I caused. But day by day I want to show him not only how much I love him, but how much God loves him too. I know God has forgiven me. And it's time I forgiven myself, so maybe one day my boyfriend can truly forgive me too. I made a huge mistake. And I shouldn't expect this to come easily. But I have faith. With Gods help anything is possible right? I can become better and our relationship with each other and God could become stronger. I want to be married to my boyfriend one day... If only he'll take me and forgive the girl who caused him pain. With Gods help anything is possible. And I will repeat that. I want to give God my past, to take it away and allow it to fade. I'm giving him my present, to help me with the struggles and temptation I go through day by day. And I give him my future, to whatever his will is for me... To be done


Four years ago my relationship with my wife,was at the point that we were going to separate because of marital problems,drinking problems so we had stopped talking & spending time together we were fighting all the time and not sleeping together at all. We were 2 people sharing an apartment that's it. I was not a very good husband or christian .I could not imaged living without my wife and soul mate. We separated so one day I got down on my nee and prayed. I gave My life over to God so that he could help me restore my marriage and relationships. He Prompted me to start reading the bible and Improve my communication with him. I started taking a few self help groups so that I could be the best man I could be. I had trouble with all my relationships because of depression and other mental issue. The scriptures were helping me be a better person I was studying the bible daily and talking to God every night before I went to bed and when I got up. Slowly noticed I was nicer to everyone including my wife, I was no long filled with anger and hate red I was overwhelmed with love and peace and understanding for everyone. My wife and I started being able to talk about everything and anything,
we agreed to start all over again getting to know eachother. We started seeing seeing eachother during the week only then weekends never spending the night together so we didn't complicate things. 2 years latter we got married we our very much in love. After 4 years we have the kind of marriage that we both have always dreamed of and were living together again in a new house in South Portland. Were both very happy and We have both worked very hard to make our relationship strong. My wife rented The Movie (Fireproof) on net flicks and we loved it and we are doing the 40 day love dare together so that we can fireproof our marriage and we're going to start going to church every Sunday at 930. I would recommend this program to everyone who wants to have a Fire Proofed Marriage


Its been 6 months since i got married. I have come to know Jesus and accepted him as my one and only savior. The more I walk straightly to him, my husband pushes me off the side road. He provokes me to be mad, angry and even at times I am close to saying hurtful words. But I do my best, really best to be obedient to God, to quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. But every time i humble myself before my husband he'd take advantage of it. I am praying so hard for his change of heart, to get to know God, to know what Love really is. I believe nothing is impossible with him. There's a part of me that wants to open door to divorce but a bigger part that wants me to stay and work it out..and that is because I love my husband so much. God is not pleased with divorce. I am holding on to him, praying for myself that he may grant me more patience, understanding, compassion, love and selflessness. Praying for my husband that he'd be sensitive to my needs, to his words, that he'd put me on his priority list, that he'd lead our family, and be a Godly man. Having a long distance relationship has never been so easy, but I pray that God will grant my prayer that I will be with my husband one day, and we will be a complete family with the kids. He designed wife and husband to be together, so I will just wait for that day he would grant his promises. For now, I will keep praying and be hopeful that things will get better. Most esp have a joyful heart thru all trials, hard but i will give my best shot.


This is my Love Dare story
About 4 1/2 months ago my marriage was falling apart my daughter left home i moved out with my other kids of course. it took my belief in god and my love for my husband and my willingness to not give up on our marriage, i can honestly say it was gods will to keep us together,my courage to stay strong and my strength to keep everything going. through all the hard times we had we still managed to stay together we left one another and separated for a few weeks but we still talked to each other and tried to work through our problems,we are now nearing our 10 year Anniversary in November.
I wish for those of you who are strugglng with your marriage to dont give up just yet there is hope yet for you and I know if i can go through arguments, fighting,cursing one another, throwing things at each other and pushing on one another cheating and my spouse sending other women money, you too can fight for your marriage.
be willing to change your life completely over to god because it is through christ who brought you together in marriage and it is through christ who will decide wether you stay together or not so believe in him he is the answer.......


my wife and i just had our 18 year anniversary. I have put my beautiful wife thru a lot to say the least. I have had 2 affairs, the most recent one blinded me so much that i was looking for a divorce. I broke it off and my wife and I both decide to go to counseling (Retovaille - highly recommend ) it will be 3 years since our weekend. the last 3 years have been decent and especially the past 2 years. We have worked hard to get out of debt and get into a nice little townhouse. We have awonderful 8 year daughter and even got a dog a year ago to complete the family. A week ago my wife sue dropped a huge bomb on me and said she no longer has feelings and that no one or thing can change them. She has stopped wearing her rings.
I visited with my Pastor yesterday and confessed all my wrongs and asked him & GOD for forgivness. Pastor recommend the 40 day dare. I honestly don't think it will work,my wife seems so far gone. I am going to try it anyway and also try & get to watch Fireproof.
I love my wife Sue and want to be a full time father to my most beautiful daughter & be a loving husband.
I hope 40 day dare works. God be with us all to fight thru these tough times. "The grass isn't greener on the other side of the street."


