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40 Day Love Dare - The Book | Fireproof - The Movie | 40 Day Love Dare Journal
Do you have a story or an experience with The Love Dare that you would like to share?
We would love to hear them and give other couples the opportunity to read your stories.
If approved, your story will be listed below.

I have been with my loved one for almost three years. He was my first love and my first real relationship. We made the mistake of not waiting till marriage and I am currently pregnant with either a baby boy or a girl (we are not sure of the gender yet). Our relationship has always been great but lately he is distant and does not want to spend time with me. I am 8 months pregnant and need him more than ever, but my jealousy and nagging has caused him to back away. We have broken up before and this is the last chance for our marriage to work. I am barely on day three and my attitude has changed but he is still negative about what this last chance could lead to. I am only going to follow the Love Dare and let God lead me in the right direction.


am currently on day 22 of the love dare journey. i felt let by GOD to read this.. am not married and am currently seprated from my loved one for 3 moths nearly. this journey for me is about letting go and letting God. am trusting the Lord to interven in every day of this dare to teach me and also to open the heart pf my loved one. nothing is impossible with GOD..


My husband and I have been married for 6 years. Our family is blended and our children get along real well. In the past 2 years the road has been rocky. I feel that my husband has been to strict, he thinks I am a softy. I feel like no matter what I say, its not right. We are currently seperated, thought I wanted a divorce. Not sure if he does. All I know is that I have a love for this man far behind my own imagination. We just seem to be "butting heads" all the time. I'm drained..I dont know what to do. There is still that part of me that wants to save my marraige. I firmly believe that maybe we are going through what we are going through for a reason?? I miss him.

My husband and I have been together for 8 years, married for 4, and have the most amazing 8 month old baby girl. We struggled in our relationship from month 4 (of dating). I just always told myself, "as soon as we _______, it will get better" (get engaged, get married, buy a house, have a baby, etc). I have caught my husband doing some very inappropriate things throughout dating, our engagement, and more recently our marriage. I found out that while I was pregnant, my husband started up a relationship with a girl. It never became physical, but they talked on the phone and texted constantly. After our baby girl was born last August, he started up another relationship with a co-worker, not physical but still over the phone (while still carrying on the first as well). He constantly lied to me about who he was talking to and even sent his co-worker pictures of our daughter. I knew that he wasn't present in our marriage. He was so consumed with carrying on two phone relationships, that he never had time to be a good dad, let alone a decent husband. This carried on until the end of March of this year (about 9 months with the first relationship and about 4 months with the second). I finally found out about both relationships by seeing his phone. For about 2 weeks, I didn't think I was going to stay in our marriage. Every single day was a struggle and I could barely look at him. I didn't want to fight or even cry around our baby girl because I didn't want her to absorb any of the negativity. We finally started to slowly resolve things and I knew we could eventually work it out, but I had very specific demands on our marriage that I had never given him. One was going to church, one was going to counseling, and the other was to tell both girls the honest truth with me getting to see or hear the conversation. After the third demand was completed, we still struggled. He wasn't really into going to therapy and church wasn't always feasible because he is a state trooper and works crazy shift work hours. By mid April I was right back to throwing divorce around again. On Easter Sunday, my husband's brother gave is The Love Dare. He is not married but has such wonderful faith in God and religion. He wrote the most amazing letter begging us to not use the word divorce until we finished this love dare. We started it and within a week, we were already making leaps and bounds. He started to communicate with me (something he has NEVER done) and we finally were able to smile and enjoy each other's company. He has become such a caring husband and an amazing father. He has even told me he is willing to go to therapy if that is something I still want to do. I have not had faith like this in a long time and I am starting to realize a successful marriage is hard if God is not present in it. I am so blessed that this book came to us and I honestly don't know where we would be as a family if it wasn't for it.


As I've watched the movie, it reminds me of one thing. And that is to get back on the right track. It is not just for a married couple, it can be used also to remind the people that we need Him to do everything. And CHRISTian without CHRIST is IAN which means I AM NOTHING. Thank to this movie.

my husband an i have been married 7 mths. we argue all the time and i feel like we are headed for a divorce. i know most of the time i am to blame but wen i do try to stop he aggregates me even more. im so tired of arguing about the same thing over and over again an times i feel like giving up. i feel like i have been used and deceived and that is what cause me to react the way i do.i really want out marriage to work i love him despite what we go through. that is why i still stay and pray that it will work out. it just seems like im the only one doing this and all he can say is im crazy. i care about him and want the best for him not just in life but after this life too. i just feel the people in his household is hurting him more. he has his own kids and i have seen them disrespect him call him names that no child should say steal from him and all he does is come up with excuses why they do it. it drives me nut it makes me hard to respect him as a person if he could allow his kids to treat him the way they do. i know all kids do it but common on when do you put a stop to it. but let it come to him and he is ready to let me go. i just dont understand. i thought i was marrying a christian man. i know none of our walks are perfect but man why stop trying. i have decided when they treat him like that just walk out the room. i also stated for him to not tell me when he has problems with them to not tell me anything because any advice i give he makes accuse for their behaviors and we fight. not my problem anymore. he rather be a friend than a parent, im just tired. leaving it all to god .

We are watching together tonight. We have been married for 5 years and have made it through many many things that should pull us apart. We still argue like siblings and we have every problem you might imagine. I'm thinking that this may not even make a difference at all. He is very adverse to change. ANY change. We are both in our second marriage, and we still speak in terms of my kids and your kids and my family and your family. He belittles me, he's always angry. We still aren't ONE family. My Mother in Law hates me and they speak everyday and she says ugly things about me and my children. She will not even acknowledge my presence at family functions. I pray and pray for GOD to help us. But I'm almost convinced that it's a list cause. I need help. I truly love him. He truly loves me. I know there must be a reason that we have come into each other's lives. We DO have good times. And they have been VERY good. But the BAD have started to REALLY outnumber the good.

Hope he doesn't doze off and pays attention. I will try to do this myself if he won't.

It's our last hope.

I have watched this movie before and just watched it again yesterday. I am going to try this on my husband but don't think it will work. We still communicate and tell each other we love each other but it's not looking good. We have been more for over 6 years and have a 22 month old son. My husband enjoys talking to other women even if he don't know them and likes dating websites. He keeps all that a secret and says it's his privacy as long as he's not doing anything then its ok. I on the other hand nag about all of it and constantly want to watch him and keep him from doing it so I'm pushing him to do it more. We married very young right out of high school fast. I love him with all my heart and I do everything possible I can for him. Everything like take his boots off most of time, just stuff like that. Is there any advice on how I can get him to change and grow closer to God to save us? I can't imagine my life without him but I cant live with a broken heart and being in the dark either.


My wife and I have been married for 5 years. Most of it has been good, but the rest horribly bad. All we seemed to do is fight and argue. Recently we had a bad argument and I raised my had to her. Now we are currently separated, possibly heading for divorce. I am trying to make things better, but I believe her live for me is gone. If anyone can help me or tell me what I should do, please do so. I love my wife, our son, and my stepson. I don't want to lose them


My husband and I fell head over heals for each other while we were dating and sadly fell into temptation and had sex with each other. We would try to stop but couldnt. We ended up getting married and now we've been married for almost 5 months.

I love him so much but he doesnt seem to feel the same way anymore. He doesnt love me. I always try to encourage him, that with God everything is possible. And that we should grow closer to God and he wants to just not with me.

We go to church and youth service. Were pretty church active. Hes a singer and im on the controls & projectors.

This hurts so much. I love him. I try to not worry and pray and trust God but it just hurts. I dont want to get a divorce. And sometimes i get so angry and slash out. I dont know what to do?