well my wife and i have been married goin on 3 years here in october and we have 2 beautuiful children and just the other day on my wifes birthday she told me she dont love me anymore. we have had our problems in the past and we have had our good times that put the bad ones to shame. but lately it seems as if she wants to be single again and she dont even want to hug me or look at me at times. i started the 40 day love dare yesterday because she was talking about divorce and im not for that. as i read the first pages of the dare it has really opened my eyes and look at things a little better. the crazy thing that made me want to do this wasnt the movie or the book at the time it was the lord saving me from getting the devorce papers. just the other day i walked into talk to a chaplian and he was kinda busy at the moment so i made an appointment to talk to him later in the day so i left to go home and get some lunch and come back to base so i can go to legal. when i got there i walked in without hesitation and asked the reception lady if i can talk to someone for divorce. she looked up to me and said you just missed the walkin hours and i was by less than 5 min. i got back to my car and i cant really explain the feeling i had in me but gave me hope and a lifting feeling like the lord made me late for a reason and thats why im doing this dare to my wife because i love her with all my heart and our kids would do anything for them but its time we learn to love each other again. so like i said i started yesterday with day one and wow i never thought it would be this hard to be patient and just bit you tounge on things and walk away and what makes it even harder when your trying to do this and show someonce you can be patient and love them when they have taken off everything that resembles them as a married woman and proud navy wife. but that just makes me push even more for this dare now im on day 2 and she dont know what im doing so im going to keep praying and learning my wife all over again. i know that whis is a long one but i hope there are some people out there that will read this bc i love to show everyone how much my family means to me.



09/24 - Ive been with my husband for 5 years married for 2. We have encountered miscarriage, domestic violence towards me, alcoholism and jail. I have three children from a previous marriage who are my rock. My husband is a recovering alcoholic who was released from Jail in January 2012. I have stuck by him through him kicking and hitting me being arrested, having DUI's and wrecks and being severly depressed in the hospital.

He recently started drinking again, something i dont understand. I come from a Christian home and have never picked up a drink or drug. I love God more then anything and know he does not give me more then I can handle.

Im at my wits end dont even know how to go on. He told me recently in his fits of terror that he no longer loves me, doesnt even really like me and its people like me that deserve to die. Im so lost and have no hope but God. I am doing the challenge for myself to learn to love me again and realize I do deserve to live.

Im doing this for my kids to show them the Christian mother I want them to see. Lastly I am doing this for my marriage. Despite everything he has put me through I love him and would do anything for him. I just need to learn to love myself before I cant love anymore and become numb. I dont want to live in fear anymore.

Almost a month ago my wife and I got in a argument because i cought her talking to another man over Facebook. We have been Nagging eachother for a few months before she left. Now she is dating him. We have a 2 month old baby boy named Brantley. I ordered the 40 day love dare. We need help in our relationship bad. I would hate for it be end like this.. I love them both very much. It has been a month since i have saw my baby or her or heard of them.. I wish i could made things better,


Me and my husband have been married for a little over a year. Lately all we do is fuss and fight about everything. He is always on the road working and I feel like I am all alone in this relationship. This is my first marriage but not his. He has been married twice and has kids by different women. We have no children together. I have a quick temper and he knows how to push my buttons. I want to stary married to him because I love him and want this marriage to work. We just had a fight last night and today I was sitting at the house watching tv when the moving FireProof came on. I decided to try my best to safe our marriage. I have to give it my all before calling it quits. I believe God will bless our marriage if I put my all in it.


me and my fiancee have been together 2 1/2 years and we have a beautiful daughter together . im wanting to do this 40day love dare because we are not doing so well in our relationship and i would love for it to get better and stronger not just for us but for our daughter. we have our ups and downs but this time feels as if he is pushing me away and i want to show him that i do truely love him and that i do trust him..

we have known each other for over 7years and through those years i have seen what he has done and its kinda hard to trust and believe everything he does. but i want this to help me be able to trust him fully and let go of the past and live for today.

My name is Becky. I have been married to William for almost a year. And I'm going to do this Love/Dare for myself, because I beleive he has forgotton me. My feelings do not matter to him anymore and his are always worse than mine. I love him with all my heart and I can't stand the thought of him not being here with me.