Had I seen this movie a year ago, even 4 months ago I probably would have been able to save my marriage. I had the spirit of anger all through the 15 year marriage. Three beautiful children and an honest, golden-hearted wife who was only trying to love me. What a fool I have been. At this point we are legally separated and I am in the process of moving out at her command. I don't blame her. Men if this is your first visit to this site I highly recommend watching the movie, especially if you have the spirit of anger. I thank God that he lifted it from me, it just happened too late. Husbands, I want to recommend www.ultimatehusband.com which will go hand in hand with what this movie is all about. Listen to the sessions by Reb Bradley. Again had I discovered his site last year or even a few months ago things could be different for my soon to be ex-wife and I. So now I can only help lead those who have the same problems in this direction. IO ask for your prayers.


My husband and I are on day 4 today. We haven't done todays dare, nor did we complete yesterdays. The first thing we did today when he got home from work is fight about something I heard him say in a conversation with his friend. I didn't see the convo, only heard. The incriminating sentence is in what I believe to be my husbands voice, but he claims it isn't. Do I believe him and let it go? Or do I stand my ground? We've been married for almost 10 years. I know my husbands voice like the back of my hand. Why would I not be able to recognize the voice changing into someone else's midsentence? Is he being dishonest or am I crazy and in need of a hearing doctor? I don't know what to do. Are we hopeless? Or do I believe him wholeheartedly and press on with the dare and the hope to save our marriage? I'm feeling lost and alone... And incredibly frustrated.


My name is Themba Mhlongo from South Africa, I am a divorcee and not proud. I first watched Fireproof the movie in 2011. I still say that if I would have watched the movie before I signed on the dotted line to dissolve my marriage, I don't think I would have went through with the divorce.

I gave up on my marriage and I am not proud. i always blamed my ex wife for everything that wasn't going right but i later realised that it was not her but we both didn't know how to make it work. I am getting married to another woman later this year and the Love Dare is protecting what I have with my fiancÚ. She is so amazing and I never stop reading and doing the Love Dare on her. Great book


Foremost, I'm not married what I read here really is mouthful.

Honestly, I'm in a learning curve about what keeps a marriage strong and when I went through all 40 love dares, I realized if I could practice such a profound attitude it will surely keep my marriage together for years to come.

On a personal experience, I found myself convicted to perceive the authenticity of marriage that its now what I thought it is. It ain't just two people becoming one but there are goodies which tag along.

All I can say is that, this page is about to make me a even better husband to be.


My husband and I have been married for 12 years but togethervfor 13years. lately we just can' t seem to get along because of some things that happened with out 17yr old daughter, she assulted me and he didn't want her sent away so i had to leave and i slept on a guy friends couch and came home the next day but i found by going thru his phone that he has been on many dating sites talking to all these girls and even got pictures that were no appropriate and so.it has caused alot of fights. we have 8 kids and i love him.very much and wojkd do anything to save my marriage. I know that staying on an old friends couch was wrong but incouldnt go home but what he did.was way worse and he is.still doing it.

I have been married to my husband for 4 years now. We have two beautiful kids together. Ever since my first pregnancy we kind of stopped having a relationship and started having a family. Then 6 months after my first pregnancy I had another unexpected pregnancy. We are both in the military and we knew that financially this 2nd pregnancy would hurt us and hurt my career potential as well. After the pregnancy I became more and more depressed and withdrawn, my husband, not knowing how to handle any of it became more distant. We are at the point now that we no longer live together and barely talk to one another. He is getting ready to move to Korea for a year and we have begun the divorce process. I have tried my hardest to make things work and this movie was suggested to me by my mother in law. I always have hope, but not as much faith... I will try anything I can to bring back the man that I love...