Over 3 montgs ago my entire marriage has fallen apart. I caught my husband texting another women and planning to meet up with her and lie to me about it. The aftermath of that night has left us separated and broken. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and praying for a miracle. My husband does not want to continue our marriage at this point and both of us are very heart broken. I was dirst turned onto the love dare by my mother. I had started the process but quit after a week because like most i was not doing it for the right reasons. But now i'd like to try it again. Sometime has passed and i believe in my marriage and the covenant i made with God. Many have told me its not me who needs to do this dare but my husband because he is the one qho left. But i disagree. I refuse to give up, and i want to believe i have tried everything i could before its too late. It's going to be a long and hard road to reconciliation, but i do believe that the timing of my pregnancy was no mistake, and God gave us a reason to try. Olease keep me in your prayers. This really os my last chance.

- Halie D. D.


Our Story hre is a little different.... We are to be married on december 1st 2012.... we had a little more tha 80 days left when we seen the movie fireproof we actually found it at a pawn shop.. the cashier said it was her husbands favorite movie... and that she only though it was ok.. lol.... we are on day 7... as we choose to do this as a couple and are both keeping a journal its a little harder because weboth know what the other is doing.... he didnt getit at first ad on day 7 he blew mw outta the water he really is getting it it is so hard to not be selfish... all we want is the little bickering to stop being full blown arguements that cause one of us to want to leave..... i left once right before we found the movie.. n i confessed to him that my night away was almost a goodbye... well we both want this marriage to work... as i am a 35 year old widow i know wht its like to b married n love unconditionally.. but that is where my problem is i forgot how to love i forgot how to be there for someone else... in this yeah he may need to wrk on thngs tobu i dont see it thatway as we go through each day of the love dare i see everything inme.. the WRONG things are all me i wan to be unslfish want to be a loving wife i want to be his cheerleader... may GOD guide me where i need to be so WE as one can be who we are supposed to be........ and may GOD guide you all who are here not by accident as god has a plan for us all and everthing happens in his time.... may GOD HEAL all hearts and make them whole again as well as the relationships tat are in termoil at this time.....


hi my name is charles i want to do the 40 day love dare because i have done a big mistake i couldnt talk to my wife for the first time about another man liking her and i went on a web site to find another woman. now looking back i now i missed up so im taking this dare to get my wife because i love her and our 2 year old son i dont want to lose the so im looking to the lord to change me and to help me get my wife to love me again.

It's been just over 3 months that my husband and father of our 5 small children walked out the door. When he first left, we thought I might even be pregnant with our 6th baby, something that he said he really wanted because he loved me and our children dearly. Turns out, he was miserably unhappy here with me because I wasn't being sensitive enough and lived my life out of fear, which had a negative impact on those closest to me.

While I've not yet read this book, 40 Day Love Dare, I have just placed an online order for it and did see the movie Fireproof a few years ago and recently again, I have some hope in it educating me in what my role is supposed to be like as a Christian wife. I have no idea how things will turn out in my life, but I'm desperate for God to use this nightmare that I'm slowly walking through as a time in my life to be humble and educated for His purposes. In the past week, He's already shown me so much because I've finally submitted to His quiet voice.

Praying for everyone here who is enduring marital trials and hope you all keep your focus on the KING!

Over two months ago my husband had an affair. Never in my wildest dream would I pictured him saying he wanted a divorce to be with this other woman. God prompted me to try the love dare. And at first going into the love dare it was about me. I would pray "God, change his heart. Look what he has done to me. Make this work." And slowly and gently God revealed how wrong I was. Though my husband was wrong in committing his sin on having relations outside our marriage, I still have to offer him the same love and grace God gives me. Talk about eating loads amount of HUMBLE PIE. God shown me and revealed to me the errors of my ways and during the Love Dare my pray became that my husband would know who God was and how much God loves him. Allowing God to take control of the situation and taking it day by day allowed me to trust God in a huge way. On Day 20 my husband decided to move back in and cut off all connections with her. God worked in His Way and His timing! Everyday is a challenge. Forgiveness is an everyday thing. But our relationship with Christ and putting HIM first is the foundation we needed. Look at it as a triangle. Christ is on the top point and you both are on each side of the triangle. If one moves closer to Christ while the other one doesn't it makes it hard. But when you both move towards Christ you will meet each other in a place that is absolutely Amazing! We've had our ups and downs. Some days are better than most, but it's a work in progress and so worth it. My biggest advice is you can't begin to love your spouse until you know what God's love is first. Really examine your heart and I believe that God will reveal it.


My husband and I are going on 3 years of marriage. We have 2 children at home. A 6 year old from my previous marriage and a 2 year old of our own. Almost a year ago my husband had an affair. We had seperated after the affair because he wasent sure what he wanted. After about 7 months of working things out and many counciling sessions we have both agreed its time for a divorce. Im having trouble convencing myself that this is the right decision given that we both tell eachother we love eachother everyday, are able to talk to one another, hug and kiss eachother, live under the same roof and sleep in the same bed together. I have asked him if he really thinks this decision is the right thing to do and he believes it is. I know I have to pull a little harder on my faith and give our marriage some extra TLC.

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