Hi my name is Doug, I have been with my wife for almost 5yrs we have been married almost 3yrs. My wife has changed my life, before I met her all I cared about was myself. I love her more than anything we have a beautiful 2 yr old daughter together. Recently a past has contacted her and is starting trouble. I am currently sleeping on my parents coutch because of this unfortunate mishap. I have watched the movie numerous times. I want to get the book an try it out. See I believe god had introduced me to my wife for a reason, an that would be her uncle. I love my family dearly but that
Man is truly an inspiration to me. And I hope he knows that. So to say, I am putting my faith an hope an my marriage in gods hand. Praying that in the end I will be back into my wife's arms again. My prayers are with everyone going thru these tough times an encourage them to stay on path an not give up. And plz remember "The greatest battle won is in your knees". Also "The hardest steel is refined by fire". You truly are my inspiration uncl Carol, thank you.


Being married for almost 2 years, and together a total of five. My husband and I realized, that not only were we fighting all the time, but we were losing each other and ourselves along the path we were heading down. We love each other, and we love for all the right reasons. The past few years have been hard, we have lost some of the closest people to use this past year. Sense neither of us have been through grief like that before, we didn't know how to be there for one another, let alone ourselves. This pulled us apart emotionally, to the point were separating had become a topic. Other people started coming in between our relationship,and my husband started talking to other people behind my back. Even though he never met any of these people or did anything further than talking, it was still hurtful. I was lost for a very long time, i did not know how to handle it. I didn't know how to forgive or how to move forward, because every time I thought I surpassed it, it would come back to haunt me. I took this out on my husband, even though he made it right. He quit what he was doing and was willing to do anything to get my forgiveness. I am open to say that I am still unsure how to forgive, things have got better. But I know there is so much more in store for my marriage if we can jump these huge hurtles that have been set in front of us. Then we realized that it was not just one of us that needed to change to fix out issues in OUR marriage. We both needed to change, for ourselves and for each other. And here we are. Today is day one for us, and it is odd to me that I can already see a difference. Just knowing that there is a way to save something that we both want so bad, something that both agree would not want to live without. I will post our complete story after our 40 Day journey is complete. *lookingpossitiveandexcitedforthefuture*


Hello, my name is Marie. I have been married to my husband almost 18 years. We have 4 children together. We have had some terrible things happen to us over the years...mostly from our ex-spouses. But, we have both stood by each other and that has been wonderful. I have also been through cancer three times and I am well now. My husband has really been there for me and I have seen what a husband who really loves you can be about.

However, over the years my husband has become very verbally abusive to me and our kids. At night was always the worst. He has shoved me and the two of our kids. I couldn't understand what was going on. My husband's grown sons say..."Daddy isn't daddy anymore." So, we went to a Christian marriage counselor for a while....She helped me get alot of things straight in my mind. But, he would just put on a "Mr. Wonderful" act and not really work on anything at home. Finally, we had to stop going because we couldn't afford it anymore and we had alot of trouble getting a babysitter. Anyway, the counselor has suggested for my husband to go to the doctor to see what was causing him to act this way at home. He got angry and refused. There were many times I really should have called the police because he got so scary at night. I am afraid one day I still might have to. But, then I guess we would be over.

Anyway, he finally had a heart attack a year ago and we found out that he is also diabetic. This explains the horrible nights...esp. with him not eating at night or eating so late. He was supposed to have this heart procedure...but, he didn't. He seem like he is on the verge of another heart attack and has congestive heart failure. Although we are both Christian's, our relationship is very hard for me. I love Jesus very much. I know that my only hope is trusting Jesus with all my heart to heal my life. I am starting the Love Dare today. Pray for us.

Hi, my name is Jessica and I feel so lost and confused. I seperated with my husband a month ago because for several years my spouse has spoken down to me and treating me like I was not important. He has made comments to me that made me feel little. He see"s nothing wrong with the way he speaks or treats me,but expects me to love him and respect him,but how is that possible? I asked my self this question all the time. But I don't get an answer. But I do know that I have lost hope in our marriage, I have lost feelings for him, resentment took over how i use to feel for him. I need to know what I should do.


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